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The Roof

Season 3 Episode 2
Airdate:  October 6, 1982
Recap:  The police captain comes into the house and tells Blake that he is going to be taking control of the case.  He tells him that they’ve got no proof that Ahmed kidnapped the baby; Blake gets mad at him and goes in to the library.  Krystle comes in and brings him coffee, she suggests that he needs some rest, he yells at her telling her to leave him alone.  (put video of the room you are tearing me apart or make pic of him yelling Krystle you are tearing me apart)  He stops her from leaving telling her that he is sorry and that he needs her.  She asks him why he never told her about Adam, he tells her that he just shut that part of his life away.  She asks if Steven or Fallon knew anything about Adam, he tells her that they never told them.  He explains that he had to close that off from the rest of his life or he couldn’t go on.  He tells her that it happened when they were struggling financially.  (I can’t imagine Alexis with anyone that wasn’t incredibly wealthy.)
   In Montana, Michael is sitting with his grandmother, she tells him that she is going to die and that she needs to make peace with her sins.  She tells him that she sinned when she took him from the carriage in Denver.  She tells him that when she dies, that she wants him to collect his birthright, she makes him go into her draw and he finds a baby rattle with the initials A.A.C on it, she tells him it stands for Adam Alexander Carrington.  She makes him say that he is Adam Carrington and makes him promise that he will go to his parents.
   Fallon tells Jeff that she just realized how people could hate them because of their money.  She tells him that if she knew about her brother before, then she might have gone through with the abortion.  
   Alexis is telling Blake about Cecil’s condition she tells him that she has taken a room at the hospital.  She tells him that Cecil is insisting on getting married in the hospital room.  Fallon comes down and asks them why they never told her about Adam, Alexis tells her that it was all Blake’s doing, since he made her leave town.  Blake tells her that he didn’t want her and Steven to live in fear.  She tells him that if he told them then she might have been able to protect her son.
   Joseph comes into Krystle’s room and asks her if she has seen Claudia, he tells her that the bedroom is closed and there is no answer, and he doesn’t feel right going inside.  He tells her that the hospital called Claudia to tell her that they are ready for her.  Krystle goes knocks at the door when there is no answer she goes inside.  She leaves and finds Joseph and asks if he has seen Blake, he tells her that he just left with the police, they have a suspect.
   At the station Ahmed is being questioned.  He denies being at the house, but they tell her that there is a witness.  He says that he did come to try and convince Blake, but he left as soon as he heard that he was out of town.  The captain tells Blake that his gut tells him that he is innocent.
   Alexis tells Jeff that Cecil has been asking for him, she tells him not to say anything about the baby.  Jeff tells Cecil that with all their differences he was very good to him.  Cecil asks him about the baby; Jeff tells him that he is growing so big.  Cecil asks him to kiss him for him, he tells him to tell the baby that family is important.
   Jeff goes to his father’s grave and talks to him, and then the creepy caretaker comes over and tells Jeff that he is sorry about his son.  Jeff walks away and Grimes goes off on him, and tells him that he has feelings too. 
Fallon finds the nurse Susan in the kitchen drinking wine, she tells her that she had a thing with Nick too, and she wants to know if she and Nick were behind the kidnapping, she asks her how much money she wants to give her son back.  She tells her that it’s always money with her and that no amount will make her confess to something she didn’t do.
   Krystle tells Blake about Claudia disappearing; she tells him that she is beginning to think that she has something to do with the kidnapping.  Blake tells her that Claudia left because she just doesn’t want to be sent back to the hospital.
   Claudia opens the door to her new apartment; the landlady comes over and tells her if she needs anything just to ask.  When Claudia closes the door she picks up the baby wrapped in Little Blake’s blankets.
Blake talks with a reporter, he wants her to write a story about the kidnapping, but she tells him that she wants to write a story about the kidnapping of Adam, he tells her that it’s a dead story, but she tells him that she got a call asking a lot of questions about Adam, she asks him if he knows anyone in Billings Montana.  Blake tells her that it’s only a crank caller.
   In Montana, the doctor tells Michael that his grandmother didn’t leave him much only the things she taught him.  Michael takes the doctor to another room to talk; he tells him that he is a hypocrite.  Michael tells him that he knows that he cheated his grandmother.  The doctor tells him that he always knew that he had a mean streak.  Michael asks him what his grandmother told him about his parents.  He tells Michael that she told him that his parents were killed in Denver.  Michael asks him if he was in on it too, he asks Michael what he is talking about.  Michael says he doesn’t know yet and leaves to go pack.
   Blake tells Krystle that Nick left for the Middle East; alone he tells her that he thinks she is right about Claudia.
   Claudia is going to the landlady’s apartment to get some towels, when she sees herself on the news; she overhears the landlady calling the police about her, she runs up to the roof of the apartment with the baby.
Blake tells Fallon that he thinks the baby is with Claudia, and tries to calm her down.
   The police are quietly surrounding Claudia on the roof; she sees them and tells them to stay away, she moves closer to the edge of the building.  
   Michael flirts with one of the flight attendants and gets her to book a room in the hotel for him, and they make a date for dinner.
   The police have the whole building surrounded now.  Blake, Krystle, Jeff, and Fallon all go up to the roof with the Captain.  There is an officer trying to talk Claudia to leave the roof, but she won’t, Krystle and Jeff tell Blake to talk to her since she has always trusted him, but Fallon says that she’ll talk to her.  Claudia asks her what she is doing there; Fallon tells her she just wants her baby.  Claudia tells her that the baby is Lindsay.  Fallon tells her that the baby is her son not Lindsay, and she begs her to give him back.  Claudia tells her no.  Blake tries to talk to Claudia.  He tells her he knows how much love is in her, and she tells him that it’s all for Lindsay.  He tells her that Lindsay isn’t there, that she is resting.  Claudia asks Blake if she is alone.  He tells her no, that her father is with her.  She asks why Matthew took Lindsay from her.  He says he doesn’t know.  A police officer, who looks like he is in a terrible costume (get picture) is coming up from behind her.  She turns and sees him; Claudia stumbles and drops the baby over the side of the building.  As everyone is holding onto each other, the police call up and tell them that it was only a doll that fell.  Fallon is hysterical, and Blake is trying to get through to her that it wasn’t her baby and she faints.
   Final Thoughts:  The ending was so bad, I know that they would never have done something like that to a real baby, but maybe if they didn’t have such a clear shot at what is clearly a doll; it wouldn’t have been so bad.  And to repeat myself I don’t believe Alexis would ever have been with someone who didn’t have money.  
Best Outfit:  I'm confused by the uniform for these flight attendants, is this a themed airlines?

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