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Season 4 Episode 3
Airdate: November 14, 1980
Recap:  Sue Ellen is crying out in her sleep, Miss Ellie comes in and wakes her up.  Sue Ellen tells Miss Ellie she dreamt that JR was dead, Miss Ellie tells her it was only a dream.  She tells her that she needs to talk to Dr. Elby about her dreams, so that she can finally get some sleep.
   Jordan Lee walks into JR’s room; JR asks him how he got past the guards.  Jordan tells him that they know that they are friends.  He tells JR that he figured that whoever was going to shot him would have done it right.  JR tells him to get out, and as he leaves Jordan says maybe next time.  JR calls for the guards and asks them why they didn’t check with him first.  He tells them to throw Jordan out and not to let anyone else in the room without checking with him first.
   At Southfork Sue Ellen joins the family for breakfast, Miss Ellie asks her how she is feeling, she asks her to eat something, but Sue Ellen says that she will pick something up at the hospital, since she wants to get there early.  Jock asks her to tell JR that they will be there later.  Jock offers to stop by the office, but Bobby tells him that he’s got everything under control.  Miss Ellie asks Bobby if he will be home for dinner, he tells her that he will try.  Pam tells Bobby that she worried that this would happen if he agreed to work at Ewing Oil again.  He promises her that it will only be till JR gets better.
   Cliff is going to work when he is told to take a “rest” till the JR shooting is cleared up.  
   Sue Ellen takes JR outside for a walk, he complains about the guards and the doctors, who aren’t telling him anything.  Ray comes to visit JR and he asks him how he is doing, JR complains to him about how Sue Ellen is smothering him.  He tells JR that if he needs him that he’ll be there.  They talk about all the good times they have had together.  Ray tells him that he can count on him if he needs to, and JR tells him that he doesn’t want to count on anyone but himself.
   Bobby tries to talk to Franklin from the Cattlemen’s Bank, but his secretary tells Bobby that he is in a meeting.  He tells her that if he won’t talk to him on the phone then he will talk to him to his face.
Sue Ellen tells Dr. Elby that she’s been dreaming about shooting JR every night.  He asks her to tell him her dream.  She tells him that she is running down a corridor, she is being chased by people in white coats, she knows that there is a door that will lead to her freedom, but when she gets there JR is in front of it.  She says that she hears shooting, then she sees that there is a gun in her hand, and the door is gone and she knows that she will never be free.  
   Lucy goes up to Professor Forrester, he tells her he wants to apologize, she tells him that he had plenty of time to tell her the truth.  H tells her that she is making a big deal about it, she tells him that she isn’t and that it’s over.
   JR is in the physical therapy room, and he is practicing walking, Jock and Miss Ellie watch him from the doorway, they leave when he stumbles.
   Bobby goes to Franklin why he was avoiding him, he tells him that they’ve been dealing with JR and are uncomfortable with not knowing who they will be dealing with next.  Bobby tells him that they are going to be dealing with him.  Bobby tells him that he will pull all of the Ewing’s money out of the bank if they won’t work with him.  Franklin tells him that he will talk to the Loan Committee.
   Cliff tells Pam that he has been “suspended” and that he thinks it might be best if he left Dallas.  She tells him that he is stronger than that.  He tells her that the night JR was shot he had gone to the Ewing’s offices to shoot him, but when he got there someone had already beat him to it.  
   Mitch, the valet comes up to Lucy at school and apologizes for the way he acted.  He asks her if she would like a drink, she says yes, over the drink he tells her about his family and about how he works several jobs to stay in med school.  He tells her that he lives on a tight budget so he doesn’t have enough extra money for anything fun.  She tells him that she understands, and hopes that they can be friends.
   Sue Ellen runs into Kristin at the hospital and asks her to go up and sit with JR while she goes to take Baby John for his check up.  She tells her that she doesn’t know what she would have done without her support.
Franklin calls JR and tells him that Bobby is putting a lot of pressure on him and that he is trying to hold him off.  JR tells him to try harder.  Kristin walks into his room; he says he thought she would be out of town by now.  She tells him that his goons had other things to think about.  He tells her that she will get hers once he is out of the hospital.  She says she will but not from him, since he’s not man enough anymore.  He tries to sit up but he can’t, she laughs as she leaves the room.
   Sue Ellen is playing with Baby John and tells him that even though she may have done something bad that everything will be fine, she tells him that JR will be home soon.
   Bobby finds out that the equipment hasn’t been moved to Ewing 11 yet, he is told that JR called right after he did.  Bobby tells him that he is the one in charge.  He tells his secretary that he is going to go talk to JR. 
Pam is shopping at The Store; Liz comes over and takes her to lunch.
   Bobby finds JR and tells him that he is running Ewing Oil, and is in charge until he is ready to come back.  He tells him not to interfere.  
   Liz tells Pam that she is running The Store now; she tells her that she should have known that JR was behind her being sent to Huston.  She tells her that Harrison Page told her about it.  She tells Pam that she would love to have her back at The Store if she wants her job back.
   Mitch and Lucy come out of a movie, he tells her he’s got to get to work, and promises next time they will go to dinner and talk.
   JR tells Sue Ellen that he is getting out of the hospital early and that Jock and Miss Ellie will be bring him his things.  
   In the bedroom Jock and Miss Ellie are packing some things up, Jock goes in the closet and finds JR’s gun, he tells Miss Ellie that it’s been fired twice.  The police come and take the gun to have it tested.  Jock asks that they tell them the results first.  Miss Ellie asks why anyone would have hid it there, Jock says that it was just a coincidence that he looked there, it’s clear that they are both thinking that it was Sue Ellen who put the gun there.
   Pam comes to Bobby’s office and takes him to lunch, but as they are walking out of the office, a guy comes up to Bobby and tells him that he needs to sign some papers.  He tells her that he is sorry.
   JR is helped into the car and they take him back to Southfork.
   Lucy goes over to Ray’s she tells him that she is going to take him to Southfork since JR is coming home, he asks her how she is doing.  She tells him that it’s over between her and the Professor, she tells him about Mitch.  He asks her when he can meet him, she tells him as soon as she can get him to come over to the house.
   JR gets home just as Ray and Lucy pull up; Ray helps JR into the house.  In the bedroom, JR tells Jock and Miss Ellie that Sue Ellen will help him; Miss Ellie gives Sue Ellen a strange look, and leaves them.
   Lucy tells Mitch she wants to take him to dinner, but he tells her that he has a job that will help him pay for some books.  She leaves in a huff.
   Sue Ellen brings down Baby John to see JR, he starts to cry and she gives the baby back to the nurse.  Jock and Miss Ellie exchange a look as Sue Ellen gets JR his drink.  The police officer comes and tells them that JR’s gun was the one used in his shooting.  Jock asks about the fingerprints, he tells them that the only fingerprints found on the gun were Mrs. Ewing’s, Sue Ellen Ewing.
Final Thoughts:  Poor Sue Ellen, she is so sure that she was the one to shoot JR.  I can't believe that Jock and Miss Ellie would think that Sue Ellen would shoot JR, they've known her long enough to know who she is, and what she is capable of, just because she is drinking doesn't mean that she would do it.  Lucy found another guy, I see there being an issue with money coming.  If I was Pam I wouldn't talk to Liz again after the last time we saw her.
Best Outfit:  I wish that I could have gotten a up close picture of the complete outfit, but the only one I could get was just the top.  The top isn't too bad, with out the suspenders, but the pants are odd.

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