Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A House Divided

Season 3 Episode 25 
Original Airdate:   March 21, 1980

Recap:  Reporters are asking Jock and JR about the nationalized wells and what Ewing Oil lost.  JR tells them that he can’t talk about the deal they got in on, but that they are still in business.  Bobby comes in and asks what’s going on, JR tells him that he sold the leases and got in on a deal with a gas company that he and Jock had been talking about for awhile.  Bobby asks who bought the leases, JR tells him that the cartel and Vaughn Leland.  Bobby demands to know why they weren’t told, JR tells him that they were both in Colorado, and he had to move fast.  Jordan Lee comes into the office, he isn’t happy, he knows that JR knew what was going to happen in Southeast Asia, Jock tells him that JR didn’t know anything, but Jordan doesn’t buy that, JR points out that they lost a lot of money too, about 25 million, plus all the royalties from the leases that everyone bought from them.  Jordan tell them that Seth Stone killed himself that morning. 
   Sue Ellen is watching the news in bed, she hears about Ewing Oil and Seth’s death.
   Vaughn bursts into the office, he tells them that he wants answers, he wants and apology and compensation.  Jock tells him no, they won’t give him his money back.  Vaughn tells them all that JR knew that this was going to happen, he tells them that he borrowed money from a bank in Fort Worth and used his shares as collateral and now he is wiped out.  Vaughn tells Jock that he needs to help him, but Jock reminds him about when they came to him for help with Southfork and did nothing.  Vaughn say that JR will regret this, and JR asks if that is a threat.   Vaughn says that it’s a promise, Jock tells him to get out.  Once he is gone Bobby asks JR if he knew, and that he thinks Vaughn is right.  Jock tells JR that he is only going to ask once, he wants to know if he knew about the nationalization of the oil wells in Southeast Asia.  JR says he didn’t.  Bobby leaves the office in disgust.
   Lucy and her Lit professor are talking a walk, she asks if they have a problem because all they do is walk and have lunch together.  He tells her that she is his student, she asks him if that all she is to him.  He says no and kisses her.
   Alan comes over to see Kristin, he says it’s quite a story, and she tells him that its old news.  She tells him that JR sold the leases days ago.  She plays him a tape of Jordan Lee telling her about the deal JR offered him and the cartel.  Alan says that JR must have known what was going to happen.  Kristin mentions Hank Johnson, and say that he must have told JR, Alan asks who that is and she tells him that he’s JR’s man in Southeast Asia.  He asks her who JR sold the leases to, Kristin tells him, Alan says that they probably would be interested to know that JR knew all along.  Alan tells her that he thinks that JR would pay to keep them quite.  She tells him that JR is too smart to leave a trail back to himself, he asks her to try.  Kristin calls Hank.
   Miss Ellie tells Bobby that Pam left for Corpus Christie, he tells her that he is concerned about Pam rushing off to search for clues about her mother so soon after the shock she got that Digger isn’t her father.  Sue Ellen comes downstairs, and Bobby asks her how she is feeling.  She tells him that she feels embarrassed, and that she can’t remember anything that happened last night.  She tells Bobby that JR has enough to put her away now, Bobby tells her that he will help her, she just needs to stop drinking.  Sue Ellen tells him that she hadn’t been drinking before when she told him, but she got a shock and started again, but she tells him that she won’t take another drink.  Bobby tells her that he hopes she’s right.  He suggests that she go talk with Miss Ellie.
   JR gets a phone call from Hank, he asks him what he is doing telling Kristin.  JR tells him he didn’t say anything to her.  Hank tells him that Kristin called telling to send all the paper work to the condo so it can be destroyed.  JR tells him to destroy them himself and that he did the right thing to call.  JR hangs up and leaves the office.
   Sue Ellen tells Dr. Elby that she isn't going to drink again and that Bobby is going to help her.  He tells her that she is relying on someone else again, putting her welfare in Bobby’s hands.  She tells him that she trusts Bobby, he asks her if she trusts him more than herself.  She says yes.
   Pam gets out of a cab in Corpus Christie, she stops an old lady and asks her if is remembers anything about her mother.  The lady says she sees a resemblance, and says that she remembers her with a little boy and being pregnant, she tells Pam that after she came back from visiting her brother, that Pam’s family was gone and no one knew anything.
   JR walks into the condo and tells Kristin he wants some answers.  She tells him that Alan made her do it.  JR tells her that they are out of their league.  Kristin tells JR that he can’t scare her, he gives her a handful of cash and tells her to leave town.  She gives him back the money and tells him that he can’t buy her off.  He says we’ll see and leaves the condo.
   Pam has been looking through all the death certificates at the Corpus Christi hall of records and can’t find anything on her mother.
   JR tells Sue Ellen that she is headed for a breakdown.  She tells him that she is fine and that Bobby is going to stop him.  As he leaves she asks him which slut he’ll be staying with tonight.  He tells her that it doesn’t matter since any of them would be more interesting than the slut before him.  She starts throwing things, just like any sane person would, she stops when she finds the gun in her drawer.
   Cliff bursts into the office and hands JR a copy of the deed.  JR says that it’s a forgery, but Cliff tells him it isn’t he makes JR read it out loud.  JR tells Bobby that he just made his brother-in-law a wealthy man.  Cliff is gloating, and JR gets up to get them a drink, Bobby leaves them and JR tells Cliff that he admires a man who gets what he wants, he makes a call and asks for a report on the oil field.  Then he tells them to close the field down.  Cliff wasn’t expecting this at all.
   Pam tells Bobby what she found out about her mother, and that she thinks her mother my still be alive.  She tells him that she is going to quit her job and find more about her mother.  He tells her that she needs to take some time.
   Lucy goes into the professors office and is upset when he tells her that he has to break their date to grade papers, she tells him that she thinks they should break things off, but he tells her that he still wants to see her.  She tells him she will see him later, after she leaves he makes a phone call to his wife.
   JR has Alan brought to his office by Detective Harry McSween , he asks him what he and Kristin are planning.  He tells Alan he better get out of Dallas, but Alan tells him that he can’t do anything to him.  JR asks Harry what the penalty is for rape, Alan asks him what he is talking about, and JR makes it pretty clear that he will set him up on rape charges.  Alan tells JR that he messed with the wrong man.
   Bobby comes in and shows Jock and JR the newspaper, the headline is about the disappearance of Vaughn Leland.  Bobby asks JR if he told Jock about the paper Cliff brought in.  He tells Jock about he deed he wrote up with Digger, and JR lets them both know that he closed up the oil field.  Bobby tells JR that Cliff has a legal right.  Jock tells Bobby that he would have done the same thing.  Bobby tells him that he was afraid he would say that.  After Bobby leaves JR tells Jock that Bobby is getting weak.
   At home Bobby tells Pam about what JR did, and that Jock approved of it.  He tells her that they are going to leave Southfork.  She tells him that he just can’t run away.  But Bobby tells her that he can’t deal with all the wheeling and dealing and the backstabbing. 
   The next morning he makes her go to the car, and he goes into the dinning room and tells his mother that he and Pam are leaving, that he can’t stay in the same house as JR anymore.  Miss Ellie is crying begging him not to go,but he tells her he can’t, he is sorry and he tried his best.  She asks him where he is going to go, Bobby tells her as far away as he can get.  Sue Ellen watches Bobby leave from the stairs.  She follows JR into the dining room.  JR notices that Miss Ellie is crying and asks her what’s wrong.  Sue Ellen tells him that he drove Gary away and now Bobby.  She says that he has cheated his friends and did everything in his power to get what he wanted, and now he got it, he is the only son.  JR tells Miss Ellie that he never wanted Bobby to leave, Miss Ellie tells him that all she knows is that he is gone.  JR tells Sue Ellen she’s got no right to talk to him like that in front of his parents.  He tells her that he is going to call the doctor and have her put away for good.
   The police knock at the door and Kristin answers it.  Alan tells Detective McSween that this is harassment.  The detective tells Kristin that he's got a warrant for her arrest, she asks him what it is for.  He tells her it's for prostitution, he asks Alan if she is any good.  He tells her that he is going to hold the warrant for 24 hours to give her some time to get out of town.  After the detective leaves Kristin tells Alan that she is going to kill JR, he tells her to take a number.
   JR is talking to the doctor, he tells him that he needs to come and get Sue Ellen tonight, he tells him that she needs help. Vaughn calls JR and tells him to give him his money back.  He gives him one more chance.
   Sue Ellen looks at the gun lying on the bed, she grabs it and puts it in her purse.  
   Cliff is at Digger's grave and he is telling him that JR got him, just like Jock got Digger.  He promises him that he will stop him.
   Sue Ellen tells Dr. Elby that JR's got to be stopped, she tells him that JR doesn't care, he will always get what he wants.  Sue Ellen looks in her purse and looks at the gun, she tells him that he was right, that she can't rely on anyone else to do what she has to do and she leaves the office.
   JR is alone in his office, he goes out and gets a cup of coffee and goes back into his office.  The door to the office opens and someone walks in, we are seeing everything from their perspective.  JR calls out to see who is there, he goes to the door and is shot, he falls to the ground.
Final Thoughts:   Best cliffhanger ever, there are so many suspects.  What a great way to end the season.
Best Outfit:  I actually like this outfit, it doesn't look dated except for her purse. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Wheeler Dealer

Season 3 Episode 24
Original Airdate:   March 14, 1980

Recap:  Miss Ellie asks Jock when the last time he saw Amanda.  He tells her he doesn’t remember.  She asks why he stopped visiting her.  She tells Jock that she wants him to go and visit her.  Jock says that he will if she comes with him.  She says okay.

   JR comes home and asks Jock when he will start trusting him again.  Jock tells him that he will when he gives him a reason to.  JR tells him that they paid off the loan, and he promises never to put Southfork or the business in danger again. 
   Sue Ellen is taking a drink, when the family starts to come in she quickly pours a club soda.  JR starts ragging her, when Bobby tells him to stop, JR moves on to Pam saying that she is going crazy, that her father was thief, and her mother a whore.  Pam runs from the room, and Bobby punches JR in the stomach, Jock separates them.  Bobby goes up to Pam and she says that maybe JR is right and she is cracking up.  Bobby says that maybe they should go away for awhile, but Pam tells him that she can’t go yet, she is going to go over to Maggie’s house with Cliff and go through Digger’s trunks.
   JR goes over to Serena’s place, but she is “entertaining,” so he goes to Kristin’s.  She tells him that she has no intention of going to bed with him again till he divorces Sue Ellen, but JR pulls her to the bed and tells her to shut up.
   They don’t find anything much in Digger’s stuff.  Pam asks Maggie what she remembers about their mother.  While they are talking Cliff is looking at a paper, he quickly hides in his pocket.  When Pam asks if he found anything, he says no.  She tells him that she is going to go to Corpus Christi to see their mother’s grave.
   Hank Johnson comes to see JR, he tells him that they got big trouble in Southeast Asia.  There are rebels that what to nationalize the oil and take it all.  JR asks him if they could pay off the rebels.  JR sends him back to Asia to see what he can do.  JR calls Vaughn Leland, he tells him to meet him at the condo.
   Vaughn tells Kristin he didn’t know she was staying there; she tells him it’s only temporary.  When JR gets there he tells Vaughn that he’s got a proposition for him.
   Sue Ellen is with Dr. Elby, she tells him that the drinking makes the pain go away.  He tells her that Dusty was just another crutch for her, she tells him he wasn’t.  She tells him that she doesn’t have anyone, he tells her that she has her son.
   Vaughn leaves, and Kristin tells JR that he made her uncomfortable.  Kristin asks him if he likes it when his friends come on to her, he says that it could be useful to him.  She gets upset and once JR leaves she calls Alan and tells him that she is ready to do whatever he wants.
   Bobby comes over to Miss Ellie and Pam and asks them what they are talking about; Pam tells him she was asking Miss Ellie if she remembered anything about her mother.  Miss Ellie asks them to come with them to Colorado.  Bobby tells Pam that she can go see her mother’s grave when she gets back, so she says yes.
   As they leave Jock tells JR that he expects the business to be as it is when they come back.  Once they leave JR gets a call from Hank, he tells him that there wasn’t anything he could do.  JR calls Vaughn, he tells JR that everyone he talked to seemed very eager.  Sue Ellen comments that he didn’t wait long to start his wheeling and dealing.
   At the Ewing office, the cartel has come to see JR.  They all want to know why he is letting them in on the deal, he tells them it for all they have done for them.  He says that Ewing Oil got a proposition that he can’t talk about, but they need to get some cash.  He knows that they can come up with cash quick so he’ll sell the leases to them, and Ewing Oil would get 25% of anything they bring out of Asia.  They ask how long they got, JR says they got only a few hours.
   Kristin tells Alan that she knows that JR is conning Vaughn Leland, but couldn’t hear anything.  She tells him that JR wants her to “entertain” his friends and pass on information to him.  She asks Alan what is plan is, he tells her he doesn’t know yet.  She tells him that she could make JR think she is on his side, but really would be getting information about him that they could hang him with.  She calls JR and tells him that she thought about what they talked about and she’ll do it, she says that she’s going to call Jordan Lee, who has been wanting to have lunch with her for awhile now.
   At the hotel, Miss Ellie wakes up and finds Jock by the window, she asks him if he couldn’t sleep.  He tells her that he always dreaded seeing Amanda.  She asks him if he’s sure he wants her to come with him, he tells her yes. 
   Sue Ellen is pacing back and forth in front of Dr. Elby’s office.  She turns away and goes to the bar across the street. 
   The cartel is leaving and shaking hands with JR.  Once they are gone JR tells Vaughn he didn’t expect him to get in on the deal too, Vaughn tells him that it was just too good of an offer to pass up.  He tells him he took out a loan at another bank to come up with the money.
   A nurse brings Jock to Amanda, but she doesn’t recognize him.  Miss Ellie comes over and introduces herself.  Amanda sees Bobby and rushes over to him, she thinks that he is Jock.  She begs him not to go, but he tells her that he has to.  She tells him that she never meant to be a burden to him.  The nurse takes Amanda back, and Miss Ellie tells Jock that she is sorry.
   Kristin and Jordan are eating lunch, she tells him about JR telling her that his family was away and that he thought he could use the company.  She tries to get information from him, but he seems to have nothing but good things to say about JR, he tells her about the deal that JR gave him.
   Sue Ellen tells JR she is going to see Dr. Elby when Jock, Miss Ellie, Pam and Bobby get home.  Lucy tells Pam that Cliff has been calling her.  Pam tells Bobby that it must be about their mother, she tells him that they don’t have any proof that she is actually dead. 
   Cliff shows Pam an old document that was signed by Digger and Jock, they are part owners of the oil field that Bobby just opened up, it’s worth about a half a million dollar he tells her.
   Sue Ellen is really at the bar again, the bartender tells her that he thinks she’s had enough.  She bumps into a cowboy, and thinks he is Dusty, and he lets her believe this.
   Bobby is asking Ray how his house is coming along when he gets a call from the bartender.  He tells him that Sue Ellen is at the bar and needs some help.  Bobby and Ray rush over there to get her.
   Sue Ellen and her cowboy friend are about to leave when Bobby and Ray rush in.  They try to get Sue Ellen to leave, but she tells them that she doesn’t want to go.  A fight breaks out between Bobby, Ray and the cowboy’s friends.  Ray and Bobby grab Sue Ellen and rush out of the bar.
   When they get back to Southfork, the family hears the commotion as Bobby tries to get Sue Ellen into the house.  JR asks him where he found her; as Pam helps in get her upstairs.
   The next morning JR puts the news on, he goes outside, Bobby joins him and asks about Sue Ellen, when the phone rings JR answers it, it’s Hank, he tells JR that everything happened just like he told him it would.  JR tells Hank that he’ll be getting a big bonus, when JR comes back in Jock is watching the news about the oil fields in Southeast Asia.  He yells at JR wanting to know how much they lost, JR smiles and tells him that he figures that they just made a killing.
Final Thought:  Wow, was Jock was pissed.  JR got so lucky, once again, but trouble is coming, Alan and Kristin are trying their hardest to get him.  Sue Ellen is so lucky that Bobby came when he did, so many bad things could have happened if he didn't come.  She was really drunk to think that guy was Dusty, he looked and sounded like nothing like Dusty, only thing he had in common is the clothes.
Best Outfit:  Kristin's crocheted top, is not youthful, at least not anymore, and besides the style looks like something that would have been worn in the late 1800 or early 1900, and to complete the effect she was wearing a long skirt.

Jock's Trial Part Two

Season 3 Episode 23
Original Airdate:   February 29, 1980

Recap:  Miss Ellie tells Matt Devlin that she feels like she is betraying Jock, when he starts going on about them being in love.  He tells her that it’s not a betrayal to fall in love, (yes it is when you are married to someone else, it never seems that way to the person you’re having the relationship with).  Miss Ellie confesses that she didn’t fall in love with him.  She tells him that she used him, he made her feel desirable again.  She tells him that she is sorry if she hurt him.  He tells her that he is going to scrap the Mimosa Park project, because it means so much to her.  Bobby calls and tells her about Jock’s arrest, he tells her that he will come and pick her up.  She asks him what the charge is, and he tells her murder.

   Reporters swarm around the family as they leave after the bail was paid.  They answer a few questions.
   Cliff goes into Digger’s hospital room and tells Digger that he finally got Jock for him.  Digger tells him that he could really use a drink.
   Back at Southfork, Miss Ellie asks what evidence Cliff has against Jock, when Pam gets home, she tells Jock how sorry she is.  JR tells her that she must be very proud of her brother right now, Bobby tells him to shut up and follows her upstairs.  In their room, she asks him what Cliff could be thinking, he tells her that he doesn’t want her interfering.
   Jock’s lawyer, Scotty Demarest comes over and Bobby introduces him to everyone.  He starts off by telling them all that all of them except Bobby could have killed Hutch McKinney.  He tells them that unless Jock has an alibi for that night then it will be a hard case to win.  JR gets a phone call, he tells Bobby and Miss Ellie that Sue Ellen was arrested in Fort Worth, they picked her up when she was trashing an apartment, they had to break the door down before she did anymore damage.  He asks Bobby to come with him.
   Scotty tells Jock that there is at least one witness to the fight that Jock had with Hutch, and he wants his side of the story.  Jock tells him that he found out that Hutch was stealing from him, selling cattle and pocketing money, so he went to the saloon that all the workers went to after work and confronted him.  In a flashback we see Jock talking to Hutch, they begin to fight after Hutch hits him first, Hutch tells Jock that he will make him pay, once Jock throws him to the ground.  Jock tells him to leave Southfork or he will kill him.  Hutch tells him not to bet on it.  Jock tells Scotty that Hutch left then later he saw him at the bunkhouse with an empty bottle of gin, he tells Scotty that he woke him up and they fought some more.  Scotty tells him that he isn’t going to put him on the stand.  Jock asks him if is going to ask him if he is guilty or not.
   Miss Ellie comes outside and finds Jock reading the paper the next morning she tells him to put it down, since it’s only upsetting him.  She says that they won’t convict him.  Jock asks her about Matt Devlin and the fight for Mimosa Park.  She tells him that it’s over, she tells him about what happened between her and Matt, she says that she used him.  Miss Ellie tells him that she wanted to know if she could still attract a man.  She tells Jock that she loves him and could never be unfaithful to him.
   JR asks Sue Ellen if she will spend the rest of her life in bed, and she tells him that nothing matters anymore, and it will give more time to tell lies about her to his family.  He asks if it was a lie, when he and Bobby bailed her out of the Fort Worth jail.  Sue Ellen says she doesn’t remember any of that.  JR asks if she remembers tearing up the little love nest.  She tells him that she can’t believe that he cares more about this then the mess his father is in.  He tells her that no jury will convict his father on Cliff’s flimsy evidence.  She asks why he isn’t on Cliff’s side since if Jock is convicted Ewing Oil would all be his.  He tells her that to him Ewing Oil is his father, and that she doesn’t know him as well as she thinks she does because everything he does is for his family and especially his father.  JR tells her that she would know that if she stopped looking at the world through the bottom of a glass.
   At the hospital, Bobby joins Pam in Digger’s room, he asks her about Digger, and tells her that he is worried about her.  He tells her that he has hired a full-time nurse for Digger.  Pam thanks him, but she doesn’t want to leave him.  Bobby tells her that she won’t do any good for Digger if she gets sick too, she agrees and they go home.
   Sloan goes into Cliff’s office and congratulates him on all his work on the case.  Cliff tells him about Scotty interviewing all the jurors and that he plans on sending a letter to them all telling them that they don’t need to talk to anyone.  Sloan tells Cliff that the higher ups in the DA’s office are concerned about Cliff’s prejudice against the Ewing’s.  Sloan tells him that he won’t be prosecuting the case, he will.  Cliff tells him that there wouldn’t be a case without him, Sloan tells him that he knows, and that they will let Cliff assist him.
   Scotty tells Jock, JR and Bobby that he wants them to hire some investigators and have them go to every name on the juror list so they can get to know them really well.  He asks Jock about the gun, Jock tells him that it just disappeared one day, and that he can’t tell him anything more than that.  Scotty tells him what the DA’s office has on him, Bobby tells him that he makes it sound like Jock is already convicted.  Scotty tells him that murder trials aren’t predictable.  He says that Jock is a rich and powerful oil man, and that isn’t something that is popular, and Cliff has made a very believable case.  The phone rings JR tells Louella that he told to her not to disturb them, but she tells him that Pam is calling for Bobby.  Pam tells Bobby that Digger is conscious, he asks if Cliff is coming, she tells him that he is on his way.  Bobby tells her that he is coming to, that he wants to talk to him.
   At the hospital Bobby stops Cliff before the door, Cliff tells him to get out, that he is there to see his father.  Bobby tells him that they are going to talk about Jock.  Cliff tells him that it’s not going to happen.  Bobby pushes him against the wall, Cliff tells him to get his hands off him.  Pam comes out and breaks them up.  Cliff goes into the room, Bobby and Pam following right behind him.  Cliff tells him to get out, but Bobby says that Cliff doesn’t care about Digger, he’s been spending all his time trying to send Jock to prison, and he tells Cliff that all he cares about is vengeance.  He tells Digger that Cliff is trying to frame Jock for murder.  Cliff says that he isn’t framing him, that he has solid evidence.  Bobby asks Digger if he wants Jock to go to prison for a murder he didn’t commit, he asks him if he wants to hurt Miss Ellie.  Digger says that he never wanted any of this and that he doesn’t want to hurt Miss Ellie.
   The ADA, calls the first witness.  Bobby asks Scotty if he got the jury he wanted, he tells Bobby that Cliff blocked them pretty good, but they’ll see  how it goes.  The Sheriff is sworn in, Sloan asks him about the body being found.
   JR leaves the court room and Bobby follows him, he asks him what’s wrong.  JR tells him that he doesn’t want to testify.  Bobby tells him that he has to.  JR tells him that he’s afraid he might say something that would hurt Jock’s case.  Bobby tells him to just tell the truth.  JR says that however this ends up he will drive Cliff out of Texas.  Bobby tells him that he’ll have to stand in line behind him, they go back into the courtroom.  The ADA is now questioning the anthropologist that created the model of Hutch.  He asks the bailiff to bring it into the courtroom.  Scotty objects, the Judge has them both approach the bench and Sloan tells him that since the case is so old he wants to remind the jury that Hutch was a living man, who lived and was killed.  Scotty tells the Judge that it’s just a stunt and it would be like bring a corpus into the courtroom.  The Judge decides to allow it and it is brought into the courtroom.  Cliff smirks and the bailiff wheels it in.  When Sloan removes the cover, there is a gasp though out the room.  Sloan ask for it to be admitted in as evidence, but Scotty object and tells the judge that it’s been tampered with since the ADA showed it to him, the model now has a bullet hole in its forehead.  The Judge calls for a recess and wants the lawyers in his chambers, and when they come back the model is to be removed. 
   Sue Ellen goes off by herself and takes a drink from a bottle in her purse, JR catches her and tells her to spray her mouth with some breath spray.  She tells him that he should be happy it’s what he wanted to happen.  He tells her to use  the spray, since his father is in enough trouble without her smelling like a distillery.  He tells her that the worst thing that happened to her was that she lost her class, she tells JR that the worst thing that happened to her was him.
   Scotty is questioning Ray, he asks him if Jock tried to stop the Sheriff from getting the employment records, Ray says no.  Scotty asks him if Jock tried to stop him for looking for them too, Ray says no again.  Scotty asks him if the Sheriff ever mentioned the name Hutch McKinney, and Ray says he didn’t.  So Scotty asks him that even thought the Sheriff was hunting for evidence so they could manufacture it against Jock, he never tried to stop him.  Sloan objects so Scotty rephrases the question.  He asks him if Jock ever prevented the Sheriff from looking for him. Ray says no.
   Pam is sitting with Digger, when her Aunt Maggie comes in, she tells Pam that she should have called her sooner, and asks how he is doing.  Maggie says that Digger was bound to end up this way because of all his drinking.  When Digger wakes he tells Maggie she made a wasted trip that he will be out in no time.
   JR is now on the stand, and Sloan asks him if he recognizes the gun.  JR tells him that it was the gun that his grandfather presented it to his father as a token that he was a part of the family.  Sloan says that it must have meant a lot to Jock.  JR said it did.  He asks if there was any mention of the gun after it went missing.  JR says no, and Sloan says he finds that hard to believe that he never said anything about it going missing to him (I could think of a good reason, JR was just a little kid then).  JR says exactly what I was thinking.  Sloan tells him that if his covering up for his father then he understands.  Scotty objects to this and demands an apology in front of the court.  Sloan does apologize and asks him one more question.  He asks JR if he ever saw the gun after Hutch McKinney disappeared.  JR says that he doesn’t remember, but Sloan wants a yes or no answer.  JR says no.  Scotty tells the Judge that he has no questions for JR.
   Later Sloan is questioning Virgil, the witness to the fight in the saloon.  He tells them that after the fight Hutch fell asleep in the bunkhouse, and about midnight Jock burst in and pulled him out of bed, and warned him what would happen if he found him on Southfork, then they both went outside.  Sloan asks him what the warning was, Virgil tells him that Jock would kill him.  Sloan asks him if he went outside.  Virgil says that he thought it was best if he stayed right where he was.  He asks him if he ever saw McKinney again after that night, no he says.  The bailiff comes up to Cliff and tells him something.  Sloan asks if he saw Jock again, Virgil says that he saw him come into the bunkhouse and washed up, he tells him that Jock had blood splatter all over him.  Cliff stand and asks to approach the bench, he asks the Judge for a recess, he tells him he just found out that his father is dying.  The Judge agrees and announces court will come back in session at nine the next day.  Cliff tells Miss Ellie about Digger and tells her that he’s been asking for her.  She tells him that she will be right there.
   At the hospital Digger asks Cliff for Miss Ellie, he tells him that she will there soon.  She and Bobby walk in then, she goes to Digger’s side, and Digger tells her that he wants to talk to her, he asks Cliff that if want he says is legal.  Cliff tells him that he doesn’t understand.  Digger tells Miss Ellie that he wasn’t going to say anything, he was going to let Cliff get his final revenge against Jock for him, but he couldn’t let it happen because he still loves her after all these years.  He says that he can’t let Cliff do this to her, she asks him what he means.  Digger tells them it happened after one of his three day benders, he tells Cliff and Pam that no matter what he always came back home to them.  He tells them he came home and found Hutch with his wife Rebecca.  We see in another flashback that Rebecca tell Digger that Hutch was fired and is going to leave Dallas, and that she is going with him, and they are going to take Cliff with them.  He asks about the baby she is carrying, Hutch tells him that he is the father.  Rebecca tells Digger that it’s true.  They fight and Digger shoots him.  Pam asks Digger about the baby, he tells her that he always loved her like she was his own, and dies.
   Back at Southfork, in their bedroom, Bobby asks the doctor if Pam will be alright, he tells her that she had quite a shock, and that physically she is fine, she may need counseling, but not to do it right away.  He tells   Bobby that she will need  time to mourn.
   Jock comes into the drawing room and tells them that the charges were dropped.  Miss Ellie tells Jock that Digger finally accepted their marriage.
   Maggie tells the minister to keep the service short, since that is what Digger would have wanted.
Final Thought:  There was so much going on in this episode I thought it was longer than it really was.  I knew that Digger killed Hutch once he said he didn't want to hurt Miss Ellie, I just figured he would say something sooner.  The bombshell about Pam was pretty amazing, I can't remember if she had the tests done to see if she was a carrier of the disease, if she did then she would know whether or not she isn't Digger's daugther.  I wonder how soon she will try to get pregnant now.  Cliff lost once again, I bet he was pretty upset he had to drop the charges, but at least he didn't have to have his father arrested.
Best Outfit:  Again I had some trouble picking out something truly hideous, I picked this because this looks like a shirt and not a dress, or it really is a shirt and she got pants on but I can't tell since it's in a sepia tone.

Jock's Trial, Part One

Season 3 Episode 22
Original Airdate:   February 22, 1980 

Recap:  Jock is complaining about how Miss Ellie is never at home anymore, since she is trying to save Mimosa Park.
   Cliff is given the case about the body found on Southfork.
   Miss Ellie and the ladies of the DOA are trying to get support for their cause; Matt Devlin comes over and tells them he is tired of them holding all their meetings on his property.  They tell him that they will stop him.  He offers to take Miss Ellie home, and she accepts.
   JR tells Kristin that he doesn’t want her involved anymore in the plan; it wouldn’t look good if she was, and his parents wouldn’t appreciate her being in the picture before he and Sue Ellen are divorced.
   Sue Ellen throws things at JR when he comes into the room, he stops her and she tells him that she knows that someone was going through her things, he tells her that he had one of the maids do it to see if she was hiding any liquor.  He asks her if she is coming down for dinner.  Sue Ellen tells him no. 
   Downstairs Lucy is making a date for lunch the next day with a boy from one of her classes.  JR tells the family that he thinks he needs to put Sue Ellen back into the sanitarium.  Cliff calls and tells Pam that their father is back and that he is drinking again.  She tells him that she will be right over.  When she gets there he tells her that Digger got back before he came home from work, he tells her that Digger was fired and that he relapsed and drinking everything Cliff had in the house and tearing it up looking for more.  He tells Pam that it’s all the Ewing’s fault.  Pam tells him that she doesn’t want to listen to that again, she leaves and Cliff makes a phone call to talk to the Sheriff the next day about the body that was buried at Southfork.
   Jock tells Miss Ellie that he wants to spend the day with her, but she tells him that she has plans already with Matt Devlin. 
   At the Sheriff’s office, Cliff questions him about the body, he asks to see the effects found on the body, he sees the initials on the belt buckle and he asks if they found out who he was.  The Sheriff tells Cliff that he is busy.  Cliff tells him he wants the employment records from Southfork.  Cliff arranges it so an anthropologist will look at the body at the morgue.
   Bobby tells Sue Ellen that he thinks she has been spending too much time alone, he asks her if she needs help.  She asks him if he believes that she started drinking again.  Bobby tells her that he wants to believe that she isn’t.  Sue Ellen tells him that JR is trying to put her away; she tells Bobby that she wants a divorce from JR.  Bobby tells her that she needs to leave JR in the open and not hide it.  He tells her not to play any games, that JR is too good. 
   Matt Devlin shows Miss Ellie the plans, but she says that it won’t convince her that it’s a good thing, but showing them to her.  He asks her to have lunch with him; she tells him that she has to go.  Matt tells her that he will call her and they can talk again over lunch tomorrow. 
   The Sheriff is over at Southfork and tells Jock that the DA is going to investigate.  He tells him that they want the employment records.  Jock says that they don’t keep them that far back, but that they can have them if they can find them.  Ray suggests that he check the shed.
   Pam goes over to Cliff’s, she sees all the empty bottles on the floor, she goes into Digger’s bedroom and finds him lying on the ground, she calls for an ambulance.
   Bobby bursts into JR’s office and asks him why he cut back the on the oil field that he just opened.  Bobby tells him that he is supposed to consult him; he asks him what Jock would say if he went to him about his.  JR tells him that if can open the fields up again and that next time he will consult with him first.
   Cliff and the Sheriff are going over the records and find a couple of names that match with the initials on the belt, HM.  Cliff is told about one of the men, Hutch McKinney, who was the foremen at Southfork, he had a bad temper, Cliff asks if he thinks that Jock could have killed him.
   Cliff meets up with Pam at the hospital; she is upset that he hasn’t been with their father all day.  He tells her that he is trying to help him his own way.  She tells him that it’s not good; all his drinking has done a lot of damage.
   Sue Ellen tells Dr. Elby that she is going to leave JR, he asks her about the baby, she tells his that she has thought of nothing but him, she knows that if she took him with her that JR would come after her, so she will leave the baby and Miss Ellie and Pam will take good care of him till she can come for him.  He asks her if she is strong enough to leave her baby, she tells him that with Dusty’s help she can do it.
   Cliff is assigning investigators what he wants them do for the case.  He tells one of them to take metal detectors to Southfork.  The assistant DA comes in and tells him that he can’t keep the investigators on the case for too long since they have newer murders that they need to wrap up; he tells Cliff that he just has a grudge against the Ewing’s.  Cliff calls the anthropologist that he needs him to hurry and get the results to him.
   Miss Ellie asks Bobby how Digger is doing, he tells her not good, and tells them that Cliff is after the Ewing’s again.  Bobby tells JR that Sue Ellen told him that she thinks he is trying to put in the sanitarium and that he is trying to make them all believe she is drinking.  JR tells him to stay out of it.  Bobby asks what he’ll do, make them all think he’s drinking too.
   Cliff gets to the hospital and tells Pam to go home and rest, she tells him that she doesn’t want to leave Digger, she will rest out in the waiting room.
   Sue Ellen goes to the nursery and talks to Baby John, she tells him that she has to leave but it won’t be for long and that he will be with her and Dusty soon.  When she turns to leave he says Mama.
   The anthropologist brings the model he made from the body to Cliff. 
   The Sheriff tells Jock, JR, and Bobby what Cliff has come up with, Ray comes over and tells them that a gun was found not far from where the body was buried.  Jock tells his son’s that they need to pull all their favors in and get Cliff taken off the case, because if Ray is right then the gun is his.
   Cliff is interviewing a man who was at the bar and witnessed a fight between Hutch McKinney and Jock, he has him tell the Sheriff everything he told Cliff.  He tells him that Jock and McKinney were fighting and Jock fired him, and told him that if he didn’t leave the ranch by the morning then he’d kill him.
   Sue Ellen goes to Dusty’s, but he isn't at his place yet.
   Miss Ellie and Matt are having lunch together, he tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about the park, she asks what he wants, he tells her that he wants to talk about them.  He tells her that all this time that they have been fighting he has been falling in love with her and she’s been falling in love with him.  She tells him that she wants to leave, and he says that he won’t talk anymore and asks her to finish her lunch.
   At Dusty’s Sue Ellen is watching the news when she gets the news that Dusty’s plane crashed and there  was no sign of life.  She goes over to the bar and gets a drink.
   Bobby comes home as the Sheriff is reading Jock his rights; he is being arrested for the murder of Hutch McKinney.
Final Thoughts:  Of course Cliff would be given the case, even though I think that they would want to get someone with no prejudice to try the case, since everyone in the state of Texas knows about the feud between the Barnes' and the Ewing's.  If he were to be convicted they could get a retrial since the prosecution wasn't impartial, we've been watching a lot of Law & Order lately.  And Sue Ellen's drinking again!  Won't JR be happy.
Best Outfit:  I had a hard time picking something for this episode, and the only reason why I picked this is because his hair matches his suit, and plus he look just plain creepy.

Divorce - Ewing Style

Season 3 Episode 21
Original Airdate: February 15, 1980 

Recap:  When JR walks into Southfork all the lights are off, he knows everyone is home because all the cars are there, suddenly the lights come on and they all call out Happy Anniversary, its Sue Ellen and JR’s 9th wedding anniversary.  Miss Ellie tells him that she hopes he got Sue Ellen something special.  Sue Ellen tells him that she got him something too, and that he can give it to her later (which is good because I think that JR forgot and she knows it).  Jock toasts the “happy couple” and Lucy says who would have thought it would last, to Kristin.  Later JR goes over to Kristin and tells her that she is being a pretty obvious and tells her to at least pretend like she is having a good time, like him.  She asks what Sue Ellen is doing, and JR says that they will find out as Sue Ellen joins them.  Sue Ellen gives a toast to her sister, she says that Kristin will be leaving to go to California, and that she hopes that she can find a man of her own, one that makes her as happy as JR has made her.

   After the party JR and Sue Ellen go to their room, he asks her why she threw the party, and she tells him that she did it to show all their friends and family how devoted she is to him.  He lies down on the bed and asks her when she is going to show him this devotion.  She tells him that she will show him right now, and takes the bottle of champagne from him and pours it over him.  He gets up and asks her why she did that.  Sue Ellen tells JR that she needed to cool him off, because she doesn’t want him confused about how she acts in public towards him.  She tells him that they won’t be making love that night or any night till she leaves him with her son.  JR asks her who she is fooling with her act; she says that she already fooled him so everyone else will be easy.  As she leaves he tells her that she won’t take his son.
   When JR gets to his office the next day, he is hung over, Louella tells him that Kristin called several times already and wants him to call her back.  He tells her if she calls again to tell her that he is in a meeting.  Louella tells him that Bobby wants to see him.  In Bobby’s office, Bobby tells JR that he wants to open up an old Ewing Oil field that they closed over thirty years ago, he thinks that they could make a pretty good profit with it, but JR doesn’t seem to care about it, he tells Bobby to do it if he wants and leaves the office.  When he goes back to the reception area, Kristin has called again; he shakes his head at Louella who tells Kristin that JR is in a meeting.
   Later that day JR is at Serena’s house, she tells him that she is surprised he hasn’t offered to get her a new place, he tells her that he likes the way things are and he pays her.  When he leaves a car follows him as he drives off.
   The next day Alan comes to see JR at the office, he tells JR that he needs his help, he tells him that he was fired from the law firm and he knows that he had something to do with it.  Alan apologizes for being greedy.  JR denies knowing what Alan is talking about when he brings up all the things that he did for him.  Alan tells JR that he knows enough to cause him a lot of grief.  JR tells him that he can try, but he suggests that he just get out of town.
   JR goes to Kristin’s apartment later; the same car is following him.  Kristin tells JR that she thought he was dead since he never called her back she asks if he got any of her messages.  He tells her that he came to see her and if he wanted screaming and yelling he could go home for that.  Kristin tells him that from what she saw at the party the only thing JR is getting at home is Sue Ellen hanging all over him.  She asks him what Sue Ellen meant about her going to California, she tells him that she isn’t leaving.  JR says that he thought she wanted to continue her education, Kristin says that she was learning enough when she was working for him.  JR tells her that since she isn’t working at the office anymore, and if she doesn’t like waiting for him to come over if he decides to then he can get her a ticket to California anytime.  She apologizes and tells him that she just misses seeing him during the day.  He tells her he will come over again tomorrow.  He goes to his car and this time notices that a car is following him.
   The next morning JR makes a phone call from his car (on his car phone) to the police and asks Detective McSween to come to the office to talk.
   Miss Ellie is talking to Matt Devlin, she is still trying to get him to stop building on Mimosa Park, she asks him where people will go if they tear it down to build the housing development.
   JR tells the McSween about the car that was following him.  Detective McSween says that if he calls him later and tells him where he will be then they will keep an eye on him.  He tells JR that Cliff is now working for the District Attorney’s office.
   Kristin answers the door thinking that it is JR, but it’s really Alan, he has come over to try to get her to work with him at getting JR back, he tells her that he knows that she kept some records, and he did to.    When he leaves he says that it would be a shame to give everything she has up.
   JR is back with Serena, she tells him that if he just wanted to talk then they could have talked on the phone, and that he doesn’t get a discount for just talking.  JR gets up and pays her and leaves.  He drives off and the other car pulls out and starts to follow him too, but is soon pulled over by the police.  JR drives back and asks who he is and who hired him.  The guy finally gives it up and tells JR and the police that he’s a private investigator and he tells them who hired him.
   JR goes in to his bedroom and tells Sue Ellen that no one does that to him.  She asks him why she would do it, and he says that’s what he wants to know.  Sue Ellen tells him that she is paying him back for all the times he had her followed.  He realizes that this is how she is going to try to win custody.  He tells her that he will kill her first; she tells him that he doesn’t have the guts.
   JR complains to Kristin about what Sue Ellen has done.  He tells her that he needs to get Sue Ellen locked back up in the sanitarium, for good this time.  He says that they need to get her drinking again, or at least make everyone think that she is drinking again.  He tells Kristin that he will need her help, she tells him that she would do anything for him, she tells him that she wants something in return, she wants to be the next Mrs. JR Ewing.  He says that they shouldn’t rush in to anything, but she is adamant, and he agrees.  He tells her that he wants her to take Sue Ellen out to lunch the next day.
   The next day at lunch, Kristin thanks her for coming.  Sue Ellen tells her that she was curious about what she wanted.  Kristin tells her that she is sorry for everything she has done.  She tells Sue Ellen that she is going to California and that she wants to make it up to her.  Kristin tells her that she was only doing what their mother taught her, Sue Ellen tells her that she is smart, that it took her awhile to learn that about their mother.  Kristin tells her that she is trying to change and wants to be friends.  Sue Ellen agrees, they toast to this, but Kristin spills her drink all over Sue Ellen, she leaves to try to clean herself up.
   JR goes to Sue Ellen’s PI and pays him off to change the reports, he tells him not to worry about the ones he sent to Sue Ellen, he’ll take care of those.
   The Sheriff comes over to Southfork and tells Jock and Miss Ellie that Ray can start working on his house again; they don’t have any leads on the body that was found.  Miss Ellie asks if they are closing the case, he tells her that they aren’t but they won’t be focusing their time on it anymore.  When Sue Ellen gets home Miss Ellie asks her how her lunch went, Jock and Ellie ask her about the stain on her dress.  She tells them about Kristin spilling her drink.  Jock makes a comment about thinking that Kristin only drank white wine.  In her room Sue Ellen hides the report under her jewelry drawer in the dresser.
   Later that night Miss Ellie asks JR what’s wrong, he tells his parents that he found a liquor bottle in the bedroom and thinks that Sue Ellen has started drinking again, he asks Miss Ellie to watch her during the day, but asks them not to talk to her about it.  Jock says that he thought Sue Ellen was acting funny that afternoon.  JR calls Kristin and she tells him that she knows what she needs to do next.
   When Jock gets to the office Kristin is there waiting for JR, he takes her into the office with him, and she asks him if Sue Ellen got home ok, and that she didn’t know that Sue Ellen started drinking again.  He asks her if Sue Ellen was drinking at lunch, Kristin tells him that she had three drinks, four if you count the one she spilled.
   Later Sue Ellen is pulled over; JR’s friend at the police is in the back of the police car.  Bobby is the one to answer the call from the police letting the family know that she was pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving but no arrest.  She and Bobby come home alone, he tells Jock and Miss Ellie that JR stayed behind to smooth things over, and he tells them that next time they will arrest her.
   JR tells Kristin that everyone believes Sue Ellen is drinking again.  He tells her that he doesn’t want to rush things; she tells him that she can’t wait to live at Southfork.  He tells her again not to rush things.
   Sue Ellen tells her therapist that she is sure JR is behind this, she tells him that she is frustrated that no one believes her.  He tells her that he doesn’t understand why JR would be doing this.  She tells him that she made a mistake by telling JR that she was leaving and that she hired a PI to follow him.  She asks Dr. Ell by if he believes her.  She tells him that JR wants to put her back in the sanitarium, but she won’t let him this time.
   At the house Sue Ellen tells JR that her therapist doesn’t believe that she is drinking again.  She confronts him in front of the family about him trying to get them to believe that she is drinking again to send her away, she tells them that she hired a PI and she has the reports to prove what he’s been doing, she goes up to get the reports.  Bobby tells JR to stop her.  When Sue Ellen comes back down she gives Jock and Miss Ellie the reports.  They tell her that it only says that JR went to meetings and dinner with friends of the family.  She realizes that he switched the reports, she attacks him, and Bobby and Pam pull her away and take her upstairs.  JR tells his parents that he is sorry that they had to witness that, he calls the doctor to come and check on Sue Ellen. 
Final Thoughts:  JR is definitely going to have some trouble with Kristin.  I really can't believe that Kristin could do this to her sister.  I really feel bad for Sue Ellen, she really has no one on her side to believe her, she was stupid to hire such a stupid PI, I'm sure that there could have been someone who wouldn't have got caught. 
Best Outfit:  Alan has a corduroy suit with what looks like a corduroy tie.

Second Thoughts

Season 3 Episode 20
Original Airdate:   February 8, 1980

Recap:  JR asks Alan why he and Lucy haven’t named the date yet.  He tells him that he’s got two weeks left.

   Lucy and her friend Muriel are walking to class, Lucy tells her that she hasn’t thought about the wedding yet, she can’t believe that Lucy doesn’t seem interested in the wedding.
   Pam goes over to Cliff’s and finds him the same way we left him in the last episode, looking like he hasn’t showered in days and the apartment a mess.  She goes to see their father, who is packing, he tells her that he’s not needed there, she offers to help, but he tells her he’s got to go, and he needs to feel useful.  She offers to give him a ride to the bus station.  Cliff says goodbye, but he doesn’t get up, Digger tells Pam not to worry about Cliff.
   Alan meets Lucy after class, they were supposed to go pick out the wedding rings together, but she wants to put it off again, she tells him that she wants to wait till the end of the semester since she is behind from the trip to visit her parents.
   Pam asks Bobby to help Cliff; he tells her that she needs to give Cliff some time.
   JR asks Lucy about her wedding plans; he is surprised that she is more interested in studying then going out, or planning the wedding.  Miss Ellie and Jock are happy that she is interested in her studies.  JR and Sue Ellen go up to bed, and Miss Ellie says that she was worried about them, but that everything seems to be alright between them now.
   Later Pam asks Bobby again to help Cliff find a job; he tells her that he will try, for her.
JR asks Sue Ellen what’s wrong when he tries to put his arms around her, she tells him that she doesn’t feel well, he leaves and she tells him to say hello to Kristin for her.  He realizes that the attention she was paying him in front of his parents was just an act.
   When Kristin gets to the office the next day she finds JR’s former secretary there, after she leaves she asks JR what she was doing there, he tells her that she was just visiting.  She asks him why he didn’t come over last night, he tells her that he doesn’t have time to talk to her about that right now, and goes into Bobby’s office, where he overhears Bobby trying to get Cliff an interview.  Bobby tells JR that Cliff isn’t a threat to them anymore, he’s broken, and JR tells him the only way Cliff won’t be a threat is when he is six feet under.
   Sue Ellen asks Miss Ellie what would happen if they (she means she and the baby) were to leave Southfork, Miss Ellie thinks she is talking about JR, Sue Ellen and the baby, so she says that since JR would never leave she’s never thought about it.
   Jock tells Alan about the family lawyer retiring, and asks him how he would like a partnership at the law firm.  Alan thanks him, and Jock calls the family over and tells them that his gift to Lucy and Alan is the partnership, this way they can keep Alan and Lucy at Southfork.  Lucy doesn’t look happy about this news.  JR takes Alan into the house to get him a drink and tells him to decline the offer, but Jock comes in telling them not to talk business, and that he and Miss Ellie want to take Alan and Lucy out to dinner.
   When Alan gets home later that night JR is waiting for him.  He says that this wasn’t part of the deal they had, he was supposed to marry Lucy and take her to Chicago.  Alan tells JR that he isn’t turning down the job offer and that there isn’t anything that he can do about it.
   Cliff is at his job interview and tells the man that he is a good lawyer and that the job of a legal assistant is beneath him.  He tells Cliff that he has angered too many people, Cliff asks him why he interviewed him, and he tells him that Bobby asked him to.  Cliff gets really upset and tells him that he can tell Bobby to rot in hell.
   JR complains to Kristin about Alan, she says that maybe there is something she can do.  She asks him why he doesn’t go to her like he used to for help.
   JR goes to Betty Lou’s apartment, and tries to get her to help him break up the engagement.  She isn’t interested in any amount he offers her.  He asks her what’s in it for her.
   JR tells Bobby about Betty Lou and says that they should talk to Lucy, but Bobby wants to stay out of it, and let Lucy make her own decisions.  Kristin comes over dropping off some papers that JR tells her that he didn’t need until the next day, Lucy and Alan come down and are about to leave when Kristin tells Alan about seeing Betty Lou and telling her about the wedding.  Lucy tells Kristin that she is just like JR and doesn’t believe anything she says.  Lucy announced that she and Alan will get married June 14.
   After dinner at Alan’s apartment Alan asks Lucy what’s wrong, she tells him that she is just tired, and asks him to take her home.  He tells her that he had other plans, but she tells him that she really wants to go home.  He asks her why she is pushing him away.  Lucy says that she is just tired.
   JR asks Kristin what she was thinking; she says that everything that he didn’t want to happen did.  He comments about how she knows too much and that it might be best if she was no longer working for him.    She tells him that she does know too much.  He asks her if she is blackmailing him.  Kristin tells him that she would never do that. 
   Pam goes over to Cliff’s and is surprised to see that he has cleaned himself and the apartment.  He tells her it’s all due to her and Bobby.  He won’t tell her why he is in such a good mood.
   The next morning Lucy and Bobby are the only ones left at home, he tells her that he doesn’t think spite is a good reason to get married.  He asks her if she loves Alan, and Lucy tells him that she doesn’t know.  Bobby says that if she isn’t’ sure then she shouldn’t marry him.
   That night at dinner Lucy tells Alan that she isn’t going to marry him.  She tells him that she thinks it would be a mistake, and that they aren’t right for each other.  Alan tells her that he’ll change and be whatever she wants him to be.  Lucy tells him that she just doesn’t love him.  Alan says that it’s JR, and she says it isn’t and that it’s over.
   Alan goes to Betty Lou’s and finds everything is packed up.  He asks her where she is going; she tells him that she is going somewhere far away from him.  He says that JR got to her; she tells him that JR was there, but she chooses to leave him.
   Back at Southfork Lucy tells everyone that the engagement is off.  JR and Sue Ellen go up to bed, they kiss and when JR lays Sue Ellen on the bed, she begins to laugh at him and tells him that he’s been had.  She tells him that she is going to play the perfect wife and mother till she can prove to the court that she is a fit mother for the baby when she files for divorce.
Final Thoughts:  I never thought that Lucy and Alan would last, though I thought that we would have at least seen a wedding.  Alan knows too much about what JR has done.  It's pretty clear now that JR is over Kristin, if he is paying to be with someone, then it's over, Kristin knows too much too, I think that JR is going to have to do some quick thinking to get those two from talking to the wrong people.
Best Outfit:  Pam's shirt doesn't look that comfortable at all, and could Lucy have her shirt open anymore?