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Ultimate Answers

Falcon Crest
Season 1 Episode 18
Air Date:  April 16, 1982

Recap:  Douglas’ funeral (not sure what it really is) is surprisingly small, in fact it’s just the family, no one else.  Chase comments to Maggie that Emma isn’t there, she tells him to leave it alone for tonight.  He tells Angela how sorry they are for her loss, she is cold with them.
   Angela’s lawyer tells her that the inquest will continue the next day, it’s been on hold for a week, and they can’t postpone it any longer.  She asks about Douglas’ will and when she will get control of the newspaper, she plans to get Chase thrown off the board.
   On the stand Angela tells the court how much she loved Jason, and tells them her story of what happened to Jason that night. 
   Back at Falcon Crest Melissa wants to know what they are keeping from her, Lance tells her that if Jason’s death is ruled anything other than an accident then they would lose everything to Chase.
The sheriff takes the stand, he is asked why he didn’t have an autopsy performed.  The medical examiner is questioned, he says that Jason died from the explosion of the truck, the DA gets the doctor to admit that he isnt’ really a doctor, he asks why no autopsy was performed.  He tells the court that Angela didn’t want one performed and Angela always gets what she wants.
   Lance and Melissa go up to check up on Emma, she has them pretend to toast to the new baby.  Emma asks Lance if he’s going to push Melissa down the stairs too.  When they go down stairs Melissa asks him what that meant.
   The DA questions Gus who tells them that he picked Jason up from the bar and that he took him back to his place for coffee, he was going to drive him home, but Jason said that he would walk since he had to get something from the winery.  Gus says that he doesn’t understand how Jason could have been driving so soon after he left him.  The DA wants Emma to be brought to court.  Angela tells her lawyer that he needs to do something.  He tells the court that Emma is unstable and he brings Dr. Banning to testify to that, but when the DA questions him he tells the court that he only spoke with her once and that as far as he knows Emma has never been institutionalized, and there is no record of Emma getting any help.  The judge agrees that Emma should be brought in to testify.
   Angela’s lawyer goes to Chase’s house and tells him that Angela would be willing to give him a loan so he could start his own winery, only if he drops this inquest.  Chase tells him that he just doesn’t get it, he doesn’t want anything but to know what happened to his father.
   Angela tells Lance that he needs to be sure that Emma takes some pills and that she isn’t to leave the house.  The lawyer comes and gives Angela a letter stating that Richard Channing has inherited the newspaper.  She asks about her daughters, he tells her that they own a share.  She asks who Richard Channing’s mother is.  He tells her that they are working on it.
   Emma is called to the stand, but Angela’s lawyer brings up a statement from her doctor saying that she’s too ill to come to court.
   Lance brings Emma her pill, she takes it, but once he’s gone she takes it out of her mouth and puts in the drawer with the rest of them.  She gets dressed and sneaks out her bedroom window.
   Chase is called to the stand, Angela is looking very smug.
   Lance goes back to check up on Emma and finds her gone.  Melissa takes the phone call Lance has been waiting for from his private investigator friend in New York, she takes the message for him.
   Chase describes what lead him to believe that his father’s death is no accident.  When Angela’s lawyer questions him he tries to make Chase admit that he is only doing this because he wants to control Falcon Crest.  He asks Chase why he came back to the valley.  The lawyer brings up Cole’s arrest and that Vicky is promiscuous. 
   Lance and Chao-Li  check the cottage then go to Chase’s house to find Emma.
   Chase says he isn’t bitter that he wasn’t left more in the will, he only wants the truth, he wants Emma to testify.
   Emma comes over to Cole and asks him to take her to the inquest.  Lance arrives and tries to get her to come home with him, but she won’t go, Cole says that he’ll take her home, Lance tells him to stay out of it.  Emma tells them that she wants to go to the inquest, so Cole drives off with Emma, Lance and Chao-Li  go to follow, but they need to fix a flat tire first (talk about bad luck). 
   Emma bursts into the court room, Angela goes to her,  but the judge orders her to sit back down or she will be removed.  The judge asks who she is, she introduces herself, and says that she wants to tell what happened that night.  Angela’s lawyer tries to get a recess, but the judge refuses.  Emma is sworn in and after the lawyer tries to stop her by saying she is under a lot of strain the judge asks how she feels.  She tells the judge that is fine.  She asks if she can read from her journal since she can get confused, he agrees, and    Emma begins to tell the court what happened that night Jason died.
   While the jury is out, Melissa comes and give Lance the message, his friend said that only two things scare him, a violent death and Richard Channing.  She says that she can’t wait to meet him.
   The jury return their verdict and Jason’s death is ruled as at the hands of another.  Chase asks the DA if he is going to prosecute Emma, he says no, Chase asks about Angela, the DA says that there would be no point.
   Emma goes over to Chase and tells him that she is sorry.  He tells her that he forgives her.  When Angela  calls to Emma to come with her, Emma tells her mother that she will came with Cole so she will leave with him too.  Chase tells Angela that he only wants what is his.  A 50/50 share of Falcon Crest, she tells him that she will fight him all the way, but agrees.  After he leaves she tells her lawyer that Chase thinks that he won. 
Final thoughts: I’m glad that story line is over, and I love how they set up Richard Channing, it’s a lot better set up then Alexis’ intro in Dynasty.
Best Outfit:  I think Angela had the worst outfits of the season, but Vicky was a close second.

Penultimate Questions

Falcon Crest
Season 1 Episode 17
Air Date:  April 9, 1982

Recap:  Lance and Melissa are on their honeymoon in Hawaii, Lance tells Melissa that they need to do something about her being pregnant, he said that they need to make plans after the honeymoon, she tells him that her only plans are to get things for the nursery, obviously he wants her to have an abortion.  He asks her where her ring is, she tells him that it’s where his is obviously, in their suitcase.  He goes to get a drink, once he’s gone she starts to put on sun tan lotion watching some men across the pool
   The medical examiner is talking to Angela, he is worried about the questions Chase could ask.  She reminds him that he answers to the sheriff. 
   When Lance comes back he finds Melissa with two men, one is rubbing the sun tan lotion on her the other is sitting really close.  He sends them off once he tells them that he’s her husband.  In their hotel room Lance is packing, he complains about how she is paying attention to other men but won’t let him touch her.  He tells her that she won’t keep the baby, she tells him that she is going to and that it’s her word against his whether or not it’s his baby.
   Chase and the family are going through the old letters that Cole brought back from Italy.  He comments about all the negative comments there are about the relationship between Angela and his father Jason.
   Julia tells Angela that it’s only a matter of time before Emma tells the truth about what happened to that night..  They are surprised when Lance and Melissa come back from the honeymoon a week early.  Angela takes Melissa to the drawing room to hear all about the honeymoon, which I find a little creepy..  Lance and his mother go make some tea.  Emma is having a nightmare and wakes up screaming, Angela tells Melissa to stay downstairs.  Lance and Julia are comforting her when Angela comes in.  Melissa is listening outside the door and hears them talking about Emma feeling guilty.
   Chase goes to the Sheriff’s office and tells him that he wants answers, the sheriff reluctantly agrees to meet with him at noon.  The sheriff goes right to Angela and tells her that Chase is demanding answers from him.  She tells him to cancel the meeting.  Melissa is on the stairs and hears this exchange.  The Sheriff says that he can’t stonewall Chase forever, she tells him to tell him that he didn’t ask for an autopsy, he reminds her that she was the one who asked him not to have one done.  Chao-Li  finds Melissa listening at the door, Julia comes downstairs and tells Melissa that Lance is looking for her, she asks what is going in and tells them that she overheard what happened in Emma’s room last night.  They tells her that it was about Emma’s shoplifting, she doesn’t believe this and asks why Chase has anything to do with this.  Lance tries to get her out of the house by going horseback riding, she tells him that she can’t and announces that she is pregnant.  Angela looks thrilled by the news.
   Maggie is waiting for Chase with lunch, he tells her that he forgot, and that the sheriff stood him up, and he thinks that he is avoiding him.  They talk about how little time they’ve spent together lately.  They argue about whether or not he is trying to find about his father for the family or just for himself.  She gets upset and says that he is a workaholic.  Chase apologizes and tells her that he feels that something isn’t right about his father’s death.  Maggie says that she is going to help, she’s going to go talk to Dr. Banning.
Julia goes to pick her father up from the hospital, she wants to take him back to Falcon Crest to recuperate, but he doesn’t want to.
   Melissa goes to see Cole, he doesn’t want to talk to her, she tells him that she came to talk to him about Emma and his grandfather so he’s going to listen to her.
   Angela calls Dr. Banning, but he won’t talk to her because of doctor patient confidentiality.  She seems satisfied with that since he won’t talk to her he won’t talk to anyone else.
   Chao-Li  goes to the junk yard at Angela’s request and buys the steering wheel from Jason’s truck.
   Julia catches Emma trying to leave, she tells her that she is leaving and that she needs her own space.  Julia tells her that she wants to go with her, but that they can’t go yet.  She convinces Emma to go back upstairs, but Angela finds them before she can.  When Emma is upstairs, Julia tells Angela once again that it’s only a matter of time before she talks.
   Melissa goes to see Chase, she tells him that she needs to talk, she tells him that the family is keeping secrets from her, she tells him how ruthless Angela is, he tells her that she is just like Angela.  She tells him that there are so many secrets.
   Vicky and Chase are cooking dinner, when Maggie gets home, she tells him that Dr. Banning wouldn’t talk to her since it would be unethical for him to discuss his patient with her, Chase said that he was helpful before, Maggie tells him that was because Emma was there before and had consent for him to talk to them.    She tells him that Angela called the Dr as well.  Chase tells her about Melissa coming to see him.
   The next day the sheriff finds Chase waiting for him by his car.  Chase asks him why there was no autopsy performed on his father, the sheriff tells him that his father was a known drunk and that he made a left turn when he should have turned right, he tells Chase that the circumstances were clear and made a choice.  He tells Chase to let it go, and that it would do no good to perform an autopsy now, since the embalming fluid would have destroyed any evidence that there might have been.
   Julia tries to convince Angela to let Emma tell what happened.  Angela reminds her that they would loses everything because of the clause in her father’s will.
   Chase goes to the junk yard and goes to see his father’s truck.  He learns that the truck never worked well since his father was constantly getting parts for the truck, he also learns about the Chinese man that came and bought the steering wheel that morning.
   Emma and her father are going for a walk, just when it looks like she might tell him what happened, Angela comes to take her back home.  Douglas says that he wants to spend time with her and that Angela is making things worse for Emma.  He asks Emma where she wants to go, she says that she wants to go to Paris, he agrees.
   Chase asks Gus and Cole what they think about his suspicions that his father was murdered.  Cole asks him what he is going to do, Chase says that he is going to go to the District Attorney.
   The DA asks Chase why he thinks it wasn’t an accident, he asks him if he thinks Emma killed his father, he tells him no.  He tells Chase that the Chinese man could be anyone, not just Angela’s butler.  Chase tells him that he just wants help, but if he can’t handle it he’ll go to someone else.  The DA says that he can handle it, he just needs plenty of ammunition before going to “war”.  Chase tells him that Angela has a lot of friends in high places, he tells Chase that if he is right, then she will need them.
   Douglas calls and asks Maggie about Chase going to the DA, he tells her that he doesn’t want to see his family torn apart.
   Lance tells his mother and grandmother that he isn’t the father of Melissa’s baby, when she comes back to the table, he asks her to tell them that, but she cries asking him how he could say such a thing.  It’s clear that neither his mother or grandmother believe that he isn’t the father, since he went from girl to girl and had been seeing Melissa regularly for awhile.
   The DA tells Chase that any finds found in this inquest couldn’t be brought up in court if there were to be a trial, he tells him that he knows, he only wants to know what happened to his father.  He tells Chase that he could find out more about his father then he might want to, Chase says that he understands.
   Angela tells her lawyer to talk to the DA, but he tells her it wouldn’t do any good, he tells her he managed to get the inquest to be a closed hearing.  She says that Emma mustn’t go, he tells her to trust him, and that he wants to take her away once this is all over, I didn’t see anything going on between the two of them, I’m sure that she is just using him too.
   In the courtroom, Angela tells Chase that he is a fool.  Angela is called to testify first, Douglas brings Emma to the courtroom and tells her to tell the truth.  They walk in and Angela leaves the stand, Emma tells her that she wants to tell the truth.  Douglas collapses, everyone rushes to his side, he tells Angela to let Emma tell the truth.  The paramedics come and they say that he’s gone.  Angela gets up from the ground and tells Chase that she will never forgive him.
Final Thoughts:  I'm glad that they are finally concluding this storyline, I can't believe that the police do everything Angela tells them to do. 
Best Outfit:  Nitpicking again, but I think that it would look better if it was not all polka-dots with a solid top or skirt.

The Good, The Bad, and the Profane

Falcon Crest 
Season 1 Episode 16
Air Date:  April 2, 1982
Recap:  Cole takes Melissa home and is upset when he sees Lance’s car in the drive way.  She tells him that he’s got nothing to worry about.
   She goes in the house and finds Lance playing pool, he asks her who she was with, she tells him she was with Cole. 
   Vicky and Mario are discussing their plans for the weekend, she is going to skip the class trip and they are going to spend the time together at his house, since his parents will be away.  Cole gets home and followed by Maggie and Chase. 
   Melissa and her father are talking, he tells her that he wants her to take over the vineyard.  He wants to make sure she has something to keep the advantage on her side over Angela.
   Maggie and Chase go visit Douglas, he asks Chase not to pressure Emma.
   Vicky goes to Mario’s.  Gus gets home early and finds Vicky and Mario in bed together.
   Melissa is at the doctor’s office, she tells the doctor that she is going to keep her baby and that she is going to get married.
   Melissa’s father, Carlo is having lunch with Angela.  They are discussing their plans for Melissa and Lance to get married. 
   Gus brings Vicky home, Mario apologizes and says that her skipping the class trip was all his idea.  Vicky rushes upstairs.
   Angela tells Lance that she wants him to propose to Melissa.  He asks her what happens if Melissa says no, Angela tells him if she does then he is off the hook.
   Vicky apologizes to Maggie, but things aren’t resolved between them.
   Lance and Melissa are walking in her garden, when he asks her to marry him, she surprises him by saying yes.
   Mario and Vicky are in the woods.  Mario wants to move in together. 
   Lance tells Julia about the proposal, Angela come sin and tells Julia that Lance will marry Melissa. 
   Melissa goes to Cole, she tells him that she is going to marry Lance.  She tells him that she didn’t want to hurt him.
   Maggie gets off the phone and tells Chase that Julia just told her that Lance is going to marry Melissa.
   Cole goes to Falcon Crest and confronts Lance, they are about to fight, but Angela stops them.  Cole rushes out.
   At Vicky’s birthday party, Melissa calls and wants to see Cole, Chase tells him to expect the fact that she is marrying Lance, Cole tells him that she wants to call it off.  Mario tells the family that he and Vicky are going to move in together.  Their parents don’t like this one bit, Gus and Mario leave, and then Vicky runs up to her room, with Chase following her yelling.
   Melissa tells Cole that she has to marry Lance, and that it’s too bad that he isn’t the heir Falcon Crest, but that one day she will share the wealth with him.
   Angela comes in and orders Emma to take her pills.  Emma tells her that they make her sleep.  Julia asks her what pills she’s giving to Emma.  Angela tells her that she got a second opinion and that doctor agrees with her.
   Lance goes to visit his grandfather, he know that Lance is only marrying Melissa because Angela is making him.
   Lance and Melissa are out for a walk, and he takes her to the Spring House.  She makes it clear to him that she doesn’t want him to touch her.
   Vicky and Mario are in the woods, she tells him that she is tired of making excuses to find a way to see him.  She says that the only way that they can stay together is to get married.  Mario thinks that it’s too soon, but Vicky tells him that they’ve got no choice.
   Melissa is getting fitted for her wedding dress, her father is concerned about her living at Falcon Crest with Angela.  She tells him not to worry she’s got something that will take care of Angela.  Lance calls her and asks her to meet him at a hotel.  When she gets there she finds him in bed with another woman,  He tells her that he just wanted to show her what kind of husband he will be, unless something better comes along he means her.  She tells him that nothing ever will. 
   Maggie shows Chase the note Vicky left telling them that she and Mario were going to get married.  Mario and Vicky get their blood test and are going to get the license.  Their parents call everyone, but no one has seen them, Gus says that he is going to go home and see if they went there.  Maggie and Chase say they will call if they hear anything, they also have to go to Lance’s wedding I think your missing daughter is a bit more important and that they would understand if you didn’t show up.
   Cole gets to the church once everyone is seated inside. He watches as Melissa and Lance exchange their vows.  She can see him from where he is watching. 
   After the wedding Chase and Maggie skip the reception and go home.  Vicky and Mario come in and tells them that they couldn’t go through with the wedding.
   Back at the reception Angela tells Carlo that it was a beautiful wedding.  Lance and Melissa are cutting the cake when she tells him that she is pregnant.  He laughs and says that he knows it isn’t his, and she tells him that it is now.
Final Thoughts:  I really don't like Vicky sometimes, she's really whiny.  I love how the episode ended, I'm betting that the baby is Cole's.
Best Outfit:  I don't see Melissa really wearing this, I wish I had got a picture of the hat she wore too, but I wanted to get these posted.

The Heiress

Season 3 Episode 11
Air Date:  November 23, 1979
Recap:  Kristin asks JR if he will be coming over to her place after the party, he tells her that he can’t it’s family night. 
   At Jock’s birthday party, the family is giving Jock his presents, when Alan comes over and says that he’d like to explain things to Jock, but JR gets up and makes a scene.  Lucy is laughing at all of this, Jock steps in and stops the fight.  Lucy goes to the table and goes after Alan, JR follows her and pulls her away.
   The next day Bobby congratulates JR on his performance at the party.  JR tells him that he thinks everything went well, and that it will surely get back to Cliff who will believe that Alan is definitely not working for the Ewing’s anymore.  JR sits down at the breakfast table and reads about the incident in the gossip column. 
   Lucy goes to Cliff’s campaign headquarters and gives Alan $100 for the campaign.  They make a date for that night.
   Sue Ellen is with her therapist.  She tells him that he has made her feel more like a person and not just Mrs. JR Ewing.  She tells him that she loves her baby, but all she can’t show him any of her love because all she can think of is what Cliff and JR did to her.
   Alan has a young boy sign Cliff’s petition, and he gives the boy a $1 to do it, he writes down that the boy gave them $10.  He shows Cliff the list of contributions.  Cliff assures him that he will give him his decision soon.Cliff mentions seeing the item in the gossip column.  After Cliff leaves Alan calls JR and tells him that he needs more money, and that he is sure that Cliff will announce soon that that Cliff bought the fight.
   Bobby and Pam are walking in Dallas, he tells her that her brother has to be stopped, she is on team Cliff again and thinks he does no wrong.
   Cliff runs into Sue Ellen, he asks her about the baby.
   Lucy is on the phone with a friend, she wants her to lie to Jock so that Lucy can go out with Alan tonight, she is grounded for getting too many speeding tickets.  Jock agrees that she can go help her friend study for a test the next day.  After he goes upstairs she calls Alan and asks him where they can meet.
   Pam goes to Cliff’s, he tells her that he saw Sue Ellen and that she looks great.  She asks him if he is going to run for congress again.  He tells her that if he does then he will get Sue Ellen.  Pam tells him that Sue Ellen doesn’t love him anymore.  He asks her if Bobby sent her to do his dirty work.  He tells her that if he is elected then he will use that power to destroy the Ewing’s.  She tells him what Bobby told her, he tells her that Bobby is lying about them being almost broke because of what he’s done, he tells her about the drilling in Southeast Asia.  He asks her who is lying Bobby or him.
   When Bobby gets home from Austin the next day, he tells Jock that he thinks that there will be an investigation into the O.L.M very soon.  He goes upstairs, Pam asks him if he’s destroyed Cliff’s career yet.  She tells him that he lied to her, he says that he didn’t, but she asks him where the money came from to buy the leases for the drilling Southeast Asia. 
   Lucy is going to the campaign headquarters, but sees Alan leave so she follows him to the park, where she sees him meet with JR.  She is upset and drives off.
   Sue Ellen tells her therapist about meeting Cliff.  She says that Cliff just wants what JR has and that was the only reason why he was ever interested in her.  She tells him that she thinks she hates Cliff.
   Bobby calls and checks on the other rigs that they have used, none are doing anything for them but want to, he calls  and gets confirmation that they are indeed drilling in Southeast Asia.
   Lucy goes to Alan’s apartment, he is inside with his girlfriend, at first they ignore the doorbell, but Lucy keeps pushing it.  Alan goes out to the hall and she confronts him about see him with JR.  He tries to explain things to her, but she runs off.  He goes back inside and tells his girlfriend that he is onto something big, and thinks that they should cool things off for awhile.  He tells her that marrying Lucy is the chance of a lifetime for him and he won’t pass it up.
   JR is with Kristin, when Alan calls, he tells him that Lucy saw them in the park.  JR tells him that he will take care of it.
   Pam turns to Bobby in bed and tells him to tell her the truth and she will believe him.  He tells her that he doesn’t know anything, but he intends to find out.
   They next morning, Bobby tells JR that he wants to talk to him at the office.  JR hears Lucy coming down the stairs and fakes a phone call that convinces Lucy that Alan isn’t working with JR. 
   At the office JR goes to Bobby’s office and asks him what he wants.  Bobby asks him about the Southeast Asia leases.  He asks JR where he got the money.  JR wont’ give him a straight answer and tells Bobby that he doesn’t like to be checked up on.
   Alan goes to Lucy and tells her that he wants to explain, she tells him that she is sorry and that she overreacted.  They go to his place, and she asks him about the other girl.  He tells her that nothing matters to him but her.
Final Thoughts:  I think this whole storyline with Alan and JR scheming is great I love the fake fight, but I didn't like that Alan is scheming to marry Lucy.
Best Outfit:   I don't like the lace thing on the front of the dress, to me it looks like it's backwards too

Heir Apparent

Falcon Crest
Season 1 Episode 15
Air Date:  March 19, 1982
Recap:  Maggie gets off the phone and tells Chase that Julia will be able to come to the party, but Angela won’t be coming.  When Julia arrives later that night, she tells them that she is glad that they are speaking to each other again.  Carl arrives not long after Julia and congratulates Chase on his first six months at the vineyard.  He tells Chase he heard about him questioning the medical examiner, he tells him that he doesn’t want that to get in the way of what Chase is supposed to be doing in office.
   Emma walks over and watches the party through the window.  She starts dancing as she watches the party.
Angela comes home and is upset to see Lance sitting around.  She tells him to get back to work. 
   Chase looks outside and sees Emma, he goes out to her, she tells him that she’s having a great time, and then tells him that she is sorry about the night Jason died.  He asks her what happened, but before she can say anything Julia comes out and stops her.  When they are alone Emma tells Julia that she is going to stay at the party and if she doesn’t let her then she will tell Chase about his father. 
   Vicky and Cole are upstairs with their friends, they are all talking while drinking wine.  Cole’s friend Bill wants him and Melissa to go with them to the cabin, but Cole tell him that they got plans already.  They all go their separate ways, Cole and Melissa go to the Spring House.  Bill is going really fast, his girlfriend, Anna tells him to slow down.  But it’s too late and they crash.
   Cole asks Melissa why she is still seeing other guys, he tells her that he is falling in love with her, but she tells him that she isn’t ready to get emotionally involved.
   Maggie tells Chase that he should back off, but he tells her that he can’t he knows that Emma knows something.
   When Julia and Emma get home, Angela is upset that Julia let her go to the party, once Emma is upstairs Julia tells her that Emma blackmailed her into letting her stay.
   Carl comes over the next day and asks if Cole got home ok, since his son Bill hasn’t come home yet. 
   Angela tells Lance that he has to take Melissa to the Country Club Cotillion.  He tells her that he has plans already, but Angela won’t except it.
   Maggie gets a call from Anne’s mother, she hasn’t come home either, Chase goes upstairs to wake Cole up to see if he knows anything.
   Angela is with the sheriff, eh tells her that Case is asking the medical examiner questions.  He doesn’t want to lose his job since he helped her keep things quit.
   Vicky and Cole get to the cabin and find no one there, Vicky goes out to the pier and calls Cole, she sees Bill’s car.
   At Bill and Anne’s funeral, the priest reads a poem that Bill wrote, Cole can’t take it anymore and leaves the church, Melissa follows him outside.  She tries to convince him that it wasn’t his fault, but he won’t listen and drives off.
    Angela’s lawyer comes over and tells her that Chase will demand an inquest.  She asks him what he suggests she do.  He asks her what she thinks Chase wants, she says he wants the control of Falcon Crest.  He tells her that she should give it to him, at least make it seem like she will be giving it to him.  He says that he will draw up the papers and that Chase will forget he even had a father after he hears about this. 
   Maggie goes to check on Cole, she tells him that she wishes he would talk to her, but he tells her that he is fine and just wants to be alone.
   Chase tells Vicky that he feels responsible for Anne and Bill’s death, she tells him that she was with them too, and asks him is she is responsible.
   Julia goes to visits her father in the hospital.  He asks her about Emma, she tells him that she is doing fine.  He tells her not to worry about him he will be fine.
   Melissa is at her doctor’s office, she tells Melissa that she is pregnant.  Melissa asks her how far along she is, and the doctor tells her the best she can say is about 6-8 weeks.  She asks her if she will tell the father, Melissa doesn’t say anything, which makes the doctor ask her if she knows who the father is.
   Angela’s lawyer goes to see Chase, he tells him that his father’s death was just an accident.
   Cole and Melissa are out driving, he is going to fast and Melissa tells him to slow down.  They fight and she walks home.
   Angela’s lawyer goes back to Angela and tells her that Chase doesn’t want Falcon Crest and that now he is even more suspicious.
   Chase finds Cole chopping wood, He talks to Cole about his time in the war.  Cole tells him that he is responsible for Bill’s death.
   Emma comes into the winery and asks Lance if he is mad at her because she killed Uncle Jason.  She tells him that she pushed him and he fell.  Lance asks if Angela knows, Emma tells him that she does.
   Chase and Cole go over to Carl’s house, he tells him that they want to talk.  He tells them that he is fine, Cole tells him he’s not, and tells him that Bill wanted him to go with him to the cabin, but he told him that he had plans.  Carl tells him that no one could have prevented it, and that it isn’t his fault Bill was drinking and it just happened.  Carl tells Chase that he will take some time off, he tell Carl that they will keep an eye on his place for him.
   Lance goes into the house and tells Angela that Emma told him everything, he doesn’t want to work in the fields anymore.  She tells him that he can’t blackmail her, she says that she is going to put his inheritance in a trust and the only way he will be able to get it is if marries Melissa, and he’s got 90 days to do it.
Final Thoughts:  I liked this episode since it didn't focus so much on the Emma storyline so much, I liked the part when Chase caught Emma dancing outside while watching them party.
Best Outfit:  I couldn't find anything really bad in this episode, I thought that the collar was the worst thing about this outfit, that and the pants, but I couldn't get a good picture of them.

The Gun

Season 2 Episode 18
Air Date: March 24, 1982

Recap:  Fallon looking at her baby with Blake, Nick comes over and asks to speak with Blake.  He tells Blake that Fallon is doing better, but she still needs to know if he is her father, he asks her when he will take the blood test.  Blake tells him that he will when he is ready.
   Jeff runs into Fallon, he asks when they are going to name the baby.  She tells him she doesn’t care and to name him whatever he wants to, I’m confused I thought she wanted the baby now it seems like she doesn’t care one way or the other about him.
   Alexis comes over, she has just returned from Acapulco.  She asks to see Fallon, Joseph tells her that he’s been given orders to tell her that Fallon doesn’t want anything to do with her.
   Blake drops Fallon at the stables, he tells her that he thinks it’s time that they talked.  He tells her that he has always thought Alexis lied to him and that he has always thought she was his daughter, he tells her that he will take the blood test if she wants him to.  Fallon tells him that she does.
   Alexis is putting away her clothes when Blake comes over.  He tells her that he wants to talk.  She says that she had hoped to come home and things would have changed and that Fallon would have forgiven her.   He tells her that Fallon won’t change her mind.  He tells her that he is going to have the blood test and wants to make sure that there aren't anymore men out there that could be her father.  She gets upset and tells him that if he hadn’t left her alone then there wouldn’t have been anyone.  He tells her that he expects her to call  Cecil and tell him to meet him at Nick’s office that night for the blood test.
   Alexis meets Cecil at the St Dennis Club, he tells her that he will go for the blood test.  She asks if he is worried, and that if he is her father she wants him to go to Fallon and help her see Alexis’ side of things.  He tells her that he loves her and asks if it’s too late for them to have a second chance.  She asks him if he is serious.
   Claudia is out walking, she thinks she sees Lindsay running towards her clearly this is a vision because Lindsay is a little girl.  She sees Lindsay run to Cecil, Claudia pulls the gun out and shoots at the vision of Cecil, which disappears as soon as she shoots at him.  Claudia goes to Jeff and tells him that she knows Lindsay is alive, she would feel it if she were gone.   Jeff tells her that he spoke to their office in Ecuador and they will call as soon as they have any news.  She thanks him for helping her and tells him she knows what she needs to do now.  She goes to Blake and tells him everything.  He tells her that she isn’t to blame, he asks her where she is gong to go.  She says that she is gong to look for Matthew and Lindsay in South America.  He asks her to trust him and to stay
   In Nick’s office, they are waiting for Cecil, while he takes Blake’s sample.  Cecil finally gets there and Nick gets his sample, he tells them that they will get the results tomorrow.  Blake tells Cecil that he knows what he did to Claudia, he tells Cecil that he hates him for what he has done to her.  Cecil calls her a prostitute.  Blake punches him and says that was for the pimp that made her a prostitute.  Cecil yells after Blake that he will make him pay.
   Krystle tells Blake that she wishes she could make him happier, and that the only thing that matters is that he love Fallon and that she loves him, that is more important than blood.  She goes up to bed, Blake tells her that he will be up in awhile, he goes through all the things he has saved that Fallon made for him when she was little.
   Blake asks Krystle what’s wrong the next day, she tells him that Alexis has to go, she says that there has to be a way to get her out of that cottage.  He tells her he understand and promises to deal with her once the stuff with Fallon is resolved.
   Steven overhears Joseph on the phone, he thinks that he is talking to Sammy Joe, he tells Steven that he was talking to a servant.  Steven goes to Krystle, he tells her that he thinks that she is talking to Sammy Joe.   He tells her that she’s just as judgmental as Blake.  She tells him that she only thought that the timing was  wrong, she tells him that she thinks he deserves someone better.  Joesph gives him the address of where Sammy Joe is.  He tells him that about a flight to LA that leaves soon.
   At Denver Carrington Ray Bonning calls Blake back, Blake offers him $50,000 to get him a meeting with Rhinewood face to face. 
   Claudia and Krystle are having lunch at the St Denis Club, Krystle tells her that she and Blake want her to move back in to the house with them.  Claudia tells her that nothing means anything to her anymore, and she wants them to stop trying to discourage her from looking for Lindsay. 
    Blake is making plans for his meeting with Rhinewood the next day.  Fallon comes into his office.  Blake tells  her the results of the blood test are back, and that she is his daughter.
   In LA Sammy Joe is modeling.  The photographer asks her to take her bikini top off.  Steven walks in and tells him to get out.  Sammy Joe tells him it’s okay that she wants to talk to Steven.  He asks her what she is doing.  She tells him that she is making a career for herself.  Seven tells her that he was worried about her.  He says that he couldn’t believe that she would go and ask Alexis for money.  She tell shim that she didn’t, she tells him about the paper that Alexis wanted her to sign.  He asks her to come back, but she tells him that she doesn’t need him anymore, she will get all the things she wants for herself now. 
   Fallon goes to Nick she tells him that she is so happy, she tell him that she owes him.  He asks her to go with him to a convention.  They make plans to meet the next day.
   At the Denver Carrington offices Claudia goes to put something away when the fax machine goes off, she goes over and reads it.  It’s about Matthew and Lindsay, it says that there was a crash and there was no sign of life.  She calls Krystle and asks to speak with Blake.  Krystle tells her that he’s gone.  Claudia tells her that Matthew and Lindsay are dead, 
   On the phone Blake tells Andrew that things are going well for him now.  Andrew isn’t so sure about this meeting.
   Claudia calls for a taxi and tells them that she wants to go to the Colby Building.  Krystle comes in and tells her that she wants her to back to the house with her.  Krystle sees the gun.  She thinks that Claudia is going to kill herself.  Claudia tells her that she is going to kill Cecil.  They struggle and the gun goes off.  Nick is in the hallway and rushes in to the room and is shocked at what he sees.
Final Thoughts:  What a great cliffhanger ending, I'm glad that the paternity storyline is over and that Fallon is Blake's daughter after all. 
Best Outfit:  The sweater is an odd fabric and the purple shirt is an odd choice for the color of the sweater, not the worst thing that she's ever worn.

House of Cards

Falcon Crest
Season 1 Episode 14
Air Date:  March 12, 1982
Recap:  Emma is out for a walk, when Chase happens to drive by and offers to take her home.  She tells him that she walks further everyday and that one day she will get to town without anyone noticing she is gone.  Chase tells her that he will take her into town anytime she wants to go.
   Angela thanks Chase for bringing Emma home, as Julia is taking her upstairs, Emma tells Chase how peaceful his father looked when he died.   Lance tells Angela that he wants to cancel his date with Melissa that she set up, Angela tells him that he will marry Melissa, he said that he’ll marry her over his dead body.
   Lance and Melissa are horseback riding, she asks why he didn’t just stand up to Angela.  She rides off and runs into Cole.  She asks him why he didn’t call, Cole tells her that he didn’t think that Lance would appreciate it and besides he didn’t have her number.  She tells him she has dance class with Vicky, so she might give it to her.  Lance rides up and begins to give Cole a hard time about his arrest in New York. 
   That night Angela calls Chase to thank him for helping Emma.  She tells him how distracted Emma’s been.   Chase tells her that she seemed pretty lucid to him.  Chase asks her what Emma meant about Jason’s death being peaceful, he was burned to death in a car accident.  Angela tells him that Emma says a lot of things and that is why she is so worried.
   Julia asks Lance what’s wrong when she sees him packing.  He tells her he has to go because of Angela.  He tells her that he doesn’t want to compromise himself any longer.  She asks him where he will go.  He tells her that he’ll go to his grandfather and work at the newspaper.  He tells her that he is sorry that Angela ruined her life, but he won’t let her ruin his.
   Chase meets with the medical examiner, he tells Chase that they interviewed everyone, but Emma, he says that Angela wouldn’t allow it.  Chase asks him if he thought it was suspicious. 
    Cole is picking up gardening supplies for his mother when he runs into Melissa.  She makes it pretty clear that she is interested in him.
   Chase goes to see Angela to confront her about why she wouldn’t let anyone talk to Emma the night his father died or why she wouldn’t allow an autopsy to be performed.  Emma comes downstairs, and Chase tells her that he wants to talk to her.  Angela tells her to go back upstairs, Chase tells Angela that he has a right to talk to her.  Angela tells him that Emma doesn’t know anything about his father’s death.  Emma tells   Chase that she has to go, Angela tells him that he upset Emma and that he better go.  Before he does he asks her if she is only protecting Emma?
   Lance tells his grandfather that he wants to work for him now, he is surprised to hear this.  He asks him what he and Angela fought about.  Lance tells him that she has planned everything for him even the woman he is supposed to marry.  Douglas sends Lance to the press room to work.
   At their dance class Melissa tells Vicky that there is something very intriguing about Cole and she gives Vicky her number to give to Cole.
   Angela ask Julia about Lance leaving, Emma comes in  and asks if she is disturbed, she’s been reading.  Angela tells her to go back to the house this is all Angela does, that and telling her to go up to her room.
   Chase is trying to read some reports when Julia comes over, she tells Chase and Maggie that she needs to talk about Emma.  Julia tells them about how Angela is keeping Emma locked up at the house.  Chase brings up the clinic that Maggie suggested before.  Julia says that they can take her the next day since Angela will be out of town.
   At the clinic Emma goes in to see the doctor, she asks him if she is schizophrenic or manic depressive.  He asks her why she thinks she is either, she tells him about her mother.
   Maggie tells Chase that the doctor said that Emma does need help and that she was really traumatized by his father’s death and that he thinks that she was there when he died.
   Angela comes home early, and Emma tells her about going to the clinic.  She send Emma upstairs.  Julia tells her that the doctor can help, and that she doesn’t want her locked up in her room for the rest of her life.  Angela tells her that it’s better than in prison, she tells Julia that Emma murdered Jason.
   Julia goes to Emma’s room and tells her that Angela told her about Jason.  Emma tells her that it just happened.
   Melissa is driving with Cole, she is going really fast, she pulls over and lets him drive.  While they are switching Angela pulls over and says hello.  After she goes Cole takes Melissa to the Spring House. 
   Angela is at with Melissa’s father.  She tells him about Cole’s problem with the police in the New York.  She tells him that Melissa’s interest in Cole has driven Lance away.
   Chase and Maggie go to see Julia, she tells them that going to the doctor was a mistake that Emma is very upset, she tells them to go and just to leave them all alone.
   Cole drops Melissa off at home, they are kissing when Melissa’s father comes out and tells her to get in the house, he hits her and Cole tries to help.  Carlo tells Cole to stay away from Melissa.
   In the print shop Lance’s supervisor asks him what’s holding him up.  Lance is getting fed up with the job and tells him to do it himself and walks out.
   Vicky tells Melissa that Cole told her what happened.  She tells Melissa that the next time her father pushes Cole won’t hold back.
   Maggie and Chase go to Douglas and tell him about Emma.  He tells them that he tried before, but now is too tired to fight Angela.  He tells them that he wishes he could help.
   Vicky tells Cole that Melissa is going out on a date.
   Douglas calls Angela about Emma.  He tells her that he will form his own opinion and hangs up on her.   Douglas finds Lance, he tells him that he worked from the bottom and he expects Lance to follow the rules.  He tells Lance that he needs to prove himself to everyone.  Lance apologizes.  Douglas asks him about Emma.  He tells him that Emma is afraid that that Julia has been pushing for Emma to get help.
   Julia asks Angela who else knows what Emma did, she tells her that only Chow Lee her major domo and the family lawyer.  Julia tells her that she understands why she kept it a secret because they could lose everything because of the clause in Angela’s father’s will if there was a suspicious death.
How creepy is he?
   Cole is spying on Melissa as she kisses her date goodnight, she knows he is watching her.  After her date leaves she goes over to Cole, she asks him if he is jealous.  She takes him into the house tell him to be quite so they don’t wake her father. 
   Lance comes home and tells Angela that he is home to stay.  She tells him that she wants him to start at the bottom again.  She tells him about Melissa spending time with Cole.  He tell her that he doesn’t care, he tells her that Melissa reminds him of her.
   Douglas goes to Chase’s house and tells him that he is scared and wants to talk to the doctor Emma saw.
   Douglas, Chase and Maggie all go to Angela’s house he tells her that he wants to talk to her, he tells her that he knows that Emma has something to do with Jason’s death.  She tells him to keep out of it.  He says that he’s got every right to get Emma help.  Angela tells him that all his rights are gone since he walked out on them years ago.  Angela leaves and tells Chase and Maggie to leave, when Douglas cries out collapsing to the floor.  Chase rushes over to him and tells Angela to call an ambulance.  He tells her that Douglas has had a heart attack.
Final Thoughts:  I don't know what I think about Melissa, I wish this storyline about Chase's father would just get wrapped up already, to me Emma didn't do anything, if anyone would get in trouble it would be Angela for covering it up.
Best Outfit:  This is one of the ugliest sweaters I've ever seen.  It reminds me of something Obi Wan Kenobi or Luke Skywalker would wear.

Mastectomy Part 2

Season Episode 10
Air Date:  November 16, 1979
Recap:  Jock gets home, Bobby gets up and tells Pam that he is going to check and see if he can do anything.  He asks his father if they got all the cancer.  Jock tells him that the doctors don’t know yet. 
   The next morning Bobby finds Lucy in the den she tells him that she just wants to be alone, and that she doesn’t want to go to the hospital.  Bobby asks Pam to talk to her, Sue Ellen says that she will talk to Lucy too.  Pam is looking around the house for Lucy she asks Sue Ellen if she knows where she is.  She tells Pam that she will have to talk to Lucy by herself.  Pam asks her if she is having a hard time handling the news too.  Sue Ellen tells her that JR fell in love with her because she was beautiful.  Pam says that that women don’t exist just for men, but Sue Ellen stops her and says that it’s not true when you are married to a Ewing. 
    Bobby and JR go to the hospital, Jock tells them that he doesn’t want to leave Miss Ellie’s side, he tells them that he knew something was wrong and that something was scaring her.  He agrees to go with them to the waiting room.
    Pam finds Lucy, she tells her that they should talk.  Lucy says that she’s got nothing to talk about.  She says that since she is Miss Ellie’s granddaughter she could get it too, and tells Pam not to lecture her since she isn’t a doctor. 
   At the hospital the doctors go to the family in the waiting room and tell them that they got all the cancer.  Sue Ellen says that she is going to call Lucy with the news, but instead calls Dusty.
   Ellie wakes up, Jock is by her side and tells her that the doctors got all the cancer and that she is just fine.  She turns away from him.
   Pam is over at Cliff’s house, she tells Digger and Cliff about Miss Ellie.  Digger says that he’s got to see her, she tells him that she doesn’t think he should go.
   Ellie wakes up and finds Jock reading the newspaper, he asks her how she feels, she tells him that she feels numb.  He tells her that he never lied, he tells her that he was afraid that he would lose her if told her about Amanda.  JR comes in and they go to let her get some sleep.  Jock asks JR about the trust fund, he tells him to hold off till Miss Ellie is better.
   Digger goes to visit Ellie, he brings her some wildflowers.  Jock walks by and sees him, and goes back to the waiting room.  Digger tells her that he will call her when she goes home.  He tells her that she is beautiful, she says that she is not the same.  But he tells her that she is .  After he goes Jock comes back, she asks him if he saw Digger, he says that he did, and that he didn’t come in because he didn’t want to upset her.  Jock tells her that he doesn’t like it that she defends Digger, she says that he can be very cruel and that she doesn’t want to see him right now.
   A few days later Jock brings Miss Ellie home, Lucy stays by the stairs while everyone is hugging Miss Ellie, welcoming her back.  Ellie tells her that she missed her at the hospital, Lucy apologizes.  Miss Ellie goes upstairs to lie down and says that she would like some company later on. 
   Later Sue Ellen and Pam are sitting with her in her room, she says that everyone is happy to have her home, but Lucy.  Pam says to give her some time. 
   Sue Ellen calls Dusty, he wants her to come to his hotel, but she doesn’t want to go there, he tells her that if she doesn’t come then he will understand.
   Bobby asks JR about Alan.  Jock comes in and asks what’s going on. Bobby says that he thinks something is going on.  Jock asks JR what he is doing, JR tells them his plan.  He explains to jock that Cliff will have to resign from the O.L.M if he runs for Congress.  Bobby says that they can’t do this, that he’s going to Austin to get support, but JR tells him that they don’t have the time to wait.  Jock agrees with JR and says that he doesn’t want the discussion to go any further.  Bobby says that he won’t say anything for now.
   The family is all together for dinner.  Ellie asks Lucy is she is happy that she’s back.  Lucy tells her that she’s just been busy.
   Later Miss Ellie is looking at all her clothes, she is getting frustrated that nothing is fitting her anymore.  She collapses to the floor and starts crying.  Jock comes in and rushes to her side, and asks her what’s wrong.  She tells him  to go.  He tells her that he wants to help.  She tells him that nothing fits.  Jock tells her that it doesn’t matter, Ellie tells him that she still care about how she looks even if she is no longer young.  He tells her that it’s her that he care about.  Ellie tells him that she is deformed, he reminds her that the is there for her. 
   Digger calls and says that he would like to see her, they arrange to meet at the park. 
   Sue Ellen goes to Dusty’s hotel.  She tells him that she wasn’t sure that she would come in.  He offers her a drink.  She tells him that she can’t drink, and asks if he is going to asks her about it.  He tells her if she wants him to.  She tells that she thinks she is an alcoholic and tells him about eh accident that nearly killed her and the baby.  She comments about the elegant room, and he tells her that he changed his mind about being rich, because he wants her.  He kisses her, and Sue Ellen tell Dusty that she can’t right now.
   At the park Ellie and Digger sit on a park bench, she begins to cry and tells Digger that she feels old.  He tells her that she doesn’t’ look any different to him.  They talk about the past he tells her that he wishes that things turned out differently.  She says she just wishes she could forget the past few weeks.  Digger says that if it wasn’t for Jock then they would be married and he would be as rich and powerful as Jock is.  Ellie says that things wouldn’t have been any different.  She gets up and tells him that she is sorry and that she has to go. Digger asks her what he said.  She tells him that he helped her put things in perspective.
Ray asks Bobby if he can help, but Bobby tells him that it’s his problem and that he will take care of it.  Jock comes over and asks Bobby to go over the feed order with him.  Bobby tells him that he should go to JR since he agrees with everything he does.  He tells Bobby he doesn’t know what to do about Ellie.  Bobby tell him he would like to help, but doesn’t know what he can do.
   Miss Ellie calls for Lucy, she tells her that she wants to talk.  She asks Lucy why she’s avoiding her, she asks her what she did.  She asks her if she is afraid that she will get cancer too.  Lucy asks why they need to talk about this.  Lucy tells her that she feels bad about what happened, but she doesn’t want to talk about it.  Then she asks why her.  Miss Ellie asks Lucy why me.  She tells her that just because it happened to her doesn’t mean that it will happened to her too.  Lucy asks how she can handle the fear.
   Jock and Bobby get home and Miss Ellie tells him that she wants to talk to him.  She tells him that she was hurt, but if he hadn’t told her about Amanda then she would have found another way to drive him away.  She only used Amanda as an excuse for why he would leave or not want to touch her.  He tells her that he will always love her.
Final Thoughts:  I like how they told this story it seemed very real to me, I am glad that Miss Ellie told Jock how she felt after he told her about Amanda, but I am really glad that the storyline didn't get dragged throughout the season.
Best Outfit: Aside from the fact that the suit is a bit shiny the worst thing about this outfit is the horrible scarf tie.

Bottom of the bottle part 2

Knots Landing
Season 1 Episode 13
Air Date: March 27, 1980
Recap:  Sid is at the liquor store Gary was at in the last episode, the man tells him that Gary is different from the other drunks who come into the store, because of how he thought of taking the drink even though the gun was pulled on him.
   Richard finds Gary at a bar, he tries to get him to leave, Gary threatens to hit him, but Richard tells him that he will press charges, which causes Gary to clam down.  Richard wants him to leave with him, but Gary gets him to get him one more drink.
   Ginger is looking for Kenny at one of his work parties, none of the other guests have seen him.  He is off dancing with Sylvie, he tells her that Ginger is there so they need to cool it, when Ginger finds them she tells Kenny that she wants to go home, he tells her that they just got there, she reminds him that they have been there for 3 hours and that she has work in the morning.  He tells her that he can’t go since this is a work thing.   Ginger says that she is going and ask if he is going with her, he stays at the party.
   Richard is drunk now, and talking about his work.  When he passes out, Gary takes his car keys from his pocket and some money from his wallet, that he left on the bar which seems to be a stupid place to put it if you ask me.  Gary gets up and leaves the bar, the bartender calls after him asking about Richard but Gary doesn’t listen.  Gary gets into Richard’s car and drives away as the bartender carries Richard out and puts him on the sidewalk.  Gary comes back and gets Richard into the car and takes him home.  Laura wakes up finding Gary putting Richard on the sofa, and then trying to get into the liquor cabinet.  Laura calls Val, he goes over and hangs up on her, and tells her to open the cabinet.  She tells him that he had the keys, but he can’t remember what he did with the car keys.  Val arrives and they try to stop him from opening up the liquor cabinet, in the struggle Gary hits Val, and smashes the cabinet open, his hand is bleeding pretty bad.
   Kenny finally gets home, getting a ride from Sylvie.  Ginger asks him how he got home, he tells her it was a guy, and that the party just ended.  She tells him that she called and knows that the party ended at 2.  He tells her that he loves her, she tells him to prove it.  Before they can say or do anything they hear the ambulance coming down the street.  They rush out of the house to see what is going on, they see them putting Gary into the ambulance.  The paramedics tells Sid that Gary needs to commit himself.  Laura tells them that Gary tried to kill himself after getting the drink, they ask Val if that is what happened and she tells them that it is.
   Gary wakes up in the hospital, he gets up and tries to get out of the room, but it’s locked.  Val hears him yelling to be let out.  The doctor tells her that it would be best if she went in before Val.  The doctor introduces herself to Gary and tells him that he can see Val as soon as he calms down.  Val comes into the room and he hugs her.  He asks her what happened to her eye, she doesn’t tell him, but he realizes that it was him and he tells her how sorry he is.  Gary tells her that he doesn’t need a doctor, he just needs her, but she tells him that he can’t go home yet.  He starts to get agitated and has to be restrained. 
   Ginger is over at Laura and Richard’s for dinner, she is asking Laura what to do about Kenny.  Laura tells her that she needs to meet Kenny half way, he moved out her and got the house, now it’s her turn to bend a little. 
   At the studio they are recording a song.   She isn’t doing well, and stops Kenny asks her what’s wrong.  She says that she is upset about him, she asks him if they can work one on one for awhile before she sings with the band.  Kenny agrees and sends the band home for the day. 
   Val is on the phone with the doctor when Karen comes over.  She asks how Gary is doing, and tells Val that putting Gary into the hospital was the right thing to do.  She invites Val to go over with her to Laura and Richard’s for dinner, but Val doesn’t want to go. Karen tells her to get some sleep.
   Kenny and Sylvie are getting pretty comfortable on the couch, when Ginger walks in on them.  Kenny rushes after her.  At their house, Ginger is throwing all of his stereo equipment to the ground.  Kenny tries to apologize but Ginger yells at him to leave.
   Gary is with the doctor, Val is watching the session from another room.  He annoyed that the doctor always answers his questions with a question of her own.  She tells him that he is an alcoholic and that he gets violent when he drinks.  He tells her that he can stop anytime he wants, he asks to call Val.  She tells him to prove it, and offers him a bottle of liquor or a dime to call Val.  He looks at both then grabs the bottle, he cries out when he finds out that it was only tea.  Val is in shock seeing that he chose the drink over her.
   Ginger is at the zoo with her class.  Kenny comes over and tells the kids that he came to kiss and make up with Ginger since they had a fight.  She sends them off to another teacher.  He tells her that she was right, and that he wants to start over.  She tells him that she needs to be alone, he wants to know for how long.
   At the hospital Gary is playing pool with another patient, who is telling Gary about how AA helped him so much.  Sid comes over and tells him that Val sent him over in her place.  Sid tells him that he can’t ignore his problem, and that he’s got to control it or he can’t be the vice president of the dealership.  He is on his way out, when Gary tells him that he is going to his first AA meeting.  Sid gets really excited by this and tells him how great it is to hear this.
   Kenny goes to Slyvie’s and asks if he can stay for the night.
   They are having a party for the guy that Gary was playing pool with earlier since it’s his last night at the hospital.  Gary leaves without anyone noticing, and goes to the guys room, he opens his suitcase and puts on his jacket and ties his pants around his waist, he puts on his robe again and shoves the shoes into the robe and hurries out of the room.  He goes to the nurses station and looks for the key for the door and takes some money.
   Sid goes to Val and tells her about Gary, she is surprised by what he tells her since the doctor has told her that Gary made it clear he wasn’t ready to go to meetings.  She thanks him for giving her the news.
   Later on Gary gets out of the cab and knocks at the door.  Val opens the door and he hugs her.  She asks him how he got home, but he doesn’t say, the phone rings and he asks her not to answer it, she realizes that he ran away from the hospital.  She yells at him, telling him that they need help for what is going on and that she saw him choose the drink over her.  She tells him he will always find an excuse not to go to the AA meetings.  Val tells Gary that she can’t live with out knowing when he will drink again.  Gary takes her car keys and runs over all the garbage cans.  Sid and Karen rush over ash she is picking them up.  Sid tells her that he will go after him, but she tells him no, and says that she is going to go to that AA meeting.
   At a bar Gary has a drink and a dime in front of him.  He gets up and goes to the pay phone and calls home, when he gets no answer he goes back to the bar and sits back down. 
   At the meeting a lady is talking about when she knew that she was about to drink again, and how she called her sponsor.  The meeting is about to break up, when Gary walks in and introduces himself.  Everyone including Val gives him a round of applause.
Final Thoughts:  I like that they finished up the storyline and didn't leave us with a cliffhanger till the next season, I don't know if they did that then or not.  I hope that Ginger gets rid of Kenny soon.  
Best Outfit:  Kenny looks like he borrowed one of Tom Selleck's shirts from Magnum P.I.