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The Price You Pay

Season 1 episode 3
Airdate:  6-20-12
Recap:  JR takes John Ross to get a shave from the same place Jock took him, he sends the attendants away and starts to shave John Ross himself.  JR tells him that he knows that Marta isn’t really Marta Del Sol since he went to see Carlos.  He asks him if he was going to cut him out of the deal, JR tells him that he would like to make up for not being there when he was growing up and he promises to teach him everything he knows.  John Ross tells JR about Mitch blackmailing him, he tells John Ross that he will take care of it, Mitch is clean, but his son Rick has had problems, he tells him that Rick has three strikes against his record so if they can get proof he’s using drugs again then they can use it against Mitch.   He tells John Ross to find the witness from the accident Rick was involved in where he killed a woman.

 Ann is teaching Rebecca how to shoot, Tommy rides over and tells Ann about what he’s done on the ranch, she gets a reminder on her phone about Bobby’s appointment and leaves them alone.  Tommy tells Rebecca that he’s been trying to find a way to blow the Southfork deal, he asks her about Christopher’s gas hydrate, she tells him that she doesn’t understand it and that Christopher doesn’t talk about it to her.  Tommy tells her to install a program on his computer so that it will give him access.  He makes a comment about all the time Christopher is spending with Elena.

John Ross and Marta take JR to the men that they’ve been working with, JR changes the terms of the agreement, and they accept the terms.  Privately JR talks with Marta, he tells her that he is going to give her a pass for double-dealing with him but if he finds out that she is going to screw him over again, it’s a risk that she shouldn’t be willing to take.  He walks away and she opens a bottle of pills and takes one.

The doctor tells Bobby and Ann that they were able to remove the tumor, but it was larger than they thought so there is a greater chance of recurrence.  Bobby asks him about Chemo, the doctor tells him that there is a course of treatment he can start him on, but there are side effects possible, Bobby wants to go ahead, but Ann asks about the side effects.  He tells them it could be liver damage or in some cases heart failure.  Bobby tells him he wants to go ahead.  Ann says that she thought that the surgery would take care of it all, and Bobby tells her that she was right about the reason why he was selling Southfork, but he doesn’t feel that way anymore, and he tells her that he is going to call Mitch and stop the sale.  

John Ross goes to Mitch’s office and gives him the money he’s come up with, he tells him that it will have to be enough for now, when Mitch goes to call JR, John Ross tells him that he already knows and that if he goes to Bobby then the deal goes and he won’t get anything.  Mitch tells him that the sale of Southfork has been put on hold indefinitely.

JR’s doctor calls Bobby and tells him that it would be a good idea for him to spend more time at the family home to help in his recovery.  Ann goes to make up the guest room, while Bobby is telling her that this is a bad idea.  JR congratulates his son on his idea to get him back into the house, they send off another patient who was pretending to be the doctor.

Elena and Christopher are working on how to get the methane without causing tsunamis.  Rebecca calls and asks Elena to lunch.

JR gets to Southfork, he goes inside and finds Cliff Barnes talking to Bobby.  JR asks what he is doing there.  Bobby tells him that Cliff was in town and stopped by to say hello.  Cliff tells JR that he was trying to get Bobby to sell him Southfork to right the wrongs that the Ewing’s did to his family.  JR tells him that if he thinks he’s buying Southfork, then he needs a doctor more than he does.  Bobby tells JR that he turned Cliff down.  Cliff mentions that he heard Southfork was bought by a conservancy, he says that JR is taking this all really well.  JR tells him that he is a changed man, and that he should try it.  After Cliff leaves JR asks him why Cliff thought he could buy Southfork, Bobby tells him that he put a hold on the conservancy.  JR asks him why he would do that, he tells him that Cliff will do anything to get Southfork.

Rebecca tells Elena that she intimidates her, and she wants to be her friend because of all the things Christopher said about her, she says that she would be lucky to count her as a friend.  Elena asks her what she wants to know about Christopher.  She asks her what he was like when he was younger.  Elena tells her that when Christopher found out he was adopted he began to feel that he needed to earn the right to be a Ewing.  

When Rebecca gets home after lunch, Christopher asks her about what they talked about.  The doorbell rings and Christopher answers it.  A man at the door tells him that Cliff has invited them to dinner and his car is waiting downstairs for them.  When they get to the hotel Rebecca tells him that it was nice of Cliff to invite them to dinner, he tells her that Cliff w  When they get into the room he introduces Cliff to Rebecca, and asks his uncle what he wants.  Cliff tells him that he wants to invest in his gas hydrate project.  Christopher turns him down, saying that he isn’t doing this to support him, he is only doing this so he will have one up on the Ewing’s.  As Christopher and Rebecca leave, Cliff tells him that he will never be one of them and not to let them destroy him like they did Pam.
ants something.

Ann goes to the barn and hears a noise, she takes out her shotgun, she looks into the storage barn and finds JR going though the family album and papers.  JR tells her that Bobby was right to want to sell, she tells him that Bobby thinks that now that he has changed and seen the error of his ways then it’s time for the next generation to have a fresh start.  

JR gives John Ross Miss Elli’s journal telling him that it is full of her secrets and that Bobby is going to learn that John Ross is JR’s son.  John Ross asks him what he needs to do.

Christopher gets up careful not to wake Rebecca and goes into the office, he finds Elena still there asleep, he covers her with his coat and starts to work.  The next morning the phone rings waking Rebecca, its Tommy asks her why he still doesn’t have access to Christopher’s computer, she tells him that she hasn’t had a chance since she doesn’t have access to his computer, she tells him that Christopher takes it with him.  Tommy tells her that she needs to do it, no more excuses.  

John Ross walks into the kitchen and tells Bobby that they need to talk, JR tells him to mind his manners.  John Ross shows Bobby the journal, Bobby asks him how he got it, JR tells them that he must have took it out of his room.  John Ross tells them that he found some interesting stuff inside, like the time Miss Ellie spent in a mental institute.  JR explains that that happened after Jock died and Miss Ellie was having trouble accepting his loss.  Bobby tells John Ross to save his breath, there is nothing in the journal that will overturn her will.  But John Ross says that it will at least give him his day in court.  He tells him that he will share every thought and secret shame of Miss Ellie’s is he pushes him.  JR tells him that he won’t let him.  John Ross tells JR that he had his chance at Southfork and he doesn’t plan to fail like he did.  JR smacks him, John Ross tells Bobby that if he doesn’t hear from him in 24 hours then he will file.

Elena wakes up to find that Christopher has figured out the problem, they go over to tell Bobby the good news.  When they get there Ann tells Christopher that Bobby is signing the papers to sell Southfork.  Christopher rushes into stop him, but it’s too late, Christopher tells him that he never gave him a chance, Bobby tells him that he grew up in a family were backstabbing was encouraged and he wants something better for his son.  Christopher tells him that he’s a grown man and can handle a lot more than he thinks.  Bobby tells him that he is right and he proceeds to tell him about his cancer.  Christopher gets upset with him that he is only just now telling him.  He rushes out, and Elena comes over to him, he tells her about Bobby’s cancer, he starts to cry and she hugs him.  He kisses her, he pulls away and tells her that he is sorry and leaves her.  Tommy has taken a picture of them, and sends it to Rebecca.

JR calls John Ross that Bobby just signed the papers.  John Ross goes to see Mitch, who tells him that he wants his 5 million or he will blow the deal.

Christopher tells Rebecca about his father having cancer, and he tells her that when he found out he lost it and Elena was there to help him through it.  He tells her that he loves her and wants her to know it.  He tells her that he wants them to go stay at Southfork till the sale is complete so he can be there for his father.  She tells him that she wants that too, while they hold each other she throws the flash drive into the trash.

Ann asks Bobby how he feels now that it’s sold, he tells her he feels fine.  She asks him if he is buying JR, she tells him that she found him in the storage barn and that JR was the one that gave the journal to John Ross.  Bobby tells her that he isn’t mad because that is just who JR is and who he will always be.

The PI tells John Ross that the witness what saw Rick kill the woman with his car has been dead for the last 10 years.  He tells him to keep looking.  The PI does have some news for him though, he tells him that he knows who sent Elena the email.  He tells him that the email was sent by a Rebecca Sutter.
Final Thoughts:  Cliff is back and is up to no good, I'm glad that Christopher doesn't trust him blindly like Pam did in the original show.  Christopher is kind of getting on my nerves.  I am liking John Ross so much more, I know that they are trying to make Christopher like Bobby, but it's not working for me.

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