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The Wedding

Season 3 Episode 3
Airdate:  October 20, 1982
Recap:  Jeff asks Blake if he thinks the person who kidnapped the baby was Ahmed, but Blake tells him that he doesn’t think so anymore.  Blake asks if there was anyone else suspicious around the house at the time the baby was taken.  Jeff tells him that there was no one else, but the caretaker Grimes, he tells Blake that Grimes mentioned Nick.  Blake tells Krystal to take Fallon back to the house, and he and Jeff leave.
At Grimes’ house, he hears the sirens and picks up the baby; he goes out the back way.  The Police go into the house, with Blake and Jeff following right behind.  Blake picks up a rattle from the crib in the center of the room and shows it to Jeff.  They follow the police out the back as they chase after Grimes.  A motorcycle cop cuts him off and soon he is surrounded.  He tells them all to stay back; Jeff comes forward slowly telling that he wants his son.  Finally he gives him the baby, Blake rushes at him, but the police move him out of the way and handcuff Grimes.  He tells them that it wasn’t his idea, that Nick paid him to do it.
In the car, Blake tells Jeff that Grimes’ son Roger was the man who was sleeping with Alexis, and that Nick must have read about it from the trial.  Blake tells him that he will make Nick pay for what he did.
   Claudia is packing her suitcase; she is being watched by a nurse who will take her to the sanitarium.  Jeff comes and talks to her, she tells him that the doll was Lindsay’s and she was only taking care of it, and didn’t mean to hurt it.  Jeff tells her that he didn’t mean to hurt her; she asks him if he ever loved her.  He tells her that they came together at a time when they really needed each other, and that he did love her.  She goes down the stairs saying goodbye to Joseph and the rest of the staff, who are sad to see her leave.  She goes to Blake, who tells her that everything will be alright; she stops before Krystle who hugs her.
   In Cecil’s hospital room, the doctor is checking his vitals, and says that they are good, when Alexis walks in, he tells her to leave so that Cecil can rest, outside she asks him how Cecil is doing, but his answer isn’t good enough for her.  She tells him that Cecil wants to go ahead with the wedding, and he tells her that he won’t allow it.  A nurse comes over and congratulates her, she asks what for, and she tells her that the baby was found.
   Alexis goes over to Blake’s house and complains to him that a stranger had to be the one to tell her about the baby, he tells her that they were more concerned about the baby and didn’t think to tell her.  Krystle walks in and tells Blake that he has a phone call; once he is gone she tells Alexis that she wants her to leave.  Alexis goes off on her about how everyone belongs to Blake.  She tells her that the future is going to be different because they will soon hear from her and she may become a secretary again very soon.
   In the waiting room, Alexis asks the nurse when she can see Cecil.  The nurse tells her that Cecil is already with his lawyer and he can only have one visitor at a time.  Cecil’s lawyer comes out and talks to Alexis, he tells her that Cecil wants to see her.  She goes into the room, and tells him that he looks wonderful, but that he should be resting.  She asks him what business he wanted to talk to her about, he tells her that the wedding will take place tomorrow at three and that everything is being taken care of all she needs to do is show up in a pretty dress.
   Fallon walks into the nursery, and Susan tells her that the baby just finished his bottle.  Fallon starts to go off on her and when Jeff walks by he tells her to cut it off.
   Krystle goes into the library and finds Blake, he tells her that its relief that is settling in not fatigue.  She tells him to go upstairs and get some rest.
   Jeff is going back upstairs and finds Susan coming down with her suitcase; she tells him that Fallon just fired her.  He goes up to the nursery, Fallon tells him that she fired her, when they start arguing that she was against Susan just because she had an affair with Nick, the baby wakes up, she calls Joseph on the house phone and ask him to make up a bed in the nursery for her, Jeff tells her that that’s just great and walks out.
   The next morning Fallon tells Blake that she wants to move out of the house and take the baby with her, she tells him that she wants to find her purpose.  She tells him that he can’t buy what she wants, and to let her go.  He tells her that he admires her and agrees that she needs to find something to do.  He tells her to pick out something she wants to do and they will talk.  Joseph comes in and shows Blake the article about Adam.
Fallon goes to the La Mirada, she looks around the hotel, which is full of old people, she takes notes and catches the eye of Michael who is on a payphone, they exchange a smile.  Michael is setting up a meeting with Blake later in the day.  He goes over to the front desk and talks to one of the men there, who tells him that Blake owns the hotel.  
   Fallon goes to Blake’s office and tells him that she wants him to give her the hotel, that she can turn it around and make a profit for him.  She tells him that if he agrees then she will hold off on the divorce, but they will have a marriage in name only and she will start living her own life.  On her way back up the elevator, she meets up with Michael again; she tells him that she forgot something upstairs.  They talk about him living in Montana.  He tells her that she is very attractive, and she tells him that she think he is too.  He wants to know her name, but she doesn’t tell him, he tells her that his name is Michael Torrance.  
   Alexis walks into the kitchen looking for Joseph, Krystle tells her that he isn’t there.  Alexis tells her to tell Joseph to lock up the cottage and to give the keys to Fallon, she is leaving it to the baby.  Krystle asks her if she is moving.  Alexis tells her that she is marrying Cecil today, so she will be moving into his house.  She goes on about how Krystle hasn’t made use of Blake’s house and money by throwing parties like she used to.  She tells her that she and Cecil will show the town how to party, and if the whim strikes her that she might even invite Krystle and Blake.  Krystle tells her not to bother, that they won’t show up.  Alexis turns to leave, but turns back and tells her that she knows, despite their differences, that she wishes her the best.  She leaves.
   Blake meets with Michael, he asks him if he wants a drink, and Michael says that it’s a bit early for him.  Blake says that his uncle would have, Michael tells him that he doesn’t have an uncle.  Blake tells him that he knows that already, and asks him what this is all about.  Michael tells him that he lied because he wanted to talk to him.  Blake asks him if he is the anonymous caller from Montana, and calls the article in the paper garbage.  Michael tells him that it isn’t garbage.  Blake asks him if he knows where his son is.  Michael tells him that he does.  Blake asks him where he is.  Michael stands up and says that it’s him.  Blake gets upset and tells him that he is going to throw him out.  Michael asks him to give him a minute.  He tells Blake about how his “grandmother” told him on her deathbed that he was really Adam Carrington, that she kidnapped him after she buried her grandson, and his parents in Denver 25 years ago.  He wants Blake’s help, he tells him that at first he didn’t believe it either, he asks about the hospital records.  Blake tells him that everything burned in a fire at the hospital and asks if he knew about it.  He denies that he knew anything about the fire.  He is about to tell Blake about the rattle he found, but changes his mind, and tells him that after meeting him he is glad he isn’t a Carrington.  He leaves the office passing Jeff, who walks into the office.  He asks Blake who that was; Blake tells him that it was no one.
   Alexis walks into Cecil’s room, dressed all in white.  The doctor tells Cecil that he is still against this, but Cecil wants to go ahead and tells the priest to get on with the ceremony.  When they are exchanging their vows, Cecil seems to lose concentration and is prompted by the priest to continue.  After the ceremony Cecil asks for the doctor, nurse and the priest to leave.  He asks Alexis if she was afraid that he wouldn’t answer, she tells him that she was only afraid for him.  Then he starts to go on about her and Blake, and what they talked about on their honeymoon.  He is getting more and more upset, and has another heart attack, Alexis calls the doctor back in, and they try to get his heart back going, but it’s no use.
Final Thoughts:  That caretaker was just way too shady, but I’m glad that it’s over, and I’m sure that this will be the last time we hear the name Nick Toscani on the show.  I actually felt bad for Alexis when she was the last one to know about the baby being found, and Blake pretty much telling her that they forgot about her.  That was a crazy ending, with Cecil, clearly he had his reasons for marrying her just like she did, but we won’t know what they were since he is now dead. 
Best Outfit:  This looks like the cheapest wedding dress ever.

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