Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Enemy of My Enemy

Season 1 Episode 6
Airdate:  7-11-12
Recap:  John Ross tells Elena that when he was a kid he used to imagine what it would be like if Southfork was his.  He says that things are always harder than you imagined.  She asks him if he is worried about Bobby.  John Ross says that he can handle  Bobby, since he won’t fight dirty.  He tells her that it’s Christopher that he is worried about.  He says that he would do anything to break them up.  Elena says that there is nothing that Christopher could say to her since it was JR that was involved with the fraud.  She tells him as he leaves that she might not believe in the war, but she believes in him.

Bobby tells John Ross not to get to comfortable because JR’s biggest fault was that he would always underestimate him.  John Ross tells him that he’s not in the mood to argue, but if he pushes him then he will throw him out of the house.  Bobby calls him out and tells him to do it, since family mean nothing to him.  John Ross tells him that it does it’s just that they are on two different sides.  He’s on JR and Bobby is on Miss Ellie’s.  Bobby says that John Ross only cares about what’s under the land not the land it’s self, John Ross tells him that he is wrong, he’s just too stubborn to see it.  Earl comes over to tell John Ross that there is some trouble, the trucks from Ryland haven’t shown up, and when he called the dispatcher told him that they were told to stay away from Southfork and the word came from the top.  John Ross asks if Ryland is Ann’s ex-husband, and tells him that he didn’t think that he was the kind of man to have his wife do his bidding.  

Rebecca hides a file under some other papers as Tommy walks into the apartment.  He tells her that he’s tired of Texas, and is about ready to cash in, he asks her if she has found anything yet.  She say she hasn’t.  She asks him if he found anything on Christopher’s computer, he tells her that Christopher hasn’t gone on and must be doing his work at the office.  He tells her that he thinks she must have really broke his heart.  He is about to start going through the papers where she hid the file, but she tells him that she has already gone through those and tells him to start on an other pile.  She slips the folder into her bag and tells him that she is going out to get some air.

Bobby goes into the bedroom and tells Ann that he just found out that Ryland just stopped his trucks from servicing JR’s rig, he asks her if she had something to do with it.  She nods and he asks her why.  She tells him that she saw how upset he was and she thought that she could help.  He tells her that they should have talked about it first.  She tells him that she knows, but she knew that he would talk her out of it.  She tells him that she only wanted to help.  Bobby tells her that he had to deal with riggers already, and that she didn’t need to go to a man that she never had a kind word for, just to do a favor for him.  Ann tells him that he is right, and that she did it for nothing.  He tells her that it wasn’t for nothing, that men like Ryland always want something more.  He tells her that he just hopes that it doesn’t come back to bite them in the ass later.  Bobby tells Ann that he wants her help, but they just need to talk first.

John Ross calls other companies to get tankers out to Southfork, but no one will help.  Bum tells him that Ryland has a monopoly in Texas, and if he wants to start drilling he’ll have to look out of state.  John Ross tells him that it would take weeks and the investors are expecting the shipment Friday, and if they don’t get it there will be hell to pay.  Christopher walks in and tells Bum he wants to talk to his cousin.   He tells John Ross that he’s had two days and he’s done waiting.  John Ross tells him that he doesn’t have anything on JR, Christopher insists saying that he was in on it from the beginning.  John Ross tells him that he wasn’t, he tells him that it was JR that screwed Bobby, he screwed everyone, even him, but he doesn’t have anything on him.  He tells him that all he’s wanted to do was to drill on land that has been in the family for four generations, and that Bobby had no right to give it away.  Christopher tells him that Southfork is just as much his birthright as is his, and if he says anything else about him not being a real Ewing then he will knock the smug grin off his face.  John Ross asks him if this isn’t really about Elena, Christopher says she has nothing to do with this, and that seeing him in jail will prove to him that there is a little justice in the world.  John Ross tells him that the DVD proves nothing expect that the night Christopher broke him and Elena up, that he went out and found a little comfort.  He tells Christopher to get out.  Bum comes back in and asks him if he thinks Christopher will do it.  John Ross tells him that if they don’t get started drilling soon then it doesn’t matter what he does.

Rebecca stops by the house, she tells Christopher that she knows that he doesn’t want to see her, but she thinks that she has something that will help them save Southfork.  Bobby is coming down the stairs and she asks them to hear her out.  They go to the office and she shows him the paper from the file.  He asks her how she got it, and she tells him that Tommy stole it, and that the moment she found it she brought it over to see if it would help.  Christopher asks her why they should believe her.  She tells him that it’s true, she starts to say something about if Tommy knowing she came over with the paper, but she stops and says that she just wants to do the right thing and make up for what she did.  Bobby explains that it is an invoice for his grandfather which establishes a trust that separates the mineral rights from the land rights of Southfork.  Rebecca says that if she read the Texas property law right, then this trust would have excluded the mineral rights from the sale to the Del Sol Conservancy.  Bobby says that would also include the second sale to JR, which means he only owns the land not the oil, so he can’t drill.  Christopher asks his father if he really believes this, he says Rebecca is probably faking his too.  She asks him why she would do that.  He yells that it’s because she is a liar.  Bobby stops him, telling him that it looks real to him, he says that he recognizes the lawyer’s signature.  Rebecca tells him that they would need to find the original document to be able to enforce the trust, and that she would be happy to help search for the document.  Bobby thanks her, but tells her that it doesn’t mean they can automatically trust her.  She says she wouldn’t have come if she wasn’t trying to help.  She asks Christopher to believe her.  He asks her why he would ever do that again.  Bobby tells her that they will handle things now.  Rebecca goes to her car, her nose starts to bleed, Elena comes over asking her if she is okay.

Bobby and Christopher go out to the storage barn where Bobby’s grandfather’s things are kept.  Christopher tells him that this is a waste of time and that they don’t need whatever she thinks she found.  Bobby asks him what he means, and Christopher tells him about searching John Ross’s apartment and finding the DVD of John Ross and Marta having sex, and that it proves that John Ross was in on the fraud.  Bobby tells him that as bad as that it is, it’s not John Ross that can get them the ranch back, it’s JR because it’s his name on the deed.  Christopher tells him that he knows that, but he is putting pressure on John Ross and unless he gives them something they can use, he’s going to take the DVD to the police.  Bobby tells Christopher that dealing with JR has put him on both sides of the fence with blackmail and it never pays off, he tells him that it’s bad business, and makes him keep looking.

JR is getting a massage, and his shoes shined when he gets a call from Bum, who tells him that the tankers have been pulled and that Christopher is blackmailing John Ross.  JR tells him that John Ross will be fine.  Bum asks him if he’s having fun in Vegas.  JR has the ladies leave and asks him if he has found out where Cliff’s high stakes game is going to be at.  Bum tells him it will be at the Bellagio.  JR says that Cliff came to rattle him, and to keep him from finding out what his real agenda is.  Bum guess that it is bringing gambling to Texas, JR says that he will find out and crush him once and for all.

Bobby move all the stuff and get to his grandfather’s desk, they look through the drawer, and finally Christopher finds a safety deposit box key.

Rebecca thanks Elena for taking her to the hospital.  Elena asks Rebecca what the doctor said, she tells her that she is fine, she tells Elena she doesn’t need to wait, she’ll just get a cab when she is done.  Elena turns to leave, and Rebecca tellsher that she is sorry for what she did, she tells her that she knows that Christopher doesn’t believe her, but she swears that she didn’t know that Tommy broke them up. Rebecca says that now that they are finished then at least she and Christopher can be happy together.  Elena tells her that won’t happen.  Rebecca asks if that it’s because of Tommy and the email, but Elena tells her that it’s because of Christopher.  She tells her that she hopes that she feels better and leaves the room.

Vicente, the man who gave JR the money to buy Southfork comes into John Ross’s room, he tells him that he heard that his father was out of town.  John Ross tells him that his father left him in charge and that he has everything under control.  John Ross asks him what he can do for him.  Vicente tells him that he’s here to help him, he tells him that he heard that he ran into some trouble transporting the oil.  John Ross says that there were a few delays but that he’s got everything under control.   Vicente tells him that the buyers want to know when they can expect their oil, John Ross tells him that he just needs a few more days.  He says he can do that, but tells him that in his country they have a saying that when the son fails to come through with what the father has promised there is a price to pay.

John Ross goes to Sue Ellen he asks her to go to Ryland and promise him anything, to get him to send his tankers back to Southfork, she tells him that she wants to help, but she made a promise to her backers when she entered the race to be the next governor.  He gets upset and tells her that she has been compromising everything with him since he was born.  He tells her that the investors hold the note on Southfork and if they don’t pay them on time then they could take the ranch and he’s got a feeling that they are going to do a lot worse.  She asks who he’s gone into business with.  She tells him that she can help him in other ways, but he tells her that there is only one way and she turned him down.

Marta knocks at John Ross’s door, she tells him that she has come to apologize, that she realizes that he was only with Elena for business and now that it’s over he doesn’t have to be with her anymore.  He stops her from coming inside and asks her what she is talking about.  She tells him that she is talking about them.  H tells her that she is crazy, that she screwed him over with his father, and undid all their business, then drugged him and took video of them having sex, that proves that they knew each other from the beginning, and that Christopher found the DVD.  She tells him that she is sorry and she’ll make it up to him, she tells him that she skimmed money from Vicente and that they could go away together.  He tells to leave before he does something that they both will regret.

Bobby and Christopher are given the safety deposit box which hasn’t been opened since Bobby’s grandfather’s death.  Bobby and Christopher start going though the box, Christopher finds a file and tells Bobby that he thinks he found what they were looking for.

John Ross gets home later that night and goes back with her to her house, they find the door open, she tells him to get some beers while she starts their bath, by the fridge he finds a photo of him and Elena with a knife through it.  He looks out the windows and goes into the back of the house, she asks him what’s wrong, he tells her that he has to go out, but he own’t be long.  Outside he tells two ranch hands to keep an eye on Elena and that no one but him can go into her place.  John Ross goes to Marta’s apartment but finds she has cleared out.

Cliff’s driver, Frank goes to see JR, he ask him what he wants with Cliff, JR tells him that he is on vacation and thought that he would sit in on Cliff’s game.  Frank tells JR that it’s by invitation only, JR tells him that Cliff was always afraid to play him heads up.  Frank says that the buy in is 1 million dollars and as much as Cliff would love to take his money, he knows that JR can’t cover that.  JR tells him that the buy in isn’t a problem, and to tell Cliff that he will see him soon.  After Frank leaves JR gets a call from Bum, he asks him to look into Frank, and to call Carlos Del Sol and have him send him 1 million dollars.

John Ross asks Bum if he’s heard from his father, Bum tells him that he doesn’t know how to get in touch with JR.  John Ross shows Bum the photo of him and Elena and the photo of Marta on his phone he tells him that her real name is Veronica Martinez, he tells her that she is crazy and he thinks that she might hurt Elena.  Bum tells him that JR would h ire more security, John Ross says that he did that already, then Bum tells him that JR would send him to see her himself.  John Ross tells him that he would have to find her first.  Bum tells him to send him her picture, he tells him that he will be able to find her.

Ann gets flowers and a gift box, she thinks they are from Bobby, but when she reads the card she finds out its from Ryland.  She opens the box and finds a locket, she starts to cry, and Bobby comes out asking her whats wrong.  She tells him to leave her alone and runs into the house.  Bobby picks up the card and reads it.  He rushes over to Ryland’s offices and walks right past his secretary who tells Bobby that he is in a meeting.  He goes over to Ryland and grabs him and tells him to stay away from Ann.

Rebecca gets out of the cab and sees Christopher, she tells him that she only came back for her car,  He tells her that the paper was legit, she tells him that she is glad that she could help.  He gets into his car and drives away.

Sue Ellen goes to see Ryland, she tells him that this is hard for her to do, but she wants his help.  She tells him that she would recommend him for a new position in the railroad commission if he will send his tankers back to Southfork.  He tells her that he can’t let her compromise herself for her son.  But he says that he will reinstate his trucks because it’s the right thing to do, besides he tells her he thinks he sided with the wrong side of her family.  Then he writes her a check for her campaign which she tells him she can’t accept, but he tells her that she will.  

As the trucks drive to section 18, John Ross thanks her for what she did, she tells him that he can always count on her.  Ann puts on the locket and looks at herself in the mirror.  

Bobby and Chris go to John Ross and give him the trust, they tell him that Gary gave Bobby his share, so JR may own Southfork but Bobby has the control over the mineral rights, and they are shutting him down.  He tells him that he is beat fair and square.

Rebecca hangs up the phone after saying she will make a doctors appointment soon.  Tommy comes in and tells her that Christopher just sent an email about an old trust, just like the one they were looking for.  He realizes that she was the one to give it to tehm.  She tells Tommy that they are done and she gives him her wedding rings telling him to get out of town.  She tells him that he is right she is in love with Chirstopher and she is pregnant.
Final Thoughts:  I want to know what is up with Ann, what secret is she keeping from Bobby, will he turn his back on  her?  I like that they mentioned Gary, I wonder what he is up to, hopefully they bring him back in the second season so we can find out (NOTE:  this was written before I knew that Gary would be in the next season, but I didn't get a chance to update this blog till now.)  I don't like Christopher, I get it you feel betrayed by Rebecca, but he doesn't need to act like an ass. 

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