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The Will

Season 3 Episode 4
Airdate:   October 27, 1982
Recap:  Alexis is in the waiting room of the hospital, Jeff talking on a pay phone, when he hangs up, he tells her that all the arrangements have been made, and the funeral will be on Thursday.  She asks him if he remembers the day she left Denver and reminds him what he said to her.  She tells him that just like that day he is making this day more bearable, and thanks him for being there for her.
   Jeff goes to Blake’s office and tells him that he went to Cecil’s office and he could still feel him there, and he asks him why he spent so much time hating him, Blake tells him that he did nothing to hurt Cecil.  Jeff tells him that he did, that Cecil knew that he loved Blake like a father, and that he will make sure that his son loves him as much as he does.  Blake tells Jeff that he needs to talk to him about Fallon.
   Fallon is at the hotel going over models for the hotel, she tells the designer, Billy that she wants to completely redo it, they agree on his fee, and they go to the bar to celebrate.  Jeff walks in and sees them; he turns around and leaves the hotel.
   At the house, Jeff goes into the nursery and picks up the baby, Fallon walks in and he makes a comment about her drinking.  She tells him that she was with the designer she hired for the hotel.  He asks her what else she has to tell him.  She tells him that she wants to separate.  He tells her that he won’t move out and will see his son whenever he wants.  She tells him that she won’t be spending all her time at the hotel.  He tells her about Cecil’s death, she tells him that she is sorry, but he tells her that she made it clear to him how she feels about his side of the family.
   At ColbyCo, Alexis is with Cecil’s secretary, she is telling her how she felt about Cecil.  Fallon walks in and tells her mother that she just heard about Cecil.  Alexis goes off on her for not thinking of her, when her baby was found.  She tells her that not to bother coming to the funeral, she knows that she is only here with her support since Alexis might be coming into some money.  Fallon leaves but turns back and tells her mother that she can feel her concern, is she in Cecil’s will or was she written out.
   Blake comes home early and is out riding, he gets off when he finds Krystle, by the pond.  They walk back to the house, and she tells him that she understands why Fallon wants to work.  She tells him that it isn’t easy for Fallon to be his daughter.  She tells him that she is asking for something that he needs.  Blake tells her that she is doing this just to cut Jeff out of her life.  Krystle says that maybe with the hard work at the hotel, Fallon will learn to appreciate Jeff and the baby more.  He tells her about Michael coming to see him.
Michael is at the hotel on the payphone; he is trying to find Alexis but isn’t having much luck.  
   Billy brings Fallon his drawings for the hotel; she tells him that she likes what he’s done.  He tells her that the manager asks him about what they were doing and isn’t happy, he tells her that the regular clients of the hotel have told him that they like the way things are.  She tells him that she wants new clients, ones that are alive. 
  Michael asks the man at the front desk for his bill, he tells him that his business in Denver is finished.  He bumps into Fallon and gets her to have a drink with him, she tries to go after the first drink, but he has already sent over for more, and they continue their talk.  He kisses her and she gets up to leave, he calls after her that he still doesn’t know her name, she calls back that she knows that he doesn’t.  The news catches his attention, and he learns that Alexis had just married Cecil right before he died.  He goes back to the front desk and tells him that he has changed his mind about checking out.
   Jeff walks in on Fallon interviewing a woman to be the new nurse for the baby.  He tells her that that they will let her know when they have made their decision.  After the woman leaves, he tells Fallon that the woman was drunk; he tells her that he will do the interviewing at the Denver Carrington offices.  She tells him that she can do it that she doesn’t spend all her time at the hotel.  
   Fallon goes up to Krystle’s room and asks her if Jeanette can continue to take care of the baby till they can find someone else.  Krystle says that it’s fine if Jeanette is okay with it.  Fallon thinks that she is judging her for not taking care of her baby herself.  Krystle tells her that she isn’t judging her she just would do things differently if she were lucky enough to have a baby.  She tells her that she is on her side and told Blake to give her a chance, and that if she doesn’t like what she has to say she can leave since it was Fallon who came to talk to her not the other way around..
   Cecil’s lawyer comes over and tells Blake that he and Krystle need to be present for the reading of the will; he tells them that Cecil had a premonition that he would die and sent him to get an envelope at his office.
Joseph is picking up some papers for Blake at the hotel, when Michael starts questioning him about Alexis, he tells Michael to talk to Alexis if he wants the answers.
   Alexis walks into the office, the secretary asks her if she knows how many people are coming.  Alexis tells her that she doesn’t the lawyer made all the arrangements.  Krystle walks in and Alexis asks her what she is doing there, she tells her that she and Blake were invited by Cecil.  Alexis tells her that she thinks that she was after Cecil and when he turned her down since she wasn’t his type she moved on to Blake.  She asks her if she thinks she made Cecil marry her.  The lawyer is reading the will and Alexis is left his house and the apartment, and half the business, the other half is left to Jeff and his son.  He goes on to the further instructions and plays the tape of Blake threatening to get Rhinewood.  Blake asks how it got here, the lawyer reads further and it’s revealed that Cecil was Logan Rhinewood, and that Alexis will continue his fight to bring Blake down.  After everyone leaves Blake confronts her, asking her if she was in on the whole Rhinewood thing, she tells him that she knew nothing about it.  He tells her that he will fight her for the rest of his life and she won’t get her hands on Denver Carrington.  On the way to the elevator Jeff tells Blake that can’t believe that Cecil was behind the assassination attempt on Blake.
   Alexis asks Cecil how she is supposed to get Blake she turns and sees Michael, she asks him how long he had been standing there, he tells her not long.  She asks him who he is, he tells her that he is Michael Torrance, she tells him to leave, he asks her is she wants to know why he came to see her.  He shows her the rattle; she asks him where he got it.  He tells her that he got it from an old woman claiming to be his grandmother.  Alexis asks why he didn’t contact her before, he tells her that he didn’t know where to find her, and then when he did, he wanted to wait till after the funeral.  He tells her about what the old woman told him about the day she took him from the baby carriage.  He tells her that he went to see Blake, and he threw him out, and expects her to do the same.  He tells her that he will be at the hotel for one more day, and he tells her that it was more than he expected to see his beautiful mother.  After he leaves she picks up the rattle and asks if it really is Adam.  
Final Thoughts:  I think Blake made a mistake rejecting Michael/Adam, Alexis is going to use him to get Blake and I can already tell that his is a jerk.  And wait till he realizes that he was flirting with his sister, yuck.  I’m glad that Cecil is gone, he didn’t bring anything to the show and I’m sure Alexis will find someone else soon.
Best Outfit:  Why not just have the red shirt and skirt, why must she have the red boots?

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