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The Constant Companion

Knots Landing 
Season 1 Episode 
Air Date:

Recap:  Ginger goes into her classroom and finds a vase of flowers on her desk, she asks the janitor, Gordon to come into the room, and they talk about her getting flowers everyday this week, they don’t know who they are from.
  Val and Gary are having breakfast, but she isn’t paying any attention anything he is saying to her.  After he goes to work she pulls out a bunch of books, she has hidden away in a cabinet, and begins to study history.
   Ginger tells the class she wishes she knew who is giving her the flowers.  The scene is pretty cute, the kids are very cute, especially the boy who says that he might have left her the flowers.  After school she has trouble starting her car, another teacher, Arthur, comes by and suggests she look under the hood, but neither of them know what to do after that, so Ginger calls the auto club.
   Gary gets home early and asks Val what she is doing, she tells him that she is trying to get her diploma.  He asks her why she didn’t tell him, she tells him how dumb she feels compared to the other ladies in the neighborhood.  He tells her that she is smart and that everyone would help her if she asked, she tells him that she is afraid that they would know if she failed.
   The mechanic tells Ginger that her distributor cap is gone, he won’t be able to do anything till the morning, Arthur offers to give her a ride home.  When they get to her house, he goes inside with her, he looks through their record collection while she makes coffee.  Kenny gets home and asks if Arthur is staying for dinner, Ginger doesn’t want him to stay, and tells Kenny that he is weird, He tells them all about himself, finally Ginger’s hints at how late its getting and he goes home, suggesting that he pick her up in the morning, Kenny thinks it’s a good idea since he has to leave early.  After Arthur leaves Kenny asks Ginger what’s wrong, she tell him about the gifts she’s been getting, she had thought it was him, she shows him the children’s books she got.
   Gary finds Val asleep on the floor, with a book in her hands, he covers her up with his robe.
   Ginger gets a phone call, no one answers but a kid calling for his mommy and daddy.  When she gets into her classroom she finds a new bunch of flowers and another gift, she looks at the door and sees Arthur looking in, she runs to the door calling after him, but he runs off.
  Val is testing herself, she test the timer and begins her work.
   Ginger walks her class into the room, and sees that there is another gift. 
   Val doesn’t finish, she sits at the table overwhelmed.  Karen rings the doorbell,, but Val doesn’t seem to be aware of it, Karen leaves a bunch of roses at the door.
   Arthur is waiting at Ginger’s car after school, he tells her that he was embarrassed, she asks why he is giving her those presents, she tells him she doesn’t want them, he tells her that he only left the potholder.  He runs off, when she demands him to admit that he was the one to leave the other gifts.  When she gets home she gets another phone call, it’s the same person calling for their mommy and daddy.
   When Gary gets home he asks Val how it’s going, she tells him that there is too much that she doesn’t know.  He tells her that there is nothing wrong with asking for help.
   Ginger tells Kenny that there is something familiar about all the gifts, she just can’t remember why.  The doorbell rings, it’s a singing telegram, he sings happy birthday to her, even though it isn’t her birthday.  She opens the box and the cake has a big number eight on it.  Kenny tells her that they are going to go over and talk to Arthur and get this all sorted out.
   At Arthur’s house, he tells them that his mother isn’t feeling well and won’t join them, I have a feeling that it’s probably a good thing she isn’t out there once they tell Arthur why they are there.  Kenny tells him that things have gone too far.  Arthur is still denying doing anything other than giving her that potholder.    Ginger tells Kenny that it isn’t Arthur.
   Val is stilling at the table thinking, she gets up and calls Laura, then calls Karen asking them to come over.
   The police tell Kenny and Ginger that she probably know the person who is harassing her, and that she should make o list of everyone she knows, he’ll come back over and go over the list with her later.  Kenny wants to stay, but she tells him to go to work, but to hurry home.
   Richard goes over to Val’s and finds Laura and Karen trying to explain a math problem to Val. They tell him that she is taking her GED test in the morning, he helps with the math problem, and tells Laura that he wants his dinner.
   Ginger gets home and looks through the mail, she opens an envelope and pulls out a cassette tape.  She goes into the house and plays it, it plays a baby crying, someone singing a lullaby, and children laughing.  She tries to call Kenny, but he isn’t available.  She takes the tape out of the player and puts it into her purse and rushes out the door, only to find the police officer at the door.  She plays the tape for him, he asks her what comes to mind, and if she remembers anything.  She starts to cry and tells him that she does, he asks her if she would like to talk about it, she tells him that its personal, and gets upset when he tries to comfort her, I think that she might suspect him for a moment.  She asks him to leave.  Kenny calls but Ginger is too upset to answer the phone, she runs out of the hose and goes to Karen’s.  She tells Sid and Karen about her mother forcing her to have an abortion when she was 16.  She tells them that the corsage she got was just like the one her boyfriend had given her for their junior prom, and the perfume was the one he would.  She tells them that she loved him, and she wanted the baby, who would be eight.  Karen asks her if she knows where he lives, she says she doesn’t but she thinks that his mother still lives in the same house.  She tells them that she never told Kenny about the abortion.  Karen tells her that she will go with her to talk to his mother.  They tell Ginger that she can stay over at their house for the night.
   Gary drops Val off the next morning.
   Karen and Ginger go to the mother’s house, she tells them about watching Johnny and Ginger grow up.  She asks Ginger when she is going to have a family, Ginger tells her she wants to soon.  She asks her where Johnny is, his mother tells her that after he came back from Vietnam, wounded he had complications, and died six moths ago. 
   Gary picks Val up after her test, he asks her how it went, she tells him that she finished and feels good about the test.
   Back at Karen’s house, Karen say how sorry she feels for his mother, Ginger sits there quietly, then says she’s the one who’s been sending the gifts, she runs out of the house and goes back to Johnny’s mother, she tells her that she knows it’s her, and she knows how she feels.  His mother asks how could you know how I feel.  Ginger tells her that she wanted to keep the baby, but her mother when her mother found out she made her get rid of the baby.  His mother tells Ginger that she killed her son and her grandchild.  Ginger tells her that the baby was taken from her and she’s felt the loss just as much as she has.  She tells her that she isn’t going to make her suffer anymore.
   When Ginger gets home she finds Kenny at home, he asks her what happened, she tells him about Johnny and what his mother did, she tells him everything expect about the abortion, she tells him that his mother won’t bother them anymore.
Final Thoughts:  I liked this episode, it could have gone so many different ways, if this show was on now the mother would have sent Ginger some really twisted stuff.  I found this episode to be a bit similar to the episode of Dallas where Pam's "husband" came back to get money from the Ewing's.
Best Outfit:  The dress is bad enough but why add the turtleneck?
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The Iago Syndrome

Season 2 Episode 14
Air Date:  February 17, 1982

Recap:  Joseph wants Blake to tell him his plan, but Blake tells him that he needs to do this himself somehow I think that this is a good idea, I could see something happening down the line where this could lead to blackmail if he were to know something.  Blake tells him that he doesn’t need to sleep in his room anymore, and if anyone asks to just say that he’s getting used to his blindness. 
   Alexis joins Steven in the gym I find it unbelievable that they allow her to come and go as she pleases in that house, I get that she lives on the property, but no one wants her around expect for her kids sometimes anyway.  She tells them that they need to talk about his wife, she wants to know why he told her about Fallon, he tells her that he didn’t, she overheard them.  Steven reassures her that Sammy Joe promised not to repeat what she heard, Alexis tells him that she better or she will regret it.
   Fallon goes to see Nick, she tells him that she is ashamed that her mother went to see him.  He tells her to forget it, he tells her that he wishes that they had met sooner, she asks him if he’s in love with this other woman.  Nick yes yes, but he tells her he didn’t mean for it to happen.  She kisses him goodbye, after she leaves he gets a call from Blake, he tells him he wants to meet.  Nick just wants to do it over the phone, but Blake tells him that they need to do it face to face.
   Krystle goes into the library, she is happy when Blake asks her to have lunch with him.  He tells her that he has something he wants to talk to her about, but wont’ tell her what it is when she asks him.
   At Denver Carrington, Steven is walking Blake to his office, he wants Steven to go on a business trip with Jeff, but Steven reminds him that he doesn’t want to work for him anymore, he wants to be a race car driver.  He tells Blake to just give up on him and just adopt Jeff.  Since he’s really the son he should have had.  Blake finds Alexis in his office.  She tells him that she needs to talk to him about Sammy Joe, she tells him about her charging things to Steven even though she knows that he can’t afford it.  Alexis changes the subject and asks him about the letter, she tells him that Fallon was so upset by it she told her about it.  She says it was vicious and she asks if it could be from an old enemy.  He tells her that he will handle it himself, and Alexis tells him that she only wanted to help.  Alexis is just leaving when Nick arrives.  Blake reminds him of something he told him about hurting the person who hurt his family.  Blake tells him that he checked into his background and he knows about his brother’s death.  Nick tells him he could have done something.  Blake tells him he was out of the country and didn’t get the news till a week after it happened.  Nick doesn’t believe this and tells him that one word from him could have saved his brother.  Blake asks him if he really thinks he would be bringing it up if his hands were dirty, he tells Nick that he’s got no grudge against him.  Nick tells him he’s got a lot to think about, and then tries to catch Blake by lighting his lighter in his face, but Blake doesn’t react.  Nick realizes that he must have been wrong.  Blake tells him that he was mislead, and Nick has to agree.  He asks Nick if he did anything to get back at him, but Nick promises that he didn’t do anything.  Blake tells him that this clears the air between them and that he hopes that they still can do business together.  After Nick leaves Blake has his secretary call Krystle to confirm their lunch together.
   Claudia is having lunch with Cecil, he tells her that his investigators found her daughter, but it was a lot of work, she tells him that she will pay him back, but he tells her that he wants information as payment, he tells her that he wants her to take pictures of papers from Denver Carrington in exchange for the information he’s got about her daughter.  Claudia tells him that she won’t do it, she wants her daughter back but she won’t become a thief to get her back. 
   Bake tells Jeff that he will have to be his eyes an if he likes it then he should by the oil leases.  Jeff tells him that he needs to be honest about his relationship with Fallon, he tells him that after the baby is born they are going to get a divorce and that he will get custody of the baby.  Blake tells him that the doesn’t want to lose the baby or him,  He offer to adopt Jeff.  Jeff tells him that he is honored, but that he was born a Colby and that he will have to stay a Colby.
   Over lunch Blake tells Krystle about Nick, he tells her that he is annoyed with him that he used his family to gt aback at him.  He asks if Nick did anything when they were alone, he tells her that she is a strong woman and he knows that she wouldn’t let anything come between them. 
   Krystle goes to see Nick, he tells her that he missed her.  She tells him that she doesn’t want him to touch her, she tells him that Blake told her everything.  She tells him that Blake was wondering if he was using her to get back at him.  Nick admits that the thought occurred to him, but only for a moment, but everything changed.  She hits him and tells him that she is ashamed of herself, that she almost divorced her husband.  He yells after her as she leaves that she is wrong.
   Jeff goes to see Cecil, he ask if Denver Carrington can buy the research on the leases from ColbyCo.  Cecil tells him that he won’t sell.  Jeff tells him that he owes Blake, and that he makes him ashamed to be a Colby.  Cecil tells him that if he doesn’t like it then to change his name, Jeff tells him that he might, and tells Cecil that Blake wants to adopt him.  As Jeff leaves the office, Claudia is going into Cecil’s office.
   Nick is meeting with a doctor from the hospital, he tells him that he wants to close his private practice and work at the hospital, he’s tried of working with rich spoiled people.  The doctor asks if he’s in any legal trouble.  Nick tells him no.  The doctor asks Nick about Vietnam.  Nick tells him, and the doctor tells him that he’ll be in touch.  After Nick leaves, the doctor calls the Army surgeon I n Washington to get all the information on Nick. 
   Fallon is waiting for Alexis in her studio when she gets home.  She tells her that she hates what they did and she wants to tell Blake.  Alexis blackmails her into not telling by saying that she would go to Nick and tell him what Fallon did to get him.,  Alexis tells her that she would do anything to get Krystle out of Blake’s life.
   Krystle is bring flowers to Blake’s room, and when she moves a box she finds the letter.  She confronts him at his office with the letter.  She tells him that he owes her a confrontation about it.  She admits that she was attracted to Nick, but she never forgot that she was Blake’s wife.  When she gets her coat she finds  Alexis’ handkerchief.  Blake asks her why he should believe her if she won’t believe him about what happened in Rome with Alexis.  She tells him that she doesn’t care anymore.
   Krystle goes to Alexis’ and returns the handkerchief.  Alexis tells her that they were only talking about Sammy Joe, and her charging things to Steven knowing that he can’t afford them.  Krystle tells Alexis that she knows she only came back to Denver for the money.  She tells her that she thinks she is behind the letter.  Alexis tells her that she will always have a bond with Blake, that she was able to give him two children that that is something that she will never be able to do for Blake.  Krystle tell her that she and Blake deserve each other. 
   In her room Jeannette is helping Krystle pack while she is booking a flight to Chicago.  She asks her if she is going to be gone for a long time.  She tells her that she wishes she wouldn’t go.  Krystle tells her that she has to go.
   Joesph takes Blake to the airport, he finds her in line waiting to board the plane.  He asks her where she is going, she tells him that she is going back to people who are real and honest.   Blake tells her that she is all he has.  She tells him that she just wanted to help him, but he wouldn’t let her.  He tells her that he didn’t want pity, Krystle tolls him that it wasn’t pity it was caring for someone you love.  He tells her that he loves her and needs her , and asks her to stay.  She tells Blake that she can’t  and that she has to board.  Blake turns away as the plan prepares to take off, she walks back to him.  They embrace and he thanks her and promises that it will all work, that they will make it work. 
   Fallon asks Nick why he asked her over.  He tells her that he was wrong and that she is how a woman should be.  He tells her to have her baby, and to get her divorce.  He doesn’t want anymore secret meetings, and for everything to be out in the open.  He tells her that he wants to be with her.
Final Thoughts:  Nick clearly isn’t over Krystle and I feel bad for Fallon, hopefully she will find out and dump his sorry ass.  He's quitting his private practice, which I think he only had because he was trying to get Blake back for his brother's death.  To me it didn't seem like he did much research in finding out if Blake knew about it or no, or if he was even around when it happened.  Blake didn't seem to have much trouble getting everything to prove his innocence.
Best Outfit:  I like that the shoes match the outfit as well and seem to me not appropriate shoe to be working out in.

Civil Wives

Knots Landing
Season 1 Episode 8
Air Date:  February 14, 1980

Recap:  Karen, Val and Laura are coming back from shopping, as they are helping her carry the stuff in the car, Laura tells them that she wants to go to visit her father, who isnt’ feeling well, but Richard told her that they can’t afford it, Val and Karen tell her just to tell him that she is going.  Karen goes to get the box from the car as a taxi pulls up.  A lady gets out and introduces herself to Val, it’s Sid’s ex-wife Susan.  Karen invites her inside and introduces her to Val and Laura
   Ginger is just getting home from grocery shopping, Eric rides over and helps her bring them inside.  They discover that they both like jazz.
   Sid calls Karen back after getting her message, she tells him that Susan is there about something about their daughter and some paper that he needs to sign.  Karen invites her to dinner, but Sid thinks that this is a bad idea.  Karen leaves them to go change leaving Laura and Val alone with Susan, Laura leaves quickly after that to go pick up Jason.
   Ginger and Eric are listening to the records, she doesn’t get to listen to them often because Kenny doesn’t like jazz.
   When Sid gets home he finds Karen still trying to find something to wear.  He asks her what she’s thinking, and he tells her that nothing but trouble will come of Susan being here.  He tells her that she wants something.
   Later Susan tells them she doesn’t understand why the lawyer didn’t call Sid, but he is out of town till Monday, so she is going to stay in town till then.  Diana makes a sarcastic remark about her staying at the house, and Karen insists she stay.
   When Kenny gets home he tells Ginger that he has to go out of town for the weekend for work.  Eric is invited to stay for dinner.
   Laura tells Richard that she and Jason are going to go visit her father, he tells her to cancel the fight, Sid calls interrupting them, Richard agrees to go over and look over the papers Sid’s ex brought with her.
   Richard goes over and tells Sid that they are pretty routine, but Sid deosn’t think Annie should get all that money right away, so he won’t sign the papers. 
   Richard goes home and tells Laura that she should go visit her father, he is lusting after Susan.
   In their room Sid tells Karen that it’s crazy of her to invite Susan to stay with them, he tells her that he knows what Susan is after, but he wants to know what Karen is after.
   Later that night Sid is downstairs drinking a glass of milk.  Susan comes down and tells him that she knew that he would be there, he asks her why she’s here.  She won’t give him a straight answer, she kisses him and tells him that they will continue in the morning.
   Richard gets home from dropping Laura and Jason off at the airport, he goes over to Karen’s and when she suggest he join them for dinner, he suggests that they all go out dancing, Karen says she isnt’ sure what Sid will say, but Susan comes out and says that he will agree.  She goes over to Knots Landing Motors and meets Gary, who tells her he heard all about her from Val.  Sid tells her to go home, she tells him that she can’t since they are going out.  He asks her what she wants, and she reminds him about when they first met.  She tells him that he made her feel worthwhile.  She tells him that her mother wore her down and that’s why she left him, she tells him that her mother died, and that she needs him to make her feel like he used to, she doesn’t want to interfere with his marriage, she just needs him, and she tells him she knows that he won’t let her down.
   Karen tells him that she is sorry that she invited Susan to stay, while they are getting ready for dinner, she tells him that if he has anything that he needs to do then he should do it.
   Eric surprises Ginger bring over more records.
   At the restaurant Susan and Richard are dancing, Karen asks Sid what happened that afternoon, but he tells her to drop it.
   Ginger talks to Eric about her younger sister, she wants them to spend sometime together, he gets up quickly telling her to keep the records.  I think that he got upset with her since he’s got a crush on her.
While Sid and Susan dance, Karen and Richard dance, the whole time Karen is watching them.  Susan tells him that she is going to check into a hotel and wants him to meet her there Monday  He tells her what Karen told him, and she says that she is very understanding.  He tells her that Karen understands him.  Susan tells him that she doesn’t want to interfere, Sid tells her that he won’t betray Karen only for the one moment Susan wants to have with him.  Susan gets upset and makes Richard leave.  Karen is shocked about what happened, and Sid tells her that Susan is bad news.
   Richard asks Susan if she comes out to California often, she tells him she hates it here.  She tells him to keep driving.
   At home Karen tells Sid that she is sorry.  He tells her that she was testing him and that he doesn’t like it.  He reminds her that Susan was the one who left him.
   Richard and Susan stop at a cheap motel. 
   The next morning Karen tells Sid that Richard still isn’t home.  At the motel Richard asks her if she want s to get some breakfast, because he always gets hungry after sex yuck, why do I need to know that.  He suggests calling Laura and having her stay with her father longer so that they can spend more time together, but she asks why would they want to do that, clearly this is just a one night stand to her. 
   Susan gets back to Sid and Karen’s, she goes to the kitchen and sits with Karen, she tells her that she had Sid at the shop.  Karen tells her that wanting is one thing, doing something is another.  Susan tells her that she didn’t lose, she just moved to fast for Sid.  Karen tells her that she knew why she came back, she just wanted to make it easier for Sid to finish it with her.  She says that Sid would never have chosen her because he’s too good for her.
   Sid tells Susan goodbye and watches her taxi drive away.  Richard comes over and tells Sid that he and Susan just drove around and talked all night.  When Sid goes into the hose he tells Karen what Richard said, she asks him if he believes him, he tells her that he decided to.  She tells him that she was testing him, but only because she needed to be chosen.  She tells him that she would do it again.  He tells her that he loves her and doesn’t love Susan.  She asks him when he stopped loving Susan, he tells her that he thinks I twas when Diana was really sick and she was crying, which made Diana cry, he tells her that was when he realized he had never been closer  to another person till then. 
Final Thoughts:  Sid reminds me of Gene Kelly for some reason, I think it must be his voice,  Could they have made Richard a bigger ass-hole?  Susan was a bitch too, it was great the way Karen put her in her place.  I hope she made her feel worthless, instead of worthwhile.
Best Outfit:  This reminds me of something Anne Shirley would wear in Anne of Green Gables, even the way she did her hair is similar.

The Hearing

Season 2 Episode 13
Air Date:   February 10, 1982

Recap:  Blake is listening to the radio coverage of his press conference about his trial against Logan Rhinewood.  He gets out of bed and leaves his room without waking Joseph.  He goes downstairs, Jeff comes out of his room in time to see Blake trip on some steps.  When Jeff tries to help him down the rest of the stairs Blake yells at him telling him that he can do it himself.  They go to the library for a brandy.  Blake tells Jeff that he feels so helpless, but he’s sure that there are a lot of people out there that are pleased with his condition, but he will come back stronger.  He thanks him for saving his life.  Blake then says that he is going to nail Logan Rhinewood, nail him hard.  I found this to be the most unintentionally dirty thing I’ve heard on the show so far, and it’s something that I completely missed the first time I watched this episode.
   Fallon wakes up and calls Nick, he just wants to go back to sleep, but she wants to talk and tell him about her dream she had about them.  She tells him that she is lonely, he reminds her that she has a husband.  After they hang up she goes to Jeff who is reading in his bed.  She gets in with him, and he tells her that whatever she wants he finds the book more interesting.
   Joesph is leading Blake to his car, he leaves him in the drawing room while he goes to get it, the phone rings and Blake and Krystle answer it at the same time, its one of Logan Rhinewood henchmen, they threaten him.  Krystle rushes to Blake and begs him not to go, but he tells her that he has to.  She tells him that she wants to go with him, but he tells her that there is no point it would just be a mockery of their marriage.
   Sammy Joe is upset with Steven because he didn’t ask his father for money to get her a car at breakfast that morning, he tells her that his father has a lot on his mind today, she gets annoyed that he doesn’t get anything but Fallon who isnt’ a Carrington gets whatever she wants, he tells her she better not say anything about Fallon.  She tells him that she won’t.  She tells him that she went to the bank and that they can get credit from the bank, he rips up the paper and tells her not to do it again.  She tells him that being a Carrington is a waste on him.
   Krystle goes downstairs and finds the decorator waiting for Fallon, she goes up and finds Fallon in her room, she tells her that she deosn’t want to pick anything our for the baby’s room, she asks Krystle do to it for her.
   Nick is in his office taking note on his other patient, when Fallon comes to see him.  He tells her that he’s very busy, she asks why he is avoiding her, she tells him that she knows he is seeing Krystle and that she saw her at his house.  Nick tells her that she was his patient and he makes his own hours and where he will meet his patients and that he doesn’t want her to follow him.  She tells him that she loves him and doesn’t want him to get hurt.  She tells him that since Blake’s blindness that he and Krystle have grown closer, and that Nick has lost her.  After she leaves he tries to get back to work, but he is preoccupied by what she told him.
   Andrew comes to Blake’s office and tells him that the committee has decided that the trial will be a closed session, so none of the media will be allowed inside.  Blake knows that Rhinewood is responsible for this change.  Andrew tells him that it was their decision and that there isn’t anything they can do about it.
   Alexis has made an appointment to see Nick, he doesn’t’ believe that she is there to get help and tells her to get to the point.  She tells him that she is here because Fallon is in love with him and even though she wouldn’t encourage it, she thinks that he is worth it.  He asks her if Fallon knows that she is here, she tells him no.  He tells her that Fallon has nothing to worry about, he won’t hurt her.
   Jeff brings Blake the report about Nick’s family, he tells him that his half-brother worked for Denver Carrington, he was in the Middle East, when they were trying to get out he was arrested on drug charges and hanged himself in his prison cell.  Blake says that he doesn’t remember any of this.  After Jeff leaves Blake calls Nick and asks him to meet him at the state house, he tells him that they need to talk.
   Blake is testifying about what happened the day he was blinded, he tells him that Logan’s man Ray Bonning came to see him that day, and that just the other day one of Rhinewood’s men crippled on of the player on the football team.  They ask him why he was involved with Rhinewood, but Blake doesn’t want to explain why.  Blake gets up when they ask why they should believe him since he was convicted of manslaughter , he puts his hand to his face, and he sees flashes of the courtroom.  Jeff asks him if he is alright, Nick sees all this and leaves the courtroom.  Rhinwood is called to testify
   Sammy Joe is trying on furs, the sales lady is reluctant to sell her the mink, she tells her who she is and tells her to charge it to Steven Carrington.  Alexis overhears this and asks her why she is charging things to Steven when she knows he doesn’t have any money.  Alexis threatened to tell Blake, Sammy Joe tells her that she will tell Fallon she isnt’ really a Carrrington.
   Logan Rhinewood lawyer comes and tells the committee that he is too ill to be there he provides doctors reports and reads a statement that tells the committee that he has never met Blake and that he has nothing to do with this case.  The committee closes the case.  Blake can’t believe what has happened, but Andrew tells him that they should have expected his, since no one has or will likely see Logan Rhinwood.  As he leads Blake out of the state house Blake tells Joesph that he thought he could see for just a moment, but Joesph tells him that he only knew where everyone was because Jeff told him.  Blake tells him that it was just wishful thinking.
   Nick finds Krystle and tells her what he witnessed, and that he thinks Blake’s eyesight is coming back.  He wants to take her to the mansion and pack her things right then, but she tells him that she can’t leave until she knows for sure that he can see again.  Nick accuses her of using him to get back at Blake for sleeping with  Alexis, she tells him that she just needs sometime.  She walks away, and he comes after her and apologizes, he asks her to talk to him and she tells him that she has nothing to stay to him. 
   Fallon is upset with Alexis for going to see Nick.  She tells her that Nick will thinks he put Alexis up to it.  Fallon tells her that she isn’t sure about her plan to get Krystle out of Blake’s life, she says that she could go to Nick.  Alexis tells her that he’s only interested in her because she is a wealthy man’s wife, but that Fallon has everything that he has ever fought for.  She tells her just to go along with the plan.
   The mail arrives and Fallon takes up the letter to Blake, she stops on the stairs for a moment, she goes into his room and tells him how sorry she is about what happened, and asks him to give it up, but he tells her that he can’t.  He asks her how the nursery is coming along.  He tells her he can’t wait to see or feel the baby, when he remembers he can’t see.  She tells him he got a letter, he asks her to read It to him.  She opens it and doesn’t want to read it, but he makes her.  It says “Why do some many frustrated wives go to bed with their shrinks.  Ask your wife”  She tells him that it’s just a cruel joke and asks him to forget about it, he tells her he will.  When she leaves him he crushes the letter, then he looks at his hand and realizes that he can see, he opens the letter and reads it for himself.  Joesph asks if it’s good news, thinking he’s smiling about the letter, he asks if he would like him to read it to him.  Blake tells him that there is no need and proves to him that he can see again.  He tells him to keep the news to himself for awhile.  He’s got plans.
Final Thoughts:  I'm glad that they aren't making the story about Blake's blindness go on and on, I think it will be interesting to see if Nick can get Blake to crack and prove that he can see before Blake is ready with whatever he's got planned.  Alexis needs to stick her nose out of everything, I don't think she really wants Blake back, she wants the money, but she needs something else to occupy herself.
Best Outfit: That's a lot of red, it makes me think of a crayon.

My mini meltdown

Yes this was me this weekend, when I came home from work all ready to post all the episodes I've watched and my blasted flash-drive said that it needs to be formatted.  So long story short I lost 4 reviews plus some other things, which luckily I had saved on another flash drive, now I will have to make those up, I threw away my notes so I might have to re-watch them, which in the long run might be a good thing, but it really stinks, but I do have some good news to share as well I've now got the complete series of Knots Landing, thanks to a kind person, it was my birthday present to myself.  So while I am behind on my posting I am happy that it wasn't worse than what it could have been, and I will update those episodes as soon as I can.

Land of the Free

Knots Landing
Season 1 Episode 7
Air Date: February 7

Recap:  Everyone is having a great time at the beach, Val and Karen are watching Diana play volleyball, while Ginger and Laura are playing with Jason in the waves.  Karen tells Val it’s time to get her swimsuit wet, I find this hilarious, since in the last episode she didn’t seem to mind getting her dress wet.  Trouble comes when a bunch of bikers come through the beach, they proceed to harass everyone, driving through the volleyball net, one of the guys grabs Laura.  The leader of the bunch, whose name is Music breaks up the scuffle.  Karen tells them that motorcycles aren’t allowed on the beach, Music says that it’s a free country, I hate people who use that line, if something isn’t allowed then it doesn’t matter if it’s a free country or not. 
   Back at the cul-de-sac they are talking to the police, they didn’t see the license plates, so there isn’t much the police can do, they have to catch them doing something.  Richard tells them that the group will be gone so there is nothing to worried about, he wants his dinner.  The police tell them that the beach patrol was cut due to budget cuts. 
   Karen is still upset about what happened at the beach, she doesn’t think it’s funny when Sid thinks that they had good taste since they were bothering them and no one else.  She goes upstairs and hears Diana talking in her room, she goes inside and she finds Diana practicing lines for the play she is auditioning for, she wants the first lead since Buzzy, the boy she likes is auditioning for the lead boy.
   The next day they all go back to the beach and guess  who comes back the bikers, this time they ride around the group, one of them pulls on Karen and when Michael goes for he practically gets hit, and falls to the ground. 
   Sid meets Karen at the hospital, Michael has to have some stitches, but he’s okay.  Karen is upset because there was nothing she could do to protect him.  On the way home they see the Music and the guy who almost hit Michael, his name is Alien.  Sid tells Karen to call the police and parks the car in front of the bathroom, where Music went.  He grabs a hold of Alien, the police take him into custody, Karen decides not to press any charges against Music since he didn’t do anything to them at the beach.
   Everyone goes over to Karen and Sid’s to talk about he bikers.  Richard tells them that Alien probably won’t be in custody, he won’t have any money so his friends will probably steal something to get the money.  Karen goes to take Diana to her audition.  When she gets home Music comes out of the shadows and tells her that he wants to talk to her.  She calls for Sid and tells him that she’s going to call the police.  When Sid comes out he asks what he wants, Music tells them that he wants them to drop the charges, the other bikers won’t leave without Alien, and so  who knows what they will do while they wait for him to be released from jail.  He leaves and the boys ask Karen and Sid what he wanted, Michael asks her if she will drop the charges and Karen tells him that she won’t.
   The next morning is garbage day, and the bikers pay a visit to the cul-de-sac, they throw garbage in the yard, all over Richard’s car, and they ride through the yards.  Sid and Karen watch as they ride off, when the police come, he tells them that they will have a patrol of the neighborhood, it will take some time for them to get the bikers.  Karen tells them that Richard thinks that she should drop the charges, Gary tells her that he’s only thinking of himself.  Val tells her that she’s glad she’s not giving in, and she tells them how the police couldn’t help her when JR’s boys took Lucy away from her. 
   At Richard’s house, he’s only concerned about his car, Laura asks him what if it was Jason instead of Michael, his response was that it wasn’t Jason.
   Val goes with Karen grocery shopping, Music comes up to them as they are putting the bags in the car, and when they are driving home two girls surround the car and kick at it telling them to pull over.  Val points out a police car, which follows the two girls who drive off.  Karen and Val hurry inside the house and Karen gets a harassing phone call, they can’t get an outside line.
   Laura is going out, she backs out but she realizes that there is a problem, she gets out of the car and sees that all the tires have been slashed.  She looks around and sees that all the cars in the cul-de-sac have been slashed, a biker moves out from behind Val’s car, finishing the job.  Laura runs to get Karen, she tells him what happened as the guy rides off.  She goes back inside and tells Val that Laura is calling Sid and Karen.  They hear a cry outside and run out to see that Karen’s boys fell from their bikes because there is oil all over the street.  She tells  them to get into the house.  Val asks her if she’s okay, and Karen tells her no. 
   Richard goes with Karen when she goes to the station to drop the charges, he tells her that she did the right thing.  Music meets Alien, who wants to get out of town, but Music tells him that he needs to stick around and pay Karen back for keeping him locked up for a day.
   Gary and Val are over at Karen’s house, they hear a motorcycle, Sid goes out to check it out, but it’s only the police officer patrolling the cul-de-sac.  Sid tells them that he’s not sure that it’s over yet.  Gary and Sid go back to discuss advertisements for the dealership.  Diana leaves to go to her rehearsals.  Not long after she’s gone Buzzy, comes back and tells them that the bikers took Diana to the beach. 
   Diana tells them to let her go, they see that Sid is coming towards them.  Music lunges at him, Kenny shows up and starts beating up Alien.  Gary and Richard get to the beach and soon everyone is fighting.  Some of the bikers get away, but the police arrive and take control of the situation.  Richard feels great, even though the only thing he did was chase a girl around the garbage can and hold on to her when the police got there.  But all is as it should be and the beach is safe for everyone once again.
Final Thoughts:  This episode was a bit hard to believe, I can't imagine that the police couldn't do anything to stop the bikers, especially when they trashed the neighborhood.  I thought it was a good episode though.
Best Outfit:  Were you running out of time to put on a shirt?  Seriously it would have taken less time to put on a t-shirt then it would have to put on the jacket and button it up.
Fight Count:  1 (biker gang vs the neighbors)

Blake's Blindness

Season 2 Episode 12
Air Date:  February 3, 1982

Recap:   At the Carrington mansion Blake is getting out of bed, he puts on a pair of sunglasses and his dressing gown, then looks for his slippers.  He is on the ground looking for the other one when Joseph come in, he tries to help him put it on, but Blake won’t let him.  He gives Blake a gift that was left outside the door.  Blake opens it and Joseph tells him that it’s a cane, he gets upset because it’s a blind man’s cane, he asks what the card said, Joseph tells him it’s from Logan Rhinewood.  Blake starts to smash things which causes everyone to come into the room to see what’s wrong.  Blake can’t understand why the doctor’s haven’t been able to find a cure for him, he’s been blind for few weeks now.  He gets upset that everyone is in the room, Fallon gets everyone to leave and he thanks her.  He tells her that he doesn’t like people watching him, even his family.  He tells her that he’ll manage, and that he doesn’t want her to cry.  She helps him downstairs so he can talk to the Lieutenant.  Blake tells him that he knows who is responsible for his blindness, Logan Rhinewood, the Lieutenant tells him that no one has ever seen Rhinewood and they don’t have anything new in the case, but that they will keep trying.  Nick comes in with the specialist, he tells Blake that nothing is wrong with his optic nerves, so the problem is psychological, Blake isn’t impressed with this doctor, Nick tells him that he’s tired of telling him to relax and that he is a sick man who needs to rest and he isn’t ready to go back to work.  Nick tells Blake that he’s human to if not inhuman, he walks out on Blake as he yells at Nick to tell him what he meant by that.  Krystle follows him to his car and asks him how he could talk to Blake like that, he tells her that he wants her again, she tells him that she can’t leave Blake yet, she tells him she isn’t sleeping with Blake and she hasn’t since he came back from Rome with Alexis.  He asks when she’ll stop living a lie, and she tells him that she doesn’t know.
   Jeff asks Fallon if she’s thinking about her lover, she tells him that she’s thinking about her father, he tells her that she better hurry and get dressed because they  are expected at someone’s house for dinner.  Fallon tells him she doesn’t want to go, and she kisses him, Jeff tells her that she is only doing this to make Blake happy.
   It’s Sunday morning and Blake is ringing the bell for Joseph, he made Joseph get up several times in the night, and Joseph is a bit cranky with his boss, but Blake is a bigger ass and tells him if he doesn’t like it then he can quite.  But Blake apologizes and Joseph forgives him, because he’s the best friend he’s got.  Andrew comes to see Blake, he gives Blake some good news, all his oil was bought and now Denver Carrington is solid once again.  He has some papers that he wants Blake to sign, Blake tells him that he wants to talk to him at the office the next day about Logan Rhinewood, he wants to put him away. 
   Sammy Jo and Steven are working on his car, while Steven is getting a tool she needs Fallon goes to her car and ignores Sammy Jo, who makes a comment to Fallon, Fallon tells her that she is only a part of the family for now.  When Steven comes back she asks him why he hasn’t told Blake about them getting married yet.  He tells her that he couldn’t not when his father was blinded, but he promises to tell him today.
   When Steven tells Blake about his marriage, he’s about as happy as everyone else is about the news.  But Blake says that they will learn to accept her and teach her how to be one of them.  Steven tells his father that he quit his job again, and that he wants to become a race car driver, this is more upsetting to Blake than the news about his marriage.  Alexis takes Steven from the room and tells him that he shouldn’t be upsetting his father when he’s like this.  Sammy Jo overhears Steven and Alexis talking and hears that Fallon isn’t Blake’s daughter.  Alexis goes back into Blake’s room and tells him that she’s sorry that he had to hear about the marriage this way, she tells him that they can get the marriage annulled.  Joseph interrupts them and tells    Blake that he will set up a cot in Blake’s room so then he’ll be right there if he needs him for anything.  Alexis doesn’t miss anything and asks him about Krystle, he tells her that to she is sleeping in the guest room so she’s more comfortable. 
   The next day at Blake’s office he thinks that Cecil is Jeff, he tells Blake that he wants to talk.  He tells him that he is sorry that he called in on his loan, and he wants to bury the hatchet.  He’s got a proposition for the two of them.  Blake shuts him down and tells him that the only Colby he trusts is Jeff.
   Cecil finds Claudia and congratulates her on her promotion.  He tells her that he’s got some new information about where Matthew and Lindsay are, she doesn’t seem as sure about what he has to tell her.
   Nick calls Krystle and tells her that he wants her to come over, she tells him that she doesn’t want to, he tells her that he’ll come to her and talk to her in front of the staff if she wants him to. 
   Alexis and Fallon go to lunch Fallon stops by at Nick’s table, he tells her that he’s meeting a patient, she asks who she is.  Alexis is watching them closely.  Nick excuses himself, when Fallon goes back to Alexis, she asks her if he’s the one.  Fallon tells her yes, Alexis tells her that she needs to be careful, that Nick is dangerous, and that he is after something.  Fallon tells her that he’s the only man that she’s ever loved and she will marry him.  Alexis asks if she knows who the other woman is, Fallon tells her that she thinks she does.
   Jeff and Blake are going over Nick’s personnel file, Blake asks him to read the part about Nick’s family, Blake thinks he remembers the youngest brother’s name, but can’t place it. 
   Fallon is sitting outside Nick’s house and sees Nick walk Krystle into his house.
   Nick asks Krystle if she told Blake yet, she tells him she couldn’t not after the way Nick talked to Blake.  She tells him that she needs to stay with him because he needs the support.  She will leave Blake when he can see again.  Nick tells her that that could be for a very long time and that he doesn’t think that he can wait that long.  She asks Nick if he will help her, he says of course, she tells him to leave her alone.
   Blake tells Andrew that he wants to try Logan Rhinewood in the court of public opinion, Andrew doesn’t understand, but before Blake can explain his secretary tells Blake that Ray Bonning is here to see him.   Blake asks him what he wants.  He tells him that Logan wants to buy the rest of the football team.  Blake says that he was the one that blinded him.  Ray says that he was in Vegas, and that he’ll have a hard time proving it was them.  Andrew tells Blake that Logan Rhinewood is serious and that he could end up dead.
   Sammy Jo tells Steven that she overheard him and his mother talking and asks if it’s true that Fallon isn’t Blake’s daughter.  Steven tells her that he doesn’t want to hear her say anything about it to anyone.  She assures him that she would never say anything, but from the look on her face I can tell that she’s got some ideas.
   Krystle goes to Blake’s office, she tells him that she wants to help, he tells her that he can get people to bring him coffee what he needs is a wife in his bed, and he asks her if she is offering that, she leaves his office.
   Fallon tells Alexis that she saw Krystle at Nick’s house, she puts all the blame on Krystle, she thinks that she is throwing herself at him.  Alexis tells Fallon that she can’t tell Blake, she tells her to trust her, she will help her get Krystle out of Blake and Nick’s life.
Final Thoughts:  How long is this storyline going to go on, I don't get what Fallon or Krystle see in Nick, he's kind of a jerk to both of them, and I like the Blake's storyline, it could get really interesting, but again not sure how long I can take him stumbling around then getting mad at anyone trying to help him. 
Best Outfit:  This reminds me of Celine Dion's outfit from the Oscar.  
Fight Count: 0

The Silent Killer

Season 2 Episode 3
Air Date:  October 5, 1979

Recap:  Cliff is picking up Digger at the airport, and JR and Sue Ellen are there too, to pick up her mother and sister.
   Bobby finds Pam in the nursery playing with baby John, Bobby asks her if she cares so much about the baby because he might be Cliff’s.  Miss Ellie joins them and tells them that they should think of having their own.  Bobby tells her that they are doing more than thinking whoa Bobby how about not sharing that much with your mother.
   Ray and Lucy are talking about Kristen coming, she concerned that she is going to try and get Bobby again.
   Miss Ellie and Jock welcome Sue Ellen’s mother and sister when they get to the ranch.  Sue Ellen goes to lie down while her sister holds the baby, Miss Ellie takes them to the nursery.
   Cliff takes Digger to Ewing Oil’s office building and tells him that they own a tiny bit of Ewing Oil and gives him the check, he tells him that he’s got a lot of power, and that he will wipe out the Ewing’s.  Digger tells him that he doesn’t want to see Jock flat broke, he only wants what’s coming to him.
   JR tells Bobby and Jock that the O.L.M. are causing them a lot of problems.  Bobby says that he has heard that Cliff might be taking payoffs, JR says he’s going to find his weakness.
   Digger asks Cliff if he’s on the take, Cliff tells him that if he told him then he would be a part of it.  Digger goes to lie down, but collapses. 
   Pam and Bobby are going to lunch, she tells him that she really wants a baby of her own.
   Digger tells Cliff that he doesn’t want to go to the doctor, when Pam gets there she tells him that he’s got a fever.  While Digger is getting dressed, Pam asks Cliff why he didn’t tell her about Digger coming home, he tells her that he had something’s that he wanted to talk to him about first, she asks if he told Digger about the baby, he tells her he didn’t, she reminds him that he can’t, Cliff tells her that he doesn’t know how much longer he can keep it a secret.
   Kristen tells Sue Ellen that the sanitarium must have been awful.  Sue Ellen tells her that it was great.  She asks if Sue Ellen is planning on coming down to dinner, she asks if she will sit in her seat if she doesn’t, Kristen says that someone will have to.
   The doctor tells them that he wants to talk to them all.  He tells Digger that he has a disease called neurofibromatosis.  Cliff asks what that means, he tells them that it’s a genetic disease and that they all are carriers.  He asks if Digger had any other children, Cliff tells him about a brother and sister that both died when they were babies.  He tells them that if they had any children they would have to have them checked out right away.
   Sue Ellen’s mother is talking to Miss Ellie, she tells her that she didn’t worry about Sue Ellen because she knew that the Ewing’s would take care of everything.  She says that Sue Ellen is suffering from postpartum depression, but that she will be just fine real soon.
   Back at Cliff’s apartment Cliff pours himself a drink, he wants to tell Sue Ellen, but Pam tells him that it would push Sue Ellen over the edge and that she will take the baby to be checked out.  He agrees but makes her promise to tell him everything that happens.
   The next morning JR checks out Pam who is wearing a new swimsuit, Bobby asks him if he’s enjoying the view.  Eww why isn’t he bothered by his brother leering at his wife.  JR goes up to Sue Ellen and asks her why she can’t show some interest in the baby.  She tells him that the baby is her punishment for being used by two men.
   Pam calls Cliff and tells him that the pediatrician didn’t find anything wrong with the baby, and she is going to go to the doctor in Fort Worth, he wants to go with her, but she tells him that he can’t and that she will call him as soon as she can.  Cliff has his secretary make a reservation at the same restaurant that Sue Ellen will be going to.
   At the doctor’s office Pam pretends that the baby is hers, and she tells the doctor about the disease, and asks if she will help her.
   Cliff says hello to Sue Ellen and she introduces him to her mother and sister, he asks her if they will join him, but she tells him that they have a lot to catch up with.
   JR meets up with Alan and they talk about him going undercover at the O.L.M.
   The doctor tells Pam that the baby seems fine, but that the tumors can appear anytime, she tells her that she should get regular checkups.  Pam tells Cliff what the doctor said, she tells him that she plans on keeping this from the family for as long as she has to, he asks her if she will tell Bobby.
   Digger tells Cliff that he’s sorry for giving them this disease, and that he’s glad that he hasn’t had any children yet.
   At Southfork the family is gathering in the drawing room, they are going to the theater and are waiting for the others to get ready.  Miss Ellie tells Sue Ellen that Pam said the pediatrician said the baby is doing very good. 
   Sue Ellen and JR leave early and Kristen overhears them arguing.  JR leaves and Kristen comes over to him and they go for a ride together.  Sue Ellen comes out of the shower, and goes into a drawer and finds a bottle of whiskey there, she takes it out and takes it over to the bed.
   Bobby asks Pam what’s wrong, she tells him that she’s been trying to find a way to tell him that she doesn’t want a baby.  He gets upset and won’t listen to her, she tells him that she can’t explain if he won’t be reasonable.  She goes to the nursery and holds the baby.
Final Thoughts:  Pam and Bobby keep more secrets from each other, nothing good can come from it, and I know it would be difficult for him, but I really think that Bobby would understand, I don't think he would throw her out because of the disease.  I like the new Kirsten a lot more and the new Digger too.
Old Digger
New Digger
Old Kristen

New Kristen

Best Outfit:  Sue Ellen looks like the people who were leaving Texas, I rarely saw a cowboy hat outside the airport when I lived in Texas.
Fight Count:  1 (Bobby vs Pam)

The Car Explosion

Season 2 Episode 11
Air Date:  January 27, 1982

Recap:  Jeff gets home, he looks like he had a rough night, he goes to the bedroom, where Fallon is still sleeping.  Fallon wakes up and asks him what he’s doing, he tells her that he’s moving out, because of what she did to their baby.  She tries to tell him that she didn’t go through with it, but he won’t listen.
   Joseph is leading a group of delivery people to Fallon’s room, Blake joins them and is very pleased with the balloons and the stuffed animals that they are carrying.  He tells Fallon how happy he is that she decided to keep the baby.  He gives her the christening dress that his mother made, he wore it, and both Steven and Fallon wore it.  He tells her that she needs to try and work things out with Jeff.  Krystle walks by and she looks very upset at seeing how happy Blake is.
   Blake goes to check up on Krystle, he tells her how worried he was about her, she tells him that she just went out for a drive, and that she did call, but Alexis answered.  He insists that it was nothing, but doesn’t help.  He tells her that he wants her to keep seeing Nick.  She turns her back to him and he leaves she turns and it looks like if there was a vase of flowers she would throw it at the door, but as Michelle mentioned Krystle loves flowers so she wouldn’t do that, and I said that she would take the flowers out first then throw the vase.
  At Denver Carrington, Blake goes to Jeff’s office and asks him why he is quitting, Jeff tells him that he’s divorcing Fallon because of the abortion.  Blake tells him that Fallon didn’t have the abortion.
Fallon goes downstairs and joins Krystle in the drawing room, she acts like a bitch mentioning the baby book that she’s going to start reading, then digs for more information about Nick.  I can’t tell if Krystle is suspecting something but she looks like she might.
   Fallon goes to the restaurant Nick is at, she called his office and his secretary told her where he would be.  She tells him that she is keeping the baby.  He tells her that she made the right decision.  She tells him that she loves him, he warns her to be careful because people might be watching.  She tells him that then they would already have heard that Jeff walked out on her this morning.  This still doesn’t have the effect Fallon wants, Nick is still as distant with her as ever.  After she goes the waiter brings over a phone, it’s Blake he tells Nick that he wants to talk about Krystle.
   Steven calls home, and asks Joseph if his father came home, he tells him to tell the family that he and Sammy Jo will be home later that day.  She tells him that she wants to go on their honeymoon first, but he tells her that he’s got to earn the money first, and tells her that just because he’s a rich man’s son that doesn’t mean he’s rich.  He tells her that she is broke.  Her face drops and tells him that he should have told her, he asks if it matters.  She tells him that it only matters because she spent $10 on magazines, oh it matters Steven, she married you for your money, or the money she thought you had.
   Alexis finds Fallon holding her head at her car, she asks if she’s okay, she goes back to Alexis’ cottage for tea, and they talk about the other man.  Alexis asks if he’s the father of the baby, Fallon tells her that Jeff is the father.  She asks who the other man is, but Fallon won’t tell her, she tells Fallon that she needs to fight for him.
   Nick and Krystle are walking, he tells her about Blake’s phone call, he tells her that Blake suspects something.  Krystle tells him that there is nothing for him to suspect, but Nick insists that there is.  He tells her that he wants her.  He tries to convince her to divorce Blake, because if Blake really wanted to get rid of Alexis he could.  Krystle tell him to give her time.  He kisses her.
   At Denver Carrington, Jeff stops Nick as he leaves the elevator, he tells Nick that Fallon talks about him all the time, about how he helped Claudia.  Jeff tells him that he thought about having Fallon go to him too.   In Blake’s office, Blake tells Nick that Krystle isn’t making any progress.  Nick tells him that he’s the problem, and that he’s resigning because he doesn’t think that Krystle needs any help.  Blake asks him what he’s got against him, Nick insists that he hardly knows him and that he’s never hurt him or anyone in his family.  Blake asks him what his family has anything to do with this.  Nick then has his usual flashback of his dead brother hanging in the cell.  Nick gives him so line and leaves.  Blake calls for Nick’s personnel file.
   Steven and Sammy Jo get home, she wants to announce their marriage right away, but Steven tells her that he wants to tell Blake first.  Then he processes to tell Alexis, while Sammy Jo tells Krystle.  Steven also tells Alexis that he wants to become a professional race car driver, and hopes that she will loan him the money to buy the race car, she says no that it’s too dangerous and that Blake won’t do it either, not after almost losing him in his accident in the pool.
   Krystle congratulates Steven, but isn’t as pleased as he would like her to be and tells her that he thought she would have been on his side.
   At Blake’s office Jeff and Fallon are arguing about visitation of the baby.  Blake stops the argument and tells them that they’ve got a responsibility to that baby that both parents are living under the same roof, whether or not they are married.  He tells them to hold off on the divorce right away.  Jeff agrees and leaves.  Blake tells Fallon he doesn’t want lip service from her, but that she and the baby come first.
   Claudia is in Jeff’s office when he gets back, she tells him that she is glad that he is staying, he tells her that he’s glad she is staying too.  She tells him that his uncle is still looking into where Matthew took Lindsay so there is no point in leaving till they know more.  Jeff tells her about Steven getting married, she tells him that it’s wonderful news, and he is concerned about her, but she tells him that what she and Steven had is over, just like what she and Matthew had is over.
   At the locker room of Blake’s football team, Ray Bonning tells the coach that Logan Rhinewood isn’t happy with the quarterback and wants him to drop him.  The coach calls Blake, who comes right over.  He finds him in the weight room, the coach tells him that he called because of Ray Bonning, Blake goes over to him and tells him that he needs to stop meddling  and for him to stay away from the players and the coach.
   Fallon goes home and she talks to Steven, who tells her about his marriage, she isn’t thrilled but does wish him luck. 
   Sammy Jo goes to the kitchen and runs into Alexis, who tells her that she can’t call her mother, only Mrs. Carrington.  Sammy Jo tells her that makes 3 of them. 
   Alexis goes up to Krystle’s room and tells her that the marriage is all her fault.  Alexis wants to get the marriage annulled but Krystle tells her that Sammy Jo is of age.  Alexis tells her to admit that she’s just as unhappy about the marriage as she is, then she sees the newspaper with the phone of her and Blake, then she says that she can see why Krystle is so preoccupied.  She leaves her and Krystle calls Nick telling him that she needs to see him.
   At his house she tells him that she didn’t want to believe that Blake slept with Alexis, but she believes Alexis hinting how stupid are you Krystle.  She tells him to tell her what he told her earlier.  Nick tells her that he wants her and needs her, she tells him that she is going to tell Blake that she wants a divorce.
   Jeff and Blake are walking to the car, just as Jeff is about to tell Blake about Steven and Sammy Jo, he sees a car coming towards them, a man is holding an explosive out the window and throws it at Blake’s car, Jeff pushes Blake to the ground, just as the car exploded.  Jeff asks Blake if he’s alright, he says yes, then says that he can’t see him.
Final Thoughts: Krystle is getting on my nerves and I really don't like Nick, he's now Dr. Pasta since his name reminds me of Pizza Hut's Tuscani Pasta. 
Best Outfit:  Toss up between Alexis' red pants and Krystle's jacket

Fight Count:  0  

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Whatever Happened to Baby John? Part 2

Season 2 Episode 2
Air Date:  September 28, 1979

Recap:  Outside the hospitals the reporters are questioning doctors.  Sue Ellen is being questioned, she thinks that it’s her fault.  JR stops her from going any further with it, the detective tell s him that he needs to question her, but JR tells him about Sue Ellen’s car accident and that the baby was born premature, and that is why she is feeling guilty.  The detective tells JR that he wants to tap the phone.  Sue Ellen is getting upset so JR asks the doctor to give her something to calm her down. 
   A ranch hand drives up and tells Jock that Miss Ellie wants him to go back to the house, he goes off to find Bobby.  Another ranch hand goes to Lucy’s school and tells her to get home right away.
   Jock finds Miss Ellie in the nursery, he asks her what’s wrong, she tells him that the baby’s been kidnapped.  Lucy and Bobby get home at the same time and find them in the drawing room, they give them the news, Bobby goes into Dallas to find Pam.
   There are police and reporter all along the border of the ranch, JR helps Sue Ellen into the house, he tells his parents that the police are going to be tapping the phone and that they are calling in the FBI.  Miss Ellie wants to know why no one saw anything, the detective tells her that it’s always like that, which is why they keep on questioning everyone, because eventually someone will remember something.
   In Dallas Pam hears the news on the radio as she is walking back to The Store, she finds Bobby at the door, she tells him she just heard the news.  Bobby asks if she’s seen Cliff, she tells him that Cliff would never do something like this.  She asks him not to go looking for Cliff, he asks her when she’ll realize how much her brother hates his family.  After he leaves her she calls Cliff’s office and leaves a message for him to call her right away.
   At the ranch the baby’s nurse arrives, Miss Ellie takes her to her room.
   Pam goes to Cliff’s apartment and gets his landlord to let her into his apartment.  She begins to search for where he could be.
   Jock says he’s tired of sitting around.  Lucy goes out to the stables, JR tells his mother that it’s alright there are police all over the ranch.  The phone rings and it’s a friend of Sue Ellen’s, JR tells them he can’ stay at the house and is going into the office.  He goes up to their room and gets a gun, Sue Ellen is coming out of the sedative, he tells her to go back to sleep.  Ray comes over and asks if there is anything he can do.  The phone rings again and Jock answers it, it was a woman who said that she took the baby, but now feels bad about it and will give them the baby at the flag poles at City Hall.
   JR gets to the office, his secretary tells him that Miss Ellie called for him to come home, and that Jeb Ames called and has left three messages.  JR tells them to go home and takes the call.  Jeb tells him that they have his son, and he wants 1 million dollars.
   Ray and Jock meet up with the police and wait for the woman by the flag poles.
   Sue Ellen gets up and goes to the baby’s nursery, she begins to talk about how she won’t cry because she’s cried too much already and that no one will hurt her anymore not even the baby. 
   Miss Ellie tells JR about the phone call, he tells her that it’s just a hoax.  He calls Vaugh Leland and tells him he got the call and he needs a lot of cash.
   Bobby goes to Cliff’s office and goes through his papers trying to find out where he is, his secretary doesn’t know where he is and is very disturbed with Bobby going through Cliff’s paper.
   Pam is still at Cliff’s, when he gets home he tells her that he was in Austin and just heard the news, she asks him to tell her he didn’t have anything to do with it, he asks her how can she think that he would do something like that, she tells him to let her handle Bobby when he gets there.  When he gets there Bobby thinks that Pam knew that Pam knew where he was all along, Pam tells Bobby to listen to Cliff.  Cliff tells him that he wasn’t in town, and that they can fight tomorrow, but they need to find the baby.
   The police tell Jock that they should go that the call was just someone’s idea of a sick joke.  They call Miss Ellie, and she tells Lucy that JR was right about it being a hoax.

JR gets the money from Vaughn played by Dennis Patrick who was Jason McGuire in Dark Shadows, he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for JR to do this alone again like he did when Bobby was kidnapped.  JR tells him that he doesn’t have enough time.
   Bobby, Cliff and Pam go to the hospital and tell the nurse that they want to question patients and the doctors and nurses, she tells them that the police did this already.  A doctor comes over and they tell him what they want and he agrees to let them do it and allows them to look at records too I find this highly unlikely that the hospital would allow them to do this, but the Ewing’s can do whatever they want. 

   JR gets back to his office and Jeb calls he tells him that he’ll be right over, he tells JR that Willie Joe has the baby so he better not try anything.  When they hang up Jeb says it is sure lucky that someone kidnapped that baby what I totally didn’t see this coming I was sure that it was them.  Pam goes to look at the baby’s and suddenly remembers seeing a woman there a lot, she tells Bobby and Cliff about her.  I recognized this lady as the woman who played Scully’s mom on The X-Files.  The go to her house and Pam asks her if she saw or remembers anything.  The lady tells her that she can’t remember, Pam gives her, her card and asks her to call if she remembers anything.  Pam hears a baby, she asks what that was and the lady tells her that it was her baby she just brought him home today.  While she is checking on the baby Pam calls Bobby and Cliff.  She tells them that she has a baby, Bobby reminds her that the nurse told them that her baby died.  Pam introduces her to Bobby and Cliff.  Cliff asks to hold the baby but she won't let him.  Bobby tells her that they saw the hospital records, and Pam tells her that it isn't her baby.  She begins to cry and swears that it is.
   Jeb gets to JR's office, he looks at the money, but JR won't give it to him until he gets his boy, the phone rings while Jeb is getting himself a drink.  Bobby tells him that they got the baby and that they will be home soon.  Jeb turns around thinking that he's got JR, but then JR pulls out his gun and tells him to get out of his office, Jeb tells JR that he owes them.
   Pam asks what's going to happen to the lady, Bobby tells her that whatever happens they will help her.
   Back at Southfork Pam and Bobby take the lady to the drawing room where the family is waiting.  She brings the baby to Sue Ellen and apologizes for taking the baby.  Sue Ellen thanks her, she hold the baby for like a minute before handing him off to the nurse. 
Final Thoughts:  I was sure that the kidnappers would have been Willie Joe and Jeb, but I liked the twist.  Pam needs to wake up, we get it you love your brother, but you know that he's got a big grudge against the Ewing's.  
Best Outfit:  The top is just huge, it would look a lot better if it was about 2 sizes smaller.
Guest Stars:   Sheila Larken and Dennis Patrick
Fight Count:  0

Home Is for Healing

Knots Landing
Season 1 Episode 
Air Date:  January 31, 1980

Recap:  Gary and Val are getting ready for bed, she goes and changes her nightgown to black lingerie, he asks her why she did that, which is something I can’t imagine any man really saying, she goes back and changes into the nightgown.  The phone rings interrupting them from getting any further than kissing.  It’s Bobby, he tells them that Lucy found out about them getting remarried.  Val tells him that she will come out and talk to her.  Gary wants to go with her, but she tells him that it would be best if she went alone to bring Lucy back to California.
   Val finds Lucy at school, Lucy tells her that she doesn’t have anything to say to her, she walks off to her car.  Val tells her that they were just trying to be careful, Lucy asks why she was the only one at Southfork not to know about their remarriage.
   Karen comes to the car dealership and asks Gary where Val is, they were supposed to go out that afternoon, he tells her about how Lucy found out about them.  Sid comes out from the garage and he and Karen go to lunch Gary goes back to his cubical and waits for Val to call.
   Lucy and Val go for a walk and Val tells her that they couldn’t live apart any longer.  Lucy thinks that it’s Gary who doesn’t want her, but Val tells her that he just wanted to be sure that they would make it, because they knew how much it would hurt her if things didn’t work out.
   Gary gets a call from Val and he tells Sid that Lucy is coming for her vacation, then she will go back to Dallas to finish the year at school then she will move out in the summer.
   Ginger comes over as Karen and Diana are cutting roses for Val and Lucy, she tells Karen that she followed her advice and told Kenny that they need to spend more time together and he can’t go to parties every night.
   The family arrives and Val introduces Lucy to Karen, Diana, and Ginger.  They go into the house and take Lucy up to her room, she really loves it, especially the dolls her mother saved for her.  Val tells Lucy that she really feels like this is home now that she is here.  Gary is at the doorway, and he turns around and leaves the house.  Karen is driving home as he is walking down the street, she tells him that everything will work out.
   Val asks Gary what’s wrong, she tells him that they just need to give it sometime, they’ve spent a long time apart and everyone needs to get to know each other again.  Kenny and Ginger come over and he invites them to his latest party, he tells Lucy he can introduce her to a famous band, she thinks it’s a great idea, but they already have plans, they are going to Marine Land with the Avery’s and the Fairgate’s.  Ginger doesn’t look to pleased with Kenny.   After they go Lucy goes upstairs to go to bed, Gary asks Val if Lucy should go to the party so she can be with kids her own age, Val says that Lucy wants to be with them.
   At their house Ginger is mad that Kenny is having the party at their house and it’s the night that they were supposed to go out, he tells her that they’ll do it next weekend.
   Val and Lucy went shopping, Gary tells Lucy that she needs to stop using her credit cards, and spending her grandfather’s money, she needs to start learning to live on the income he makes.  Lucy gets upset with him for trying to teach her things that he should have taught her when she was younger, she goes upstairs.  Val tells him not to be so hard on her.  He goes to her room and apologizes, he tells her that they need to be able to talk to each other, so that they can make up for all the lost years.  She tells him that she wants to be alone.
Yes that's better, the second button definitely shows off my hot body
I know I look good but something is missing

   Kenny is getting ready for the party, he checks himself out and decides that he needs to unbutton his shirt two buttons to many.  He comes out to the living room and sees that Ginger is still wearing the same clothes.  She tells him that she’s had it with his parties, and leaves the house.  She waits outside, he looks at the door, like he’s thinking of following her, but he goes over to the stereo and turns on the music.
   Lucy comes downstairs and tells Val that she isn’t going with them after all but will be going to Kenny’s party.  Val asks Gary what he said to her.
   Lucy is having a great time, she’s dancing with the whole band.  Kenny is talking to a girl, she is flirting with him, she’s noticed that Ginger isn’t at the party, and she tells him that she thinks he likes it when she’s there so he can sneak around.  Richard, Sid and Karen all stop by.  Sid and Karen feel really old and out of place, but Richard thinks that he’s in his element.  He tries to introduce himself to Lucy, but she is off with the band. 
   Gary and Val are arguing about Lucy, he suggests that they go over to the party, but Val says that she would feel out of place.
   Back at the party the girl that was talking to Kenny is now singing, Kenny is making phone calls looking for Ginger, when the song is over he tells her that she is great, she’s really humble and tells him that she knows.  She asks him to come back to her house, but he tells her that he can’t leave the party, she says that his neighbor can handle things Richard, which I would think could lead to a lot of problems.  But Ginger comes home, he follows her, she goes to their room and tells a couple to get out, Gary shows up and asks where Lucy is Richard tells him that she left with the band, he asks them how they could let her go, they tell him that she’s not a child.  In their room Kenny tries to make it up to Ginger, he tells her that he will give up the opening that’s the next night for missing their date, but she tells him she can’t let him do that since that is really work, and that the next weekend it fine.
   The next morning Lucy gets home, Gary wakes Val up who was sleeping on the couch, they ask her where she was, and that they were worried because she didn’t call, and that if they are going to live together then that she will have to call.  Lucy tells them that they won’t be living together, she goes upstairs to pack, Val follows her.  She tells Val that it’s too late, but she wants her to come back to Dallas with her.  Val doesn’t want to leave Gary, but she agrees to go back with her.
Gary doesn’t want Val to leave him, but she tells him that if she lets Lucy go alone then things will never be right.  Outside Lucy is waiting for her mother when Laura jogs by, she introduces herself, she tells her that her parents talk about her all the time, and how close she and Val have gotten.  She tells Lucy that she just loves her parents story about how they spent so many years apart and just got back together, thanks to her.  She tells her how much they love each other.  Val and Gary come outside, Val tells Laura that she’s taking Lucy back to Dallas, she asks her how long she will be gone, Val hugs her and tells her that she’s sorry.  Gary begs Val not to leave him.
   On the way to the airport, Val stops at the beach, she tells Lucy that she comes there all the time.
   Gary goes over to Sid’s, and tells him what happened, he tells him that he couldn’t admit his weakness, Sid tells him that he needs to go and make things right, and that the past is just the past.
   Lucy and Val are walking along the beach, she asks her mother what she is thinking.  Val tells her that she is thinking that she shouldn’t go with Lucy, she tells her that soon she’ll have a family of her own, and that this was all very hard for Gary.  Suddenly he is there, he tells Lucy that he wants her to stay, and that he should have told her not to use the credit cards because how it made him feel.  He tells her that he’s not a loser anymore, he’s working and he’s not drinking or gambling anymore, he’s facing every day.  Lucy stops him and tells him that she gets it, and that they all really need to get to know each other.  He asks her to stay for the rest of her vacation.  Val wants them all to run into the ocean, Lucy doesn’t want to because it’s cold, but she follows her parents and they run hand in hand in the ocean.
Final Thought:  I'm glad that they finally got Lucy in California, I don't think she would have really fit into the show, so I'm glad this is the only time she shows up on the show. I'm pretty sure that something would have happened between her and Kenny if she had stayed.  It was a bit gross when Richard was trying to introduce himself to her.

Best Outfit:  Lucy is wearing her Heidi dress.
Fight Count:  1 (Ginger vs Kenny)