Saturday, November 9, 2013

Knots Landing Mini Maration

So like Falcon Crest, I finished the second season of Knots Landing in one go, Michelle was at a co-workers making oreo truffles for their employee appreciation week. 

I watched Episodes 11-18

Here is what happened:  Val has cancer and Gary freaks out to Miss Ellie over the phone, so she sends Bobby to help.  Eric saves Ginger's sister who smoked some pot laces with some other drug she is in a coma, and when Ginger's mother comes, she tells him that he will either be a hero or the one who killed her, he was the one to bring the pot to the party, I don't remember why he was the one who had to carry it.  Abby's ex comes back and wants the kids, he wants to get back with Abby, who has no interest in him anymore, it looks like Richard and Laura are back together, though Richard is suspecting that something is going on with Laura and her boss Scooter.  Anyway in the last episode Abby's ex has kidnapped the kids.  Val goes to her writing class and has a sub, it's Earl Trent, the husband of Judy, who Gary was having an affair with.  He is completely rude to her in class then finds her in the library and convinces her that he wants to help her get her story published in the school paper, Gary tells her to stay away from him.  She goes to he apartment to work on the story and he locks her in and wants them to get back at Gary for what he did.  Val handles it.  The women of the cul-de-sac are held hostage, and Ginger almost loses her baby because of the stress, she and Kenny are back together.  Sid is working on his engine with Linda, and Abby tells Karen that she needs to watch out since she is in love with Sid, Karen doesn't believe her, and invites Linda over for dinner, since Sid's nephew is in town.  It's an awkward dinner, and when the nephew asks her to go out with him she leaves.  Sid and Karen have a fight and Sid goes to the garage and Linda is there, they go test drive the car that has the engine in it and get stranded in the desert, she comes on to him, but he turns her down.
When JR is in town he gets Abby to show him the designs of Sid's engine, Karen wants to look at them that day and can't find them, Abby gets them back in time before Sid notices they are gone and, he is convinces that Karen just didn't know where to look.  She works for a day at the office when Abby has the day off to find out something about her kids, and Karen begins to suspect that something is going on and that Abby and Gary up to something.  The FBI start poking around and Sid looks at the books and confronts Gary, who admits everything, when Abby arrives she denies everything and says that she was just doing what Gary told her, the only one who is buying any of her story is Sid, Karen believes Gary that she was a part of it and Richard who was with Karen when she went looking for evidence seems not to buy her story either.  Val is so mad at Gary she won't talk to him.  Gary goes to the FBI and they say he will be fine if he cooperates with them, Sid wants to be involved so they set up a meeting with the guys that are selling the stolen parts.  Someone at the dealership tampers with the brakes of Sid's car and when he and one of the FBI leave, they crash over a cliff, leaving up with a cliffhanger of an ending.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

UPDATE!! Falcon Crest mini marathon

So it's been a long time, since I've updated, and honestly even longer since I've watched any of the shows, since the move to the new house, my schedule has been all screwed up, not to mention all the great new shows that have started.  Anyway, I decided that I would have to do things a little differently, since it was so hard for me to totally recap the shows, it honestly too me almost double the episodes length to watch it, so I wouldn't miss anything I was writing down, and another hour at least to type it all down here.  And since I found a new hobby that is perfect to do while watching TV, cross-stitching.  I decided that I would just enjoy the shows, and write a synopsis of what happened with my thoughts about what happened, we'll see how this goes. 

So I had Friday off since I was asked to work on Saturday, and I decided that it would be a perfect time to start watching Falcon Crest again, since it was the last show I watched before my "break"  and since I finally managed to get the entire series!!!  So excited about this!  I watched while I was cross-stitching the last of 3 of the same project I've been working on. 
  1. The Namesake (November 19, 1982)
  2. Choices (November 26, 1982)
  3. The Vigil (December 3, 1982)
  4. Confrontations (December 10, 1982)
  5. United We Stand... (December 17, 1982)
  6. ...Divided We Fall (December 31, 1982)
  7. Pas De Deux (January 7, 1983)
  8. Above Suspicion (January 14, 1983)
  9. Broken Promises (January 21, 1983)
  10. Deliberate Disclosure (January 28, 1983)
  11. Love, Honor and Obey (February 4, 1983)
  12. Separate Hearts (February 11, 1983)
  13. The Odyssey (February 18, 1983)
These episodes dealt with Cole, and the murder of Carlo Agretti, Maggie finishing her script, going to Hollywood, and almost having an affair, to finding out that Richard and Chase are brothers, and that his adopted father had something to do with Nazi's.  So Cole has been cleared but that doesn't stop the police from hounding him, and people of the town still thinking that he did it, even if the evidence cleared him, it was proven that a right handed person hit Carlo and Cole is left handed, if this show was on today, this probably wouldn't still be an issue, someone tried to kill Cole and make it seem like suicide.  Maggie finally finished her script and went to Hollywood to give it to the producer, (I forgot his name).  I don't know if my copy was missing a few scene, because once she is looking for an agent to the next moment she is calling Chase telling him that she has to stay and do rewrites because the movie is being made.  So this leads to her going to the producers house to work on the script because the hotel had complaints about her typing all night.  The walls must be very thin there I can only imagine what else there are complaints about.  So once there the producer tries to seduce her, which he almost succeeds but Maggie leaves and goes back home.  Chase's mother comes back to help him with proving Angela has been taking money from the vineyard and using it to buy the New Globes stocks.  She tells Chase to work with Richard, since it's Angela that he should be fighting.  Jacqueline admits to them that Richard is her so, and at the founder's day party at Angela's house Richard tells everyone that she is his mother.  Now Angela wants to find out why Jacqueline abandoned her baby and goes to France where she meets with the nun who ran the orphanage, she tells her that Denault dealt with the Nazis.  Through all this we also saw Melissa having a son, who almost died, Richard bringing the doctor who saved him, Melissa and Richard almost getting together, then publishing the news that Lance isn't the father but Cole is (Lance took the baby and had a paternity test done.)  Now Lance and Melissa seem to be together, working to get Falcon Crest.  Maggie doesn't want Chase to continue his investigation into the murder of Carlo and has moved out.  Vicky is having an affair with an married man, Nick Hogan, who works with Chase, who is now getting a divorce, and now Vicky has left home to move in with him.

Next time I'll have some pictures to go along with my post and include a cross stitch pattern I created for Dynasty.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Home Away From Home

Falcon Crest
Season 2 Episode 6
Airdate:  November 12, 1982

Recap:  Maggie gets home and finds Cole packing up his car with his things.  He tells her that he is moving to Catherine’s place and that he can’t take it at home anymore.
   Lance leaves Falcon Crest after telling Melissa that he won’t be home for dinner.
   Maggie tells Chase about Cole as they are getting dinner ready, Vicky doesn’t see this as a problem since he is still in the Valley, but Maggie tells her that it’s like he ran away.  Chase says that he can’t believe that Cole didn’t come talk to him first.  The phone rings and it’s Chase’s mother Jacqueline.  He tells her not to come.
   Chase goes to see Cole, he tells him that with the murder trial coming up, that he needs his family.  Cole tells him that he needs his freedom too, Katherine comes over and Cole introduces them to each other.  She tells Chase what a help Cole has been to her.
   Lance surprises Lori on the pier, she tells him that she is tired of all the secret meetings, she tells him that if he was his own man then he would be out on his own, doing what he wanted.  He tells her that this is just the way his family does things.  She tells him that she doesn’t understand it them.
   Diana is going over the report about what Cole has been doing with Richard.
   Jacqueline gets into a limo at the airport and asks to be taken to the Tuscany Valley. 
   Chase and Maggie are in bed when the door bell rings, Chase opens the door and finds his mother there.  The next morning she tells them that she hired a criminal lawyer for Cole, they tell her that they will stick with their lawyer.  Jacqueline asks where Cole is staying. 
   Katherine brings Cole something to drink, while he is working on the roof of her house, they talk about what she is going to make for dinner, she stumbles and he grabs her and they kiss.  There is someone hiding taking photos of them.
   Philip tells Angela that if Douglas knew what Richard would do to the paper he would have made other arrangements.  Angela tells him that it’s up to her now.  She says that they need to find Emma so she can get her proxy.  He suggests that she should buy all the outstanding shares of The Globe, she tells him to get on it.  Chase comes over and tells Angela that his mother is here to visit, he mentions that he will be bringing her for a tour of the winery.  After he leaves, Angela tells her lawyer that she doesn’t want Jacqueline on her property, Philip tells her that it will be hard since Chase owns half of Falcon Crest.
   Jacqueline and Maggie goes to see Cole, he takes them to his room.  Maggie notices that Katherine is doing his laundry, she tells him that she wants him to bring his laundry home.  Jacqueline tells him that she is there for him.
   Emma calls Chase and tells him that she is in Louisiana, she tells him that she was being followed, but that she thinks managed to give them the slip.  She tells him that she trusts him to do the right thing with her proxy.  He asks her to give him a phone number, but she hangs up.
   Julia finds Lance picking out some wine, she tells him that she wants him to go with Melissa to her childbirth classes.
   Maggie gets upset with Jacqueline for the things she bought for Vicky, when Chase comes home, he suggests that they talk about it after dinner.  They go outside to talk, and Chase tells her that she is only doing what any grandmother does for her grandchildren.  Maggie tells him that they went to see Cole, she tells him that she doesn’t think living at Catherine’s is a good idea for him, Chase agrees but tells her that there is nothing he can do about it at this point.  Maggie tells him that she is worried about Cole, and he tells her that they all are.
   Richard picks a new photo of Katherine and Cole for the headline for the paper.  Diana shows him a photo of Cole and Jacqueline, he asks who she is, and Diana tells him that she is Cole grandmother.  Richard tells her that they will have to keep an eye on her too.
   Philip comes over and tells Angela that she now owns 10,000 shares of The Globe.  She is surprised how much it cost her, but he tells her that the prices went up once Richard took over, he tells her that the paper is making money.  She tells him that they need to find Emma, that she really needs her proxy.  Philip tells her that they almost had her in Louisiana, but they can’t figure out what her plans are.  Angela tells him to put more people on it.
   Lance drives over to Lori’s for dinner, and Melissa follows him.  Lori and Lance go out to the balcony where she has the table set, she tells him that she doesn’t want to get used to the best, and he tells her that he isnt’ going anywhere.  Melissa watches them from her car.
   Melissa gets home later as Angela goes back upstairs, she says that she thought Lance was with her, Melissa tells her that she went out to dinner with a friend.
  Maggie meets with Catherine, she tells her that Cole needs his family right now, and Catherine tells her that she really disapproves of her, and Maggie tells her that she won’t let her take her son.
   Later Catherine tells Cole that she saw his mother, she tells him that she was right, but Cole tells her that he is going to stay with her.
   Richard goes to Julia’s lab, he tells her that he has come to talk business.  He offers her cash and that he will find Tony and get him a job for her shares.  Julia asks him how he will find Tony, and he tells her that it will be his problem.  Angela walks in and tells him that Julia isn’t interested in his offer.  Julia tells him that she will think about it
   Chase is showing Jacqueline around when they run into Angela and Richard leaving the winery.  Angela asks her how long she is staying, and Jacqueline tells her she will stay as long as she is needed.  Angela introduces her to Richard.  Something is wrong with Jacqueline after she meets Richard, when they are gone, Chase asks her if she is alright.
   Melissa asks Lance if he is going back to San Francisco, he tells her that he doesn’t care that she knows where he is going.  She cries out in pain, at first he doesn’t seem to believe her, he goes to her side, and then Angela comes in, she tells him to go call for the doctor.
   Cole goes to see Richard, he tells him to stop convicting him before he has gone to trial, and he tells him to leave Catherine out of it.  Richard tells him to get out of his office.  Cole asks him why he is doing this to him.  Richard tells him that he is doing it to himself.
   Jacqueline tells Chase and Maggie that she has to go, but that she will be back.  Chase asks her why she is leaving, she tells him that he was right, she shouldn’t have come.  She gives him a check for the legal expenses, he tells her that he doesn’t want it, but she makes him keep it just in case.  Maggie asks him if he gave her a nudge to leave, he says no, but he thinks that someone else did.
   The doctor comes down and tells them that the baby is in a breach position and that if could endanger Melissa’s life and the baby’s, he tells them that she is to stay in bed and that she should not be upset.  Angela tells Lance that Melissa needs the presence of a loving husband, so he needs to stay home from now on.
Guest Star:  Lana Turner 
Final Thoughts:  Okay whats up with Jacqueline and Richard, that was the most interesting thing to happen in this episode.  I kind of wish that Lana Turner was a regular in the show.
Best Outfit:  If this pajamas I would like to know what's up with the huge necklace.

The Will

Season 3 Episode 4
Airdate:   October 27, 1982
Recap:  Alexis is in the waiting room of the hospital, Jeff talking on a pay phone, when he hangs up, he tells her that all the arrangements have been made, and the funeral will be on Thursday.  She asks him if he remembers the day she left Denver and reminds him what he said to her.  She tells him that just like that day he is making this day more bearable, and thanks him for being there for her.
   Jeff goes to Blake’s office and tells him that he went to Cecil’s office and he could still feel him there, and he asks him why he spent so much time hating him, Blake tells him that he did nothing to hurt Cecil.  Jeff tells him that he did, that Cecil knew that he loved Blake like a father, and that he will make sure that his son loves him as much as he does.  Blake tells Jeff that he needs to talk to him about Fallon.
   Fallon is at the hotel going over models for the hotel, she tells the designer, Billy that she wants to completely redo it, they agree on his fee, and they go to the bar to celebrate.  Jeff walks in and sees them; he turns around and leaves the hotel.
   At the house, Jeff goes into the nursery and picks up the baby, Fallon walks in and he makes a comment about her drinking.  She tells him that she was with the designer she hired for the hotel.  He asks her what else she has to tell him.  She tells him that she wants to separate.  He tells her that he won’t move out and will see his son whenever he wants.  She tells him that she won’t be spending all her time at the hotel.  He tells her about Cecil’s death, she tells him that she is sorry, but he tells her that she made it clear to him how she feels about his side of the family.
   At ColbyCo, Alexis is with Cecil’s secretary, she is telling her how she felt about Cecil.  Fallon walks in and tells her mother that she just heard about Cecil.  Alexis goes off on her for not thinking of her, when her baby was found.  She tells her that not to bother coming to the funeral, she knows that she is only here with her support since Alexis might be coming into some money.  Fallon leaves but turns back and tells her mother that she can feel her concern, is she in Cecil’s will or was she written out.
   Blake comes home early and is out riding, he gets off when he finds Krystle, by the pond.  They walk back to the house, and she tells him that she understands why Fallon wants to work.  She tells him that it isn’t easy for Fallon to be his daughter.  She tells him that she is asking for something that he needs.  Blake tells her that she is doing this just to cut Jeff out of her life.  Krystle says that maybe with the hard work at the hotel, Fallon will learn to appreciate Jeff and the baby more.  He tells her about Michael coming to see him.
Michael is at the hotel on the payphone; he is trying to find Alexis but isn’t having much luck.  
   Billy brings Fallon his drawings for the hotel; she tells him that she likes what he’s done.  He tells her that the manager asks him about what they were doing and isn’t happy, he tells her that the regular clients of the hotel have told him that they like the way things are.  She tells him that she wants new clients, ones that are alive. 
  Michael asks the man at the front desk for his bill, he tells him that his business in Denver is finished.  He bumps into Fallon and gets her to have a drink with him, she tries to go after the first drink, but he has already sent over for more, and they continue their talk.  He kisses her and she gets up to leave, he calls after her that he still doesn’t know her name, she calls back that she knows that he doesn’t.  The news catches his attention, and he learns that Alexis had just married Cecil right before he died.  He goes back to the front desk and tells him that he has changed his mind about checking out.
   Jeff walks in on Fallon interviewing a woman to be the new nurse for the baby.  He tells her that that they will let her know when they have made their decision.  After the woman leaves, he tells Fallon that the woman was drunk; he tells her that he will do the interviewing at the Denver Carrington offices.  She tells him that she can do it that she doesn’t spend all her time at the hotel.  
   Fallon goes up to Krystle’s room and asks her if Jeanette can continue to take care of the baby till they can find someone else.  Krystle says that it’s fine if Jeanette is okay with it.  Fallon thinks that she is judging her for not taking care of her baby herself.  Krystle tells her that she isn’t judging her she just would do things differently if she were lucky enough to have a baby.  She tells her that she is on her side and told Blake to give her a chance, and that if she doesn’t like what she has to say she can leave since it was Fallon who came to talk to her not the other way around..
   Cecil’s lawyer comes over and tells Blake that he and Krystle need to be present for the reading of the will; he tells them that Cecil had a premonition that he would die and sent him to get an envelope at his office.
Joseph is picking up some papers for Blake at the hotel, when Michael starts questioning him about Alexis, he tells Michael to talk to Alexis if he wants the answers.
   Alexis walks into the office, the secretary asks her if she knows how many people are coming.  Alexis tells her that she doesn’t the lawyer made all the arrangements.  Krystle walks in and Alexis asks her what she is doing there, she tells her that she and Blake were invited by Cecil.  Alexis tells her that she thinks that she was after Cecil and when he turned her down since she wasn’t his type she moved on to Blake.  She asks her if she thinks she made Cecil marry her.  The lawyer is reading the will and Alexis is left his house and the apartment, and half the business, the other half is left to Jeff and his son.  He goes on to the further instructions and plays the tape of Blake threatening to get Rhinewood.  Blake asks how it got here, the lawyer reads further and it’s revealed that Cecil was Logan Rhinewood, and that Alexis will continue his fight to bring Blake down.  After everyone leaves Blake confronts her, asking her if she was in on the whole Rhinewood thing, she tells him that she knew nothing about it.  He tells her that he will fight her for the rest of his life and she won’t get her hands on Denver Carrington.  On the way to the elevator Jeff tells Blake that can’t believe that Cecil was behind the assassination attempt on Blake.
   Alexis asks Cecil how she is supposed to get Blake she turns and sees Michael, she asks him how long he had been standing there, he tells her not long.  She asks him who he is, he tells her that he is Michael Torrance, she tells him to leave, he asks her is she wants to know why he came to see her.  He shows her the rattle; she asks him where he got it.  He tells her that he got it from an old woman claiming to be his grandmother.  Alexis asks why he didn’t contact her before, he tells her that he didn’t know where to find her, and then when he did, he wanted to wait till after the funeral.  He tells her about what the old woman told him about the day she took him from the baby carriage.  He tells her that he went to see Blake, and he threw him out, and expects her to do the same.  He tells her that he will be at the hotel for one more day, and he tells her that it was more than he expected to see his beautiful mother.  After he leaves she picks up the rattle and asks if it really is Adam.  
Final Thoughts:  I think Blake made a mistake rejecting Michael/Adam, Alexis is going to use him to get Blake and I can already tell that his is a jerk.  And wait till he realizes that he was flirting with his sister, yuck.  I’m glad that Cecil is gone, he didn’t bring anything to the show and I’m sure Alexis will find someone else soon.
Best Outfit:  Why not just have the red shirt and skirt, why must she have the red boots?

Who Done It

Season 4 Episode 4
Airdate: November 21, 1980
*I watched this episode on the 30th anniversary of the day it aired

Recap:  Sue Ellen’s mug shot is taken and her fingerprints taken.  A police officer asks her if she has anything to say before her lawyer gets there.  She says that she is sure that she didn’t shoot JR.  He asks her if she is changing her story.  He lawyer gets there and the officer leaves, he tells her that he doesn’t want her to say anything even to him.  He tells her that he will be there in the morning and he tells her that he can’t get her out tonight.  She is put into a cell.
   Cliff is sitting down to breakfast at the cafĂ©, when he sees the newspaper headline, he gets up and leaves.
Lucy says that it doesn’t seem like Sue Ellen, and JR says that she could have tried it anytime.  Jock tells them that he is refusing to pay for Sue Ellen’s bail; JR wants to know how the lawyer got involved. Bobby tells them that he called him and will pay the bail himself.  Miss Ellie says that it’s too dangerous.  
   Sue Ellen’s lawyer tells her that he will talk to Bobby to get the family to change their minds, he asks her to think of someone who can pay for her bail, she tells him that she doesn’t have anyone.  Cliff comes to see her and she asks him if he came to gloat, he asks her now she is doing.  He tells her that he is on a vacation.  He tells her that he wants to help her.  He asks her what happened, she tells him that she doesn’t remember, she tells him that she had been drinking, she tells him that the Ewing’s won’t pay for her bail he promises to get her out.
   Bobby is talking about buying a refinery, Franklin comes and he asks if he got the approval, he tells Bobby that the Loan Committee sees some problems.  He tells Bobby that he is sorry.
   Sue Ellen’s bail has been paid and she is released.
   Lucy finds Mitch at school she tells him she is sorry for the way she acted, she gives him the books that he wanted, he tells her that he wanted to buy them for himself.  She tells him that she wanted to get them for him.
   Cliff gets a phone call from his work, they tell him that he can come back; he tells them that he will get back to them.  Sue Ellen knocks at his door, she thanks him for getting her out, he tells her that he didn’t do it.  He asks her if she is ok, she tells him that she is fine, but starts to cry.  He tells her to stay, but she says that it will only complicate things, he tells her to stay for awhile, while he is at his appointment.  Cliff meets with Dave Culver, he tells Cliff that they will talk again soon, when Donna comes over and reminds him that they have a plane to catch. 
   Bobby gets home, and JR asks him if he put up the money to get Sue Ellen out of jail.  Miss Ellie says that she is glad that she is out, but that he needs to be more careful.
   When Cliff gets home he finds that Sue Ellen gone and a note.
   Kristin answers the door, Sue Ellen tells her that she has been wandering around for hours, she asks if she can stay with her.
   Sue Ellen stops Bobby outside Ewing Oil, she asks him for his help, she tells him that she needs to see her baby.  She tells him that he’s is all she has to hold on to.  He tells her that he will do what he can.
   Cliff and Donna meet up, she tells him to stay away from her step-son.  He tells her that he can help him become governor.  He tells her that he can get him votes that he couldn’t get on his own.  He suggests that they talk it over a drink.
   Sue Ellen tells Dr. Elby that being in jail was like her nightmare, she tells him that she must have done it since her fingerprints were found on the gun.  He suggests that she go under hypnosis to help her remember what happened that night.
   The doctor’s tells JR that he is doing really well and will be walking before he knows it.  He meets Sue Ellen’s lawyer for lunch, he asks where Sue Ellen is, but he won’t tell him.  JR already knows she is staying with Kristin.  The lawyer tells JR that whatever Sue Ellen said to his is privileged.  JR tells him that the family can always get another lawyer.  He agrees to find another lawyer for Sue Ellen, that doesn’t owe JR a damn thing.
   Bobby tells everyone that he saw Sue Ellen and that she wants to see the baby.  Jock says that it’s too big of a risk, and JR says no.  Bobby tells them that she is lost and lonely; Miss Ellie tells them that she and Pam will take the baby to see her.
   Bobby tells Franklin that he has to pass on the refinery for now, since he knows he is looking for a buyer right away, but if he can wait for some kind of payment plan then he will be in touch.
   Sue Ellen thanks Miss Ellie and Pam for bring the baby to see her.  Miss Ellie asks her how she is doing, she tells her that she doesn’t know what she would do if it wasn’t for Kristin.  She tells her that she is sorry for what happened.  Pam asks her if she can remember anything.  Sue Ellen tells her that she can’t remember anything after she went to the bar.  Miss Ellie tells her that she keeps hoping for a miracle.
   Dr. Elby puts Sue Ellen under hypnosis, and he makes her tell him what happened the afternoon JR was shot.  She tells him that she put the gun in her purse and went to her appointment to see him.  She says that after that she went to the bar, she can’t remember how many she had, then she called JR but he wasn’t at his office.  So she went to Kristin’s condo, she gave her a drink and she thought that if only Dusty were alive none of this would have happened.  She tells him that she told Kristin that she was going to kill JR because he was going to put her in that institution again.  She tells him that she left the condo and had more to drink and can’t remember anything else.  Dr. Elby tries to get her to remember more, but she says she can’t.  He brings her out, and she asks him why she can’t remember, he tells her that he doesn’t know, either she just doesn’t want to remember or she just drank too much and blacked out (she knows she blacked out, that’s why she is coming to you to help her).  He asks her about when she woke up at the airport.  She tells him that she had a headache and when she got home she was surprised that no one was home except the servants, then Kristin coming and reminding her about coming to the condo.  He asks her when she put the gun in the closet.  She tells him that she didn’t have the gun anymore; she tells him that after she changed she changed purses and she would have remembered that.
   Sue Ellen goes back to Southfork, JR is alone outside, and she asks him where Kristin is.  JR tells her to get away from him, and that he will call the police if she comes any closer, as he tries to get up.  Kristin comes out and asks what is going on.  Sue Ellen tells her that she knows she was trying to frame her, she tells her that she knew she would put the gun down when she offered her that drink.  Kristin admits to taking the gun and shooting JR and that the next morning she went to the house and put the gun in the closet while Sue Ellen was in the shower.  JR is about to call the police, but Kristin stops him tell him that he wouldn’t want his son born in prison.  Sue Ellen tells JR that she is not going to jail for her.  JR tells Sue Ellen that he will take care of Kristin in his own way. 
Final Thoughts:  I feel kind of let down by the ending, only because it wasn’t a big reveal in front of everyone, but I liked it.  I kind of suspected Kristin more once Jock and Miss Ellie found the gun, it had to be someone with access to the house.  When I realized that the 30th anniversary of this episode was on Wednesday I couldn’t believe how lucky I got to be able to watch it on the exact date, if I hadn’t stopped watching the shows since the move to the new house then I wouldn’t have gotten to do it.
On Saturday afternoon I was on IMDB looking something up about the Doctor Who episode we were watching, when I saw the news about Larry Hagman’s death.  I was shocked and honestly a little sad to hear the news, especially when I read what Patrick Duffy had to say about him.  I read that he and Linda Gray were both by his side.  It is amazing how close they were, I don’t think it is that common with many actors on TV shows.  I’m so glad that they got to reunite for the new series one last time, and that the original show is still available for us all to enjoy.
Best Outfit:  It's the suspenders again, this wouldn't be as bad, if it wasn't for the pattern on the shirt with the patterned suspenders.