Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Last Hurrah

Season 1 Episode 4
Airdate:  6-27-13
Recap:  Christopher wakes up from a dream that he was in bed with Elena.  He looks over at Rebecca who is still sleeping.

JR goes to John Ross’s apartment, and tells him that he’s hired someone to dig into Mitch’s son.  He gives him a packet of information on Rick and tells him to use Marta to get him, but John Ross says that he doesn’t want to use her.  JR tells him to find someone else then and fast.  

Rebecca answers her cell, its John Ross, he tells her that they meet to meet up and talk about the email that she sent to Christopher breaking up him and Elena.

JR is talking to his PI, Bum, about Marta, whose real name is Veronica Martinez, she has been arrested for stalking two former boyfriends, and threatened to kill one with a skinning knife.

Ann is packing up the house all the while getting things ready for the BBQ, Elena comes over and brings Christopher some stuff about the project.  Rebecca walks in and it becomes a bit awkward, she tells Christopher she can’t stay for breakfast since she needs to get to the law library.  Tommy tells him that she is just nervous about trying to pass the bar in Texas.  Christopher tells Elena to leave the paperwork and he’ll look at it later, he goes out to fix the cattle fences.  Bobby tells Ann that he is going to go help him.

JR goes to see Sue Ellen and gives her Miss Ellie’s pearls, Cliff walks in and Sue Ellen explains that Cliff has come to take her to lunch and give her some political advice.

John Ross and Rebecca meet up and he shows her the proof he has that she was the one to send the email.  He tells her that if she doesn’t get pictures of Rick doing drugs then he will go to Christopher and tell him about her scheme.

Elena goes to John Ross and tells him that she found an old stripper well on Ms Henderson’s land, but she won’t hear Elena out, she asks John Ross to come with her.  He asks her what’s in it for him.  He agrees to go with her.  Bum is watching them the whole time they are talking.

Bobby asks Christopher if he wants to talk.  He asks him if everything is alright between him and Rebecca, he tells him that it was a bit awkward this morning, he tells him that he can’t solve the problem by avoiding the situation.  

Elena and John Ross go talk to Ms. Henderson, and she lets them go out and check the well.  Bum takes photos of Elena and John Ross as they play around with the water hose.  Later Elena and John Ross go to see Sue Ellen, and she goes over what it will cost to start drilling.  Sue Ellen tells her that she will transfer the money.  She asks John Ross if he really thinks that JR has changed.

Christopher goes to the barn to find Bobby, he tells him that he doesn’t want him to be disappointed in him, he tells him that he and Elena were planning on getting married, but she never showed up.  He says that right before he and Rebecca were married he found out what really happened, he tells Bobby that Elena got an email, that she thought he sent, Christopher says that John Ross sent it, Bobby asks if Elena knows that he didn’t send the email, and Christopher tells him that she does now.  Christopher says that he loves Rebecca, but he can’t help but think of what might have been.   Bobby asks him if he thought he would judge him.  Christopher tells him no, because he would have told him the right thing to do.  Bobby says that he needs to make that choice for himself, and he has to let Elena go if he really loves Rebecca.  Christopher tells him that
he doesn’t know if he can.

Rebecca goes to the substance abuse meeting that Rick is running, after the meeting she goes over and talks to him, asking him if they can go somewhere to talk.  

JR tells Bum that he has never let him down, Bum asks him what he wants to do next.

Elena thanks John Ross for helping her, he asks her about them, she tells him that they’ll have to take it one step at a time.

John Ross gets home and finds Marta waiting for him, she asks him where he has been all day and why he hasn’t called her back.  He tells her that he just lost track of time and that he was with some guys at the bar.  She kisses him and tells him that she forgives him.

Rebecca tells Rick that she has had a bad day and that the only thing she can think of doing to feel better is to get high.  Rebecca asks him if he has anything, he tells her that getting high won’t solve her problems, she tells him that it will help her get through the night.  Rick tells her that he has been there, but that now he is finally clean.  She asks how he did it, he tells her that he fell in love and it would break him if he lost her.  Rebecca tells him that he’s changed her mind.

Rebecca goes back to her room and finds Tommy on Christopher’s laptop, she asks him what he is doing in their room.  He tells her that since she didn’t install the program he is doing it.  She tells him that she was afraid that they would get caught.  Tommy tells her that they can’t steal Christopher’s patent without access to his computer.  Rebecca tells him that she in only trying to protect them, he reminds her that they are here for the money, and that he has been copying the family papers, but she needs to keep up with her part of the deal.  She tells him that she is and to get out of her room.

Marta and John Ross go to Neiman Marcus after hours so she can buy him a watch, so that he won’t miss anymore dates.  He gets a call from Rebecca, who tells him that she couldn’t do it.  He tells her that she’s got until tomorrow afternoon, or else he will tell Christopher everything.  Marta asks him what’s wrong, and he tells her that he didn’t get what he needed with Mitch’s son, she tells him that she should have gone with him since they are partners.  She asks him to tell her what he needs to have done and she will do it.  John Ross tells her that they need evidence that Mitch’s son is doing drugs again.  Marta tells him to tell her where Rick is and she will take care of it in the morning.

JR talks with Elena and tells her that she should ask John Ross to the BBQ.  Sue Ellen comes over to have lunch with JR, she says that she can’t believe that this will be the last BBQ at Southfork.  JR wants to know about her lunch with Cliff, she tells him that Cliff thinks that she can win the election and that he offered to fund her champagne.  Sue Ellen asks JR what he really wants.  JR tells her that he wants a fresh start.  Sue Ellen tells JR that Cliff thinks that he is still after Southfork.  JR tells her that if he is guilty of anything it is for looking out for John Ross’s future.  She tells him that he’s convinced John Ross, but she wants to know if it’s really true.

Christopher tells Bobby that he still has the book that Pam and Bobby gave to him when they told him that he was adopted, Bobby tells him that it was the best day of his life, and that he knows that he will do the right thing with Rebecca.  Christopher goes to Elena’s house and gives her a check and thanks her for helping him with his project.  She tells him that she didn’t do it for the money.  He tells her that he wants to cover things so that later on she won’t come back claiming that it was her idea.  She gets upset with him, and he tells her that he is just trying to protect himself.  After he leaves Elena texts John Ross and asks him to the BBQ.
JR calls John Ross and asks him about Mitch’s son Rick.  John Ross tells him that Marta is taking care of it and he will talk to Mitch in the morning, he also tells him that he will see him at the BBQ.  John Ross texts Rebecca and tells her that he will be at the BBQ and that she should have done what he asked her to do. 
Marta takes her lithium pill while drinking a glass of wine.  She is waiting on John Ross who was supposed to be there, there is a knock on her door, she goes to answer it thinking it’s him, but it’s JR.  He tells her that John Ross is with Elena at the BBQ at Southfork, he also show her the photos of them the other day.  He tells her that he is sorry.  She gives him an envelope and telling him that this is what she did for his son and more.  He opens it up and sees photos of Rick and Marta in bed with drugs.  JR tells Marta that his son doesn’t appreciate the kind of woman he had in her.  He suggests that the two of them make a new deal.  

Lucy tells Ray that she can barely remember all the parties at Southfork.  He tells her that it’s because she spent most of the time trying to sneak liquor.   Bobby goes up and gives a speech, telling everyone that even though they are leaving the ranch everyone will still have the memories.

Rebecca sees John Ross and goes over to Christopher and tells him that they need to talk.  He says that he wants to show her something first.

JR shows Mitch the photos of his son, and tells him to redraw the deal, so that it is no longer a 50/50 split, it will all go to Jim.  He tells Mitch that John Ross can wait his turn.  Mitch calls after JR asking him to protect his son. 
Christopher shows Rebecca the new born calf, he tells her that he loves her, he notices that there is something wrong and asks her.  She tells him that she has something to tell him about the email that Elena got two years ago.
Final Thoughts:  I'm glad that it's going to be Rebecca telling Christopher about the email, but I bet he is going to overreact.  

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