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Courageous Convictions

Knots Landing
Season 1 Episode 11
Air Date:   March 13, 1980

Recap:  The neighbors are all at Karen and Sid’s house playing cards, Laura’s father Is visiting the family.  Richard gets a phone call and takes it upstairs.  It’s not good news, Richard makes plans to meet his investor the next day. 
   Diana gets home with her boyfriend, they go up to her room, they are making out, but she asks him to give her sometime before they go any further.
   At home Laura gives Richard a nightshirt, she asks him what’s wrong and what the phone call was about.  He tells her it was only business.
   Sid and Karen talk about Diana’s boyfriend, Sid asks Karen if she took any money from his wallet, he is missing $100.00, she says no and mentions that Richard took his call in the room.  Sid says it couldn’t have been Richard.
   The next morning Richard tells Laura that he’s going into work, her father is surprised since it is Saturday.  Richard meets his investor at the golf course, he tells Richard that he has lost everything, on the stocks, he tells him that there is nothing for him to do but declare bankruptcy.  Richard tells him that this could lose him his job. 
   Laura, Val and Karen are all shopping, when they go to pay the sales lady tells Laura that her credit card is over the limit, Laura says that there must be some mistake.  Val offers to get her things for her, but she tells her no.
   Richard’s accountant tells him that there is nothing he can do, but to file for bankruptcy, Richard tells him that he won’t do it.
   Diana and her boyfriend are making out in his car, he tells her that he can’t wait anymore, she says she feels the same way, but she wants it to be special.
   Laura asks Richard about the credit card he tells her that it’s a computer error, but she says that she called the company and they are over the limit.  HE tells her that he needs $20,000 by next week.  The next morning Richard gives Laura a shopping list, he tells her to invite everyone over for a party. 
   Diana’s boyfriend Terry takes Diana to a garage and shows her his car that his friend has been working on for him, she sees him pay his friend with a $100, he tells her that his grandmother gave it to him when she asks him where he got the  money.
   Richard is making everyone stakes, he takes Sid aside and tells him about his money troubles, he wants to borrow more money from Sid, he reminds him that he already owes him money, Sid tells him that he can’t help him.
   Terry tells Diana that he is going to be house sitting for his aunt and uncle and shows her the key to their house, he tells her that they could go there.  She says that she could skip swimming lessons.
   Richard asks Kenny for help, when Laura asks him what he is doing, he yells at her, telling her to stay out of it.  Sid goes to Richard and tells him that he can give him $5000, but they will have to make it strictly business this time. 
   In their room Richard asks Laura to ask her father for the rest of the money, she tells him that the only thing he’s got is his house,she suggests that they sell their house, and she could get a job.  But she won’t go to her father.
   Diana overhears that her father is missing $100.  Terry finds her on her way to school, she acts distant with him, then asks him where he got the money, he tells her that his father gave him the money, she tells him she doesn’t believe him and runs off.
   Richard and Laura’s father are at the park with Jason, Richard tells him how difficult things are and that he needs money.  Laura’s father brings up the fact that Richard has already borrowed money and never talked about paying him back.  Richard tells him to mortgage his house.  He tells Richard no.
   Terry goes to Diana and tells her how sorry he is that he took the money, Diana hits him and runs into the house.  
   Richard, Jason and Laura's father get home and they are all very quite, Laura asks Richard what happened, and he tells her that she is just like her father.  She tells him that she went looking for a job today and she talked to a realtor about selling the house.  He tells her to forget it, or forget the marriage.  
   Laura talks to her father, he tells her that she needs to make Richard take her help, just like she did for him after her mother died.  
   Diana tells Sid that Terry took the money, and Sid gives her a lesson about betrayal.  Diana tells him she doesn't want to forgive, because he came into there home and stole from them.  
   Laura's father tells Laura that he is wiring her some money.  
   Diana tells Terry that she can't hate him, but that they can now only be friends.  He tries to give her a $100, but she won't take it, she tells him that he didn't take it from her.  He waits for Sid to come home and tells him that he wants to talk.
   Richard gets home and Laura has him sit down, she has a martini waiting for him, under the glass he finds a check.  She tells him that her father loaned her the money, and that there is going to be some changes.  She is going to get a job and pay her father back, and that she is going to be paying the bills from now on, she tells him that she still loves him.  Richard rips the check up and drives away.  He passes a car that's for sale, he goes over and begins to write the phone number down, he stops and throws the number away.  When he gets home he tosses a bag to Laura, she opens it and finds a roll of tape, she asks what changed his mind.  He tells her about the car, and tells her that she is right he is terrible with money, and he tells her that he hates to be ordinary, he tells her that thinks have to change but he asks her not to take away his dreams, he still needs them.
Final Thoughts:  I thought this was a good episode, we got to learn more about Richard and why he's the way he is, I still don't like him, but I understand him more now.  I like how they made you think that it was Richard who stole the money at first. 
Best Outfit: These look like ladies slakes to me, I think it might be because of the hem.

For Love or Money

Falcon Crest
Season 1 Episode 11
Air Date:   February 12, 1982

Recap:  Lance is driving with Angela, she is watching the speedometer as it goes to 70 mph.  They are going to Elizabeth Bradbury’s house to have tea with her. 
   Gus tell Maggie and Chase about Jason’s secret room, he would stay there a lot.  They look over the floor plans and decided that they are going to open up the secret room.
  Elizabeth tells Angela that Lance reminds her of Jason.  Lance is surprised that Elizabeth knew his uncle Jason.  They thanks her as they go.  Angela drives back to Falcon Crest, just as fast as Lance did.
   Maggie is covering the furniture as Chase and Gus start to break through the wall.
   Lance asks Angela why she goes to visit Elizabeth every week, she tells him that it’s their duty, she wants him to start going without her.  She tells him that she wants him to start dating the daughter of Carlo Agretti's daughter Melissa, Angela wants to his vineyard all she wants him to do is marry Melissa, Lance doesn't like this and storms off.
   The family is sitting down for dinner, Cole goes up to get Chase who is still working on the wall.  Vicky tells Maggie that the family is strange.
   Lance is driving when another car forces him off the road hitting a girl’s bike.  He offers to buy her a new bike and offers her a ride home. 
   Maggie tells them to stop working for the night, tomorrow is a school day, and they can finish then.  But once the kids go to bed, Chase continues to work, he’s obsessed with finding out what is behind the wall in the secret room.  It takes him one more hit to get through and Chase and Maggie go inside.  Inside he finds a book about the family, his father had written notes throughout the book, he tore out pages and rewrote sections.  There are a lot of comments about Angela, and they find a mention of Elizabeth Bradbury.
   The next day Maggie goes into the room and finds some papers in the desk.
   Julia goes to Angela and tells her that Lance still isn’t home, Angela tells her that its’ because he’s mad at her, she does know where he is, she tells Julia that he is in San Francisco, and has been spending a lot of money.  She tells her that she is having Agretti over for dinner, and that his daughter will be coming so Lance had better be back.
   Lance and the girl he met are going for a bike ride, they go down to the beach for a picnic.  Lance tells her that he never thought he would fall in love.  She asks him to tell her about himself since they have only talked about her.
   The family is reading Jason’s papers, they find another mention of Elizabeth Bradbury, then Maggie finds a newspaper article about the hit and run accident that left Elizabeth paralyzed. 
   Emma finds Julia in her workshop and tells her that she misses Lance.  Maggie comes over and asks Julia about Elizabeth.  Julia tells her that she is still alive and that Angela goes to visit her every week.
   Gus and Chase are working outside the house, Chase asks him if his father was in love with Elizabeth.  Gus tells him that he would always ask about her and that Chase’s grandfather paid for her hospital bills.
   Lance comes home and introduces Angela to his girlfriend Lori.  Lance informs Angela that he plans to move to San Francisco to work at the corporate offices of Falcon Crest.  She tells him that they will discuss this later.  While Lance and Lori go for a horseback ride, Angela calls Cole so that she can set Melissa and Lance up, and Cole can keep Lori away from Lance.
   After dinner Agretti tells Angela that he can see that Lance is in love with Laurie and he doesn't want his daughter to get hurt.  She assures him that it's nothing serious and that once Lance gets to know Melissa he will want to marry her.  He thanks her for dinner, when he goes Angela seems very pleased with herself.
   Chase and Maggie go to visit Elizabeth, he tells her that his father wrote a lot about her, she tells him that Jason was very shy, and that after the accident he never came to see her which hurt her a lot since she was in love with him.  She tells them that Angela told her all about Jason and she’s been a very good friend.
   Chase says that he doesn’t understand why his father never went to see Elizabeth, Maggie asks if he thinks that his father was responsible for her accident, he asks her what she thinks.
   Angela tells Lance that he can’t go to San Francisco and that he has to marry Melissa. 
   Lance goes to Julia and asks her to help him convince Angela to let him marry Lori, she won’t help him since no one can say no to Angela, she tells him that he doesn’t need to give up Lori.  That’s really nice mom.
   Gus tells Maggie that Jason would  have told him if he was responsible for Elizabeth’s accident when he was drunk.  Maggie realizes that it was Angela driving the car that hit Elizabeth.
   Angela takes Laurie on a tour of the winery, where she tries to buy her off.  Lori tells Lance that it’s over between them, he tells her that he should never have brought to Falcon Crest.  Lance tells her that he can change things and ask her not to go, and that she is all that he has.  She tells him that he just needs to feel something, and she leaves.
   Chase goes to Angela and shows her a note about her and her blue convertible.  She tells him hat she and her father made sure that Elizabeth got everything that she needed.  She plays him a tape of Jason talking to  Gus saying that he doesn’t have a son anymore since Chase left and never came back.  Chase asks how she got the tape, she tells him that Gus came to her to help Jason get some help.  He says that she wins, she asks about Maggie and mentions something about her maiden name and where she is from.  Chase can’t believe that she has started a file on Maggie.  She says that she has always wanted to get to know her better.
   After Chase leaves Angela plays the rest of the tape and we hear Jason say that he does love Chase and that he needs him
Final Thoughts: I liked the story line about the secret room it was very Dark Shadows, I kind of wish that it went on a bit longer.  I liked Lance a lot more in this episode then in previous ones too.
Best Outfit:  These are some of the best bike outfits.

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The Party

Season 2 Episode 15
Air Date:  February 24, 1982

Recap:  Blake is sitting up in bed when Krystle comes back into the bedroom, he asks her where she was, she tells him that she was in the library.  He asks her what’s wrong, she tells him that even though they are back together they are still emotionally apart.  He tells her that he is just so concerned with getting even with Rhinewood, he just didn’t want her to get involved.  Krystle says that she just wants to be his wife and wants him to be a husband.
  The next morning Joesph brings Krystle a box that was delivered.  She says she didn’t order anything and opens the box it’s the mink coat that Sammy Joe ordered.  Krystle asks Joesph to get Sammy Joe.
  Steven and Fallon are in the gym working out.  He tells her that things aren’t working out living here, and that since no one likes Sammy Joe they are going to leave.  Fallon doesn’t want him to go, and tells him that she will try to get to know her.
   Sammy Joe joins her aunt in the library and Krystle asks her about the coat, she asks who she thinks Is going to pay for the coat since Steven has no money, and Sammy Joe tells her that Blake will.  Krystle tells her that they are returning the coat, and if she needs something that she needs to ask her.  Sammy Joe goes upstairs looking for Steven, she goes into Fallon’s room and goes through her jewelry box and takes out a necklace.
   Fallon tells Alexis that she wants to throw a party for Steven and Sammy Joe, Alexis tells her that she is crazy for doing it., but agrees anyway.  Fallon tells her that Nick doesn’t love Krystle anymore and that the wants to be with her.  Fallon tells Blake about the party and he agrees.  She tells him that she knows that he doesn’t lie Alexis anymore, but she is glad that they loved each other at one time so that they could have her.  She notices a change in Blake and asks him what’s wrong, he covers this by telling her it’s because he can’t see her.  He asks her to invite Nick to the party since he saved Steven’s life.
   Alexis is giving directions to a servant on arrangements for the party when Krystle walks in, she asks her what she’s doing .  Alexis tells her about the party, which no one told Krystle about.  Krystle tells Alexis that she has no intention of helping with the party, when Alexis asks what Blake will say when she tells him,   Krystle tells her to tell him, and that she is going to keep fighting Alexis, like she is fighting with her.
   Cecil is waiting for Blake in his office, Blake asks him what he wants, Cecil asks him what he thinks he’s doing trying to adopt Jeff, and take away his birthright.  First he took him away from ColbyCo and now he wants to take his name away.  Blake tells him that it was Jeff’s choice to work at Denver Carrington and this will also be Jeff’s decision.  Cecil tells him he wishes that Blake could see, so that he could look him eye to eye and “beat the hell out of him”
   Cecil is in Alexis’ cottage when she gets home, he tells her that he needs her help since he helped her reunite Blake and Steven, he tells her that he wants her to help him with Jeff, and tells her that if Blake does adopt him then her children’s inheritance would be effected.  She agrees to help, but tells him that she doesn’t think Jeff would accept Blake’s offer.
   At the hospital the doctor tells Nick that there was a discrepancy with what he told him and what his records say about the real reason he switched to psychiatry.  Nick tells him that what he read is true he lost a patient on the table in Vietnam and blamed himself.  He just wants to know if there is a job there for him or not.  There is  an opening and he is hired.
   Cecil is getting dresses and asks Alexis who is drinking champagne, if what she told him about Fallon is the truth.
   At the mansion the staff is doing the final touches to the house to prepare for the party.  Everyone is getting dressed, Steven tells Sammy Joe that she looks great, she looks like she’s a little girl in that dress, and to me she doesn’t look too happy about it either.  Krystle goes over to Blake and asks him if he needs any help, she asks him if he’s going to spend the whole evening on Joesph’s arm, he tells her that they will be greeting their guests together then she can do what ever she wants.
   Jeff walks in to Fallon’s room to get his cuff links while Fallon is looking for her necklace,  She tells him that she is grateful for what he told Blake about their marriage, he realizes that she is in love.  He asks her if the man she loves loves her.  She tells him that he’s not going to spoil the party for her.
   As Nick is getting ready the doctor from calls him and tells him that there was an emergency and asks him If he could come help, Nick tells him that he is no longer a surgeon, but the doctor tells him that they need him, Nick tells him that he’ll be right over.
   The party is in full swing, but when Fallon finds Steven he tells her that Sammy Joe still hasn’t come downstairs.  She tells him that she’s proud to be a Carrington, and like every other time she says something like this Steven starts to act funny, she asks him again why he always does that when she talks about being a Carrington, and as usually he manages to get out of answering her question.  Just then Alexis arrives and her date is Cecil Colby, Fallon runs over to Blake and tells him who has crashed the party..  Alexis goes over to talk to Blake about Cecil coming and makes a jib at Krystle saying she was too busy to suggest inviting   Cecil to the party because she was getting ready for the party.  Fallon asks Joesph if he’s seen Nick yet.  Claudia arrives and goes to talk to Steven, she tells him that she is happy for him.  Sammy Joe finally comes downstairs, she is not wearing the dress from earlier, Fallon sees her necklace.
   Cecil goes to Claudia and tells her that the copies she made weren’t what he needed, she tells him she can’t get to what he needs, Jeff has them locked away.  He tells her that Jeff isn’t happily married and she should find away to get a copy of them.
   Fallon comes over to Nick when he finally get s to the party, she asks him where he’s been, he tells her that he wants to talk to her, so they go to the library.  He tells her that he helped with a surgery and he feels great.  He asks her what’s wrong, she tells him that Jeff told her that the man in her life doesn’t want to marry her.  Nick asks her to be patient with him, she asks if he loves her and he tells her that she is the only woman in his life, when they kiss Jeff walks in.  He tells them that he didn’t expect that it would be him.    After Jeff leaves Nick tells Fallon that he is sorry, but she says that Jeff had to find out sooner or later.     When they leave the room, Krystle gets up from the chair.
   Sammy Joe has the band play something faster for her so she can dance, Alexis doesn’t look pleased to see her dancing, she goes over to her and tells her to act like  a lady and not to embarrass Steven.
   Claudia sees Jeff go outside, she follows him, he asks  her if she would like to go the St. Dennis Club for a drink.
   Blake watches as Nick talks to Krystle.  They go outside, she asks him what he wants, Nick tells her that he can’t forget about her, Blake is hiding in the bushes listening to them.  Krystle tells Nick that she is glad that she never let him touch her and that she loves Blake.  She tells him that he needs to be careful with Fallon. 
   Fallon pulls Sammy Joe into the library and asks her about the necklace calling her a thief.  Sammy Joe says she only borrowed it because no one gives her anything.  Fallon tells her that she is worthless and doesn’t deserve to be in the family.  Sammy Joe finally drops the bombshell that everyone has been tiptoeing around, she tells Fallon that she isn’t a Carrington and that she is a bastard.  Fallon calls her a liar, and Sammy Joe tells her if she doesn’t believe her then she should asks her mother.
   Blake walks into the bedroom, and asks Krystle if she is ok.  She realizes that he walked into the room by himself and that he can see, he tells her that it just happened, and wanted to tell her himself.
   Fallon is crying in the library when Joesph goes into the library to tell her the news, he never tells her when he sees she is upset, she asks him where her mother is.  Fallon tells Alexis that she needs to talk to her. 
   Fallon is driving very fast and Alexis is trying to get her to slow down, Fallon asks her if Blake is her father, Alexis tells her she can’t tell her, Fallon won’t take that for an answer Alexis tells her that he could be her father, or it could also be Cecil.  Fallon isn’t looking at the road and drives off the road threw some road construction.  After the crash Fallon is unconscious, Alexis tries to wake he r up, she gets out of the car and runs for help.
Final Thoughts:   I'm glad that the storyline with Nick and Krystle is over with, and that Blake can "see" again, and now that the secret is out about Fallon, I can't wait to see what happens next.
Best Outfit:  This dress makes her look like she's 13.  No wonder why she is drinking.

Small Surprises

Knots Landing
Season 1 Episode 10
Air Date:  March 6, 1980

Recap:  Eric comes home and goes over to Ginger, who introduces him to her younger sister, Jill.  She goes to change so that they can play basketball.
   Karen is at her doctor’s office, her doctor confirms that she is pregnant.  Karen asks about her risks, the doctor tells her that she will have a higher risk of having a miscarriage, and tells her to think it over before deciding what she is going to do.
   Jill tells Eric that he needs to forget that she is a girl so that they can really play basketball.  Karen gets home and is really distracted, she goes upstairs and Diana tells her that she is a woman now and needs to have a more mature room my suggestion would be to get rid of the creepy clown painting and all the stuffed animals
   Eric tells Sid that he wants to take Jill to the movies, and wants to take a cab, Sid gives him some money.  Sid goes into the house and asks Karen what’s wrong, she asks if they can talk later. 
   Eric and Jill get home after the movie, and Jill asks him if he would like to go to a party with her friends.  He agrees and she gives him a kiss before going inside.
   In their room Sid asks Karen if she is ready to talk, she tells him that she is pregnant, and asks him how he feels about it.  
   The next morning she tells him that she doesn’t know what to do, which leads to a big fight, Diana walks in and asks what’s going on and who is pregnant.  She acts just like Vicky did on Falcon Crest, she goes down stairs and tells her brothers the news, and they think this is great news.  Val comes over and Michael tells Val that their mother is pregnant just as Karen come into the kitchen.  She asks Val to keep the news to herself.
   At the party all the kids are drinking beer, they convince Eric to have another, and he quickly drinks the last of the first one that he was slowly working on.
   Back at home Sid and Karen and Sid argue about her volunteering, he says that she still can do everything that she wants to, but she tells him that she will be too tired.  She tells him to stop judging her.
   At the party Eric thinks it’s getting late and wants to go home, but Jill isn’t ready yet, all the other couples are making out.  He decides to walk home.
   Karen brings Sid a mug of hot chocolate into the garage where he is working on his car, she apologizes for earlier, she tells him that she has felt incomplete, but has been very happy and that she hopes he understands, he tells her that he doesn’t because he has sacrificed his dreams too.
   The next day Sid takes the kids roller skating leaving Karen home alone.
   Jill gets home and Ginger asks her about the party, she tells her that Eric left early.  Kenny tells her that maybe he felt uncomfortable with all the other couples making out even if that wasn’t what she wanted to do, he didn’t know.
   Diana tells her father and brothers that she doesn’t think the baby is a good idea, the boys however like the idea of another brother or sister.  Sid tells them that they need to help Karen by showing her how great it would be to have another baby.
   At home Karen goes into Michael’s room and starts cleaning, she finds a drawing of the family.  When they get home, she has them all sit down in the family room and tells them that they are going out for dinner to celebrate.  She says that she wants this baby because of the three she already has.  Diana tells her that she is sorry she just didn’t want to share her with anyone else.
   At the restaurant, as the family it eating Karen excuses herself and goes to the bathroom, a bit later the hostess tells Sid that Karen is lying down in the restroom and that the ambulance has been called.
   At the hospital Gary and Val come to take the kids home, Diana wants to stay, but Sid tells her to go help with the boys.  Val asks him how Karen is, he tells her he hasn’t heard anything yet.  After they go, the doctor comes out and tells Sid that Karen is fine, and that she can go home tomorrow.  She tells him to go in and sit with Karen.
   The next morning he wakes up to find Karen watching him.  He asks her how she feels, she tells him that she feels different, she tells him that she is sorry that they lost the baby, and he tells her that they still have everything that the had, and that is what is important.
   Eric goes outside and takes out his bike, Jill comes over and tells him that she respects him for what he did at the party, and she asks If he’d like to play basketball.  Everyone is outside as Sid brings Karen home, and they all asks how she is.  Once she gets to the door, she seems to be her old self.
Final Thoughts:  Of all the episodes that dealt with an unexpected pregnancy, this was my favorite, it seemed more truthful and real, I really like the characters from this show, and you feel for them.
Best Outfit:  This is such a mom outfit, I know that my mom wore similar shirts. 
Before They Were Stars: Gary Sinise


Falcon Crest
Season 1 Episode 10
Air Date:  February 5, 1982

Recap:  Emma is having a nightmare about Turner, someone comes into her room and stands over her.  It’s Lance, how creepy can you be?  He wakes her and calms her down, telling her it was only a dream, and she goes back to sleep.
   Chase is driving through the vineyard when he come upon a fight between one of his workers and a guy he’s never seen before..  When the other guy leaves Chase’s worker tells him that the fight was nothing and he was just a friend.
   Angela is going to a concert and tells Julia to keep an eye on Emma, but Lance tells her that he will do it.    Before Angela leaves Emma comes down and asks her to mail a letter to Turner, they try to tell her that he is gone, but she insists that he will get this letter.  When she goes back upstairs Lance tells Angela that she isnt’ getting any better.
  Cole is cleaning the floors after he got them all dirty, while Maggie is working on an article.  Vicky and Mario are making out in his truck, he tells her that she needs to finish high school and he needs to keep his scholarship or else he’ll end back up working the fields.  She tells him that she’s only interested in them. 
  Maggie is driving to Falcon Crest when she passes Emma who is sitting by the road.  Maggie asks if she is ok, and offers to take her back home, she tells Maggie that she wanted to talk to Vicky, Maggie tells her that she went to the library.
  Chase tells Gus about the working that was begin harassed, Gus tells him that he will look into it and let him know what he finds out.
  Maggie drops Emma off and talks to Julia about her article that she wants to write about the workers at Falcon Crest.  Emma goes upstairs and collapses.
  Mario, Vicky and Cole are having lunch, when Mario sees Julio, an old friend, he’s the guy that was harassing Chase’s worker.  He asks him to come over to say hello to his friends.  But Julio tells him that they aren’t friends anymore since he’s going to college. 
  The doctor comes down from Emma’s room, he tells Julia and Maggie that Emma is pregnant.  Maggie doesn’t think that this is such a bad thing for Emma, but Julia tells her that the only opinion that matters is Angela’s, and that she will do anything to protect the family name. 
  Chase comes home and tells Maggie that more workers have quit.  They argue about her writing the article and not working on figuring out why the workers are quitting.  Maybe I missed something but I don’t recall her knowing about this at all till now.  She tells him that she will see what she can figure out. 
  Vicky asks Mario what’s wrong, she asks him if his friends are giving him a hard time about dating her.  He tells her that there’s a lot of cultural differences between them.  He asks her if she wants to break up, and she tells him yes, since it would make everyone else happy but him, he  tells her that he only wants her.
  Maggie is questioning a little girl and her grandmother.  She tells Maggie that she doesn’t go to school because she has to work in the vineyard, she tells Maggie about the man who threatens them with deportation if they don’t pay him most of their money. 
  Angela comes home and Julia gives her the news about Emma.  Lance tells her that he knows a doctor who can take care of it, she tells him that won’t happen.  I want to know why Lance knows a doctor who can do an abortion quickly.  I’m sure that his mother questioned him at great length about that off screen. 
  Maggie tells Chase that the workers are being threatened with deportation.  They go to talk to Gus.
  Angela goes into Emma’s room, and Emma asks her if she is angry, Angela assures her that she isn’t angry.  Emma says that she wishes that Uncle Jason was there.  Angela tells her that they need to think about the future.
  Gus tells Chase to leave it alone that he will only make things worse.  After Chase and Maggie leave Mario tells his father that Chase could help.
  Lance tells Julia that Emma can’t have her baby, since they could be written out of the will and everything could be left to the baby.  Angela walks in and tells them that the baby is staying, and that since Lance is such a disappointment then the baby may run Falcon Crest.
  Mario confront Julio, he tells him that he knows he’s threatening the workers with deportation, Mario tells him that he’ll tells someone to make it stop.
  Lance goes upstairs to see Emma, she is trying to think of baby names.  She asks him what he wants, she says that he’s just mad because Turner wrecked his car.  He tells her that Turner raped her, she says that he wouldn’t do that.
  Mario come over and asks where Chase is, Vicky tells him that they went up to Falcon Crest.
  Angela tells Maggie that she doesn’t want her questioning her workers, Chase tells her that the workers are being extorted, she says that she hasn’t heard anything about it, and wants to know if there is anything that she can do to help.
  Emma walks in and tells Angela that she decided to call her baby Jason.
  Mario is being chased, by Julio and his friends.  They force him off the road and pull him out of the car.   They tell him that if he goes to the police that they will kill Vicky.
  Vicky is worried about Mario since he went to find Chase over 3 hours ago.  She tells Chase that Mario  said he knew who was threatening the workers.  Cole hangs up the phone and tells them that Gus is on his way over and sounded worried.
   Lance finds Emma in the winery, she is there looking for Turner, he follows her.
   Gus tells Chase that Mario still hasn’t shown up.  Gus tells him that as long as there are workers with no permits then this will continue.  Mario knocks at the door, he’s been beaten up pretty bad. 
   Lance comes up behind Emma, who had been talking to Jason.  He asks her about Jason, she tells him that she can’t remember, he grabs her and she struggles to get away from him and ends up falling down the stairs.  Lance picks her up and takes her to the house, and tells his mother to call the doctor.
   At the hospital Mario tells them that he’s okay, they want him to tell them who is extorting the money, but he tells them that he doesn’t know.  Chase tells Gus that he’ll try talking to him, outside he comes over to Mario, he tells Chase that he didn’t’ see who beat him up.  Chase tells him that he’s disappointed in him, he tells Chase that they threatened Vicky and his parents.  Chase tells him that it can only get worse, and that nothing will change if you don’t speak up.  Mario tells him that it was Julio and that where they can find him.
   Lance is pacing back and forth, Julia tells him to stop, he asks her If she blames him for what happened.  She tells him that Emma was fine before she went into the winery.  When the doctor comes back down, he tells them that Emma is fine, Lance asks about the baby, he tells them that Emma lost the baby.  He tells them that she needs professional help. 
   The sheriff, Chase and Gus go to The Hideaway to look for Julio, the sheriff tells Chase to stay back, when Julio spot the police coming he runs out, Chase runs after him and tackles him to the ground holding him there till the police get to them.  Chase asks if they will prosecute him, and the sheriff tells him that it woulsn’t do any good, since he’ll be out in 24 hours.  Chase says that it isn’t fair to exploit your own people.
   Angela finds Lance in Emma’s room, he tells her that he’s sorry and that he didn’t mean for her to get hurt, she tells him to go.  Julia tells him that she is sorry for what she said earlier, he tells her that he didn’t’ push Emma.  He says that they are all like Emma, she’s is locked away in her bedroom, while Julia is locked away in her lab while he is trapped in the business.  She tells him that it will be all different in the morning.
   Emma tells Angela that she is tired, and asks what happened.  She tells Emma that she had an accident.    Emma tells her that Lance was asking her about Jason, she asks if her baby’s dead, Angela tells her yes, and that she is sorry.  Emma tells her that she wanted someone who would love her, Angela tells her that she loves her, Emma tells her that she doesn’t love people she only loves Falcon Crest.
Final Thoughts:   I don't like the way they ended the pregnancy, I wish that they kept the story line for a bit longer then done something differently for Emma to lose her baby. 
Best Outfit:   I picked Lance's outfit because of the color.

The Lost Child

Season 2 Episode 7
Air Date:  November 2, 1979

Recap:  Ray and Bobby pick out a few to help them with the ranch, Bobby picks a man and his young son to help.
   JR follows Sue Ellen to her car and asks her what she does all day, she asks him why he wants to know, she doesn’t pry into his business.
   Bobby joins the family just as Pam  is leaving for work, he tells her about the boy who’s name is Luke.
   JR gees into the office, Kristin asks him if he going to come over after work, he tells her that he can’t today, then asks her to call his private investigator for him, when she asks him why he want to talk to him, he won’t tell her.  JR tells the investigator that he wants him to follow Sue Ellen.
   Sue Ellen is seeing a therapist, she tells him that she’s been so unhappy, and she doesn’t’ want to be that way anymore, she tells him that she wants to be a good mother, and not to depend on others anymore.
   Pam and Cliff are walking in the park, he tells her about the talk of him running for congress, she asks if he’s considering it.  She tells him that she still hasn’t said anything to Bobby about the disease.  When she gets home she finds Bobby playing with Luke.
   Bobby and Luke have lunch together and talk, he tells Bobby that his father wants to move to Montana, but he likes Texas.  Ray comes over and tells Bobby that Luke’s father was bitten by a rattlesnake..  They race over to him, and Bobby promises him that he will take care of Luke until he is better.
   Sue Ellen runs into Kristin and JR, who are coming back from lunch.  Kristin asks if he thinks Sue Ellen knows about them, he asks her if she cares if she knows.
   The private investigator calls JR and tells her that he followed Sue Ellen and he doesn’t know anything yet.
   Jock is talking to the doctor’s about Luke’s father, he toll him that he will pay for all the hospital bills.  JR gets home, and Jock asks if he set up the trust fund yet.  JR tells him that he hasn’t’ had a chance yet.  He asks if his father told him mother about Amanda yet.  Jock tells him that he will, and that he needs to set up the trust fund tomorrow or he’ll come down and do it himself.
   Ray tells Bobby that Luke’s father needs rest, and that they will need to hire someone else, Luke tells them that he can do it.
   JR tries to get Sue Ellen what she is doing in town, she won’t tell him anything.
   Bobby tells Luke to clean up so he can have dinner at the house, but Luke tells him that he has to eat with the other ranch hands.  Bobby asks him if he would like to go to the movies, Like agrees.
   When they get back Pam and Bobby talk about Luke, he tells her that he really care about Luke, but he will love there baby more.  She asks him what if they couldn’t have a baby.  He tells her to stop worrying.     In the morning she wakes up and finds Bobby gone.  When she goes outside Jock and Miss Ellie tells her that he went riding with Luke, she tells them that she’s going to go for a ride too.
   Bobby and Luke see Pam riding toward them.  A rattlesnake strikes at her horse causing her to be thrown from her horse.
   At the hospital, Pam asks Bobby about the baby, he tells her not to worry and just sleep.  The doctor comes in and asks him to leave.  He tells him that they will call him as soon as she wakes up.  He tells Bobby that losing a child is hard, but that they are both young.
   JR gets a call from the investigator who tells him that Sue Ellen is seeing a therapist. 
   Bobby asks Luke how is father is doing, Luke asks him if Pam is going to die.  Bobby tells him she isn’t but that their baby died.  Luke tells him that his mother died because he was born.  Bobby tells him it wasn’t his fault.
   JR gets home and confronts Sue Ellen about her seeing a therapist.  She tells him that she is trying to get her life together, and she needs to figure out what happened to make everything such a mess.  He calls her a tramp.  She asks him what he is more worried about that she will sleep with her therapist or that she might say something that he doesn’t want her to talk about.
   Bobby goes to visit Pam, he tells her that as much as he wanted the baby, he wants her safe and happy.     She tells him that there can’t be anymore children, he tells her that she she will change her mind, she tells him that she won’t and then tells him about the disease.  She tells him that she wanted to tell him before, but couldn’t.  He asks about Baby John, she tells him that they won’t know anything for a couple months.  She tells him how sorry she is.
   Digger and Cliff go to visit Pam, she promises to call them when gets home.  Cliff and Digger go sit outside, Digger tells him that he really wanted to be a grandfather, Cliff tells him that Bobby and Pam will adopt, he says that isnt’ the same thing.  Cliff then confesses to his father about his affair with Sue Ellen and that he is the father of Sue Ellen’s baby.  And he promises to get the baby back into his life.
   When Bobby gets home he tells his parents that the doctor said Pam is fine, but it’s too soon to tell if they can have more children.
   The next day Luke tells Bobby that they are going to go to Montana, but he doesn’t want to go since he will never see him again.  Bobby promises him that they will see each other again.
   Cliff tells Bobby his sorry and that he knows how he feels, since he can’t see his son who might be dying.
   When Bobby brings Pam home, Sue Ellen tells her how sorry she is, she asks her how she feels, when Pam tells her that she feels empty, Sue Ellen tells her it will pass.
   Luke and Bobby say goodbye, they start to drive away, but Luke stops his father, and runs to hug Bobby, while Pam and Miss Ellie watch.
Final Thoughts:  Of course Pam would lose her baby, I'm glad that she finally told Bobby, they just need to adopt a baby.  And it's about time Sue Ellen went to a therapist. 
Best Outfit:   This looks like its a huge shirt.  I think it would look a lot better if it had a belt.

Dark Journey

Falcon Crest 
Season 1 Episode 9
Air Date:  January 29, 1982

Recap:  Chase goes downstairs and finds Maggie in the kitchen she tells him that  Vicky still hasn’t come home, it’s after 3 in the morning, he is just about to go wake up Cole, when they hear her drive up.  She tells them she was with Mario.  They tell her that she should have called.  Chase tells her that if Mario wants to see her then he should come down and see her too.  She gets upset with them for how unfair they are to her.
Lance and Angela are attending a benefit performance of Macbeth, they see that Douglas is there with a woman, her name is Myra, Douglas seems pretty uncomfortable to see Angela there when he’s on a date.  An old friend of Angela’s comes over, his name is Arthur, he’s the artist who painted Angela’s father’s portrait, he wants to know when he can do her portrait.  Later Angela tells Lance that she is worried about Douglas changing his mind about Emma and Julia’s inheritance because of the relationship with Myra.
Cole goes to Vicky who is in the Spring House, they end up fighting because to her he is on their parents side.  She tells him that he only sticks around because he is afraid of facing the real world.
Angela tells Lance that Arthur and his grandfather were rivals, Emma comes downstairs and asks them how the play was, she tells them that Julia called.  Angela tells Emma that she should call her father so they can spend more time together, Emma forgets that Jason died and Angela gets upset with her.  Lance tells her that she was hard on her.
Vicky goes to see Mario at his school, and tells him that she isn’t supposed to go see him anymore, she suggests that they could move in together.  He tells  her that things are moving to fast.  She gets upset and leaves.
Chase tells Maggie that he thinks Vicky is avoiding them, while she is supposed to be at the library she is at an arcade of some kind.  A guy starts to give her a hard time while she is playing skee ball, Lance comes over and sends the guy away.  He and Vicky talk and she confesses that she doesn’t like living in the Tuscany Valley, he gives her some money to help her move out on her own he tells her about a friend of his who lives in San Francisco, she is an actress..  She asks if he can take her the next day.
Maggie shows Chase Vicky’s letter, which tells them that she is moving out on her own.  Cole suggest that they give her some space and that they all moved out when they were 18, they tell him that they had finished school then and this isn’t leaving home this is running away.
Lance’s friend, Diana, is working at a diner, while taking acting classes.  She agrees to let Vicky stay with her till she finds her own place.  She tells her that she will ask her boss if she can work her shift with her, and that she will take her to her acting class.
Angela is sitting for her portrait.  Arthur tells her that he’s happy to be with her again, and he reminders her of their time together in the past.  Douglas walks in and Angela suggests that he take Emma for a walk, he wants her to come with them, but she tells him that she is sitting for the portrait and it will take another hour or two.
The Sheriff is with Chase and Maggie, he tells them that there is nothing that they can do, they could make a missing persons report, but most likely they won’t see her again.
Diana tells Vicky that her boss agreed to let her work the dame shift as her.
Cole tells them that a friend of Vicky’s told him that she saw Lance pick her up in front of the school that morning.  Maggie and Chase go over to Falcon Crest and confront Lance, he tolls them that Vicky told him that she wanted to visit a friend in San Francisco, they tell him that she doesn’t know anyone there, he assures them that he didn’t know and that he’s sure she will call.  After they go Angela asks what he is doing, he tells her that the Gioberti's aren’t the big happy family, and isnt’ that what she wanted to prove.
At the acting class they walk in on a student doing a monologue, Diana leaves Vicky with him while she goes upstairs to talk to the teacher.  She tells him that she found the perfect girl for his client.  He tells her that she is working hard for her 10%, she tells him that she wants to he his partner. 
Maggie and Chase go home and tell Cole and Mario that Lance took Vicky to San Francisco.  Mario apologizes for keeping her out so late, and tells them that they had a fight before she left.  Maggie says that Vicky feels like no one is listening to her.  Chase says that he is gong to go look for her, Maggie tells him that she is going to go with him, they tell Cole to stay at home just in case she calls, and Chase tells Mario to go back to school, because she might call him too.
At the acting class the teacher, Michael wants them to do some improve he has Vicky come up first.
Maggie asks why anything bad happens it seems like Lance and Angela seem to have something to do with it, Chase tells her he feels like Angela is trying to get them off the vineyard.  He asks her what her writer’s instinct is telling her she tells him that the only things that’s bothered her is what Gus told them at his father’s funeral about his death being so mysterious.  He agrees, but tells her that he can only think about finding Vicky.
The improv seems like a scene from Vicky’s life at home, Michael tells her that she’s got a lot of talent. 
Arthur is giving Angela a massage, he is trying to get something but what it is I don’t’ know yet, Douglas walks in on them and tells her that he is taking Emma out to dinner, so she can talk about Jason.  Angela and Arthur had plans to go out as well, but once she hears that she suggest that they all go out together.
Michael tells Vicky that he’s got a script for a movie in his office, and there is a part that she would be perfect for.  She asks him what’s in it for him, he tells her that they can talk about it over dinner.
The police give Chase and Maggie a list of shelters and half way house, but nothing else. 
Michael tells Diana that he doesn’t think that Vicky will go through with it, but Diana tells him that she will.  Vicky calls Cole and tells him about the screen test.  She tells him that Michael thinks she got talent.  Cole tells her that their parents are looking for her in San Francisco, she tells him he’s not listening to her and hangs up on him. 
Maggie tells the lady at one of the shelters what they’ve done to look for Vicky, she tells her to get some rest and that they will keep an eye out for Vicky.  Chase joins them and tells her that Cole talked to Vicky and that she’s met some acting teacher who wants to give her a screen test.  The lady asks what the teachers name is.  She tells them that this guy moves around a lot and that they need to ask the right question to look for him, and not to sound like parents.  She tells them that Michael makes porn.
Maggie start to question people but are getting nowhere till Chase goes into an adult video store, he tells the guy working there that he wants to buy some special videos, and that a friend told him that a Michael West made the best stuff.  Chase leaves his hotel number and the guy tells him he’ll get back to him.
Angela takes Douglas into her office, she is mad that he lied to her about Emma wanting to talk about Jason, he asks her how long the freeloader will be staying.  She tells him that he’s got Myra, and he tells her that she’s just jealous.  He asks her to have dinner with him, and she agrees.
Chase calls and talks to Diana, she tells him that he can come over and talk to Michael at 3.  Chase tells Maggie that they won’t wait that long.
Michale talks to Vicky, getting her ready for her screen test.  Once they start he has her go off their script and asks he to unbutton her top, she tells him that she won’t do it, but he tells her to relax, when she tries to leave he pushes her back onto the bed and tells her that she will do it. 
Chase walks in the building and talks to Diana, she tells him that Michael won’t be in for an hour, when Chase asks to look around she tells him he can’t since they are filming.  When he hears that he goes in the back and barges into the room where Vicky is.  He grabs a hold of Michael after punching him, and tells him that he is scum and spits on him. 
Arthur hangs up Angela’s portrait, when she gives him the money for the portrait he is disappointed that they won’t pursue the relationship that they once had.  He asks if she will visit him, she tells him that she might.  Angela asks Lance if he apologized to Chase and Maggie, he tells her that he did and tells her that he didn’t know what Diana was mixed up in.  She tells him that they wouldn’t want in in the family to get hurt.
Final Thoughts:   This episode was so like a twisted Brady Bunch episode with the lesson for the episode, how stupid is Vicky though.  I like the storyline Angela's love triangle, I think she just needs to get back with her ex-husband already. 
Best Outfit:  I hate this color combination, it reminds me of the people who order the hunter green covers with red coil at work.  I can't tell for sure if the skirt is red or a dark orange whatever it is I hate it.

The Dove Hunt

Season 2 Episode 6
Air Date:  October 26, 1979

Recap:  Miss Ellie is at the doctor’s office, when he comes back in she asks him how bad it is.  He tells her that he doesn’t think it’s a tumor, it may be a cyst, he wants her to come in the next day, she tells him that she doesn’t want to worry Jock yet, so she will come on her own.
  At Ewing Oil, JR is on the phone, he isn’t getting the answers he wants about the Southeast Asia drilling, Kristin comes in and starts giving him a massage.  She tells him that he doesn’t need to keep it in that he can talk to her.  Jock comes and Kristin tries to stop him from going into JR’s office, but he goes inside anyway.  JR tells him that he is busy, but Jock tells him to take a break because he wants to take him to lunch.
   Lucy tells Bobby that Val come to see her and that her parents have been in contact, and she thinks that they could be a family again. 
   Miss Ellie is picking at her food, Jock asks what’s wrong with everyone. They are all very quite.  Bobby tells JR that he’s got time to help him fight the O.L.M., Miss Ellie suggest that the three of them go away for awhile.  Jock thinks it’s a good idea, JR doesn’t want to go, but once Sue Ellen says that Jock and Bobby will have time to talk he changes his mind.  Jock decides to bring Ray along on their hunting trip.  JR isn’t happy about this, Bobby tells him that Jock thinks of Ray as part of the family.
   They stop at a store to get supplies, when Jock happens to mention his name, the owner starts to act very suspicious, which everyone notices, once they leave he calls someone and tells them that Jock Ewing and his sons are in town.  The man on the other end of the line tells his son that he’s been waiting 32 years to confront Jock Ewing. 
   They go to a bar, and while Jock is telling them a story that I suspect he’s told them all before, because that’s what old people do, the man and his son walk into the bar and walk over to them.  He tells Jock to face him, Jock asks him what he wants, and the man tells him that his name Is Tom Owens.  Jock tells him that he’s never seen him before.  The man doesn’t like this and it leads to a big fight, but the Ewing’s and    Ray win and walk out acting like they are totally awesome.
   Pam comes over to Miss Ellie and asks her about her doctor’s appointment, Miss Ellie lies to her and tells her.
   Tom Owens can’t believe that Jock doesn’t remember him, but he vows that Jock will remember him, when he is reminded that the Ewing’s are there to go hunting.
   Miss Ellie is reading a pamphlet about Cancer, she hides it when Pam comes in, they go upstairs to feed the baby, they pass Sue Ellen on the stairs, when the baby starts to cry she doesn’t react and tells them that they are on the way to him anyway.  In the nursery Pam asks Miss Ellie what’s wrong, she tells her it’s nothing, Pam tells her that she wants to help.  Miss Ellie leaves her to get the bottle.
   While the guys are hunting, the guys from the bar are messing with the lantern.  Then someone shoots at Bobby.  They don’t suspect a thing, and Jock tells them that they all need to be more careful.  He puts out his cigar and throws it to the ground, it sparks and the lantern explodes, they check it out and notice a tiny hole at the bottom.  JR blames Ray, but Jock tells him to knock it off.  Later that night Jock wakes up and hears a noise, he gets up and sees someone under the hood of their truck.  Whoever is out there in the woods starts shooting at them again, and Jock and JR are hit.  Ray manages to go around to where the shooting is coming from but there is no one there.  Ray gets the first aid kit and takes care of Jock, who was hit in the side, while Bobby checks on JR who got shot in the leg.  Ray goes to check on the truck while Bobby gathers their stuff.  Ray tells Bobby that the rotors gone and that one of them needs to go get help while the other says as a guard.  JR tells them that he can still shot even if he can’t walk around so they should both go.  On their way back into town Bobby and Ray see that they managed to hit one of their attackers.
   Tom Owens’ son was hit in the arm, he tells his  father that he thought that they were only going to rough them up a bit,.
   Jock tells JR that he needs his help, and he tells him that he was married before, and that she is still alive.  He tells JR that his first wife had a nervous breakdown and she is in a hospital in Colorado what a minute is her name Claudia, no it’s Amanda, but this sounds a lot like what happened in Dynasty.  He tells JR that her doctor told him to divorce her since she would never get better.  JR promises to keep his secret.  Jock tells him that he has been paying the hospital bills, and that he never told Miss Ellie, he could never find the right time to tell her, this is never a good thing.  He tells her that he wants to set up a trust for her, JR promises to take care of it when they get back.
   Bobby and Ray get back to town and Bobby thinks that they got there to easily.  They try to get some help from the only guy on the street, but he won’t do much for them, but tell them that there is no police in town and the doctor may or may not be in.  They go across the street and look in cars and take a truck that still has the keys inside it.  I was hoping to see someone run out and run after them, but no we didn’t get to see that.
   Back at camp the men sneak up on JR and Jock.  Tom tries to get Jock to remember who he is.  He tells him that he took everything he had, and he and his son had to start over.  Jock tells him to shoot him then, but he can’t do it, he tells him he’s not a killer, he only shot him because he thought he killed his son.  Bobby and Ray return and get them to drop their guns.  Ray wants to take them to the sheriff, but Jock tells them to let them go and tells them to give them their guns back.  He tells him he isnt’ going to press any charges and that he should have remembered him.
   Back at Southfork, Jock tells Miss Ellie that he is fine, he asks JR to stay behind, he reminds him to set up that trust and once he’s feeling better he will come and go over it with him.
Final Thoughts:   This is one of those stand alone episodes that can be really boring and this one was on the edge for me, I liked parts of the episode, but it wasn't my favorite.
Best Outfit:   I think that the fabric of this dress is horrible, the dress is nice, but if only it was made from different fabric.
Fight Count: 1 (gun fight between Jock and the boys and the country boys)

Lord of the Manor

Falcon Crest
Season 1 Episode 8
Air Date:  January 22, 1982

Recap:  Angela is going to Rome for a wine competition, she wants Lance to take control of the sale of 500 cases of wine to a shady wine distributor named Sloan.  At Chase’s house, Maggie and Vicky are quizzing Cole on Italian, he is going with Angela on the trip.
   Lance meets with Sloan, he tells him that they will need payment first, because of the last time they did business with him.  Sloan tells Lance that he could sell him some cheap wines but put the label of the premium wine on it, he offer him some money under the table.  Lance tells him to get out.
   Douglas surprises Angela in Rome, Angela introduces him to Cole. 
   Chase and Maggie are getting ready for the wine party, they both don’t want to go when do they ever want to go, but will since they will be supporting Julia. 
   At the party Lance meets a girl named Sherry, she is with Sloan.  Lance and Sloan go to talk somewhere private, and he suggest that he could leave without her.
   The next morning Julia goes to Lance’s room and is surprised to find Sherry in bed with him, later, she tells him that he’s got no right to do things like that under his grandmother’s roof.  He told Sherry that his mother was jealous, I’d like to know what she is supposedly jealous of Lance, that there’s a girl in your bed, I hope that’s not it.
   Lance meets with one of the workers at Falcon Crest who used to work for Sloan, he tells him that he wants to run him out of business, and that he’s going to just sell him cheaper wine, but bottle them as the premium wine.  The guy doesn’t seem to happy to do this but Lance, makes him think that he if he doesn’t than he wouldn’t be working for Falcon Crest anymore.
   In Rome Douglas and Angela are walking, he tells her that he wants to be with her again and this could be there second honeymoon.
   Chase goes over to the bottling room and finds Lance, he asks him what he’s doing, Lance tells him that they got a special order and that he’s bottling from Chase’s harvest, which isn’t ready to be bottled yet.    Chase goes to Julia and tells her what Lance is doing.
   Cole leaves a note for Angela telling her he is going to Tuscany to visit relatives.  Douglas is pleased that they will be alone, since he made a reservation at Jimmy’s which according to Angela is the best restaurant between Rome and France, again the restaurant is called Jimmy’s
   Julia goes to the bottling room, the door is locked, when Lance opens the door, he won’t let her inside, but asks her what she wants, he tells her that if he let her in she would only be in the way.  He tells her that Sloan is expecting 500 cases, and that is what he is going to get, she tells him that he’s acting like the lord of the manor, when he tells her that Grandmother left him in charge.
   The next morning Lance brings the cases of wine to Sloan and gets his money. 
   Julia goes into the bottling room and takes a label from the machine, and then sees the cases of the premium wine, that they were supposed to sell to Sloan.  She goes over to Chase and Maggie’s house and tells them that she needs to talk.
   Lance meets up with his detective friend, he wants him to destroy the wine that he just sold to Sloan, he tells Lance that he won’t do it, since he’s gone legit.  He tells him that he just needs to go and tells Sloan that the deal is off.
   Douglas and Angela are at the wine competition, her wine was the only California wine asked to compete.  Cole is with family and they are all toasting and drinking wine.  The judge announce the winner, it’s Falcon Crest’s 78 Cabernet Sauvignon. 
   Chase and Julia go to Sloan’s they tell a worker that Sloan was supposed to meet them, when he finds them in the warehouse, before they leave Chase takes a bottle. 
   Lance goes back to Sloan and tells him that the deal is off, and that all the wine is cheap and he didn’t get any of the premium stuff.  Sloan tells him that he better bring him the cases of the good stuff since he’s got the receipts and since the wine just won it is now worth more than they sold it to him for.
   Angela calls home and talks to Lance, she can tells something is bothering him, but he manages to keep the truth from her.  She tells him that she and Cole will be flying home the next day.  Douglas tells her that he still loves her and wants them to get back together, she tells him that she still has Falcon Crest.
   Chase and Julia confront Lance, he tells them that he doesn’t care if they tell Angela, Chase stays and tells Lance that Angela wouldn’t have left him in charge if she didn’t know that he couldn’t do the job.  Lance tells him that he only wanted to put Sloan out of business and that Angela would have done the same thing.  She probably would have, but she is a lot smarter than Lance is so she wouldn’t have been in this position.  Chase tells him that he’ll go with him to talk to Sloan again.
   When Cole gets back to the hotel he tells Angela about his visit and shows her a book of letters, it is a gift for his father, they are from her grandfather to his brother, he also brought her a gift from the family, it’s an old photo of her and Jason when they were children.
   Chase and Lance confront Sloan, Chase tells him that everyone knows that Falcon Crest only produced 500 cases of the 78 Cabernet and he’s got 1000, he tells him that he’s going to go to the DA and let him know that he is selling miss labeled wine which is a felony.  Sloan asks if he will get his money back, Chase tells him that he will.
   Lance asks him if he would have gone to the DA, Chase doesn’t say yes or no, Lance tell him that he must be a great poker player.
   When Angela gets home Lance tells her that he canceled the deal with Sloan, because the wine is worth double now that it won.  She tells him that he did a good job.
   Chase and the family go through the letters, Chase reads the most resent letter from his grandfather to his brother, he tells him that Jason and Angela are enemies and that he is worried what will become of the family.
Final Thoughts:  Okay as I was writing this I got to thinking about Emma, I didn’t think Angela would want to leave her alone, I wonder who is taking care of her and making sure she doesn’t wander off.  I like that they are fleshing out Lance's character. 
Best Outfit:  I really dislike turtlenecks, this is made better only because of the jacket, then we don't have to see how tight the shirt is.

The Kristin Affair

Season 2 Episode 5
Air Date:  October 19, 1979

Recap:  JR watches Kristin while she is swimming, he tells her when she gets out of the pool that everyone will miss her when she goes back to Santa Fe.  Sue Ellen comes outside, he suggests that they go upstairs and have sex since he’s doesn’t need to go to work yet, she makes it clear that she isn’t interested.
   JR goes to the office and sees Jordon Lee, he complains about the O.L.M., and tells JR that the members of the cartel are thinking of forming their own cartel without the Ewing’s so that the O.L.M will leave them alone.  JR calls Bobby in and tells him that he needs to put more pressure onto the senators in Austin.  JR opens a locked drawer and pulls out a briefcase, he looks inside and leaves the office.  He meets up with Alan, he asks about the interest he is drumming up for Cliff Barnes running for congress.  He opens the briefcase, it’s full of money, he tells Alan to uses cash only and not to do any fundraising, so that when they decide to pull out Cliff won’t have any money left to run. 
   Sue Ellen’s mother is over for dinner, she she going to Europe.  Kristin says that she doesn’t want to leave Dallas, JR offers to give her a job temporarily at Ewing Oil, they arrange for her to move into the condo they have for clients. 
   Kristin goes home with her mother, and they talk about what her mother expects of her while she is gone.  Kristin tells her not to worry about JR she’ll take care of him.
   JR is going through some slides with the cartel, he wants to start drilling in Southeast Asia, they tell JR that they are doing just fine, and don’t need to get on the deal.
   Miss Ellie asks Bobby if he’s going to be home for dinner, he tells her that he will be home late, since he is going to Austin again.  He answers the phone, it’s the doctors office calling for Pam, he tells them she is at The Store, he tells Miss Ellis and asks her if she thinks that Pam might be pregnant, she tells him that the news needs to come from Pam.
   JR asks how much Ewing Oil would have to bid to win the Southeast Asia leases, he goes to Vaughn Leland to get a loan.  Vaughn tells him that he won’t be able to give him the loan for that much money, JR reminds him how much he owes the Ewing’s, Vaughn tells him he’ll see what he can do.
   Pam and Cliff are walking together in Dallas, she tells him she is thinking of having an abortion, he tells her that she needs to tell Bobby, and he can’t help her, it’s something that she and Bobby need to decide together. 
   Kristin tells JR how much she loves Southfork, Sue Ellen walks in on them and Kristin leaves quickly.
   When Bobby gets home Pam comes over to the car, he tells her that the doctor called, he asks if it’s good news, and she says yes, he asks her if she is pregnant, she tells him she is.  He wants to celebrate and doesn’t pay any attention to her when she tells him she wants to talk.
   The next morning, he rushes her to go downstairs and tell the family, she is still trying to talk to him, but he is too excited to listen.  Downstairs the family is having breakfast outside, Bobby tells everyone that Pam is pregnant,.  Sue Ellen tells JR that his parents finally got what they want, a real Ewing heir.  Bobby asks Pam what she wanted to talk about, she tells him it wasn’t important.  They both drive off.  Kristin asks Sue Ellen if she care about anything anymore.  She tells her that she didn’t see what she thought she saw between her and JR, Sue Ellen asks Kristin why she cares what she thinks because she will do whatever she wants anyway.
   JR tells Bobby that he wants him to go to Austin again, but Bobby tells him that he doesn’t want to go there everyday.  JR takes Kristin to the condo, she thinks it’s great, he takes her around the condo.  She opens the closet in the bedroom and finds it full of clothes.  She tells him that she’s not looking for a one night stand, she asks him for sometime to think, he tells her that he’s not a patient man, but agrees to wait till she decides.
   Vaughn tells JR that they will loan Ewing Oil 100 million dollars, but he will have to put Southfork down as security.  JR doesn’t want to do it, but Vaughn tells him that this time his hands are tied and there is no to her way. 
   Alan brings over a poster for Barnes and goes over the list of people he’s talked to to support Cliff. 
   Pam and Digger go to lunch, she tells him that she’s pregnant, he tells her that’s great, she tells him that she is thinking about having an abortion, he tells her that she needs to think positively.  He tells her not to tell Bobby about the disease.
   JR going over the paperwork with Vaughn, when Kristen tells him that a Mr. Hansen, JR tells Vaughn that Ewing Oil won the Southeast Asia leases.  Kristin goes into JR’s office and goes through his desk, she picks the lock of the locked drawer and looks inside a briefcase.  JR calls Sue Ellen and tells her that he will be home late, since the meeting is taking longer than he thought,.  JR signs the last of the papers, and Vaughn tells him that if anything goes wrong with the Southeast Asian drilling, and Ewing Oil can’t keep up with the payments, then the bank will take Southfork.
   JR goes to Kristin’s condo and she tells him that she is very interested in the oil business because of all the secrets, she tells him that she doesn’t understand all it, but that Bobby and Jock will.  She promises him that she won’t tell anyone, just as long as he keeps coming back to her. 
Final Thoughts:  I find this really gross, and that their mother was encouraging her, I don't know if she knew what Kristin was planning or what, but yuck.  JR is just going to get himself into more trouble with this Southeast Asia thing, and I'm sure that it will be a sticky situation, but he will somehow get out of.  I am liking the storyline with Alan and JR and their plans to get Cliff out of the O.L.M, but I wish that it would pick up.
Best Outfit:  To me this looks like something you would wear to a barbeque not to the office.

The Extortionist

Falcon Crest 
Season 1 Episode 7
Air Date: January 15, 1982

Recap:  Julia and Emma are talking about Jason’s funeral, and Turner Bates.  Julia asks Emma what really happened when Jason died, but Emma tells her that she can’t remember.
   Chase is carrying some fence posts when Turner comes out of the bushes.  He tells Chase that he used to work for Jason and Jason let him sleep there.  Gus comes over as Turner walks away and tells Chase that Turner is a loser.
   Emma and Angela are playing backgammon, when Angela gets a phone call, Turner comes up behind Emma, he asks her if she is mad at him for leaving.  Angela comes out and tells him to leave, Emma tells her that she wanted to talk to Turner.
   Chase gets home and Maggie tells him that she thinks she might be pregnant and has an appointment to see the doctor.  He is concerned about her, but they will wait to find out for sure after the appointment.
   Turner goes back to the house and hits the wind-chimes, which Emma hears and goes down to meet him.  She tells him how much she missed him.  They kiss and he takes her to the Spring House.  He asks her what happened to Jason after he left, and how he got into the truck.  She tells him that she can’t remember. 
   Maggie and Vicky cleaning the house, Maggie asks Vicky if she would like a baby brother or sister,  Vicky guesses that she is pregnant, she isn’t cool with it and gets upset thinking that she will get stuck babysitting all the time.
   Angela comes out and tells Lance that Emma wandered off, he tells him to go look for her.
   Vicky finds Cole, she tells him about their mother, he doesn’t seem to think that it would be such a bad thing. Lance pulls up and  tells them that Emma is missing and to call if they see her.  After he leaves Vicky where Emma probably is and that she is with Turner.  She goes to warn them that Lance is snooping around.
   Turner is still trying to get Emma to tell him about that night, but she can’t tell him anything, he locks her inside the cottage.
   Angela gets a phone call from Turner, who tries to disguise his voice, he tells her that he knows what happened to Jason, because her daughter told him everything.  Angela guesses who it is, casing Turner to kind of freak out and hang up the phone.  Angela calls the sheriff.
   Vicky knocks at the door of the cottage and Emma tells her that Turner locked her inside, Vicky tells her that she will try to find another way in.  Turner comes up behind her and grabs her and takes her into the cottage.
   Cole goes into the house and talks to Maggie, he tells her that Vicky told him about the baby and that he is okay with it if she is okay with it.
   The sheriff comes over to Angela’s and tells her that they’ve got road blocks set up, but they can do anymore than that for now. 
   Chase gets home and they realized that no one has seen Vicky since she went off earlier.  Cole tells them where she was going, so he and Chase go off to find her.
   Vicky tells Emma that she was worried when she found the door locked.  Emma tells Turner she remembers him fighting with Jason, he yells at her to stop, Emma tells him that she wants to leave like he promised her they would.  They plan to leave now, he sends Emma off before him so he can tie Vicky up.
   Vicky hears a car drive by she calls out, then she sees a light as the door opens, Chase comes in and  unties her.  She tells him about Turner and that he’s got Emma, he asks her if he hurt her, she tells him he did a little.  She tells him that Turner was there fighting with Jason the night he died.
   The next morning Chase and Cole go to Angela’s she asks how Vicky is doing, she tells him that the police are still looking for Emma and Turner.
   Outside Turner and Emma are hiding in the bushes, he gets into Lance’s car and starts it, he makes Emma get inside, when she tires to get out, he hits her.  In the house they hear the car start, Lance, Chase and Cole run out, but just miss the car, they get into Chase’s Jeep and drive off after them.  Angela is following them, she makes Julia stay behind in case the sheriff calls.
   Emma starts to remember the night Jason died, she grabs the steering wheel and they hit the side of the mountain, the car catches fire.  Chase and Cole get Emma out of the car, but when Chase and Lance go back to get Turner the car explodes.
   Maggie gets home from her appointment, Chase tells her he wonders what Turner knew about his father.  He asks her about her appointment.  She tells him it was a false alarm.  She tells him that she was relieved yet felt empty when the doctor told her the news.  Vicky comes in and tells her mother that she is sorry for the way she acted the other day.
   Angela asks Emma if she remembers what happened to Turner, when Emma tells her that she is going to Oregon with Turner.  She then asks Emma if she and Turner talked about Jason.  Julia is outside the door listening to them talk.
Final Thoughts:  What a brat Vicky is, she needs a good smack in the face.  I'm glad that Turner is out of the picture, he was annoying with his Sonny Bono mustache.  I thought that the story was interesting though aside from the minor annoyances. 
Best Outfit:  While nothing is wrong with this outfit, I think that the sweater is too short.
Fight Count:  1 (car chase between Turner, Lance and Angela)


Season 2 Episode 4
Air Date:  October 12, 1979

Recap:  Val is driving to Southfork.  Pam finds Bobby swimming laps.  They start their fight about her saying she can’t have his baby.  Val watches as Pam then Lucy drive off, she turns around and follows Lucy.
   Pam stops at a payphone and calls the doctor who examined Digger.  She makes an appointment to see him.
    Bobby talks to Miss Ellie about his problems with Pam, she tells him that just because he never saw her and Jock fight doesn’t mean they never do.  She tells him to just tell her what’s bothering him and not to keep hinting at what’s bothering him.  He tells her that he was just unfair to Pam, she tells him to apologize then, but he tells her that he’s not sorry about it, and that they will work things out for themselves.
   Val calls out to Lucy as she walks to her class.  Lucy asks what she is doing back in Texas, and she should have stopped by at the ranch so that JR could have given her more money. 
   The doctor tells Pam that just because she’s not showing any symptoms it doesn’t mean that she can’t pass the disease to her baby.  He tells her that it’s random, and he can’t give her a better answer.
   Jock and JR are in their meeting, they are trying to figure out away to get rid of Cliff. 
   Val tells Lucy that she loves her and that she didn’t take the money.  Lucy tells her that she can’t handle thinking that she’s got a mother, then her leaving her all over again.
   Sue Ellen is looking in on baby John, when he beings to cry she calls for the nurse, the nurse asks her if she would like to change him, Sue Ellen tells her that is what she pays her for, Sue Ellen turns around and sees Miss Ellie watching.
   When Bobby gets to the office, he gets a call from Val, she tells him that she wants to see him, so they arrange to meet the following day.
   Pam gets home and Miss Ellie gives her a message from Liz from The Store, that a Mr. Hollister called.  This is the doctor that she went to see.  Pam goes up to her room to return the call, he tells her that she is pregnant. 
   Bobby gets home and tells Pam that Val is back in town and asks her if she wants to come with him to see her, she tells him that she’s busy.  He brings up the baby again, and she tells him that she would love to have a baby with him, a boy who would be just like him, she stops and he tells her that she will have to tell him what’s bothering her soon or later.
   JR gets to his office and finds that Alan is waiting for him.  They talk about the plan to get Cliff out of the O.L.M by having him run for office, Alan tells him that Cliff would have to resign from the O.L.M before he could run.  JR says that he would have to be pretty sure that he would win for him to resign, he tells Alan that he will provide the money, that it would be worth getting Cliff out of their hair.  Alan asks about what will happen once Cliff is out of the O.L.M, and JR tells him that he wouldn’t be surprised if the money stopped.  Alan says that he is glad that JR isn’t after him.
   Pam goes back to the doctor and he tells her that she is indeed pregnant, but he can’t tell if the baby will be okay, the symptoms don’t develop for about 4 to 6 months after the baby is born.  She tells him that she won’t tell Bobby, the doctor tells her that she needs to think things over before doing anything.
   She and Cliff meet up and she tells him that she is pregnant.  He tells her that she needs to tell Bobby, she tells him that she will get an abortion so Bobby won’t know.  He tells her that he’s got a right to know, she tells him that if she tells Bobby then he’ll know that baby John might have it too.
   Bobby and Val meet up and she tells him that Lucy won’t talk to her.  He asks her why she came back. She tells him that she’s been in touch with Gary.  He tells her that Lucy was very hurt by what happened.  She tells him that she wants him to help her talk to Lucy.  He tells her that he dose’ know if Lucy could take it if things don’t work out again, but promises to help her.  She asks him not to tell anyone that she is in town.  They go to the college where Lucy is at cheerleading practice.  Val makes Bobby go get Lucy.  When Bobby goes over to Lucy and tells her that her mother just wants to talk, she tells him that he’s wasting his time.  JR is in the stands and sees Bobby and Val drive away.
   Pam gets home and sits with Miss Ellie, they talk about how Miss Ellie’s life would have been if she hadn’t had any children.  Pam tells her that she isn’t sure that her marriage to Bobby will last if they don’t’ have any children.
   JR tells Jock that Bobby should go to Austin, Bobby agrees but won’t go when JR wants him to go.
Bobby stops Lucy as she leaves the house early, he tells her that she’ll have to talk to Val, he tells her that she came back because she loves her.  She says she will go with him to see her mother.
   Val opens the door and finds JR there, she tells him that she only wants to see Lucy.  He says that she just wants Lucy’s money.  She tells him that he’s wrong.  He tells her to get out of town or he’ll have someone exhort her out of town.  Bobby shows up with Lucy at the motel.  JR tells Lucy he was only doing it to help her.  Lucy tells her mother that she is sorry, and that she is glad she stood up to JR.  Bobby takes JR with him.  Val tells Lucy that if they start over and start by being friends then they can see where it leads them.  Lucy tells her that she loves her.
Final Thoughts:  This thing with Lucy and her parents is getting pretty old, I hope that this is almost the end of this storyline.  I'm getting pretty tired of Pam keeping this secret too, the longer she keeps the secret the harder it will be for her to tell the truth. 
Best Outfit:  This has to be the ugliest tie I've ever seen the top have is ok, but mixed with the bottom half, it's like someone threw fabric on glue to see which would stick together.