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The Miscarriage

Season 2 Episode 7
Air Date:  December 16, 1981

Recap:  Krystle is being rushed to the hospital, she is in a lot of pain and is crying, while Blake is trying to tell her that everything will be alright.
   Fallon is still with Nick, she finds a picture of him and his younger brother.  He asks her if she is going to leave, but she doesn’t care how late it’s getting.  He wants her to go, but she doesn’t take any of his hints seriously, she tells him she wants to know what’s he’s hiding.
  Jeff gets to the hospital, he asks how Krystle is doing.  Blake asks him about Fallon, he tells him that she didn’t come home yet.  He tells Blake how sorry he is about what Cecil did then he tells him that he quit ColbyCo.  Blake wants him to come work at Denver Carrington, he tells him that none of his children are here, he like a son to Blake.  Jeff goes to get coffee, and while he’s gone Blake starts to remember moments with Krystle, where they are talking about having a baby, and about the baby.
   Alexis calls the hospital and tries to get information about how Krystle is doing, but they won’t tell her anything, and hang up on her, the funniest thing was when they asked her if she was family, she said no, but she’s the first Mrs. Carrington, so she has a right to know how Krystle is doing. 
   Sammy Jo and Steven are at a party, they are all friends of hers.  They are all jerks, and get him to go racing, by taunting him.
   At the hospital the doctor comes out and tells Blake that Krystle is fine, but she lost the baby.  She’s under sedation and doesn’t know about the baby yet, (I bet she really does, I mean she was says she was losing the baby in the ambulance).  The doctor gives Blake even more bad news, he tells him that Krystle won’t be able to have any more children.
   Fallon gets home and Alexis gets her to come over to her studio for coffee, she asks where Fallon’s been, she tells her she went for a long ride, but Alexis knows she was with a man, and tells her that she’s been in her place and wants her to be careful.  Fallon tells her to stay out of her business.
   Krystle wakes up screaming, Blake rushes to her side, she tells him that she promises to be more careful next time, and the nurse gives her another sedative.
   Fallon is pretending to be asleep when Jeff comes into the bedroom, he asks her where she was, she tells him a different story, she was swimming at the lake, he tells her that Blake was asking where she was, and tells her about Krystle and the baby.  She says that she’s sorry for Krystle, and that she will be going to the hospital later.
   Alexis joins Claudia by the pool, she’s digging for information about Krystle.  She tells her that Krystle lost the baby, Alexis is very sweet to bring up Matthew and Lindsay, and her testimony at Blake’s trial.  Claudia wants to know what Alexis wants with her. 
   Fallon joins Blake for breakfast, she tells him that she was at the movies, and that she’s sorry that she wasn’t at the hospital.  She says that she’s going to go to the hospital later.  Blake tells her to be gentle with Krystle and that she doesn’t know that she can’t have any more children.
   Steven is racing, he’s doing pretty well, until the car behind him starts hitting him, when he stops he tells Sammy Jo that he loves racing and that he loves her, she asks him to take her somewhere where they can be alone.   They go to the cabin, and she wants him to make love to her, but he tells her he can’t, she says that he told her that he loved her, but he says that he’s not in love with her. 
   Alexis joins Blake in the study, she tells him how sorry she is about the baby, she then tells him about Sammy Jo and Steven, she wants him to help her keep Sammy Jo away from Steven.  She asks if she can go get the gift she left for the baby, he says yes.
   Nick finds Claudia at the pool, he wants to know if she’s taking the job only so she can keep up with the investigation.   She gets upset with him, she tells him that she doesn’t love Matthew anymore, she hates him and she only wants to find him so she can fight him for custody of Lindsay.  
   The doctor is with Krystle, she asks when she can have another baby, he doesn't want to tell her, and suggests she takes things one day at a time, but she knows that he's keeping something from her, and I'm pretty sure she knows what it is.
   Joseph catches Alexis in Krystle and Blake's bedroom, she's going through Krystle's perfumes, he asks what she's doing there, she tells him that she just taking the gift back, she says she's sorry about the baby, but he doesn't believe it.
   Andrew comes to see Blake after returning from Washington, he doesn't have good news for Blake, the government won't help them get the oil tankers out of the Middle East.  Alexis eavesdrops on them and hears them talking about Rashid Ahmed, they don't know where to find him, but from the look on Alexis' face I think she might have a good idea where to look.
   Sammy Jo wants to know if Steven didn't want to sleep with her because she told him she was with other guys  He tells her that it doesn't matter, and that whoever gets her will be lucky.
   Alexis calls a friend, they make small talk, but she gets to the point and asks where she can find Rashid Ahmed.  
   Steven goes to Claudia's room, he tells her that he was almost going to sleep with someone, and he stopped because he was thinking of her.  He tells her that he loves her and wants to marry her.  She tells him that she doesn't love him and that she still loves Matthew.
   Steven goes to his room and finds Blake there, he talks to him about Sammy Jo, and Steven tells him that he's old enough to make his own decisions.  Blake tells Steven that Krystle lost the baby.
   Nick is with Krystle in her hospital room, he asks why she's giving up, and he's really understanding with her (I'm being sarcastic here, he's almost yelling at her).   When he leaves he meets Fallon outside the room, he tells her that he wants to see her again, but only when he wants to, she doesn't like this arrangement, and asks if Krystle is another of his women.
Final Thoughts:  I think this episode really shows how far we've come, Blake could only get a hold of Jeff, if it was today everyone would have had a cell phone and would have been to hospital once they got the news about Krystle.  I don't get Nick's idea of counseling, he seems to get upset with Claudia and now pretty much yelling at Krystle, dude she just lost her baby, if she wants to cry for Blake too she can, I know your holding this vendetta against him, but come on.  Fallon needs to stick to one story, she's going to get caught and then what's she going to do?
Best Outfit:  This night gown is something else, I don't see anyone really wearing something like this in real life, on TV they always where these fabulous night gowns.
Fight Count:  0

Sue Ellen's Sister

Season 1 Episode 24 
Air Date:   February 16, 1979

Recap:  The family is in the library, Lucy gets upset with Jock for not paying any attention to her.  He is watching Sue Ellen’s sister, Kristen play a game with JR. 
   JR tells Sue Ellen that he’s really glad that he invited Kristen to the house, he tells her that she’s really brightened the place up.  Sue Ellen accuses him of being up to something, which of course he denies.  She thinks that he’s trying to set her sister up with Bobby, so he’ll forget about Pam.
   At the pool Sue Ellen talks to Kristen about her choices and that she would have done things differently, so she could have been happy, she tells her money isn’t everything.  Kristen tells her that she will be happy and rich.  She tells her that she doesn’t like Sue Ellen because she always got all the attention, and Kristen only got her leftovers, but that all changed once Sue Ellen got married.  Lucy tells Sue Ellen that she got a phone call.  Lucy wonders out loud what JR is up to inviting Kristen to Southfork, Kristen tells her that he’s just being nice, and knew that she would be bored being with her mother in Santa Fe. 
   Cliff calls Sue Ellen, he wants her to give him information about the Palo Seco fields, she tells him that JR doesn’t talk to her about business, but she does tell him what she knows from what he’s talked about at the dinner table.
   Pam and Bobby meet up for lunch, he doesn’t like meeting up like they are having an affair, he wants her to come home, but she says she can’t yet.
   Cliff goes to see the owner of the land, he wants him to hold out, and not to give into the Ewing’s, He tells Wally that Digger will buy his leases, Wally tells him to get him the money fast and they have a deal.
   At dinner Jock asks JR about the land, and JR tells him that they will get the leases soon.
   Pam goes to see Cliff, he tells her he wants her to loan Digger $10,000, she doesn’t want to do it, he asks if Bobby closed their joint account, she tells him no he didn’t.  Cliff manages to quilt her into giving him the money.  She calls Bobby, but he’s not at the office so she leaves him a message.  She tells Cliff that it isn’t fair what he’s doing, but she will still help Digger.  When Bobby calls her back, he tells her that he doesn’t care how much money she leaned to Digger, she promises he will pay it back, he tells her not to worry about it.
   Lucy walks in on Kristen acting like she is the lady of the manor (like Sue Ellen was earlier in the season), and tells her that she reminds her of Sue Ellen, Kristen takes this as a compliment and leaves the room.
   Kristen dives into the pool with Bobby and they race each other, JR and Sue Ellen are watching them, she tells him not to use her sister as his pawn, he acts like he doesn’t know what she is talking about.
   Sue Ellen asks Kristen if she is interested in Bobby, she reminds her that he’s married, but that doesn’t bother Kristen, she tells her sister that she knows what she wants and she won’t get hurt.
   With a suggestion from JR Kristen gets a ride into Dallas with Bobby, on the ride there they talk about her interest in architecture, which I think is just a way to get to Bobby.  He drops her off telling her that she can get a ride back to the ranch if she gets to the office at 5.
   Cliff gives Wally the check for the $10,000, he thinks it’s pretty funny that Cliff is using the Ewing money to beat the Ewing’s.
   JR gets a call about the money coming from Pam.  He goes to Bobby and tells him what his wife has done.  Bobby insists she didn’t know anything about it, and of course JR doesn’t believe this.  Bobby says that he’ll take care of it, JR tells him that he better.
   Bobby goes to Cliff, but he’s out of the office. 
   Kristen gets to the office, she is looking for Bobby, JR tells her that he’s out, but he’ll give her a ride home.  He tells her how much better Bobby’s doing now that she’s there, and he tells her that his marriage is over. 
   Bobby goes to see Pam, he tells her what Cliff has done, she says that Cliff wouldn’t have done it to her, he tells her that she needs to face the facts that Cliff is out to get the Ewing’s, and that she is blind to the fact that Cliff is just as bad as JR.  He tells her it’s time for her to grow up, he leaves her.
   Bobby tells JR and Jock that he went to Cliff’s office but he wasn’t there, and that Pam didn’t know what Cliff was going to do, which JR still doesn’t believe.  Jock tells Bobby that if Pam had stayed out of it none of this would have happened.  Bobby says that he’ll talk to Cliff and Wally.
   Pam calls Bobby later, she tells him she tried to talk to Cliff, but couldn’t find him, he tells her that Cliff is hiding from the both of them.  She asks if they can meet for lunch, but he tells her no.
   Bobby finally finds Cliff, he wants Cliff to call Wally and call the deal off, but he won’t do it, he wants to cause the Ewing’s problems, and even though he likes Bobby he’s still a Ewing.  Bobby tells Cliff that if he doesn’t stay out of his marriage, then he will help JR get him.
   Kristen and Lucy see Bobby come home, she tells Kristen to stop wasting her time with Bobby, if she wants a good time then she needs to go after JR, she acts like she doesn’t know what Lucy is talking about.  Kristen goes to Bobby’s room and asks him if he wants to play tennis with her, telling him that everyone is out.  He tells her he’s got to go to a meeting, but then tells her to come along and they can play after the meeting.
   Bobby talks to Wally and offers him 21%, Wally wants 25%, but Bobby tells him that the offer is 21%, he tells him to think it over and get back to him.
   Back at home, JR finds Kristen in the library, he asks her about her day, Bobby walks in on them he sees JR's hand on her leg, she leaves and Bobby wants to know what he’s doing, he says she’s only a child, and that she’s Sue Ellen’s sister, if Kristen was listening hearing that Bobby thought of her only as a kid, that’s probably not what she wants to hear.
   JR, Jock and Bobby are at the Ewing Oil office, Wally comes and signs over the leases to them, he tells JR that he would have taken less money if he hadn’t railroaded him.
   Wally goes to Cliff and tells him what he did.  Pam comes into Cliff’s office, and after Wally leaves she confronts Cliff.  He wants to know why she’s so upset, this I pretty sure makes her ever more angry then she was already.  She tells him that she’s mad because he exhorted money from her, and lied to her about it.  She tells him she can’t tell the difference between him and JR.
   Bobby gets home and JR tells him that Pam has been calling him, he calls her back and she tells him that Cliff lied to her, and that she should have believed him when he told her what Cliff had done.
   JR walks into Kristen’s room, he’s pretty creepy standing there, telling her that Bobby’s home.  She goes to the library and tells Bobby that she couldn’t sleep, she asks him what’s wrong, she says that he doesn’t look happy, she kisses him.  He tells her that he shouldn’t have done that, and that he can only offer her his friendship.  She tells him that it’s not enough, but he was worth it.  Lucy is on the stairs and tells her she heard everything, she said I told you so.  Kristen asks what she is going to do.  Lucy tells her that she won’t do anything if she leaves.  Kristen gets back to her room and finds Sue Ellen there, she asks her if she was with Bobby.  Kristen tells her that nothing happened, Sue Ellen tells her that she needs to go back to their mother.
   JR wakes up when Sue Ellen gets back to their room, she tells him that things aren’t going his way, because Kristen is leaving and that Bobby got Wally to sign the leases over to the Ewing’s.
   Bobby and Pam meet up, he tells her that he loves her, she says that if they could only go somewhere else then they could be together, but not at Southfork.  He tells her that if they run away then JR and Cliff would both win, and that she needs to decide soon if they are going to be apart or together.
Final Thoughts:  Sue Ellen's sister is annoying, and Pam just needs to get over it and get back with Bobby already, Cliff is just as bad as JR and it's about time she realizes this, which she has, but I guess she just can't admit it or want to face JR, but enough already.
Best Outfit:  Wow those pants are way tight, and want are they made off?
Fight Count:  1 (Pam vs Cliff) 

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Tangled Vines

Falcon Crest
Season 1 Episode 3
Air Date:  December 18, 1981   

Recap:  Maggie and Vicky are fixing the stone work around the door, they talk about the move to California.  Chase gets home and goes to find Cole, who is out in the fields, he was supposed to wait for Chase.  He tips the tracker, because of he didn’t see the ditch, Chase gets upset with him for not waiting.
   Angela is working on a bust of her father, she tells Lance that she wants to take Cole and Vicky out, she tells him she wants to know everything that is going on at their vineyard.
   While Maggie and Chase are getting ready for the dinner at Angela’s, they talk about the taxes they owe on the house, they don’t have the money to pay them.
   Angela tells Chase that his harvest looks good, she offers him an advance on his crops.  He says he’ll think about it, the offer is low.
   Vicky and Cole are with Lance at a bar, they are telling him about how they don’t really feel at home here, and that they don’t really have any interest in the vineyard.  Lance suggests that Cole follow his dream to work at an archaeological site.
   Emma comes down after the party is over, she is beginning to remember what happened to Jason, which worries Angela.
   Chase wants Cole just to wait a bit before he goes to work at the dig, but Cole can’t wait, he’s going to go.
   Julia tells Angela that Chase’s soil is the best in the valley to produce superior grapes.  Julia wants to know if Angela is going to destroy Chase just like she did with his father, she tells Julia to mind her own business.
   Gus tells Chase about a buyer who’s always wanted to buy Jason’s grapes.  Chase goes over to talk to Carl.  When he gets back he tells Maggie that he’s agreed to buy their crops and will give them the advance that they need.
   Angela has asked Carl over for dinner, he wants to know what she wants, she tells him it’s just to be neighborly, but then goes on and on about how that Chase’s grapes are family grapes.  He tells her that he made an agreement with Chase and he intends to stick to his agreement.
   Angela buys Carl’s mortgage, and Lance goes over acting like his a friend, but lets him know what Angela’s done.  Lance tells him he would like to know how he’s going to tell Chase he can’t buy his grapes after all, he tells Lance to get off his property.
   Carl goes to Chase and tells him that his lawyer told him that he didn’t have enough money to give them the advance, and that the deal is off.
   Chase and Maggie go to Angela’s, Julia is about to tell them that she knows why Carl backed out, but is stopped by Angela.  Chase wants Angela to pay more than her original offer since Carl’s offer was higher than hers was, but she tells him that she’ll wait till his crop comes in to be sure that it will be a good harvest after all.  She suggests that they go to the bank to ask for a loan.  Julia tells her that she’s got them right where she wants them.
   At the bank the vice president is with Chase and Maggie he tells them that he’ll get back to them the next day, but he’s sure that they will get the loan.
   Lance and Cole go out for a beer, he asks Cole how things are going, now that he’s doing what he wanted.  The bartender tells them that it’s closing time, Lance gives the guy a hard time, but leaves.  He offers to drive Cole’s jeep home, he backs into the building knocking down the fence to the patio. 
   Chase and Maggie are back at the bank waiting for the vice president.  He tells them that they were declined for the loan, Chase gets mad and tells him that he’s going to sue the bank for discrimination.
  Cole tells Vicky that the bank declined the loan, they both say that they didn’t want things to end up like this.  They go back to the bar, Cole talks to the bartender, he wants to pay for the damage, but he tells that Lance already paid and that he told him that it was Cole who did the damage.  They both realize that their cousin isn’t a friend of theirs after all.
   Chase and Maggie discuss their options, he tells her that if they sell their apartment in New York then it would more than cover the taxes.  They call a family meeting and tell the kids what they are thinking, but want to know what they think.  Cole agrees right away, Vicky is more reluctant, but agrees.
   They invite Angela, Lance and Julia to their house to give them the news.  Angela is very surprised by the news, but you can see that this isn’t the news that she was expecting.  The only one who’s happy about the news is Julia.
Final Thoughts:  I'm a bit confused how Chase knows that Angela wants his land and for him to fail, I don't know if I missed something in a previous episode or not.
Best Outfit:  I wish I could have seen this from the front, it ugly from the back so I'm sure it's just as ugly in the front.
Fight Count:  0

Let Me Count the Ways

Knots Landing
Season 1 Episode 3
Air Date:  January 10, 1980
Recap: Karen’s two sons are talking about girls, while Karen is making breakfast, Diana comes in and wants her to take her drive some of her class mates to the observatory, she tells her that she already volunteered her to take them.  The boys argue about the tomatoes Karen put on their plate, she gets upset with them.  Sid comes over and asks her if the kids are getting to her down.  She tells him she wants them to go on a vacation, just the two of them, he tells her that he can’t get away from the dealership at the moment. 
   Richard comes over and wants them to come to the PTA meeting, he’s running for the school board, and he wants to get a teacher out of the high school because he is showing them videos about STD’s  and has brought in convicts, drug users and prostitutes.  Richard leaves for work, but makes Laura ask Karen to be sure to come. 
   Sid is late for the PTA meeting, Karen asks Richard when he asks where he is, if he wants her to call him.  She goes to the payphone, but there is someone there already, he wants her to give him a dime so he can keep talking, but she says she only has one and her call is important too.  He tells her that he’ll let her use the phone if she smiles, she does when he makes a funny face.  Sid comes in just when she starts to make her call.
   Richard is listing off all the things the teacher has done, he says that he’s given the students pregnancy test, brought in a drug user who shoot up, but the teacher, David Crane, stands up and say that he never had a drug user shoot up, it was a diabetic, but Richard just bypasses that little bit of information, but brings up the shooting up part up.  Richard has a petition, and wants to continue the meeting outside, since the teacher showed up to defend himself.  David shocks everyone by kissing Karen, he tells them that that is how he teaches.
   Karen is feeling great about herself, she gets the kids out of the house for dinner, and gets a new dress.  She’s reading a magazine while waiting for Sid to come home, he calls her and tells her that he’s got to work late.  She doesn’t tell him what she had planned.  Val shows up, she knew about Karen’s plans, since she gave her some candles earlier, she says that Gary just called too.  They decided to go to the school board meeting, but first they eat Karen’s dinner.
   Richard is going on about how they need to have David removed from the school, David asks Karen what she thinks, since she’s got a daughter in his class, she says that she supports what he’s doing, but she doesn’t want her daughter to be so self reliant that she won’t come to her parents for questions..  David wants everyone to come to one of his classes and see what it’s really like, Richard says that they don’t need to, but Karen says she’ll go.
   Over coffee, Val confesses that she wouldn’t vote for Richard if it wasn’t for Laura.  David comes over to them and thanks Karen for supporting him.  They talk for a bit, they kind of leave Val out of everything.
   When Karen gets home she gets a call from David who wanted to know she got home okay and wanted to say good night.
   Richard, Laura and Karen all go to the class, where a pregnant teenager is talking to the class, she is telling them what it’s like for her.  Richard thinks this just proves his point, but Karen tells the teacher she is impressed that the students are seeing for themselves what could happen to them.  Karen plans to get the class together to make posters to support David. 
   When she gets home she tells Richard that she will make sure that the teacher isn’t removed.  Richard asks if it’s only because of his “curly blue eyes”?  I have no clue what that even means, the guy does have curly hair, but I don’t know how you can have curly eyes.
   At the school, the kids are making signs and Karen is making phone calls to parents getting their support.  David and Karen go for a walk.  David wants her to come over to his house the next day and have lunch with him, she tells him she can’t.  He asks if she can’t or won’t.  She tries to change the subject and asks about the stars, he has her wish on the wishing star, and when her eyes are closed he kisses her, and tells her that was his wish.  She says she needs to get back to the kids.
   When she and Diana get home, Sid is upset she was gone for so long, and admits he’s also upset with Richard. 
   The next day Sid comes home with some amazing pots and pans for Karen, they are none stick, he melts some cheese and makes her try it, like it’s some gourmet cheese dip and not just a bit of butter and melty (burnt) cheese.   David and tells her that he wants to see her, she says that she wants to see him too, he gives her his address.
   When she gets to his apartment, he tells her that he’s getting more support than Richard is.  He offers her a glass of wine, after he gives it to her, she tells him she doesn’t want it anymore.
  Diana gets home and tells Sid that Richard lost the election.
  David leads Karen to his bedroom, he is talking a lot, suddenly she tells him that she can’t do it, that this isn’t who she is.  When he tells her she’s just scared, she tells him that she isn’t, but being scared brought her to his place.  She tells him that he’s made her feel young again and sexy.  She thanks him for that and leaves.  He tells her that it could have been wonderful, and she says that it was.
   When she gets home, she sees Richard taking all the signs off the van, she tells him she’s sorry that he lost, he says that he’s a better loser than a winner anyway.  Karen finds Sid in the garage and asks what he’s doing, she takes his hand and takes him into the house to go to their room.
Final Thoughts:  I loved the final shot of the episode like it’s product placement for these pots and pans, got to love the light hitting the pans.
Best Outfit:  I picked Karen's dress just because it's not flattering on her at all. 
Fight Count:  0

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

Season 2 Episode 6
Air Date:  December 9, 1981

Recap:  Joseph is packing for Blake, who is going to Las Vegas for business.  Krystle asks if she can go too, Blake tells her it’s just for one night.  Fallon is eavesdropping on the conversation. 
   Nick’s sister is visiting him, she wants him to give up his obsession.  She tells him he doesn’t have any proof that Blake had anything to do with their younger brother’s death.  Nick insists that Blake could have saved him with one phone call.  She asks him if he wants to kill Blake, he tells her no, he wants him to live so he can suffer.
   Fallon comes out and admits to being a stowaway.  Blake isn’t pleased and tells her that he doesn’t need her help, he tells her to keep out of his way when they land.
   Sammy Jo wakes up, the storm is still going strong, she runs to Steven’s room, and tries to wake him so she can tell him about her nightmare, but he is in a deep sleep, she gets into bed with him and falls asleep.  When he wakes up he is surprised to find her in his bed, she tells him about her nightmare.  Alexis sees Sammy Jo, who’s only wearing a t-shirt, in his bed and sees her kiss Steven, she hides in the hall when Sammy Jo runs back to her room.
   Krystle is going out, when she opens the door Alexis is standing there, she tells Krystle about what she saw, Krystle tells her that she’s twisted for assuming that Sammy Jo and Steven slept together, she asks if she thinks that her family isn’t good enough for this family.  Alexis tells her yes, Krystle tells Alexis that she’s pregnant.
   In Vegas Blake meets with Logan Rhinewood’s executive president, he wanted to meet with Logan Rhinewood, but he tells Blake that he’s too busy.  They want to give Blake tell then what they agreed upon, Blake tells him the deal is off, but the executive president agrees to the original agreement.  They now own 45% of Blake’s football team.  After the meeting he calls Logan and tells him that they will own the other 55% soon.  On the plane ride Blake asks if Fallon told Jeff about going on this little trip, she tells him that she just left Jeff a note.
   Claudia and Nick are going for a horseback ride, they see a horse and ask if one of them can ride him, but the man at the stable tells them that Krystle will be riding him today.  Sammy Jo meets up with Krystle and tells her what really happened between her and Steven.
   Steven joins Alexis, who is skeet shooting, she tells him that she’s been talking to Blake about his inheritance.  She tells him she wants him to find the right kind of girl, he tells her he doesn’t need any help from her, she says that Sammy Jo is a tramp, he tells her he doesn’t think she is and for her to stay out of his business. 
   Cecil comes into Jeff’s office to see if it’s really true that he is leaving ColbyCo.  Jeff tells him that he should never have gone to work for Cecil or married Fallon.  Jeff is leaving the company because of what Cecil did to Blake in California.
   Alexis sees Krystle ride by, Krystle doesn’t see her.  She loads her gun and hides behind a tree and fire the gun, it startles the horse, it throws Krystle, but she is stuck to the reins and is dragged behind the horse.
   Claudia and Nick stop, he asks her what she is thinking about.  She tells him she’s thinking about the future and getting a job, she says she’s going to ask Blake for a job, since he’s been so kind to her, this doesn’t make Nick very happy.  She rides off without him when he she gets mad at him for his constant questioning.  Krystle’s horse runs up and he takes the reins and goes to look for her, he doesn’t have to look far. 
   In her room at the mansion, she tells Nick how stupid she feel, he tells her she’s in shock and that she just needs to let it go, she begins to cry, and he tells her everything is okay.
   Alexis arrives and wants to see Krystle to give her a baby gift, Nick tells her that she can’t see anyone at the moment, she asks that he tell her when she’s better because she really cares.  I don’t think Nick buys that anymore than Joseph does.
   Blake goes to Cecil’s office and gives him the money for the loan.
   Fallon and Jeff argue about her going to Vegas.  She goes out in the hall in nothing but her towel and meets Nick.  When he gets home he finds her in his house.  They kiss which leads to her staying over at his place.
   Blake tells Krystle he wishes that he didn’t spend so much time with Cecil, she tells him what happened, suddenly she grabs her stomach in pain.  She is rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, she tells him that she is losing their baby.
Final Thoughts:  James Farentino passed away January 24, 2012
Best Outfit:  It looks like she's hunting in Scotland.
Fight Count: 0

The Red File Part 2

Season 1 Episode 23
Air Date:  February 9, 1979

Recap:  Jock asks Miss Ellie if Bobby is coming to come out of his room, he just doesn’t understand that he loves Pam.  Miss Ellie brings Bobby up something for breakfast since he missed breakfast.  He complains about how the Ewing’s are only after money, and he tells her she doesn’t understand anymore than the rest of the family.  She tells him that Jock isn’t responsible for Digger becoming the way he was, she knows him better than anyone, and says that he would have become a drunk with or without Jock.  She tells him that Cliff has a vendetta just like Digger against the family.  Bobby calls Pam and tells her that Liz called, and let her know that The Store has put her on a leave of absence until Cliff’s trial is over.
   Sue Ellen asks JR if he’s happy about Cliff getting arrested and jailed.  She tells him he’s just jealous of Cliff, he tells her not to flatter herself.

   Bobby asks JR if he set up Cliff, JR denies it.

   Willie Joe and Jeb are at JR’s office and tell him how sorry they are about Julie, JR tells them to get to the point.  They are concerned about what she had from the red file.  JR tells them that they have nothing to worry about.

   Bobby goes to the jail to meet Pam, he asks how Cliff is doing, she tells him that he’s fine under the circumstances.  She tells Bobby that she can’t go back to Southfork, and that she’s confused about what she’s feeling, he asks if she’s confused about her feeling for him, she says not, but that she won’t go back.  He tells her he’s going to see Cliff.

   Cliff is with his lawyer, when Bobby comes in.  Bobby asks if there is anything he can do.  Cliff tells him that the Ewing’s have done enough.  Bobby insists that he wants to help, so Cliff tells him the best thing he can do is find out who really killed Julie.

   They are having an inquest to see if there is enough evidence to go to the grand jury, the DA is questioning the coroner, they talk about the bruises found on Julie’s body, Cliff’s lawyer asks if it’s possible that she caused the bruises herself.  The police report about all the fingerprints they found of Cliff’s in her apartment, but that they didn’t find any on the roof.  Julie’s neighbor tells them that he rode up with her on the elevator and that he walked right inside.  When its JR’s turn to take the stand Sue Ellen wants to leave, but he makes her stay telling her she needs to act the perfect wife for the court.  They question JR about the files she took from Ewing Oil and her affair with Cliff. 

   During recess Bobby asks if the tape will be admissible.  Cliff wants Pam to get his mail, but she will have to take the stand soon, so Bobby goes for her.  He brings back the mail and a new shirt for Cliff.  Cliff gets the letter from Julie, inside it’s a pawn ticket and a key.  Bobby offers to check into it, Cliff thinks about it a minute, but gives it to him.

  Bobby goes to the pawn shop and gets the suitcase that Julie pawned, when he gets outside he opens the brief case he finds all the copies from the red file, then he finds the copy of the will.

   On the stand Pam is asked about Julie and Cliff, and about all of Cliff’s affairs, she doesn’t say anything about Sue Ellen.  Cliff doesn’t let his lawyer cross examine her, she apologizes to him, he tells her she did what she had to.

   At Ewing Oil Bobby sends both secretaries home, and goes into JR’s office, he’s on the phone, but Bobby disconnects the call and confronts JR with the copies of the files.  JR tells Bobby that the forged will was just a business maneuver.  Bobby asks him if he had anything to do with Julie, he tells Bobby that he had the private investigator tapping Cliff’s phones, and that’s how he knew about the call.  Bobby goes to the office of the private investigator and gets him to tell him who else knew about the phone call Julie made to Cliff, he has to threaten him to get him to reveal that he told Willie Joe and Jeb about the phone call.

   When Bobby gets to Willie Joe and Jeb’s office their secretary tells Bobby that they went to the airport to go to Alaska, he gets her to call the airport, he takes the phone and asks for security, he asks the security guard to hold Willie Joe and Jeb till he gets there.  He gives the secretary money to buy more of her perfume.

   Back at the court house, Cliff asks Pam if Bobby is back, they don’t think that they can stop the tape from being admitted into the trial, because Julie knew that she was being recorded on Cliffs’ answering machine.

   At the airport the security guard pulls Willie Joe and Jeb out of the line and takes them to his office, when Bobby gets there he goes out to the hall.  Bobby confronts them with the copies, they say that if he goes to the police with the copies that JR will get in to as much trouble as them, but Bobby says that it’s only copies of checks and other bribes with their names on it, JR is clean.  They admit that it was only an accident.  Bobby tells them that they better confess or he’ll give the police the copies and it will be murder one not manslaughter.

   Cliff is released and cleared of all charges, he asks Bobby what he did, and what he found at the pawn shop.  He tells him that there was nothing at the pawn shop, whatever it was, was sold.  Bobby tells him to forget it, but Cliff tells him that he can’t do that.  He knows that whatever it was JR was behind it.

   At Ewing Oil, JR follows Bobby into the office, he wants to know if Bobby is going to tell Jock about the will, Bobby burn both copies and tells him that he won’t but he’s got JR’s number.  JR tells Bobby that he’s lost all his power with the cartel.

   Pam and Bobby are walking together, she asks what he found, but he won’t tell her what he found out either.  He wants her to come back to Southfork now that Cliff has been released, but she tells him she can’t because she can’t see across from JR at the dinner table.  He tells her that she can call him when she’s ready to deal with the fact that he’s a Ewing, just like he was when she married him.

Final Thoughts:  I'm glad that this story line only lasted two episodes, I thought it was a better than the first half.  I thought the court scenes were better written than the court scenes on Dynasty were. 

Best Outfit:  I couldn't find anything that I really thought was hideous, this is bad, but it just looks really cheap.

Fight Count:  0

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Time for Saboteurs

Falcon Crest
Season 1 Episode 2
Air Date:  December 11, 1981 (1981-12-11)

Recap:  Chase and Cole are working in the vineyard, they see a plane fly over.  It’s an old friend of Chase’s.  At dinner he tells the family about how Chase saved him in Vietnam.  He and Julia make plans to meet up the next day so she can give him a tour of the vineyards.
  Angela tells Lance that she isn’t happy that his mother, Julia is spending so much time with Chase and Maggie. 
  Paul tell Chase about his plans for starting a business in the Cayman Islands, where they would fly tourists around the islands.  He wants him to get into business with him, but Chase tells him that he’s happy where he is.
   Angela gets a phone call from her ex-husband, they are going to go to dinner to celebrate their anniversary.
   Julia shows Paul around her lab, and Angela walks in on them as they kiss.  He tells Angela that he wants Chase to get into business with him, but she tells him that she doesn’t think he’ll be easily convinced.
   Paul and Julia plan on having lunch again tomorrow. 
   Paul is talking to someone on the phone about paying them back he assures them that he’s got the money and he’ll pay them back with interest, he tells them about Julia’s father, who he tells them that he’s backing Paul.  When he hangs up two guys walk in and tell him that their boss wants his money, Paul tells them that he’ll have it tomorrow.
   Gus tells Chase that the grapes are almost ready and that they will have a good harvest.
   Paul and Julia talk about Chase and his business, he says if Chase doesn’t join him then he doesn’t have a chance.  She suggests he talk to her mother.
   Paul goes to Angela and tells her that he needs money, and he know she wants Chase out of the valley, and suggests that she pay him if he can get that to happen.
   Paul gets Chase to take a break and they go flying with Cole.  Maggie comes home and asks Gus where Chase is, he tells her that he went flying with Paul.  She sees the plane do some dangerous dives and gets upset and yells at Chase when they land.  Paul tries again to get Chase to get into business with him, but again Chase tells him he likes what he is doing now.
   Maggie is with Julia, who’s teaching her how to taste wine, Maggie tells Julia about Paul, she gets mad when Maggie tells her not to get to involved with Paul.
   At the airfield Paul is trying to get more gas, he still hasn’t paid his deposit, but he convinces the attendant to fill the plane up, and he’ll get him the money and a case of Falcon Crest wine.  The two thugs come back to get their money, Paul tries to give them a check, but they tell him that they aren’t a bank and will only take cash, he tells them that the banks are closed so he’ll cash the check himself tomorrow and give them the money.
   Chase apologizes to Maggie for what he did, she tells him not to scare her like that again, 
    Paul goes to Julia, and she tells him how important the weather is in the wine making business.  He tells her to go change so they can go out to dinner, and while she's gone he looks though some of her books.
   Angela and her ex-husband Doug are reminiscing over dinner, they talk about what drove them apart, but the promise to always remain friends. 
   Paul leaves Julia's room, and goes outside of Chase's house and turns on the sprinklers. 
   Gus wakes up Chase and his family and tell them that the irrigation was turned on, and the vineyard is wet, the fungus will begin to grow and it will destroy the crop.  Chase calls Julia to come and help them save their grapes.  Angela tells her to hurry before Chase's problem becomes their problem too. 
   Chase asks Cole if he turned off the irrigation, he swears he did.  Julia tells them that they need to dry the earth, and if they fly over the crops with the helicopter will might help.
   Paul goes to see Angela, he tells her that she owes him some money, he tells her that he was the one that turned on the irrigation.  She tells him that he could have destroyed all the harvest all over the valley.  He tells her that she owes him.  Angela tells him that she just got a call about him and she sends him out of the house.  She calls Chase and tells him how sorry she is for what happened and that she knows who is responsible.
   Chase tells Maggie and Julia what Angela told him, he doesn't want to believe it, but he is going to go ask Paul for himself.  Julia realizes that she told Paul everything he needed to know to destroy the vineyard, she knows that it was him.
   Chase gets to the airfield and has to drive in front of Paul, who is trying to fly away to get him to stop.  He tells him he wants some answers, Paul brings up the business idea up again, and Chase says it's just a scam, and that he was never his dream, he punches Paul and gets into his car.  The two guys are coming for Paul, he asks Chase to help him, but Chase leaves.
   Julia's idea has worked the fields have dried.  Vicky says she can't believe that Paul would do something like that, her mother reminds her that blood is thicker than water, which Julia says it depends on the family.
Final Thoughts:  I knew that there was something up with that friend the moment he showed up on the screen, he's got an expired insurance card and the kids loved him, while Maggie didn't seem to pleased to see him, this episode reminded me a bit of that episode from Dallas, about Bobby and his old friend, I think I liked that episode better than this one.
Best Outfit:   I can see Little Orphan Annie wearing this when she was older.
Fight Count:  1 (Chase vs Paul)

Community Spirit

Knots Landing
Season 1 Episode 2
Air Date:  January 3, 1980

Recap:  JR is planning on drilling for oil in California. 
   Val is at the beach, she meets one of Sid and Karen’s sons, Eric, who is surfing, they see a large boat out in the ocean.  When she gets home she tells Gary that it was an oil boat.
   Richard thinks he was right and that the Ewing’s are opening a West Coast office, but Gary tells him again that he’s not involved with the family business.  Karen tells them about the meeting to discuss the off-shore drilling, Gary tells her that he doesn’t want to get involved.  Later Gary agrees to go, after talking with Val.
   There are about 20 people who showed up, when Richard and his wife Laura arrive, they run into the oil representative, who's name is Chip, he is an old friend of Laura’s.  He begins his speech, but it’s pretty short, Karen and Gary ask a lot of questions,  Karen wants to hold a rally where all Gary’s questions can be answered.  Chip tells Laura that he wants to meet up with her. 
   Chip calls JR and tells him that they don’t have to worry about anything, but that Gary was there and kind of stirred everyone up.  JR tells him that he’ll be out tomorrow.
   Before he leaves for work, Karen is trying to get Gary to be the leader of the rally, he tells her he not interested.  Val tells Karen about Gary and his family, as she is who should drive up, but JR.  Karen introduces herself, and goes to Laura’s to paint the signs for the rally.  Val and JR go to their house, he tells her he wants to talk to Gary, and makes her call him.
   Laura and Karen are painting the signs, and are talking about JR showing up.  Chip calls and Karen asks her about him, but Laura won’t say anything.
   When Gary gets home, JR takes his time to get to the point, when he does get to the reason for his visit he tells Gary that he doesn’t want the project to be delayed.
   Richard gets home, she asks him what’s wrong, he’s frustrated by work, he feels like he’s being wasted but filing legal briefs.  He asks her to call Chip to see if he can get the Petrolux account for the law firm, she tells him she doesn’t want to, but finally agrees.
   JR asks Gary about his job, and that he’s only here to protect the families interests.  Gary tells him that he might not even get involved with the protest, but Val tells him that he needs to, that this is there home.  JR warns Gary that he’ll break him if he doesn’t stay out of this.
   Val and Gary are at Sid and Karen’s for coffee and they talk about JR and the drilling.  Sid tells Gary that he needs to think like a Ewing, so they can find a way to stop the drilling.  They make a plan, and Karen is going to distract JR.
   Laura comes over to Chip’s hotel room, she tells him why she really called and he agrees to try to help Richard get the account, but she has to sleep with him.
   Karen goes over to JR’s for lunch, they talk and share a bottle of champagne, while Gary goes to JR’s office, where he looks through the files, he finds what he wants and takes the file with him out of the office.  At JR’s the phone rings and when he picks it up he asks her if she told Gary that she would be there because he’s calling for her, after she hangs up she suddenly remembers that she’s got to pick up the kids, the dry cleaning and start dinner.  JR knows that something is up.
   JR gets to Gary’s and Val’s house and tells him that he knew that he was in the office, Gary tells him that he’ll use the information that he found, but JR tells him that he’ll tell Lucy that her parents got remarried without telling her or having her with them.
   At the rally, everyone from the cul-de-sac is there, Richard asks Laura if he should go over and talk to Chip, she says to leave him alone, but when Richard see’s JR he goes over to introduce himself, leaving Laura to take Chip aside.
   Karen tells Val and Gary that she could see right through JR and can see that he’s not nice at all.
   Chip knows why Laura took him over to introduce him to her son, and he isn’t subtle with his comments she tries to hit him, but he stops her, but her son Jason sees this and rushes over to stop him, Richard comes over and stops his son and tells Chip to get lost, he tells Laura that he never wanted her to get that far with him, yeah right.
   Val tells JR to call Lucy that they were going to soon anyway, she calls his bluff.  Gary tells him that he’s got the survey that talks about the alternative sights that could be drilled at, and that nothing is going to stop him from telling everyone about them.  JR tells everyone that he’s firing Chip because he didn’t reveal the findings of the survey and that they will no longer drill at the off-shore sight but at the alternative sight.  Everyone is thrilled with the news.  JR tells Chip that he wants him to be the PR man for the new project.  Gary tells Val, Karen, and Sid that even though they got what they wanted that it’s JR who’s really won.
Final Thoughts:  In the begining right after the opening credits, they went right into the Dallas theme song.  I don't think this show has it's identity yet, we'll see what comes next.
Guest Stars:  Larry Hagman
Best Outfit:  I choose this because of the pattern it looks a bit like dog bones.
Fight Count:  0

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Season 2 Episode 5
Air Date: December 2, 1981   

Recap:   The family is waiting for Steven to wake up, Blake and Alexis are in the room with him, while Krystle is out in the hall with Nick.  When Blake comes out he tells Krystle that she should go home and rest, and that the doctors said that only family can see Steven right now, that means only Blake and Alexis at the moment, he asks Nick to take her home.  Later on Fallon joins them.  When Steven wakes up he doesn’t remember the accident, but he does remember everyone. 
   Krystle finds Alexis arranging flowers in Steven’s room, she tells her that she’s brought things from Steven’s apartment, and that she has cancelled the private nurses that Krystle hired, she will be here to take care of her son’s needs.
   Krystle's brother in-law sees her on TV as the news reports on Steven’s release from the hospital, he is a stock car driver, and he tells his young girlfriend that she may be the answer to their problem, which is his daughter Sammy Jo.
   Claudia and Nick are talking a walk through the grounds, he is talking to her, and he’s not pleased that she is progressing as he would like her to. 
   Blake takes Steven to his new room and apologized to Steven for everything that’s happened between them.  Nick comes in and check on Steven, in the hall Blake asks if Steven will have any brain damage.  Nick tells him it’s too early to tell, Blake thanks him telling him that he’s in his debt, Nick has a flashback to a hanging man.
   Joseph tells Krystle that she has a visitor, a Mr. Dean, she hugs her brother in-law, he tells her about his daughter, and that he’s got a race in Hawaii, and can’t get a ticket for Sammy Jo, she tells him that she can stay for awhile.
   Krystle goes to check on Steven, he knows who she is, but he has trouble remembering her name, Alexis walks in as Krystle is comforting him, she takes Krystle out of the room and tells her that she doesn’t want her to upset Steven.  Krystle tells Alexis that she’s got a way of making things seem the way she wants them to seem.
   Sammy Jo’s dad tells her that she’s going to be staying with her Aunt Krystle for awhile, she doesn’t want to go.
   Blake pulls up and starts honking, telling Krystle who looks down at him from an upstairs window, that he won’t stop till she comes to him, he presents her with a new car, this one is in her name not the company’s.
   Jeff asks Cecil about the California deal, that Blake isn’t a part of, Cecil tells Jeff he wants him to get all the information about Blake’s football team to him right away.
   Joseph helps Fallon with a welcome home dance, he does the singing, but when Alexis come in to the room, Fallon leaves quickly.  She told Steven that she and Jeff were trying for a baby, he asks Alexis if Fallon knows she’s not Blake’s daughter, she tells him no, that she doesn’t know.
   Cecil is having lunch with Blake, he tells him that he needs to call on the 9 million dollar loan, but he will forget it if Blake sells him his football team, Blake tells him no, he’ll get him the money.
   Sammy Jo arrives at the Carrington mansion, and Joseph tells her Krystle isn’t home yet, he takes her up to her room, I can’t tell what Joseph thinks about her, half the time I think he might like her.  She asks for a pizza, but he tells her dinner will be at 8 and she should change for dinner.
   Alexis runs into Sammy Jo, who thinks she is her aunt, she tells her a bit about their past. 
   Sammy Jo finds Steven in the library and they talk, well she really does all the talking, he likes her.  Krystle comes in and welcomes her, and tells her that she hopes she will like it here.  Sammy Jo said that she already likes it, smiling at Steven.
   Alexis goes back to her studio and makes a call to a private investigator, she wants to know everything that they can get on Krystle for her.
Final Thoughts:  Who's the hanging guy Nick, is thinking about, my sister thought that he was psychic, I told her I didn't think that was it. And then there is Alexis trying to dig up something on Krystle.
Best Outfit:  I don't even have any words for what a mess I think this outfit is, I can't tell if it's the
lighting or she's got an issue going on.
Fight Count:  0

The Red File, Part I

Season 1 Episode 22
Air Date:  February 2, 1979 (1979-02-02)

Recap:  JR took Julie along on his business trip, it looks like he’s spending more time with her than with work.  She asks him if it bothers him that she betrayed him to Cliff.  He changes the subject, and she tells him that she only wants to know what he’s thinking.  It seems pretty clear to me what he’s thinking.
   Cliff has been appointed Chief of the Bureau of Land Management; he tells the man who's given him the appointment, that he’s going to bury JR.  Cliff calls Southfork and Sue Ellen answers, she tells him that they agreed that they weren’t going to do this anymore, and he tells her he called for Pam.  He tells her he wants to talk, she doesn’t have anything to say to him, but she agrees have dinner with him.   His phone has been tapped.
   Jock and Miss Ellie are going to go to Fort Worth to buy some cattle.
   In Bobby’s office, he’s showing Ray some plans for his house, he doesn’t know if he wants to build a house now, they talk about what JR and Garnet, Bobby tells Ray that JR isn’t the only one to blame for that, he didn’t hold a gun to her head.  Ray tells Bobby about his investigation about the oil drilling on Southfork land.  He tells him about the man Charlie Waters, that he is looking for.  Bobby tells him that he’ll help him.
   Cliff is having a meeting with his new committee; he wants to start an investigation into JR Ewing.
   JR gets a call from one of the men that was in that meeting and he tells JR all about what Cliff is planning.
   Cliff tells Pam that he didn’t think she would come, she tells him that she said she would.  He tells her that the affair with Sue Ellen is over, before Bobby gets there, he asks if he knows about it, she tells him that she never said anything to him.  When Bobby gets to the table he looks at the really cheap bottle of wine Cliff ordered, and when Cliff said that when he invited them he wasn’t planning on spending a lot on them, he pulls out two large sandwiches for him and Pam, she thinks this is really funny.
   JR says goodbye to Julie when they get back to her apartment after their trip, she starts to unpack and notices things have been moved.  She realizes that JR had her room searched, she knows that he won’t find what he’s looking for because he doesn’t know where to look.
   Ray goes to look for Charlie Waters again, and this time he’s there, he and a bunch of his buddy’s beat Ray up.
  As they walk to the house, Bobby asks Pam what’s going on between her and her brother, Ray comes out of the shadows and asks to talk to Bobby.  He sees that Ray has been beat up pretty badly, Ray tells him that it was Charlie Waters, he knows that JR must have something to do with this now.  Bobby says that he wants to keep this from Jock till they know a bit more.
   Julie is waiting outside for Cliff at a restaurant, he joins her at her table, Cliff is surprised to find out that she isn’t working for JR.  He tells her that he’ll buy more info on JR, but she says he can’t buy what she has.  He tells her that JR hasn’t hurt her yet.  They are being watched by a man at another table.
   JR meets with Charlie, he tells him that he’s made a mess, and he wants him out of the country.
   Miss Ellie and Jock come home, she was a big help to him.  Bobby gets a phone call where he learns that Charlie is now in Mexico, Jock over hears this and tells Bobby that Charlie used to work for them, but he was fired 5 years ago for stealing tool. 
   Willie Joe and Jeb are waiting for JR in his office, he asks what they want, they are concerned about a few things, but he tells them that they struck oil in the pan handle, which makes them forget part of the reason they came, they tell him about Julie seeing Cliff.  JR tells them that he can handle Julie.
   JR goes to Julie’s and tells her he knows about her seeing Cliff at lunch.  After they’ve slept together he gets dressed and tells her he wants her to start sleeping with Cliff so she can report back to him.  She doesn’t look happy about this.
   JR checks in with his private investigator, he tells JR about Cliff’s phone calls, and that Sue Ellen hasn’t called him.
   Bobby confronts JR about section 40, but somehow JR manages not to tell Bobby anything.
   Julie calls Cliff, leaving him a message that he was right and that she is ready to give him what he wants.  She takes a safety deposit key that was taped to the bottom of the drawer and puts it in an envelope and mails it.
   The man listening to the phone calls, calls Willie Joe or Jeb, I’m not sure who is who, and tells him about Julie’s call to Cliff.
   Cliff gets home and listens to his messages, he goes right back out.
   Willie Joe or Jeb knock at Julie’s door, they tell her that she needs to leave town, she realizes that they were listening to her phone calls, she asks if JR sent them.  She sneaks out of her apartment when he thinks she’s packing.  But the other guy is down stair waiting, she is surrounded.
   Cliff gets to her apartment, and goes inside.
   Julie gets to the roof followed by Willie Joe and Jeb, who begin to search for her.
   Cliff goes into her apartment looking for her.
   When they find Julie, there is a struggle and she falls to her death.
   The next morning Jock reads the paper and learns about Julie’s death, they don’t know if it was suicide or murder.  JR leaves the table and Bobby comes to him to see if there’s anything he can do.  JR tells him to leave him alone.
   The police go to Cliff’s apartment, he doesn’t know about Julie, they tell him that they want to question him downtown, he asks if he’s being arrested and they tell him no.
   JR gets the recording of Julie’s message to Cliff, the private investigator tells JR that he can’t use it because it was obtained illegally, but JR calls the police and tells them about Cliff’s answering machine and that Julie left a message. 
   The police are going to play the recording and tell Cliff that they are going to arrest him.  Pam goes to visit Cliff, he tells her that Julie’s message sounded like he was blackmailing her, but he thinks that JR has framed him.
   Pam gets home and confronts JR about framing Cliff, she goes upstairs and packs, she tells Bobby that she just needs to get away for awhile, JR and Sue Ellen are watching as she leaves.  Sue Ellen asks him how he could do it
Final Thought:  JR has got to get rid of those two, they are nothing but trouble.  You have to feel bad for Cliff, but I don't get why he would automatically think that JR is framing him, he would have to know that JR had his phone's tapped.  I'm probably looking to much into it.

Best Outfit:  JR has an ascot for the morning and one for the office.
Fight Count:  2 (Ray vs Charlie Waters and Gang) (Pam vs JR)