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No Good Deed

Season 1 Episode 8
Airdate:  7-25-12
Recap:  At police headquarters Elena asks what John Ross is doing in that woman’s hotel room.  He tells her that Marta was upset that JR messed up her deal, and with JR gone she wanted a face to face meeting with him.  He says that Marta used her to get to him.  Elena tells him she doesn't understand, and he says that Marta stole her phone and that he went to save her.  She asks him what happened.  John Ross tells her that they had a fight and that he grabbed her phone, he tells Elena she was alive when he left just like he told the police.  The detective comes in, and tells him that they have evidence that he was in the room, they have his fingerprints and that his DNA will probably match the DNA found under fingernails, since he’s got that scratch on his neck.  John Ross asks if they found the surveillance camera, the detective says that they looked all over and didn’t find one.  Elena tells him that if he knows something he needs to tell them.  He says that he has nothing left to say.  The detective tells him that he's under arrest for the murder of Veronica Martinez.  They taking him away and he gets hid mug shot taken.

Sue Ellen tell John Ross that she's hired the best defense attorneys in the state.  She says it will be only a matter of time before he's proven innocent or it's proven to be a suicide.  She tells them that Elena thinks he's holding something back, she tells him he needs to tell his lawyer if he is.  He tell her it's not that simple, she tells him that he better not be protecting his father.  John Ross tells her that it isn't JR's fault, it's his. He tell her that after Elaine a thought he sent the email that he had an affair with Marta. He tells her that Marta got jealous and things got out of hand. Sue Ellen says that must be suicide, John Ross says he doesn't know. She tells him that he is scaring her, and she asks if this has anything to do with his father's investors.  John Ross says he doesn't want her involved since she's running for governor, that she's got too much to lose.  Sue Ellen tells him that she has got her son to lose and nothing is more important than that.  John Ross tells her that Elena can't find out about him and Marta.  She tell them that they need to find his father.  He told her that this is his mess not JR's and that he will handle it.

Rebecca asks Christopher where they go from here, Christopher tell her that he will be the best father he can be.  She reminds him of what he told her the night he proposed that he wanted his children to grow up with both parents under one roof, he tells her he's not the one that killed that dream.  Rebecca says she knows it's her fault but they're going to be parents and every time he looks at her she sees anger, he tell her that all he feels, she asks if they will ever get past this, and he says he doesn't know she gets out of the car and goes up to her apartment.

The police are telling Bobby about Veronica.  He asks about John Ross he says that he may be a lot of things but he's no murder the police officer says that he's the only suspect they've got.  The evidence is circumstantial, but unless her death is ruled a suicide, it doesn't look good.  Christopher tells Bobby and Ann that he is going into the lab to work on his project and that it's time he started moving on with his life.  Elena come then and Bobby ask how she's doing, she tells him she isn't doing well.  She tells him that John Ross's lawyer doesn't think he will make bail.  She says she wishes there was something she could do, Christopher goes to leave and she asked him whats wrong and to tell her.  He tells her that he may not have killed Veronica, but if you you hang around snakes you're bound to get bit.  She said she understands that he's mad at him but wants to know if he really want to see John Ross punished for something he didn't do.  Elena says that they grew up together and we're best friends, Christopher laughs and says that was a long time ago and walks off.  Christopher stops the sheriff and ask him for a favor he asks him to run a background check on Rebecca. The sheriff says sure thing and he's happy to help.

Vicente comes to see John Ross in jail.  John Ross tell him that he knows Marta filmed him that day and the footage would prove that she was alive when he left, but the police never found the camera.  John Ross says he thinks that Vicente's guys took the camera.  Vicente says he doesn't know what he's talking about. 
Vicente tells him to be careful pointing fingers in the wrong direction could be hazardous to him and the rest of his family.  He asks where is the oil that he was promised. John Ross says it's a little hard to do business when he's behind bars. He says get him out and and he'll get his oil. He tells him he sorry about his time is up and walks out.

Christopher gets a visit from the vice president of upstream research for Exxon, he wants to buy exclusive rights to his technology, but Christopher tells him that he isn't interested.

Ann ask Rebecca how she's doing, she tells her that she feels like she's failing her babies.   Ann tell her that she knows she's doing everything in her power to do what's right for her babies. Tommy walks in and Rebecca says she thought she made it clear to him. Anne asked what he's doing there he tell her that Rebecca is his only family. She tell him that Rebecca is trying to turn her life around. She says that they both me a fresh start Tommy says that's easier said than done. Ann tells him about her cousin in Oklahoma and says that she's always looking for ranch hands, especially ones good as he is.  He says that's awfully good of her and Rebecca agrees and says that she doesn't need to do that.  Tommy says that a fresh start is exactly what he needs and asks Ann if she can really get him that job, she told him yes. Tommy says he's going to go upstairs and pack the rest of his things and go.

Bobby answer the door, Vicente tell him that they have business to discuss. He told Bobby that until their loan is paid off from the oil they hold. the lien to the ranch.   he showed them a copy of the papers and tells him that unless they start getting oil they will take ownership of South Fork.  Bobby tell him that his fraudulent deal was with his brother, Vicente tell him he doesn't understand what he means about fraudulent deal. Bobby tell him that was his nephew neglected to tell him was that he controls mineral rights. So he can call in his note but he will never pump a drop of oil on South Fork. 

Two other prisoners come over to John Ross and tell him that they have a message from Vicente .  They beat him up.  They tell him to tell Bobby to get him his oil, or they will kill him.

Bobby's lawyer tell him that it's true that unless he gets the oil he can take South Fork.  Bobby says that they are criminals and they probably killed Marta, his lawyer says that's probably true but until they have proof they are criminals that have a valid claim to the ranch.  Bobby says that this is the big break that they needed they know who JR's investors were, and they know Marta's real name and that there has to be link them to the fraud.  The lawyer his investigators are working on it.  Christopher ask how to JR could do this to his own family.  Bobby tell him that ever since Miss Ellie gave him the ranch JR has been desperate to get it for himself.  Bobby asks the lawyer if they can go to the US Attorney he says that the Vicente must not have a clean record.  

Ann comes in and tells him about John Ross.  They go to the hospital, Bobby asks Sue Ellen what happened.  She tells him that they beat John Ross, Elena rushes to his room but the officer won't let her go in, she asked if he's okay. Sue Ellen tell her that the doctor said that he may have internal bleeding.  They are going to monitor him for 24 hours.  Bobby ask her where the guards were when it happened, she tells him that they got to him when the guards weren't around it was a gang of Latinos.  Bobby tells Christopher that this was Vicente, he tells Sue Ellen that they need to talk to John Ross's lawyer, and get him out on bail he can't go back into prison with them.  Sue Ellen tells Ann that she's not doing enough, she says that all this time she's been blaming it JR for leaving John Ross in this mess.  She says that she feels like a hypocrite and that she knows the only way to help John Ross is for her to go on the other side of the line that she's been trying not to cross for 20 years.  John Ross wakes up and find Christopher at his bedside, he asks if you came to gloat.  Christopher says that no matter how angry he is at him he didn't deserve it he asks who did it to him. He asked if it was Vicente's`s men. John Ross nods. He tell them that they told him that if he doesn't get his oil that they would kill him, just like Marta.  He asks John Ross why he hasn't told the police, he told Christopher that he's already put the family through enough.  Christopher ask him what he's not telling him, he says that there's gotta be a way to prove that he didn't do this.  John Ross tells Christopher that the day you went to see Marta she taped it.  He tells him that they stole the camera.  Vicente is now threatening to use it against him.

Bum call JR, he asks what he learned about what Frank and Cliff doing.  Bum tell JR that's not why he's calling, he tells him that he's got bad news.

Bobby goes to miss Ellie's grave. You tell her that the family is still is fractured and functional as ever he says he keeps wondering what she would do, and says he knows she would do anything to keep the family together. Anne says that's just what he's going to do and he knows that she would understand.

Bobby tells everyone that until they can prove that the deal with a fraud they're going to start pumping oil to protect John Ross.  Christopher says he can't let him do that but Bobby says he doesn't see any other way. Christopher says he thinks he can find a way from not a pump oil and help John Ross, Ann ask how.  Christopher says that the Venezuelans want oil well he can get him something better.  Bobby says he doesn't want him getting  Mixed up with them. Elena asked what he's going to do Christopher says you going to make him an offer the they can't refuse.

Sue Ellen goes to see the coroner, she tells him that her son is innocent and that his report needs to reflect that it was a suicide. She tells him that he's going to be the next governor and he can be there next chief medical examiner. He ask her if she's bribing him she says no she's only asking, she says she's heard that he's prescribing more prescriptions then Michael Jackson's doctor. she says that's odd because all his patients are dead.   

JR goes into John Ross's hospital room.  

Christopher goes to see Vicente and shows him the methane.  He tells him that Exxon just tried buy exclusives rights but he turned them down.  He says that he will give him the exclusive rights in South America, in exchange for the deed to Southfork.  Vicente tells Christopher that he needs to talk it over with his partners and that they would need proof of the technology.  Christopher tell them that there's one other thing he wants the footage of John Ross.

Sue Ellen goes to John Ross's room she tell him that she talked to the medical examiner and that he will rule Marta's death as a suicide.  John Ross tell her that he dreamt that JR came to see him and he's being sent back to jail.  Sue Ellen tell them they can't do that.  The detective comes in and tells John Ross that he's being released.  She tells him that the charges have been dropped, she tells them at the camera has that was found on the roof, but they are still waiting to hear with a medical examiner says.  Suellen takes John Ross to South Fork.  Elena comes over and give him a big hug she asked if he's okay.  She said she doesn't know what she do if you lost him.  Sue Ellen gets a call from the medical examiner, she tells him that she didn't know they were going to drop the charges.  He says that he risked his career, she says it was a suicide, he says it wasn't, that she had defensive wounds and that since John Ross was innocent he just let the real killer walk.  He says he doesn't know how he let her talk him into this, she tells him to be smart, and he hangs up on her.  John Ross over to Bobby and Christopher.  He asked why he did it, Christopher says that at the hospital he realize they work so different.  He asks what he means, Christopher says they're both trying to make their fathers proud, John Ross thanks him.  Bobby tells him that he is sorry he had to go to Vicente, but Christopher tells Bobby he did it for his family.  Bobby hands Christopher the envelope that the sheriff dropped off for him.

Suellen tells Ann that she bribed the medical examiner. 

Christopher goes to Rebecca's house, he tell her that he had the sheriff do a background check on her.  He tell her that it was clean.  He hands her the envelope and tell her that he sorry.  She's glad that he did it, she tells him that she wants him to trust her again.  He tells her that he's tired off angry at everything and everyone.  He says he wants to let it go, but he doesn't know if he can.  He says he wants to know if there's anything else she's hiding he wants to be sure there are no more secrets. She says there aren't.

Rebecca is reading the report when Tommy come then, she asks what part of get the hell out does he not understand.  He says he knows his act with an was convincing what did she really think that he was gone for good.  She says that she meant what she said and wants him gone.  Rebecca says she's pregnant and she needs to make a relationship with Christopher work.  He tells her he needs more than a couple rings especially now, she asked what he means.  Tommy tells her that Exxon came to talk to Christopher.  He tells her he's got a buyer that doesn't care about rights or patents he wants the plans.  Tommy says they're going to have to renegotiate, he grabs and kisses her and ask her if she so deep in the lie at she still believe that there brother and sister.  He told her she doesn't steal the technology that he will tell Christopher everything.

Final Thoughts:  Did not expect the kiss at the end.  I think that Sue Ellen has lost her chance to be the next governor.

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