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Collateral Damage

Season 1 Episode 7
Airdate:  7/18/12
Recap:  Christopher is out riding, he stops to look at the tree with all the names carved into the trunk. 
John Ross gets the news that he can’t drill because the trust is binding.  Christopher walks in and gives him the DVD, he tells him that the trust is airtight and there is nothing he can do.  Christopher tells him that he will fight him, fairly, for Southfork and Elena.

Rebecca goes over to Elena’s and gives her a gift basket, thanking her for the other day.  She seems to be getting sick, when Elena asks her if she is okay she tells her that she is fine, but she starts to get sick, and Elena sends her to her bathroom.  Elena realizes what is wrong with Rebecca, she asks her how far along she is.  Rebecca tells her she is 9 weeks pregnant.  Elena wants to know if she knew before going to the hospital, Rebecca tells her that she didn’t know.  She asks if she told Christopher yet.  Rebecca tells her that he won’t answer her calls.  Elena tells her that he has to know.  

Ann is in the park, she looks at the locket in her hand and at the children playing.  Her phone rings, it’s Bobby he wants to know if she wants to go riding before dinner, she tells him that she is shopping and asks him if they can do it later, she tells him that she has to go because she is in line.  Bobby says he`ll see her at dinner and hang up she watches the kids play in the park.

John Ross is having lunch with Lucy.  He's telling her about the first time he tried bourbon she says that she knew when she found him that he was his mother's son.  He tells her that she is his favorite cousin, she asked him what he wants.  He tells  her that he wants her to talk to Uncle Gary, and tells her about the trust and that he needs Gary and JR to sign off so that he can drill.  John Ross tells her that there is about  200,000,000 barrels oil under Southfork,  he tells her that they will all benefit.  She says that he's not that little boy she found and that she’s sure that his dad's real proud of him.  John Ross says if there's anyone Gary listen to besides Bobby it’s her.  He says if she can get her to convince Gary to come down and sign off he will give her stake in Ewing Oil.

Christopher comes over to Elena while she is trying to work on her car.  She tells him not to say anything and he says he understands and knows she’s with John Ross, and she tell them that he needs to respect that.  Christopher says he does, that he should.  He says he owes her better apology for the things he said to her.  He tells her that the only reason why he cut her out of the menthal project, but she cuts him off and says they were getting too close and he needed to be there for a Rebecca.  He tells her he cares for her and that he should a fight harder for her and not ran off.  Christopher tells her that instead of running off like a teenager he should have followed her.   She tells Chris for that he needs to call Rebecca that she's been trying to get a hold of him, he asked her how she knows this Elena tells him that he really needs to call her and walks off.  He says why are you going on about this, that there are other ways to get me to leave.  Elena turns around and tells him that Rebecca is pregnant, she tells him that Rebecca should have been the one to tell him, Christopher walk away.   

A police car drives up to where Bobby is working with the ranch hands, he goes over and they tell him that he's under arrest for the assault of Harris Ryland.  

Bobby tells his lawyer that the only reason why Ryland is doing this is so he can get his hooks in on Ann.  The lawyer tells Bobby that there's a deal on the table, he asks what the deal is.  His lawyer tell him that all Harris wants is an apology.  Bobby says he won't do it, his lawyer tells him that that Ryland has his tentilcales around everyone and everything and can destroy everything for Bobby.  Bobby changes the subject and asks about what they found on JR.  He tells Bobby that they found nothing.  He tells him that JR has been very careful.  Bobby says if Marta and JR did business then there had to be at the nursing home.  His lawyer gives him some information he got on JR's private eye, Bum.

Christopher go see Rebecca, she guesses that Elena told him.  He asked her where his brother is, she tells him that he is gone, that she told him to leave.  Christopher thinks that this is just another ruse.  Rebecca tells him that she isn't lying.  He says that she's been lying to him for the past two years.  She tells him that she's having a baby and whether or not he's her husband he is the father.  Christopher tells her crazy and that he thinks that this is just another scheme of hers.  Rebecca tells that he can think whatever you want but she thinks that he would have been more adult about it, considering what his birth parents did to him.  Christopher walked out of the apartment.  

Christopher tells Ann and Bobby about Rebecca having a baby.  Ann asks him if he really thinks she’s lying about this, he says that she lied about everything else.  He tells them that they made an appointment at the doctor and they are going to get a paternity test.  Bobby asked if he really thinks that Rebecca would have been unfaithful, Christopher says he doesn't know, but that she's a liar.  Ann tells him that she's trying to do right by him and all that he's being is spiteful and cruel.   Ann apologizes after Christopher leaves and tells Bobby she doesn't know what's gotten into her lately.  He asked if it's about the flowers at Ryland send her she tells him not to go there.  Bobby tells her about the lawsuit he tells her that he went to Ryland’s office after she got the flowers.

John Ross tells Elena he doesn't know what he would do without her.   John Ross sees Marta walk out of the restaurant, he tells Elean that he needs to make a phone call and goes outside, he looked around but doesn't see her his phone rings, it's someone that works for Vicente.  They tell John Ross that he want to meet in an hour.  

 John Ross asks Vicente for a couple more days.  He tells John Ross not forget that he owns the lien to the ranch.  John Ross asks if he would be willing to make a trade for more time.  Vicente asks him what he wants to trade for.   John Ross tell him for information, he tells him that Marta skimmed money from the sale that she lied about the purchase price and pocketed the difference and that she has been a pain in his back side, he tells Vicente to get his guys and spook her, and to chase her out of town and far away from him.  Vicente tells him that he has one more week.  

Bobby tell John Ross that Lucy never was in on the deal, that she and Gary are with him.  John Ross tells Bobby that he owes JR's investors and that if he doesn't pay them all hell will break loose.  Bobby says that JR is just dragging him down.  John Ross says he can't let his father hang out to dry, John Ross tells Bobby he has to let him drill.

Sue Ellen tells John Ross that he should have gone to her and she would have talked to Gary, he says that would have done no good.  She asks if he heard from JR.  John Ross tells her that he has no idea where he is or how to get in touch with him, and that's how JR wants it.  She tells him that he owes people oil but it doesn't have to be Southfork oil.  She asks about Elena's fields, he says that he won't drag her into this mess.  John Ross says that Elena's the one good thing in his life and wants to keep it that way.  

JR tells Bum that if John Ross can't figure out a way to get past the trust then Sue Ellen will.  Bum tells JR about what he learned about Frank.  JR tells him, a cheated man is a dangerous man.

The doctor tells Rebecca and Christopher that the result will be ready later this afternoon.  He tells Rebecca about the day that they met and how he felt, he tells her that he fell in love with a lie.  Rebecca tells him that she is sorry for what she said about his birth parents, she tells him that she knows he would never abandon anyone. 

Over lunch Elena asks Sue Ellen why John Ross doesn't ask her himself.  She says because he's a man that he is a Ewing.  She tells Elena that she would only be tieding him over until he can start drilling on Southfork.  Elena says that John Ross knows that she does not want any part of drilling on Southfork, Elena tell her that she cares about John Ross but she also cares about Bobby and Christopher.  Sue Ellen tells her that being the soul investor in her company she hope she makes the wise choice.   Marta watches Elena from across the restaurant.  

John Ross answers his phone thinking it Elena, only to find out its Marta she tells him that he better meet her at a hotel room and that he better not call the police if he does show hurt her.  John Ross walks into the hotel room call bout to Elena.  He pulls back the blinds and Marta is standing behind him she tells him that she’s been followed all day.  He asked her where Elena is, she tells them that she knows he sold her out.  John Ross goes about the hotel room looking for Elena, Marta tells him that he needs to help her.  John Ross says that if Elena is hurt in any way he will end her.  She tells him if he cares about Elena safety he`ll help.

Christopher goes to Elena and tell her that he still wants to be with her.  He says doesn't matter what the paternity  results says and he knows that part of her still wants to be with him too.  Elena tells him she can't get between him and his child.  He tells her that they can make things work.  She tells him that she wanted make things work with John Ross and that they are happy, she asked Christopher to stop.

Bobby goes to see Ryland and apologizes.  Ryland calls his attorney and tells him to drop the charges.  Bobby says his apology doesn't take back what he did.  Ryland give Bobby an envelope he tells him that Ann is holding something back, and he knows that Bobby wants to know what it is.  Ryland tells him that there is a lot about her that he doesn't know.

Marta tell him that her bank accounts are frozen, John Ross asks her how much she wants.  She tells him that she doesn't want money, she tells him that he needs to help her get out of this mess that he caused.  John Ross tells her that he's only here to find Elena, and wants to know where she is, he realizes she doesn't have her, that she stole Elena’s phone.  John Ross asks her if she's filming this and asks what is wrong with her.  Marta tells him that she earned everything she had and that she thought they have that in common.  He grabbed her purse and they struggle, she scratches his neck and he pushes her to the ground he takes Elena's phone and leave the room he turned the corner just missing two men who walk into Marta’s room.

Bobby gets home and find Christopher and Ann arguing, she tells him that Rebecca never lied to him about her love for him, only about something from her past, something that she was ashamed of.  She tells him that if she hadn't told him the truth they would still be happy and the news of the baby would be news of joy.  Ann says he can still have that life.  Bobby put the envelope aside and walks in, Christopher’s phone rings, it’s the doctor, they tell him that they won’t give him the paternity test results over phone Bobby says I'll go with him.  

 John Ross walked out of the hotel and notices that Marta has fallen out her window.  He passes to people who he met at the elevator when he went up to her room he gets into his car and drive away quickly. 

The doctor tells Christopher that he is the father, he asked why she couldn't tell him over the phone.  The doctor tells him that Rebecca was treated for nosebleeds and fatigue, at that time they didn’t know she was pregnant, doctors didn't know until they detected the HCG hormone.  Today they found multiple heartbeats. Rebecca is getting an ultrasound when Christopher comes in, she calls him to her side, and he takes her hand as they watch the screen.  He looks over at Bobby and Ann as tears fill his eyes.

At home, Bobby tells Ann that the charges were dropped.  She telsl him that she is sorry he had to go through with that.  He tells her that Ryland gave him an envelope that would tell himi everything he didn’t know about her.  He tells her that he wishes that she would tell him what is making her so upset, but that he doesn’t need to open the envelope, he says that he knows that she will work it out, but if she does need him he is there for her.  He throws the envelope into the fire, Ann gets up and hugs Bobby.  We can see a photo of Ann with a baby in the fire as the envelope and it’s contents burn.
Elena comes out and asks John Ross where he was, she tells him that Sue Ellen talked to her, and that she watns to help him.  Police cars pull up, Bobby comes out and tells them that everything has been settled with Ryland, they tell him that they are hear for his nephew, they tell John Ross that there are witnesses seeing a car of this description and of his fleeing a crime scene.  Elena asks what it is all about.  They tell them about the murder of Veronica Martinez, or as they would have known her, Marta Del Sol.  They tell John Ross that they need to ask him a few questions.  Elena, Ann and Bobby watch as he gets into the car with the police.
Final Thoughts:  Marta's death reminds me of how Julie was killed, except that there are a lot of people around. 

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