The Colby's

This spin-off from Dynasty featured the adventures of Jeff and Fallon in California. Jeff Colby accepts and offer from his Uncle Jason to work for the family business. He unknowingly bumps into his ex-wife Fallan Carrington who now has amnesia and has married Miles Colby, Jeff's cousin. Sabella Colby made her mark as the schemeing vixen to keep her husband Jason close and to stay super rich.

It was originally called Dynasty II: The Colby's, it ran from 1985 to 1987 with 49 episodes.

Season 1
Episode 1- The Celebration
Episode 2- Conspiracy Of Silence
Episode 3- Moment Of Truth
Episode 4-  Family Album
Episode 5- Shadow of the Past
Episode 6- A House Divided
Episode 7-  The Reunion
Episode 8- Fallen Idol
Episode 9- The Letter
Episode 10-  The Turning Point
Episode 11- Thursday's Child
Episode 12- The Pact
Episode 13-  Fallon's Choice
Episode 14- The Trial
Episode 15- Burden of Proof
Episode 16-  My Father's House
Episode 17- The Outcast
Episode 18- The Wedding
Episode 19-  The Honeymoon
Episode 20- Double Jeopardy
Episode 21- A Family Affair
Episode 22-  The Reckoning
Episode 23- Anniversary Waltz
Episode 24- Checkmate
Season 2
Episode 1- The Gathering Storm
Episode 2- No Exit
Episode 3- Jason's Choice
Episode 4- The Matchmaker
Episode 5- Something Old, Something New
Episode 6- The Gala
Episode 7-  Bloodlines
Episode 8- Deceptions
Episode 9- And Baby Makes Four
Episode 10-  Bid For Freedom
Episode 11- Sanctuary
Episode 12- Reaching Out
Episode 13-  Power Play
Episode 14- The Legacy
Episode 15- The Home-Wrecker
Episode 16-  The Manhunt
Episode 17- All Fall Down
Episode 18- Guilty Party
Episode 19-  Fallon's Baby
Episode 20- Answered Prayers
Episode 21- Return Engagement
Episode 22- Devil's Advocate
Episode 23- Betrayals
Episode 24- Dead End
Episode 25- Crossroads