Premiering on April 2, 1978 as a 5 part mini series Dallas took us into the lives of greedy oilman J.R. Ewing and his bickering family and became America's favorite prime-time soap opera, complete with cliffhanger season endings. The complex relations between the Ewing clan create a dramatic landscape in which family members could be sharing a pleasant round of cocktails one moment and
plotting a new victim's financial ruin the next.

The last episode aired May 3, 1991, consisting of 14 seasons with a total of 357 episodes, 3 TV movies, a spin-off, and in the summer of 2012 a new series will premier.
Season 1
Episode 1- Digger's Daughter
Episode 2- The Lesson
Episode 3- Spy in the House
Episode 4- Winds of Vengeance
Episode 5- Barbecue
Season 2
Episode 6- Reunion, Part I
Episode 7- Reunion, Part II
Episode 8- Old Acquaintance
Episode 9- Bypass
Episode 10- Black Market Baby
Episode 11- Double Wedding
Episode 12- Runaway
Episode 13- Election
Episode 14- Survival
Episode 15- Act of Love
Episode 16- Triangle
Episode 17- Fallen Idol
Episode 18- Kidnapped
Episode 19- Home Again
Episode 20- For Love of Money
Episode 21- Julie's Return
Episode 24- Sue Ellen's Sister
Episode 25- Call Girl
Episode 26- Royal Marriage
Episode 27- The Outsiders
Episode 29- John Ewing III, Part II

Season 3
Episode 1- Whatever Happened to Baby John Part I
Episode 2- Whatever Happened to Baby John Part II 
Episode 3- The Silent Killer
Episode 4- Secrets
Episode 5- The Kristin Affair
Episode 6- The Dove Hunt

Episode 7- The Lost Child
Episode 8- Rodeo
Episode 9- Mastectomy Part One

Episode 10- Mastectomy Part Two
Episode 11- The Heiress
Episode 12- Ellie Saves the Day
Episode 13- Mother of the Year
Episode 14- Return Engagements
Episode 15- Love and Marriage
Episode 16- Power Play
Episode 17- Paternity Suit
Episode 18- Jenna's Return
Episode 19- Sue Ellen's Choice
Episode 20- Second Thoughts
Episode 24- The Wheeler Dealer
Episode 25- A House Divided