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Home Away From Home

Falcon Crest
Season 2 Episode 6
Airdate:  November 12, 1982

Recap:  Maggie gets home and finds Cole packing up his car with his things.  He tells her that he is moving to Catherine’s place and that he can’t take it at home anymore.
   Lance leaves Falcon Crest after telling Melissa that he won’t be home for dinner.
   Maggie tells Chase about Cole as they are getting dinner ready, Vicky doesn’t see this as a problem since he is still in the Valley, but Maggie tells her that it’s like he ran away.  Chase says that he can’t believe that Cole didn’t come talk to him first.  The phone rings and it’s Chase’s mother Jacqueline.  He tells her not to come.
   Chase goes to see Cole, he tells him that with the murder trial coming up, that he needs his family.  Cole tells him that he needs his freedom too, Katherine comes over and Cole introduces them to each other.  She tells Chase what a help Cole has been to her.
   Lance surprises Lori on the pier, she tells him that she is tired of all the secret meetings, she tells him that if he was his own man then he would be out on his own, doing what he wanted.  He tells her that this is just the way his family does things.  She tells him that she doesn’t understand it them.
   Diana is going over the report about what Cole has been doing with Richard.
   Jacqueline gets into a limo at the airport and asks to be taken to the Tuscany Valley. 
   Chase and Maggie are in bed when the door bell rings, Chase opens the door and finds his mother there.  The next morning she tells them that she hired a criminal lawyer for Cole, they tell her that they will stick with their lawyer.  Jacqueline asks where Cole is staying. 
   Katherine brings Cole something to drink, while he is working on the roof of her house, they talk about what she is going to make for dinner, she stumbles and he grabs her and they kiss.  There is someone hiding taking photos of them.
   Philip tells Angela that if Douglas knew what Richard would do to the paper he would have made other arrangements.  Angela tells him that it’s up to her now.  She says that they need to find Emma so she can get her proxy.  He suggests that she should buy all the outstanding shares of The Globe, she tells him to get on it.  Chase comes over and tells Angela that his mother is here to visit, he mentions that he will be bringing her for a tour of the winery.  After he leaves, Angela tells her lawyer that she doesn’t want Jacqueline on her property, Philip tells her that it will be hard since Chase owns half of Falcon Crest.
   Jacqueline and Maggie goes to see Cole, he takes them to his room.  Maggie notices that Katherine is doing his laundry, she tells him that she wants him to bring his laundry home.  Jacqueline tells him that she is there for him.
   Emma calls Chase and tells him that she is in Louisiana, she tells him that she was being followed, but that she thinks managed to give them the slip.  She tells him that she trusts him to do the right thing with her proxy.  He asks her to give him a phone number, but she hangs up.
   Julia finds Lance picking out some wine, she tells him that she wants him to go with Melissa to her childbirth classes.
   Maggie gets upset with Jacqueline for the things she bought for Vicky, when Chase comes home, he suggests that they talk about it after dinner.  They go outside to talk, and Chase tells her that she is only doing what any grandmother does for her grandchildren.  Maggie tells him that they went to see Cole, she tells him that she doesn’t think living at Catherine’s is a good idea for him, Chase agrees but tells her that there is nothing he can do about it at this point.  Maggie tells him that she is worried about Cole, and he tells her that they all are.
   Richard picks a new photo of Katherine and Cole for the headline for the paper.  Diana shows him a photo of Cole and Jacqueline, he asks who she is, and Diana tells him that she is Cole grandmother.  Richard tells her that they will have to keep an eye on her too.
   Philip comes over and tells Angela that she now owns 10,000 shares of The Globe.  She is surprised how much it cost her, but he tells her that the prices went up once Richard took over, he tells her that the paper is making money.  She tells him that they need to find Emma, that she really needs her proxy.  Philip tells her that they almost had her in Louisiana, but they can’t figure out what her plans are.  Angela tells him to put more people on it.
   Lance drives over to Lori’s for dinner, and Melissa follows him.  Lori and Lance go out to the balcony where she has the table set, she tells him that she doesn’t want to get used to the best, and he tells her that he isnt’ going anywhere.  Melissa watches them from her car.
   Melissa gets home later as Angela goes back upstairs, she says that she thought Lance was with her, Melissa tells her that she went out to dinner with a friend.
  Maggie meets with Catherine, she tells her that Cole needs his family right now, and Catherine tells her that she really disapproves of her, and Maggie tells her that she won’t let her take her son.
   Later Catherine tells Cole that she saw his mother, she tells him that she was right, but Cole tells her that he is going to stay with her.
   Richard goes to Julia’s lab, he tells her that he has come to talk business.  He offers her cash and that he will find Tony and get him a job for her shares.  Julia asks him how he will find Tony, and he tells her that it will be his problem.  Angela walks in and tells him that Julia isn’t interested in his offer.  Julia tells him that she will think about it
   Chase is showing Jacqueline around when they run into Angela and Richard leaving the winery.  Angela asks her how long she is staying, and Jacqueline tells her she will stay as long as she is needed.  Angela introduces her to Richard.  Something is wrong with Jacqueline after she meets Richard, when they are gone, Chase asks her if she is alright.
   Melissa asks Lance if he is going back to San Francisco, he tells her that he doesn’t care that she knows where he is going.  She cries out in pain, at first he doesn’t seem to believe her, he goes to her side, and then Angela comes in, she tells him to go call for the doctor.
   Cole goes to see Richard, he tells him to stop convicting him before he has gone to trial, and he tells him to leave Catherine out of it.  Richard tells him to get out of his office.  Cole asks him why he is doing this to him.  Richard tells him that he is doing it to himself.
   Jacqueline tells Chase and Maggie that she has to go, but that she will be back.  Chase asks her why she is leaving, she tells him that he was right, she shouldn’t have come.  She gives him a check for the legal expenses, he tells her that he doesn’t want it, but she makes him keep it just in case.  Maggie asks him if he gave her a nudge to leave, he says no, but he thinks that someone else did.
   The doctor comes down and tells them that the baby is in a breach position and that if could endanger Melissa’s life and the baby’s, he tells them that she is to stay in bed and that she should not be upset.  Angela tells Lance that Melissa needs the presence of a loving husband, so he needs to stay home from now on.
Guest Star:  Lana Turner 
Final Thoughts:  Okay whats up with Jacqueline and Richard, that was the most interesting thing to happen in this episode.  I kind of wish that Lana Turner was a regular in the show.
Best Outfit:  If this pajamas I would like to know what's up with the huge necklace.

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