Dynasty premiered January 12, 1981 (1981-01-12) on ABC, the series centered on the well-heeled Carrington clan, including oil magnate Blake, his lovely wife, Krystle, and the deliciously devious Alexis, the series embraces its outlandish story lines and over-the-top fashions with equal gusto.

Dynasty was on for 9 seasons with a total of 220 episodes.  There was a spin-off, the series ended on  May 11, 1989, two years later a four hour reunion show wrapping up the loose ends left at the end of the final episode. (1989-05-11), , ,

Season 1
Episode 1- Oil - Part 1, 2Oil Part 3
Episode 2- The Honeymoon
Episode 3- The Dinner Party
Episode 4- Fallon's Wedding
Episode 5- The Chauffeur Tells a Secret
Episode 6- The Bordello
Episode 7- Krystle's Lie
Episode 8- The Necklace
Episode 9- The Beating
Episode 10- The Birthday Party
Episode 11- The Separation
Episode 12- Blake Goes To Jail
Episode 13- The Testimony
Season 2
Episode 1- Enter Alexis
Episode 2- The Verdict
Episode 3- Alexis' Secret
Episode 4- Fallon's Father
Episode 5- Reconciliation
Episode 6- Viva Las Vegas
Episode 7- The Miscarriage
Episode 8- The Mid-East Meeting
Episode 9- The Psychiatrist
Episode 10- Sammy Jo and Steven Marry
Episode 11- The Car Explosion
Episode 12- Blake's Blindness
Episode 13 - The Hearing
Episode 14- The Iago Syndrome
Episode 15- The Party
Episode 16- The Baby
Episode 17- Mother And Son
Episode 18- The Gun
Episode 19- The Fragment
Episode 20- The Shakedown
Episode 21- The Two Princes
Episode 22- The Cliff