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Knots Landing
Season 2 Episode 8
Original Airdate: January 15, 1981

Recap:  Karen wakes up to sounds coming from downstairs, she wakes Sid up who goes down to check.  She follows him down, and they find Michael walking in circles.

   The next morning Sid says that he was just sleepwalking, Karen tells him that he was wide awake.  Eric tells them that Michael does it all the time.
   Sid and Gary are talking about how they aren’t doing well at the moment, when Linda comes in asks Sid to come check on the engine.
   Michael is painting in class, he goes over to get more paint and ends up fighting with another boy in class.
   Laura goes over to Karen’s she tells her that she wants to talk about Richard and Abby.  She says that at first she thought it was just an act, but now she really thinks that they might be having an affair.  Karen asks her if she has talked to Richard.  Laura tells her that she hasn’t, she wanted to talk to someone else to see if she was just imagining things.  Karen gets a phone call from the school and asks Laura if they can talk later since Michael is in trouble again.
   Sid is going over what Abby will be doing at the dealership, she tells him bookkeeping is the same whatever you are selling.  Gary comes in and tells Sid that he is going to a meeting and that he can handle it on his own.
   The principal tells Karen that they are suspending Michael and that she should think about a learning disabled class.  This principal keeps taking phone calls, which makes Karen angry, which I don’t blame her, what kind of secretary keeps sending in calls when she knows that the principal is meeting with a teacher.   Karen tells her to look at Michael’s records, she doesn’t think he needs to be in a special class, the principal tells her that she will look at the records, but tells her to think about it.
   At the meeting Roy and Frank give Gary a sheet of part that they can sell to them for $50,000.  Gary asks if they are used, they tell him that they are in good condition.  Gary takes their deal without talking to Sid.
   Karen tells Sid about Michael, he tells her he thinks Michael is just a normal kid, and that she should just back off him.  She tells him that Michael is in trouble and that she thinks that he needs to talk to a therapist.  Sid says that it’s too extreme, she says if he gave Michael half the attention that he gives to his engine that they would all be better off.
   Gary tells Sid about the parts, Sid wants to know why they are giving them such a good deal.  Gary says that it was because they helped them out that they just want to return the favor.  Sid tells him that the parts are worth a lot more, and that he doesn’t want to do business with them any longer.
   Laura comes downstairs and tells Richard that she wants to talk, he acts like and ass, and she goes back upstairs.
   Sid talks to Michael about school, and Michael tells him that he can’t keep up with what the teacher is talking about and that he just wants to be like everyone else.
   Abby goes into Gary’s office and asks him why he is there on Saturday.  He asks her why she isn’t at the beach with the rest of the neighborhood.  She leaves his office when Roy and Frank come in, Abby turns on the intercom and listens in on the meeting.
   Karl is with Ginger at the beach, he asks her why she hasn’t told Kenny about the baby yet.  She tells him that she is afraid, and confused.  He tells her that she can depend on him, and he doesn’t care if she is pregnant.
   Michael runs over and gets Richard and Laura to join in the volleyball game. 
   Gary tells them that Sid knows that the parts were stolen and that the deal is off.  They let him know that the deal is still on and give him a few days to get the money together.
   Michael is running all over the court and finally knocks Olivia over trying to get the ball.  Sid tells him to get off the court, Michael runs off and Sid follows him.  Michael asks him what’s wrong with him.  Sid tells him nothing is wrong.
   Michael asks why he has to go to the therapist, he tells them that he isn’t crazy.  While Karen and Sid are talking to the therapist Michael is tearing the room apart, ripping magazines, and throwing cushions around.  At home Karen tells Sid that he made up his mind about the therapist before they went to see him.  Sid tells Michael that he will take him to work with him.
   Gary goes into Abby’s office, she tells him about some big oil conference, she tells him that JR probably will be there, and that he could give him the money he is looking for.  He realizes she knows what is going on with Roy and Frank.  She tells him that she admires what he is doing for Sid, and that she doesn’t want to see him get hurt.
   Sid is explaining everything at the garage to Michael, who is no longer paying attention, when Sid has to take a phone call Michael starts to play with the air and water hose, spraying water everywhere.  When Sid gets back he tells Michael to stop.  Michael says that he will clean it up and rushes over to get a rag, he slips and hits his head on a tool.  Sid says he is going to take Michael to the hospital and asks Linda to call Karen. 
   At the hospital Karl is checking Michael out since their normal doctor is out of town.  He tells them that Michael is fine, but they are going to keep him over night, he tells them that he has a few theories about what is wrong with Michael and wants to run a few tests, he tells them he will know more the next day.
   During dinner Gary gets a phone call from Roy and Frank, he tells them that Sid isn’t a part of it and to leave him out of ti.  Val asks him about the phone call and he tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about it.
Eric asks when Michael is going to come home, Diana goes on about how much he will be a pain.  Karen gets upset and Eric tells her that they will help Michael.
   Abby and Gary get to the garage, and find Roy and Frank waiting they go inside.  Gary tells them that he can’t come up with the money right away, they drop a wrench on Gary and tell him that the parts will be delivered next week and they want the money upon delivery.
   Karl tells Sid and Karen that Michael is hyper kinetic.  He tells them that it isn’t their fault, that they need to help him burn his energy.  He tells them that it can be tough on a family, Sid tells him that they are a tough family.
   Abby asks Gary if he is alright.  She tells him that he has got to come up with the money somehow.
Michael tells Sid that he is sorry, Sid tells him that he has nothing to be sorry about.  Eric comes in to play card with him.
   Karen tells him that it scared her how they were before they found out what was wrong with Michael.  She tells him that hse knew that he wasn’t the one responsible, but she did think that she was.  He tells her that now they know that it was not their fault at all.
Final Thoughts:  Gary is getting into a big mess, and I’m sure that it’s going to come all out and he’s going to lose a good friend.  First he start an affair and now he’s getting the business  into buying stolen parts.  I think that Ginger just needs to divorce Kenny and marry Karl, he seems like he’s a good guy.  That principal really got on my nerves, it was so unprofessional for her to keep taking calls while she was talking to Karen.  I don’t blame her for getting angry.
Best Outfit:  Another muumuu, stop wearing them.

No More Mister Nice Guy Part Two

Season 4 Episode 2
Original Airdate:  November 9, 1980

Recap:  The officer asks JR who did it.  JR tells him that it was too dark, he remembers going to the door, but nothing after that.  He asks him if he is sure and Bobby tells him that enough.  They leave JR to rest, Sue Ellen stays behind, and she tells JR who is already passed out that she is sorry.
   Lucy takes Gary to Southfork, Miss Ellie tells him that she is glad that he came, Jock tells him that he is sorry that something like this brought him back.  Gary asks about Sue Ellen, they tell him that she is up with the baby.  He goes up to see her and the baby.
   Jock asks Bobby to run Ewing Oil for awhile, he tells him that Ewing Oil can run its self.  Miss Ellie tells him that it’s important for the both of them.  Bobby agrees telling them that he will but only for the time being.
Gary and Sue Ellen talk, and he tells her he is an alcoholic too so he knows how it is.  Sue Ellen tells him that she does drink every once and awhile, but she can stop anytime.  Gary tells her that he thought the same thing.  But she insists that she doesn’t have a drinking problem.
   Gary tells Bobby that when he thinks of Southfork he doesn’t think of the fighting, he thinks of the ranch.  Bobby tells him that he and Pam were leaving Southfork.  Gary tells him that he isnt’ like him and he couldn’t run away.
   Sue Ellen tells JR to get some rest, he tells her that he wishes that she could bring the baby to see him at the hospital.  She tells him that he will be home soon, he tells her that he doesn’t think so, and tells her that he can’t feel his legs.
   The doctor tells the family that the paralysis could be reversible with surgery.  Sue Ellen asks if it could kill him.  Miss Ellie wants the best doctor to do the surgery, but Sue Ellen says that she doesn’t want JR to be operated on again.  Bobby and Gary tell her that JR can’t go on without the surgery, she leaves, and Miss Ellie tells Bobby to let her be alone for awhile.  She asks the doctor to send for the specialist.
   Pam is watching the news when they report that Vaughn Leland was released from police custody.  They says that he as an alibi for the night, that he was with a bankruptcy attorney.
   Sue Ellen goes to Dr. Elby and tells him that she thinks that she could have killed JR, she tells him about drinking and going to her sister’s looking for JR and blacking out.  He asks her if she is sure that she can’t remember anything.  She tells him that Gary thinks she is an alcoholic and that she knows that she isn’t.  He reminds her that she is blacking out.  She tells him that she doesn’t know her feelings anymore.  She says that she hated JR, but seeing him lying in the hospital bed, she just wants to put her arms around him.  She tells Dr. Elby that she is afraid that if he has the surgery that she will lose him again.
   Gary and Miss Ellie are taking a walk outside the hospital, he is telling her about his relapse, he tells her how the Fairgate’s helped and how strong Val was for him.  She asks him if he ever thinks about coming back home.  He tells her he does, and that maybe someday he will.
   Bobby tells Connie how he feels like he can’t make any decisions for the company, a man comes in to the office and serves him legal papers.  The Ewing’s are being sued by Marilee Stone for ten million dollars.  Bobby calls her but she tells him that she won’t talk to him, she tells him that their lawyers can talk.
   JR wakes up and talks to Bobby and Gary about their past, and when they used to play football.  Bobby tells him that he is taking care of Ewing Oil for awhile, he says that’s good.  When they leave him to rest, he asks Gary if he is going back to California tomorrow, Gary tells him he is.  JR says that if Miss Ellie will let him go, Gary tells him to get better.
   Lucy has some friends over, they are trying to get her to go to a new club with them, she doesn’t really want to but agrees anyway.
   JR is doing business from his hospital bed, Sue Ellen tells him to rest, he asks her what is wrong with her, she tells him that she just wants to be sure that he is being taken care of.  She tells him that she thinks he should reconsider the second surgery.  He asks her why she cares now, she tells him that she doesn’t know, she just wants to be close to him.
   Pam is at Ewing Oil with Bobby who is talking on the phone, she tells him that she was afraid that he angry and frustrated if he came back to Ewing Oil.  He tells her that he feels like he can’t keep putting things on hold till he talks to Jock about a decision.  He tells her that he is going to take care of the law suit, and try to get her to settle out of court.
   Kristin is leaving the hospital when she runs into Alan, he tells her that he wanted to see JR lying in his hospital bed.  She tells him that she heard the police were looking for him, he tells her that they found him and that he has an alibi for the night JR was shot.  He tells her that he thought she did it.  Kristin tells Alan that she wanted to.  He asks her how JR is doing, and when she tells him that he is doing better, he says that it’s too bad, and leaves.
   Bobby goes to Marilee’s house, she tells him that she doesn’t want to talk.  Then she tells him about how the police questioned her, she tells him that she is surprised that JR wasn’t shot before this, and that she knows why Sue Ellen drinks.  Bobby talks to her about the law suit and how he knows that she knows that it’s a long shot, he offers her a half a million dollars and the satisfaction of betting the Ewing’s.  She takes the offer, and tells him that she will call her lawyer.
   At the club Lucy is doing nothing but drinking, while her other friends are dancing.  They tell her that they want to go to another club since there are no interesting guys there, she complains that all they talk about is men, she is off them for awhile since she found out that her latest was married.  They see some guys that just arrive and go off, she tells them that she is going home.  When she goes out to the valet, she can’t open her purse, he calls over a cab and pay him to take her home.
   The police come to Cliff’s house, they tell him that they want to question him at the station then they show him the search warrant for his gun, he tells them were it is.
   The doctor introduces the specialist to the family, he tells them that if they don’t remove the bullet it could do more damage.  He says that they will have wait and see if JR will be able to walk again.  Sue Ellen goes into see him, he tells her not to worry that the doctor is supposed to be the best, and that no one beats JR.
Bobby tells Pam that he is going to the hospital, the phone rings and it’s for her.  Cliff tells her that the police have kept him over night while they test his gun.  She tells him that she will be right over.
   The valet from the club is studying when there is a knock at the door.  He answers it, it’s Lucy she gives him the money back for the cab.  He thanks her and she asks him if he always does that, he tells her no, she was the first one.  She asks him about school, and asks if he’s got any free time, he tells her that he likes to be the one to ask a person out.  She leaves and he goes back to his books.
   At the station Cliff is playing cards with one of the officers, while they are waiting for the results.  Pam arrives and he tells her that he is sure that JR is behind him being kept at the police station all night.  She tells him that it’s not him this time, she tells him that JR is in surgery.  The test results come back and his gun doesn’t match, they let him go but tell him not to leave town.
   In the surgery, the bullet hasn’t severed any nerves, but they say that JR isn’t as stable as they thought. 
Jock asks Bobby what’s wrong, Bobby tells him that he can’t keep stalling everyone, he tells him that he needs complete control of Ewing Oil and he wants it in writing.  Jock says he’s got it and in writing.  Sue Ellen looks on as they shake on it.
   The specialist comes out and tells the family that JR is in recovery now.  Jock asks if he will walk, and he tells them that it’s too soon to tell.  Sue Ellen goes to sit by his side.
Final Thoughts:  Okay my updated list of suspects

  1.  Cliff Barnes- I still don’t think I can take him off the list even if his gun doesn’t match, he could have gotten a different gun and gotten rid of it.  Why was he at Ewing Oil that night?
  2. Sue Ellen Ewing- She can’t remember that night, she is still a suspect
  3. Vaughn Leland- He’s got an alibi
  4.  Marilee Stone- I think she has an alibi, but from her conversation with Bobby I don’t think she is a suspect anymore
  5. Kristin Shepard- She doesn’t seem to have an alibi, and she just told Alan that she wanted to do it.
Best Outfit:  There were some shots of this outfit that were so scary and up close.  This is just gross.

Breach of Faith

Knots Landing
Season 2 Episode 7
Original Airdate:  January 8, 1981

Recap:  Judy is telling Gary that she can’t stand living with Earl anymore.  Gary tells her to be honest with Earl, that if she wants to leave him she needs to do it.  Abby walks up and introduces herself to Judy, and she asks Gary if Sid is inside.  Judy apologizes to Gary for coming to his work.
   Ginger walks into the doctor’s office and finds Val there, they talk and Ginger tells her that she missed a period and hopes that she isn’t pregnant since it would complicate things now that she and Kenny are separated.  Val tells her that she and Gary are trying for another baby, but so far nothing is working.
   Karen comes outside and gets Richard to help her bring in groceries for Laura’s party, he forgot all about it, and Karen tells him to try and act happy for Laura.  He tells her about the latest disaster interview he came from.
   Gary comes home and Val tells him about what the doctor told her about what they should be doing to get pregnant again.  She reminds him about the party, and the phone rings, it’s Judy, Gary tells her that she can call him anytime, and gives him the phone to Laura’s house.  Val gets upset because she knows that Earl will call and Gary will leave. 
   Karl comes over to Ginger’s and tells her that the tickets for the play are for next week, she suggests that they go to the party for Laura. 
   Sid and Karen see Richard put his arms around Abby; she knows that people can see them so she tries to get away from him.  Ginger and Karl arrive and Val tells her that since they didn’t think she could come that they invited Kenny.  The phone rings and its Judy, Gary tells her that he will be right over.  Val asks him what’s wrong and he tells her that Earl got drunk, he promises to come back soon.
   He and Judy find Earl’s car, she tells him that Earl wouldn’t walk or get a ride from someone, so Gary goes to get them coffee while they wait for him to come back. 
   Richard kisses Abby, Karen and Laura see this, Karen calls Richard tell him that she needs his help, while Sid takes Abby aside and tells her to cool things down with Richard, she tells him that she is trying that he is like an octopus.  Karen tells Richard that he is making an ass of himself, and that he better not spoil Laura’s night.  Richard tells her to mind her own business.  When Kenny arrives, he sees that Ginger is there with Karl.  Karl goes over to Kenny and introduces himself, saying that he thought it was about time that they met. 
   Judy asks Gary if he is sorry he came, he tells her no.  She tells him that she just didn’t want to be alone; she tells him that she wants to know more about him since she has told him so much about herself.  Earl comes back and asks if he is interrupting them.  Earl goes on about how Judy has a thing for Texans and asks where the last man was from; Judy yells at him that he knows that isn’t true.  Gary tries to step in, and Earl tries to punch him, but hits Judy instead, and drives away.
   Laura, Sid, Karen and Kenny are talking about Kenny’s latest record, while Ginger and Karl are playing table tennis; Kenny gets up and tells them that he has to leave.  Richard ends up burning the stakes because he seems more concerned about keeping Abby close.
   Gary and Judy go back to her apartment, where he gets her ice for her eye.  She asks him to stay with her; he says that he needs to call Val.  He lies to Val and tells her that they are still out looking for Earl and tells her not to wait up for him.
   Things at the party aren’t going so well, it seems like the only ones having somewhat of a good time are Karl and Ginger.  Val gathers everyone around to toast Laura, Richard comes over and ruins it, Karen tells him to stop, but he goes on.  Abby interrupts him and congratulates Laura on passing her real estate license, everyone else congratulates her then. 
   As Sid and Karen walk back to their house, they talk about Richard and Abby, Sid tells her that Richard used to do the same thing to Ginger, and Karen tells him that the difference this time is that Ginger didn’t like it, and Abby does.  She tells him he needs to talk to his sister. 
   Abby and Richard are in the kitchen, he is trying to kiss her and she tells him that they can’t do it here, Laura overhears them from the hallway, and Val walks in on them, and Abby is able to get away, helping Val clear up the rest of the dishes from the backyard.
   Val walks into the kitchen and finds Laura crying at the table.  She asks her if she is ok, and that she doesn’t know how she did it.  Laura tells her it’s like Richard wants her to know about it.  Val tells her to go up to bed and she will clean things up.
   Gary goes over to Judy with more ice. 
   Karl asks Ginger what’s wrong, she tells him that she is just thinking, he asks her to go with him to his partner’s cabin in the mountains for the weekend, she asks him when they can go. 
   Sylvie is trying to get Kenny to come to bed, but he tells her that he isn’t tired; he tells her that he is going out. 
   Ginger wakes up with a start; she sees a dark figure in the doorway.  Kenny turns on the light, and asks her what is going on between her and Karl.  She tells him that what she does doesn’t have anything to do with him anymore.  He grabs her and she punches him telling him to get out and never come back.
   Gary touches Judy’s cheek, she takes his hand and kisses his and holds it to her face.  The phone rings but they both ignore it as they begin to kiss.
   The next morning Gary gets home, when he gets inside he sees Val on the sofa, she tells him that she tried to sleep, but every time she heard a car she thought it was him.  She asks him how Karl is doing, and then she apologizes for getting upset.  She tells Gary that she is very proud of what he is doing.  Gary tells her that he wants them to spend more time together.
   Richard comes downstairs and comments about the party.  Laura gets upset with him and tells him that she knows that he is depressed about not working, but he needs to stop taking it out on her.  She tells him that she dreads coming home every night, and that if it keeps up then she might not come home, he asks her if that is a threat.
   Ginger gets a phone call from her doctor, when Karl comes over he asks her if she is ready, she tells him that she is pregnant.  He asks her how long she has known, and she tells him about the doctor’s phone call.  He tells her that his offer still stands, that the cabin is big enough for the both of them, and that it would be a good place for her to think, but she tells him that she needs to be alone.  He tells her that he’ll be here if she needs him.
   Val is bring up breakfast for Gary and finds him getting dressed for work, she says that she thought that they would be spending some time together, he tells her that he can’t right now, but promises that as soon as he can move some inventory at the dealership then he will have more time to be with her. 
   Judy shows up at the dealership and tells him that she had a whole speech planed about doing the right thing; he asks her if that is what she wants.  He tells her that he wants to see her again; she tells him that she wants that too.
Final Thoughts:  Gary you are an idiot, and almost as bad as Richard.  Richard is a douche bag; Laura needs to leave him soon.  It was so obvious that Ginger was going to end up pregnant, just when she found someone that appreciates her, we’ll have to see what happens, but there was just something creepy about Karl, I’m not sure what it is about him. 
Best Outfit:  Ginger looks like she is a member of the Ghostbusters team.

Troubled Waters

Falcon Crest 
Season 2 Episode 3
Original Airdate:  October 15, 1982

Recap:  Richard and Diana walk into a restaurant and see that Angela and Carlo at a table.  They are talking about the baby.  Angela tells him that if the baby is a boy that they should name him Joseph after her grandfather, he asks what if it’s a girl, Angela tells him that it won’t be.  She makes it clear to him that the baby will have little to do with his side of the family, and tells him that the baby will have Falcon Crest.  Richard sends over a bottle of wine.  Carlo tells him that it’s a good foreign wine, but this is California wine country, and suggests that he join a wine tasting club.  Richard wants to buy his vineyard, but Carlo tells him that it isn’t for sale.  Richard tells him that he should change his mind and that he hopes that he does soon.  Carlo tells him not to threaten him, Richard tells him that he doesn’t threaten old men past their prime, but saves the threats for worth opponents.  Carlo throws his drink in his face.  Angela follows Carlo and tells him that she won’t be a part of a public spectacle. 
   Maggie is still working on her screenplay, but she is stuck, Chase tells her that the board still has the water right issue tabled.  He tells her that he just wants to share it with everyone.
   Angela tells Chase that he is fitting right into Falcon Crest, Chase tells her not to snow him.  He tells her some of his plans about the distribution, after he leaves Lance comes over, and she tells him that she wants him to be sure that Chase doesn’t find out that they own one of the distributors. 
   Lance goes outside and finds Melissa taking out the baby furniture from the barn.  He tells her to put it all back and buy the baby new stuff, her child will not use his families furniture.
   Angela tells Julia about Emma buying a car, she tells her that she wants to take Emma to see a psychologist.  Julia realizes that Angela wants to have Emma declared incompetent so she can get Emma’s shares of The Globe.
   Angela goes to the board meeting, some of the members of the board think that it would be a conflict of interest if Chase votes on the water, Chase tries to tell them that he would be voting against himself, but they don’t want him to vote.  Angela steps up and tells them that she would more than happy to share, but she wants Falcon Crest’s water tested, Chase says that there is nothing wrong with the water, but when she offers the members of the board a drink, no one will taste it, but Chase.
   Melissa tells Lance that she wants him to stay for lunch with her and her father, she says that her father will be insulted if he doesn’t stay.  He tells her he won’t and that the sooner she tells the truth about the baby the better it will be for them all.  He tells her that she can’t keep fooling everyone for long.  He drives off and Carlo tells Melissa that he won’t let her go back to Falcon Crest, she reminds him about wanting Falcon Crest.
   Chase asks Amos to test the water, but he tells him that he is too busy.  When Chase gets home he finds Maggie still working on the script.  She asks him about the meeting and he tells her that Angela is claiming that the water is tainted.
   Carlo goes to Falcon Crest and tells Angela that he is upset about the way Lance is treating Melissa.  Julia tells him that Melissa can take care of herself.  Carlo tells Angela that he will disown Melissa so Angela won’t be able to get her hands on his vineyard.  She tells him to stay out of Lance and Melissa’s affairs or he will have to answer to her.
   Richard tells Diana that he wants to buy Carlo’s vineyards,  (during this scene Richard reminded me of  Christian Grey, I haven’t read the books, but I’m reading the great recaps from Jennifer Armintrout, check out her blog, they are hilarious. (
   Chase goes to see Angela and finds her with Amos.  He asks when they will get the report, Amos gives Chase the copy and tells him that the water is tainted, and is unsuitable for irrigation.  Chase asks Angela if she really believes that she can control the whole valley.  She tells Chase that she already does not counting his vineyard or his half of Falcon Crest that is.
   Vicky goes to Mario’s house and finds him packing his car up, he tells her that he is leaving.  She tells him that it isn’t fair, she was going to go with him.  He tells her he knows, but he has to go.  He kisses her goodbye.
   Chase goes to the Health Department and tells Amos that he doesn’t believe that the water is tainted and that he wants another report done, and unbiased one.  Amos says that he doesn’t take orders from him, and Chase says that’s right and he shouldn’t be taking orders from Angela either.  He tells him to do another report or he won’t have a job.
   Diana tells Carlo that she wishes that he would reconsider selling to Richard, he tells her that he won’t do it, and she tells him that if he wants to know anything about Richard that he should just ask her, not believe what he hears from others.  She tells him to think about selling.  He tells her that he doesn’t need to he already made up his mind.
   Philip tells Angela that Richard has called for a meeting with the board of directors of The Globe.  He tells her that he will be right there by her side.
   Angela goes to Emma and tells her about the meeting, and tells her that she wants her to sign over her shares to her because the meeting is very important.  Emma says that if it’s that important then she needs to be there.
   Cole is taking a guy back to his workers after his truck wouldn’t start, he tells Cole to take the shortcut through Carlo’s property.  Cole tells him that he is trying to avoid him, but he insists.  They run into Carlo who tells Cole to get off his property, he puts his hands on Cole, who tells him to keep his hands off, and tells him that someone should teach him a lesson.
   Angela asks Lance if Chase saw him paying off Amos when he went to the Health Department.  Lance tells her that he handled it, but she says that he always messes things up.
   Amos stops by Chase’s house and gives him the new report.
   Lance goes into the nursery and sees all the family’s baby furniture in the room, he tells her to have it put back but she tells him that she likes it.  Angela comes in and asks what they are fighting about.  Lance tells her and she tells him that it was her idea to bring up the baby furniture.  She tells him that she expects them to go to the meeting with her, so they can be a united front for Richard Channing.
   Carlo calls Cole and tells him that he wants to apologize he tells him that Melissa is there and they want to talk to him.  Cole tells him that he will be right there.  Carlo tells an unseen person who is holding a gun to his head that he is on his way.   He tells them that they won’t get away with this, as they pick up a small bust behind Carlo.
   The family is walking out of the house to go to the car, and Angela tells them all to let her do the talking.  She asks where Emma is and Julia tells her that she is waiting in the car.  Chase pulls up and tells Angela that Amos made a mistake and did another test, the water on Falcon Crest isn’t tainted.  She tells him that he hasn’t won.  He tells her that it wasn’t the point.
   Chase goes back home and gives Maggie a rose, telling her that it should be more.  He asks her how the script is coming, she tells him that she is stuck.  He tells her that he wishes he could help.
   Cole pulls up to Carlo’s house and walks inside, he calls out, but gets no answer, he goes further into the house and finds Carlo lying on the ground, he runs to his side and checks for a pulse, then picks up the bust that is lying near him.  Carlo is dead, Cole calls for an ambulance and wipes the blood from his hands on his shirt.
   Richard shows the board his plans for the paper, he tells them that he wants them to work as a family.  Emma says that she finally has a brother, but Angela tells her that he isn’t a part of this family.  She tells him that she won’t sit there as a bastard destroys everything that Douglas worked for.  Angela gets a phone call, when she hangs up she tells Melissa that her father was murdered.  When everyone tries to comfort her she tells them to leave her alone, but when Richard tells her how sorry he is and how he had hoped that he and Carlo would be friends she lets him hug her.  Philip asks Angela if there are any suspects and she tells yes, it’s Cole.
Final Thoughts:  I knew that something like this would happen, I just can’t figure out who it could be since it seems like everyone is accounted for.  I like this though even if it will be frustrating since Cole acted like an idiot for touching the murder weapon and getting blood all over himself.
Best Outfit:   Isn't this the perfect outfit to go out to walk through a vineyard.  The hat makes her look like she is in a movie that takes place in the 1920's, it reminds me of Grace Farrell from the movie Annie. 


Knots Landing
Season 2 Episode 5
Original Airdate:  December 18, 1980

Recap:  Kenny takes Ginger home, she tells him that what happened last time won’t happen again, she tells him to give up Sylvie and then they can talk about getting back together.
   Kristin is at a party, she has two guys paying attention to her, and one of them gives her some drugs.  She doesn’t know what it is, and just as they are about to tell her what it is, the cops come in telling them to keep it down, they find Kristin with the drugs and arrest her.
   Ginger and Laura are out running, when they run into Karl, Jason’s pediatrician and the father of one of Ginger’s students. 
   Sid is trying to start his car, which stalled in front of Richard’s house; he is upset that Laura is late.  Sid tells Karen that he wants to help Richard since he is still sore about him firing Richard.
   Val answers the phone and it’s Kristin, she tells her that she and Gary are the only people she knows in California, she tells her that she was arrested and needs someone to pick her up.  Val asks her where she is and tells her that she will be right over.
   At the recording studio, Kenny is going over the arrangements of a new song, when Sylvie come up to him, she is upset because he just signed up two new acts, she doesn’t want him to produce any other women.  Kenny tells her that her jealousy needs to stop, but she tells him that he needs to stay away from all other women.
   Richard is helping Abby plant some flowers; Karen comes over to have them sign her petition.  When Karen and Richard start to argue, Abby breaks it up and makes them call a truce.
   Ginger talks to Karl at school, he asks her out for dinner, she tells him she can’t since she is going to go visit her mother, he asks her to have dinner with him that night, she says ok. 
   When Gary gets home Val tells him about Kristin calling.  She tells him about picking up at the police station.  Kristin comes down and Val introduces her to Gary, he tells her the last time he saw her she was ten.  She tells Val that Lucy talked all about them and about how great their house was.  Val tells her that she can spend some time with them.  She goes upstairs to dry her hair, and Gary tells Val that he knows that she is up to something.  Kenny comes over to pay Gary back, Val knows that he is there just to see Ginger, but she is out.  Kristin comes back downstairs and they introduce her to Kenny.  Kristin mentions that she needs a job, and Kenny tells her that he might be able to find something for her at the studio.
   Over dinner Ginger and Karl talk about their marriages, he asks her if he can take her to the airport, she agrees.
   Gary tells Val that he talked to Bobby about Kristin; he tells her that Bobby doesn’t know her that well, but that she worked closely with JR.
   Kristin and Kenny are saying goodbye when he sees Ginger come home with Karl, he see them kiss, and he drives away.
   At the recording studio, Kenny has Kristin work as the receptionist.  Sylvie comes over and meets Kristin, after Kristin goes for a tour of the studio, Sylvie tells Kenny to get rid of her.
   After school Ginger finds Kenny outside waiting for her, he asks her about Karl, he tells her that he doesn’t want her to see him anymore.  Ginger tells him that he has no right to say anything about what she does anymore. 
   When Kenny gets back to the studio, he realizes that he was supposed to take Kristin home, they have a drink together, and she asks him what’s wrong.  He tells her his problem is with women, he tells her that she is pretty, but he has enough problems.  When he drops her off he sees Ginger getting into Karl’s car with a suitcase, he thinks they are going away together.
   Ginger agrees to take a later flight and has dinner with Karl.
   Kenny and Kristin talk about his problems, he asks her why she is in LA, she tells him it’s a long story.  They start to kiss.
   Karl takes Ginger back home; he tells her that he’ll pick her up at nine to take her to the airport.  When Ginger goes inside she finds Kenny and Kristin together.  Kristin rushes back to Val and Gary’s house, with Kenny following her.  Ginger comes and throws Kristin’s purse to Kenny.  Kenny leaves telling her that he will see her in the morning.  Val follows Kristin upstairs.  Kristin tells her she doesn’t understand, and that she can’t tell her what is going on.  Val tells her just to say what it is.  Kristin tells her that she is pregnant; she tells her that she was hoping to find someone to be the father of her baby.  Val asks if she knows who the father is and if she loves him.  Kristin tells her that she doesn’t know if she loves him or not.  Val tells her that she should have told her, that she would have understood, after everything she went through.
   Laura asks Richard how much longer he will lounge around the house not looking for a job.  Richard tells her that he is looking, but he thinks he deserves a break.  He tells her that he was offered a partnership, but turned it down; she is shocked that he never told her this; he tells her that no one noticed him till Cargill came along.  She tells him to call them back and tell them that he changed his mind. 
   Gary is fixing breakfast, he is gloating because he knew that Kristin was nothing but trouble.  Val tells him that he doesn’t understand what she is going through.  Kristin comes in and tells them that she is leaving.  Val tells her she can stay, but Kristin tells her that it would be better if she left. 
   Kenny tells Sylvie that things have to change between them, that he can’t stand living like this.  He is getting ready to start recording when he is served with divorce papers.
Final Thoughts:  It was different seeing Kristin on this show, she’s still up to no good, but now we get a bit of info on her she’s pregnant, who is the father, JR or that boyfriend of hers, it really could be anyone.  The one thing I thought was weird was the part when Gary called Bobby and he didn’t have anything to say about Kristin, I find that hard to believe.  Kenny and Ginger just need to split up and they need to get rid of both of these characters, they bring nothing to the show in my opinion.  Richard is an idiot, he thinks that he can still do nothing in the house while Laura is working and doing everything she used to, she needs to kick him to the curb already, she has plenty of reasons already and I’m sure she’ll have more soon.
Guest Star:  Mary Crosby
Best Outfit:  Don't wear a muumuu Val, it's ugly and not a attractive.