Saturday, November 9, 2013

Knots Landing Mini Maration

So like Falcon Crest, I finished the second season of Knots Landing in one go, Michelle was at a co-workers making oreo truffles for their employee appreciation week. 

I watched Episodes 11-18

Here is what happened:  Val has cancer and Gary freaks out to Miss Ellie over the phone, so she sends Bobby to help.  Eric saves Ginger's sister who smoked some pot laces with some other drug she is in a coma, and when Ginger's mother comes, she tells him that he will either be a hero or the one who killed her, he was the one to bring the pot to the party, I don't remember why he was the one who had to carry it.  Abby's ex comes back and wants the kids, he wants to get back with Abby, who has no interest in him anymore, it looks like Richard and Laura are back together, though Richard is suspecting that something is going on with Laura and her boss Scooter.  Anyway in the last episode Abby's ex has kidnapped the kids.  Val goes to her writing class and has a sub, it's Earl Trent, the husband of Judy, who Gary was having an affair with.  He is completely rude to her in class then finds her in the library and convinces her that he wants to help her get her story published in the school paper, Gary tells her to stay away from him.  She goes to he apartment to work on the story and he locks her in and wants them to get back at Gary for what he did.  Val handles it.  The women of the cul-de-sac are held hostage, and Ginger almost loses her baby because of the stress, she and Kenny are back together.  Sid is working on his engine with Linda, and Abby tells Karen that she needs to watch out since she is in love with Sid, Karen doesn't believe her, and invites Linda over for dinner, since Sid's nephew is in town.  It's an awkward dinner, and when the nephew asks her to go out with him she leaves.  Sid and Karen have a fight and Sid goes to the garage and Linda is there, they go test drive the car that has the engine in it and get stranded in the desert, she comes on to him, but he turns her down.
When JR is in town he gets Abby to show him the designs of Sid's engine, Karen wants to look at them that day and can't find them, Abby gets them back in time before Sid notices they are gone and, he is convinces that Karen just didn't know where to look.  She works for a day at the office when Abby has the day off to find out something about her kids, and Karen begins to suspect that something is going on and that Abby and Gary up to something.  The FBI start poking around and Sid looks at the books and confronts Gary, who admits everything, when Abby arrives she denies everything and says that she was just doing what Gary told her, the only one who is buying any of her story is Sid, Karen believes Gary that she was a part of it and Richard who was with Karen when she went looking for evidence seems not to buy her story either.  Val is so mad at Gary she won't talk to him.  Gary goes to the FBI and they say he will be fine if he cooperates with them, Sid wants to be involved so they set up a meeting with the guys that are selling the stolen parts.  Someone at the dealership tampers with the brakes of Sid's car and when he and one of the FBI leave, they crash over a cliff, leaving up with a cliffhanger of an ending.

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