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I will be moving in the next month, and that is part of the reason why I've not been posting as regularly as I would have liked, I am watching the shows, but I am not getting to post the reviews as quickly, I will do the best that I can and hope that those reading will stick with me.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mother and Son

Season 2 Episode 17
Air Date:  March 10, 1982

Recap:  Blake goes to Fallon’s room at the hospital with Krystle, they have brought lunch from the St. Denis Club for her.  Fallon is brought back to the room.  Blake tells her that they want to celebrate, he asks her if she’s seen the baby yet.  She tells him no, and that she doesn’t want to see him.  He asks her what’s wrong.  She tells him that she just wants to be left alone.
   At his office Blake is taking a memo to Andrew to look into who is buying up shares of Denver Carrington.  Jeff comes in and tells Blake that there’s no way to find out since they are doing it in a way that leaves the buy anonymous.  Blake tells him that he knows it Rhinewood, but he just needs proof.  Blake tells Jeff  that he needs his help finding out why Fallon is being so distant with him, he wants to know what she thinks he has done.
   The groundskeeper, Tony, goes to see Alexis , she tells him that he’s got a loose tongue.  She tries to get him to retract his story about her shooting that day.  She tells him that she will accuse him of stealing from her if he doesn’t tells Krystle he was wrong.  He agrees and goes to see Krystle and tells her that he was mistaken.  Alexis tells Krystle that she forgives her for accusing her and for the fight.  Krystle tells her that she thinks this is just another of her great performances, and she tells Alexis that she thinks she was just afraid of what she might have told Blake.  Before she leaves she tells Alexis that she will never forget what she cost her.
   Alexis goes to see Fallon, thinking that she has finally forgiven her, but Fallon just want to know if Blake has know about his all along.  Alexis tells her that she told him once during an argument, but that he never believed her.  Fallon tells Alexis that she doesn’t believe in anyone anymore thanks to her.
   Nick goes to see the baby, the doctor lets him inside, he asks how the baby is doing.  She tells him that they are doing everything that they can for him, but he isn’t doing as well as she would have hoped.  He asks if he can tell  the parents, but she tells him no, she is the babies doctor, but does agree to hold off telling them the bad news for awhile.
   Steven wants to go find Sammy Joe, but Alexis tells him that he should count his pleasings that she is gone.  Steven tells her that he doesn’t believe that Sammy Joe went to her for money, and wants to know what she is holding back to protect herself. 
   Nick goes to Fallon and asks her why she doesn’t want to see her baby.  She ends up telling him it’s because of Blake not being her father, she asks him not to tell anyone she told him. 
   Nick goes to see Blake and tells him the news about the baby, I guess that it’s okay for him to tell the grandparent, but not the parents. Blake wants to go to see Fallon, but Nick tells him that she doesn’t want to see him, and that she is suffering from an identity crisis, because she doesn’t know who her father is.  He tells Blake that the only way for him to prove to Fallon that he is her father is if he takes a blood test.  Blake asks him if she told him who the other man is, Nick tells him that Fallon didn’t tell him.  Blake goes to find the one person who can tell him, but Alexis isn’t home, he finds the portrait still lying on the floor. 
   Nick and the doctor discuss the upcoming surgery, they need to get the parents ok before they proceed.  Nick calls Jeff, but he isn’t home, so he goes to Fallon.  She signs the consent form and ask when the surgery will be.  He tells her it will be in the morning.  He takes her to go see the baby, telling her that if he were to die without her seeing him she would never make it.  Fallon looks at her baby and everything changes for her in that moment.
   Claudia goes into Jeff’s office and unlocks the box in the drawer and is taking pictures of some papers when he walks in on her.  He tells her that his meeting was called off, and asks her why.  She tells him that his uncle wanted the information.  She admits that she took him to her apartment to get the key, but everything after that was different.  She tells him she was doing it because Cecil has information about where Lindsay and Matthew are.
   At the hospital Nick takes Blake and Krystle to the baby and tells them that they are going to perform surgery to close the hole in his heart, he tells them that it is dangerous since he’s so young.
   At ColbyCo. Jeff tells Cecil to tell Claudia where Lindsay is or he will go to Blake.  Cecil tell shim that his hands are clean, he tells him that it was all Claudia’s idea.  Jeff grabs him and demands that he tell him.  Cecil finally tells him that Lindsay and Matthew disappeared and after an accident in Peru are believed to be dead.  Jeff says that he only did it so he could get her to spy for him.  They are interrupted by an emergency call for Jeff about the surgery.  He runs out of the office.
   At the hospital he meet up with Krystle and Blake who tells him that it’s been an hour and they haven’t heard anything.  Not long after that the doctor comes out to talk to them.  Jeff tells Fallon that the baby is alive, but it will be awhile before he can go home.  Fallon tells Jeff that she won’t give the baby up.  Jeff gets upset with her, since one minute she doesn't want the baby and now she does.  Nick come in and asks to talk to Jeff.  In the hall Jeff tells Nick just to stay out of it.  Nick ties to tell him something but Jeff hits him, Nick grabs him and holds him to the wall telling him that he gets the one, but that he needs to think about his son now and not himself. 
   Blake finds Alexis and tells her that he swore to kill her if she ever told that lie again, Alexis swears to him that she wasn’t the one, that it was Sammy Joe.  Then she goes on about how she is the victim, but he tells her that they need to think about Fallon.  Blake tells her to tell him who the other man is, she tries to blow him off, but he grabs her and she finally tells him that it’s Cecil Colby. 
   Jeff goes to his office and finds Claudia waiting for him.  She tells him that she is going to tell Blake and is going to resign from Denver Carrington.  He stops her before she can go, and tells her about the accident in Peru.  He tells her that they haven't found anything yet.  She goes home and calls Cecil, but he isn’t there, she goes in the trunk and finds Matthew’s gun, she picks it up, looking at it.
Final Thoughts:  Oh no what's Claudia going to do now, Nick isn't practicing anymore so who will help her recover?  Of course Fallon will want to keep her baby it was obviously going to happen.
Best Outfit:  Doesn't his pink shirt set off his smoking jacket well.


Season 2 Episode 8
Air Date:  November 9, 1979 

Recap:  Ray is getting the mail, he finds one for him from Donna. 
   There is a lot of activity going on, everyone is getting ready for the annual rodeo the Ewing’s hold.  JR tells Sue Ellen that he’s been patient with her, but he can’t wait any longer.  She tells him that it’s hard for her to accept him as a loving husband, she just wants him to leave her alone. 
   Lucy goes over to Ray, he tells her he’s too busy to talk to her right now. 
   Bobby has to go into town to check on a discrepancy with the feed, and Pam is on her way to go see Digger, Sue Ellen asks If she can go along with Bobby since all the noise is giving her a headache.
   Ray goes home and takes out Donna's crumpled letter still unopened and puts it in a drawer with a bunch of other letters.  He takes the newspaper article from his mirror, it says that Donna got back together with her husband. 
   Bobby and Sue Ellen arrange to meet up at noon.
   Alan tells JR about the progress of getting Cliff to run and out of the O.L.M.  JR wants him to get close to Cliff, and tells him that he’s got a plan to make it believable.
   Pam tells Digger he better not cause any trouble if he shows up at the Rodeo.  He tells her that he just wants to see his grandson.
   Sue Ellen goes into a restaurant, and drops some of her packages.  A cowboy helps her with and takes them to a table.  He tells her that he will be at the rodeo.  Bobby comes in and Sue Ellen introduces them.
   At the rodeo Jock and Miss Ellie are greeting everyone and telling them about the upcoming events.  JR is schmoozing with guests.  Kristin comes over to JR and tells her how annoying Sue Ellen is.  He asks her what she is doing.  Kristin tells him that she is acting so superior sounds like something a sister would say.  JR tells her not to forget  that his first loyalty is to his wife and child.
   The Rodeo begins and Sue Ellen finds the cowboy she met, his name is Dusty.  Bobby tells Pam that its just like her brother to tells his father about the baby.  Lucy goes over to Ray and asks him when he’s going to ride.  She asks him why he’s been so depressed lately.  He tells her it’s nothing, then tells her about Donna, and that she went back to her husband.  She asks if Donna wrote explaining.  He tells her about the letters, but that he couldn’t read them yet.  It’s Dusty’s turn and he gets a good score.  When it’s Bobby’s turn Pam doesn’t want to watch, she tells Miss Ellie that it makes her nervous.
   Jock and JR are watching the rodeo when Jock asks JR if he’s thinks Miss Ellie is alright, he says that she doesn’t seem to be herself.  JR says that she’s fine, he’s not really paying any attention to his father.
   Digger arrives at the rodeo and Miss Ellie comes over and tells her that he is welcome just as long as he stays sober.  He tells her that he has stopped drinking.  They go for a walk to talk.
   JR asks Kristin if she knows what to do, she asks him if she’s ever disappointed him, and ever the gentlemen, he tells her that she hasn’t yet.
   Sue Ellen found Dusty again and tells him that he’s very good, they go to get something to eat, while they eat he tells her about himself.  He tells her that he gets restless and has to move around a lot.  He tells her that he feels really comfortable with her.  All the while JR is watching them.
   Bobby asks Pam if she’s seen Digger yet, she tells him she hasn’t then they watch Dusty rope the cattle.
   Lucy goes into Ray’s house and finds the newspaper article on the floor, she goes to the drawer and takes out one of the letters and reads it.  Ray comes in and asks her what she is doing.  She tells him that she just wanted to help, he tells her to butt out, but she tells him that he needs to know why Donna went back to Sam Culver.  She tells him that Sam is dying and Donna still loves Ray.  Ray looks at the letter, then calls Donna.
   Alan and Kristin are about to start JR's plan, they are going to make a scene to make everyone believe that JR and Alan have parted ways.  JR is pleased to see that Digger will be a witness to what happened. 
   Digger tells Miss Ellie that he’s cleaned up, she tells him that she wishes that the feud between the families would stop.  She asks him why he came to the rodeo.  Digger tells her that he wanted to see her grandson.
   Kristin and Alan begin their act, she smacks him, JR comes over to see what happened, and she tells him that Alan insulted her.  JR tells Alan that he needs to leave.  Alan tells JR that he’s had enough of the Ewing’s.  Lucy overhearing this follows him and introduces herself.  She is pleased that someone else hates  JR as much as she does.
   JR comes over to where Dusty and Sue Ellen are sitting, she introduced Dusty to JR, and after he leaves Sue Ellen tells him that he can’t frighten Dusty off, since he couldn’t deprive him of anything he wants.  JR tells her that if she means herself then she shouldn’t be so sure.  Kristin comes over and tells Sue Ellen she’s making a spectacle of herself.  Sue Ellen tells her that she’s done a fine job herself.
   Pam and Bobby see Digger with Miss Ellie, who tells him that she’s going to find Jock so they can all go see the baby together.  Pam is upset with her father, and asks him not to say anything about the baby.
   Sue Ellen asks Dusty what he’s going to do with the prize he won for the rodeo.  He tells her who his family is, he’s the son of a successful ranching family.  Once she hears this she tells him that they better stop talking because people are noticing.  He tells her that he needs to be taken accounted of, and wants her to admit that he is a man that she likes.
   Jock comes over and grudgingly agrees to take Digger up to see Baby John. 
   Ray finds Lucy and tells her that he called Donna, and tanks her for helping.
   In the nursery Digger asks to hold the baby.  Pam and Bobby are watching him nervously.  Miss Ellie and Jock are talking about how much the baby looks like JR when he was a baby, but Digger keeps quiet.    When he leaves Pam follows him, he goes right to the bar and orders a drink, she tries to stop him, but he tells her he just needs one drink then leaves the rodeo.
   Dusty tells Sue Ellen that he can see how unhappy she is, she tells him that she needs more time.  JR comes over and tells her that he needs to talk to her.  JR takes her arm and leads her into the house and to their room.  He tries to kiss her and throws her to the bed.  He tells her to smile like she smiled for that cowboy.  She tells him that she disgusts her.  She tells him to go to her sister.  He gets up and agrees that he has been wasting his time. 
   Over the speakers we hear that Dusty has won the rodeo.
Final Thoughts: The story was interesting, I can see another affair coming for Sue Ellen, I thought that the scene between Kristin and Alan was good, I can't wait to see how Cliff reacts to it.  I'm sure Lucy is going to go after Alan now that she thinks he hate JR.
Best Outfit:  This is quite a shirt. 

Fight Count:  1 (fake Alan vs Kristin)

Family Reunion

Falcon Crest
Season 1 Episode 12
Air Date: February 19, 1982

Recap:  Maggie is stressing out, while cleaning since Chase’s mother is coming to visit.  Chase tells her not to worry so much, his mother is coming to see them, not inspect the house.  Maggie tells him that she just wants to make a good impression.  He tells her that his mother told him not to tell Angela that she was coming.  Chase calls the airport to get her arrival time.
   Lance goes to the flower shop, and finds Vicky there, she tells him that her grandmother is coming to visit.
Chase tells Maggie that his mother will be there in 20 minutes she got on an earlier flight, so he goes to pick her up, while Maggie and Cole rush around to finish cleaning and get dressed.
   Lance goes back to Falcon Crest and tells Angela that Chase’s mother is coming.  She tells him about her and he wonders why she is coming back.
   Vicky arranges the flowers around the house, then goes up to clean her bathroom.  Maggie is trying to get dresses, when the doorbell rings, Chase goes to answer it,  and finds his grandmother at the door.  Maggie is halfway down the stairs, half dress, with half of her make up on.  Chase comes home just then and hugs his mother.
   Vicky is with her grandmother, while she unpacks her things.  She tells her about her grandfather.  Vicky asks her why she left.  Her grandmother changes the subject.  Lance comes over with a gift for Jacqueline, it’s a gift basket of Falcon Crest wines.  She reads the card, it’s an invitation to dinner at Angela’s house.       She tells him that she wants to spend time with Chase and his family. 
   When Lance gets back he tells Angela that he doesn’t think Chase knows why his mother came back either.  Angela tells him that she will find out herself.  Julia is talking about Jacqueline and Jason, Angela gets upset that everyone is talking about her and tells him to stop it.  Emma comes downstairs dresses up, she says that she wants to go see Jacqueline, but Angela tells her to go up and change.  Angela leaves.
   Chase and Jacqueline talk about his father’s death, he tells her that he isn’t so sure of Angela’s story.
   Angela is playing golf with her lawyer, he tells her what he’s found out about Jacqueline since she’s been gone.  He tells her what her income is, and that she could be a tough opponent. 
   Emma is taking a walk and finds Jacqueline at Jason’s grave.  Emma tells her how Jason would always talk about her.  She tells her that Jason fell, but when she questions her about it, reminding her that Jason died in a car accident, Angela comes over just in time, she tells Emma to leave.  Jacqueline tells her that she dominates everyone one.  Angela asks her why she came back.  Jacqueline tells her that she just came back to warn her son.  Angela tells her that Jason became a drunk after she left and that is why he had his accident.  Chase pulls up and Jacqueline leaves with him.  When they get home she tells him that they should leave Falcon Crest, that Angela destroyed his father and she will do anything to stop him from succeeding.   Chase leaves them, and Maggie tells her that the land means a lot to Chase,  Jacqueline tells her that she is just afraid for them, and that she could give them one of her vineyards  in France, she tells her that she just wants the family to be together.  Vicky is listening in on this and goes out to find Chase.  She tell him about his mother’s offer, but he tells her that this is there home and they can’t take her offer.
   Angela calls and invites them over for dinner, Jacqueline takes the phone from Maggie and asks Angela over to Chase’s house for dinner, and she tells her to make sure to bring Emma.  Maggie tells her that she is surprised that she wants Angela over.  Jacqueline tells her that it would be a good idea to play Angela’s game on their own court.  She tells her not to worry about dinner that they will have it all catered. 
   At Angela’s when Emma comes downstairs ready for the party, Angela tells her that she can’t come, but Emma tells her that Vicky invited her and she goes out waiting for the rest of them. 
   At Chase’s everyone is socializing, Jacqueline makes her entrance.  At dinner Emma says that its’ too bad that Jason isn’t there with them.  Angela agrees with Jacqueline when she says that Jason and Chase don’t belong at Falcon Crest.  Jacqueline tells her that she never gave him a chance.  Angela gets up and goes outside, followed by Jacqueline.  Maggie stops Chase from going after them.
   Jacqueline tells Angela that she won’t let her destroy her son.  She tells Angela that she knew that she was after all of Falcon Crest and that was why she left.  She took Chase so that she wouldn’t destroy him, she tells her that she doesn’t believe her either about Jason’s death.  Chase comes out and tells his mother that he isn’t his father and that he understands Angela’s way of business, and that this is there home and that they have no intention of leaving.  He lets her know that he understands why she left.
   Back at home Lance says that the things Emma said made a lot of sense, Angela tells him that he is on thin ice.  I guess this is referring to something that wasn’t shown since the only thing I remember Emma talking about was wishing Jason was there.
   Cole asks Vicky when she is going to France, she tells him she doesn’t know.  He tells her that he thinks it’s a good idea, because they all see how unhappy she is there.  She is surprised by this.  I am surprised that she is surprised since all she does is talk about how much she hates it there. 
   Maggie and Chase get into bed, she wants to talk to him, but he doesn’t want to talk right now.  She tells him that his mother is just afraid for them and tells him how dangerous Angela can be.  He tells her that he thinks Angela overplayed her hand with his father.
   While Jacqueline is packing her things she tells Vicky that she will make some calls to the schools in France.  Vicky tells her that she can’t go to France.  Jacqueline tells her that she is her father’s daughter, she isnt’ a quitter.  She tells her that France will always be there. 
   At the airport, they are all saying goodbye.  Chase tells his mother that he would like her to stay so that they could be a family.  She tells him that she ‘s been waiting a long time to hear that.  He tells her he resented her taking him away and that he wishes that they had talked about this a long time ago, but that has changed now.  She waves as she goes to board the plane.
Final Thoughts:   I really liked this episode, I hope we see more of Jacqueline, she is someone who will really stand up against Angela.
Guest Star:  Lana Turner

Best Outfit:  Emma looks like Baby Jane or maybe Eliza Doolittle before she is made into a lady.

The Baby

Season 2 Episode 16
Air Date:  March 3, 1982

Recap:  The guests are all leaving the party, everyone is saying goodbye to Blake and Krystle as they leave the house.  Cecil comes up and tells Blake that he is very pleased for him, he asks if anyone has seen Alexis, so seems to have disappeared.
   Alexis goes back to Fallon, who has woken up.  Fallon cries out saying it’s the baby.  Alexis flags down a car.
   Claudia takes Jeff back to her apartment.  He tells her that he’s glad that they left the party, that he’s in a much better mood now, but that it’s getting late and that he better go.  She asks him to stay, and tells him about her and Matthew.  Claudia tells him that it’s nice to talk to someone.  Again Jeff tells her that he should go, but she kisses him.
   Nick meets up with the doctor who hired him, after checking up on the boy he performed surgery on, he asks him if he was serious about the job offer.  He is still there when Fallon Is brought in, he tries to calm Alexis down as she is taken into surgery,
   Blake and Krystle are having champagne in front of the fireplace, he tells Krystle that he loves her.  They are kissing, when the phone rings, at first he says to ignore it, but when it keeps ringing, he answers it.  It’s Alexis, she tells him about Fallon’s accident.
   Claudia takes Jeff’s keys while he is sleeping, she hurries out the house quietly so she doesn't wake him up.
   At the hospital Fallon wakes up and finds Nick with her, he tells her that everything will be alright, and promises to be with her.  Her doctor takes Nick aside and tells him that they will have to perform an emergency c-section.  He asks about the baby’s chances, she tells him that all they can do is hope for the best.  Fallon is taken into surgery as Blake and Krystle arrive, Blake asks Alexis what happened.  She tells him what happened, leaving out the fact that Fallon was upset about learning that he might not be her father, she says that Fallon drank too much.  Krystle calls her out on that lie, but Alexis manages to convince Blake that this is the truth.  Blake says that all they can do is pray that Fallon got to the hospital in time.  The baby is delivered, but it’s not breathing, they work on him and he starts breathing on his own they take him up to NICU.
   Claudia comes back and while she is trying to get the key back onto Jeff’s key chain he wakes up and she tells him that she was going to go out to get something for breakfast.  He says that he better go, but she asks him to stay with her a while longer, while they kiss she slips his keys back into his pocket, without him ever knowing it was gone.
   The doctor comes out and tells them that Fallon will be fine and that the baby is a fighter, she tells them that the pediatrician thinks that he will be just fine.  Alexis asks if she can see Fallon, the doctor tells her that they can see her tomorrow.  Steven arrives at the hospital, Blake asks if he’s with Jeff, he tells his father that he hasn’t seen Jeff, so Blake goes to call Jeff.  Alexis asks Krystle if she feels bad about Fallon being able to give Blake what she couldn’t. 
   At the house Steven is picking up Sammy Joe's clothes, she wakes up and asks him what he’s doing, he tells her that he’s going to visit his sister, and he tells her that she better be there since she want through so much trouble having that party for them last night.  She tells him that she can’t go since she’s got a headache.  He gets mad and storms out.
   Fallon wakes up in her hospital room, Alexis tells her that she had her baby.  Fallon tries to remember what happened, then remembers what Sammy Joe told her.  She gets upset, and Alexis tries to calm her down, Fallon says that she feels like nothing now, she tells Alexis to leave and tells her if she doesn’t get out she will have her kicked out.  She doesn’t want to see her ever again.
   Jeff comes home and talks to Blake, it takes him a bit before he realizes that Blake can see again.  Blake tells him about the accident and tells him that the baby has arrived.  Jeff is upset that he wasn’t there.
   Back at the hospital Nick as the pediatrician how the Colby baby is doing, she tells him that his breathing isn’t good. 
   Alexis demands that Joseph send Sammy Joe to see her as soon as she gets home. 
   Krystle meets Blake at the hospital, she tells him that it’s an important day for him and she wants to be there with him.  They go see Fallon, they both are concerned when they see that she isn’t happy about the baby.  Blake asks her what’s wrong, but she won’t say.  Krystle leaves thinking that Fallon doesn’t want to talk in front of her.  Blake asks her again, and she tells him that she is just tired and doesn’t want to talk, he leaves and tells Krystle that Fallon is very disturbed about something.  Krystle tells him that Fallon was in a great mood at the beginning of the party and that he should ask Alexis about what happened.
   Alexis' private investigator, Morgan Hess calls and tells her that he’s got some news for her, she tells him it better be good.  Sammy Joe comes over and asks her what she wants.  Alexis asks her why she told Fallon that terrible lie.  Sammy Joe tells her that she doesn’t believe that it is a lie.  Alexis offers her $20,000 to leave Steven and get an annulment.  She asks her if she knows what that is, Sammy Joe doesn’t so Alexis tells her, and Sammy Joe tells her that she and Steven slept together a lot so that wouldn’t work.  Sammy Joe tells her that she’ll show the annulment papers to Steven, if she doesn’t agree to her terms, she’ll take the money and go, so Alexis gives her the check,
   Jeff goes to Fallon’s room and tells her that he’s sorry that she had to go through it all alone.  He admits that he was with another woman, she tells him that it’s alright that it was bound to happen.  He tells her that their son it the most important thing right now.  She tells him that she’s got nothing to offer, and that she doesn’t want to see their baby.  He just can’t believe that she doesn’t want to see him.
   Sammy Joe is walking out of the house, when Krystle asks where she is going.  Sammy Joe tells her that Alexis is sending her away, she asks when Alexis will send her packing too.
   Krystle goes to the kitchen and finds the grounds keeper, Tony cleaning a gun for Alexis, she asks him if Alexis was shooting the day she had her accident.  He tells her that Alexis was.  Krystle tells Tony that she will take the gun to Alexis.
   At the cottage Krystle tells Alexis that she knows that she was shooting the day she had her accident.  This leads into the very first cat fight of the series.  Krystle grabs at Alexis who smacks her.  They throw anything with in reach and pull each others hair, Alexis’ clothes are ripped and her house torn apart.  Krystle smashes the portrait of Blake that Alexis was working on.  Krystle is the winner of the fight and with Alexis collapsed in the corner Krystle stands over her and tells her that if she wants a rematch then she knows where to find her.
   Claudia tells Cecil that she got the key, but the papers that he wanted copies of weren’t there.  He tells her that she still needs to get them, that their deal isn’t through till she gets them.  She tells him that he’s made a prostitute of her.  Cecil tells her that once he gets what he wants them there deal will be complete.
   Morgan Hess comes into Alexis’ house, he asks her if she is okay.  She asks what he found out.  He tells her that the divorce papers to Krystle's first marriage were never filed so she is still married to her first husband.  Alexis tells him to go find Mark Jennings, and that she doesn’t care how much it cost.
Final Thoughts:  The cat fight was hilarious, it was a lot of fun trying to spot the stunt doubles, who were clearly men.  The wigs were a giveaway along with the legs on the Alexis double. 
 Best Outfit:  I chose this one from the closet of Alexis.
 Fight Count:  1 (Krystle vs Alexis)