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Family Business

Season 1 Episode 9
Airdate:  8-11-12
Recap:  Elena tells John Ross not to defend JR, she tells him that he didn’t do anything to get him out of this mess, it was Bobby and Christopher.  She tells him that Bobby was going to drill on Southfork to protect him from the Venezuelans.  

Christopher and Rebecca walk back from a doctor’s appointment.  He tells her that it will take time to get back to where they were, but they are starting a family and that is what is important.  He points out two stuffed monkeys in a store window, they go inside and buy them.  When Rebecca gets back to her apartment, Tommy asks her how her day with Christopher was.  She asks him how he got inside, since she had the locks changed.  He tells her that she’ll have to work a lot harder getting Christopher’s plans on his extraction rig.  
Rebecca tells Tommy to get them himself.  He tells her to get him his key to the lab and he will, he reminds her it is worth a lot of money to get these plans.  She tells him that she doesn’t want the money.  He grabs her and she scratches his cheek, quickly she apologizes to him, he tells her that she better get the key to the lab or he will put an end to her fairytale with Christopher.

Ryland comes to see Sue Ellen, he brings her a bottle of wine, and opens it pouring a glass.  She tells him that she hasn’t had a drink in twenty years.  He tells her that the reason he gave her campaign so much money was that he knew that she would be easily manipulated into doing what he needed.  She tells him that she doesn’t know what he is talking about.  He tells her that bribing his good friend the medical examiner was pointless, since John Ross didn’t need her help to get out of jail.  Sue Ellen asks Ryland what he wants, he tells her that he needs to borrow her campaign PAC, he needs to clean some money from a business unknown to the public.  She tells him that she will give him his money back, but he tells her that if she doesn’t do him this favor she will be disgraced, she tells him to get out of her office.  He gets up and tells her to think about it.

Tommy meets with Frank.  Frank tells him that he wants Christopher’s extraction plans, Tommy tells him that he wants more money.  Frank tells him that he has one more day to get him the plans.

John Ross helps Elena with a problem on her oil field, they talk about slant drilling, which leads them to an idea.  They go to Bobby and tell him  that if they drill from an angle they can still get the oil, but they won’t be drilling on Southfork.  Christopher comes in and gets upset, Bobby tells him that he is only trying to help, and Christopher says that he is trying to make himself rich in the process.  Bobby tells them to sit down and asks where he was, he can’t go on and collapses.  

At the hospital Elena and John Ross go to his room, Christopher comes out and tells them that it was a brain seizure.  Elena starts to ask him if it was caused by something, but Christopher stops her.  After Christopher goes back into the room John Ross asks her what she was talking about.  She tells him about Bobby’s cancer, she tells him that he had surgery, but that it could spread.  He asks her why no one told him.  Elena tells him that Bobby asks her not to stay anything to him,because he thought that he and JR would use it against him to get Southfork.  John Ross tells her that he will be back and leaves.  He calls Bum and tells him to meet him.  He tells Bum to get JR, Bum still acts like he can’t get a hold of him, but John Ross tells him to tell JR that his brother is dying.

Ann asks the doctor if the cancer spread.  He says no, he tells them that Bobby has a cerebral hemorrhage.  They are going to operate, but they want to wait until his blood pressure down first.  Bobby wants to go home, but Ann and Christopher try to get him to stay.  The doctor tells Bobby that he knows that he can’t keep him at the hospital, but tells him that the hemorrhage could burst at anytime and he has a 30% chance of being dead before he hits the ground.  Bobby tells Ann that they can get a nurse and have a ambulance on hand, but if it is his time to go he doesn’t want to be surrounded by strangers.

Bum calls JR and tells him that he has something to tell him.

Rebecca comes over, Ann tells her that Christopher slept on the sofa, to be close if Bobby needed anything.  The nurse comes in and tells Ann that Bobby wants to do things, Ann leaves Rebecca, and Christopher wakes up.  She asks him how Bobby is doing, he tells her that he’s fine.  She starts to give him a massage, and Elena comes in, Ann walks in and tells Christopher that she needs his help with his father.  When Rebecca leaves the house she walks past Christopher’s car, she looks inside and see’s his briefcase, and his passkey to the lab, she takes it out of the bag, but puts it back and leaves the ranch.

Bobby complains about being couped up, Christopher hands him his phone and to record a message to his grand kids that he will never see and explain it to them.  JR bursts into the room, Ann tells him to get out, and she tells him he caused this, and that he isn’t welcome in the house, and if she finds him in Bobby’s room she will shoot him.  Bobby tells Christopher that he messed up by selling Southfork.  He tells him that he is sorry that he had to sell a piece of his future because of it.  Christopher asks him if he can get him anything, Bobby tells him that all he wants is peace in the family.

John Ross asks Christopher where JR is, Christopher tells him that he won’t fight him anymore about drilling the oil from Southfork if he can get his father to sign over Southfork back to Bobby.  John Ross tells him that JR won’t give up Southfork, Christopher reminds John Ross that Bobby was always there for him when his father wasn’t.  He says that the John Ross he knows would do anything for Bobby.

John Ross goes to JR’s room and tries to get him to sign the ranch over to Bobby, but JR tells him he won’t do it, Southfork is in his bones.  He tells John Ross to find somewhere else to live, that he is too old to have a roommate.  When John Ross leaves he runs into Elena and Sue Ellen, he tells hem that JR is back, he tells them that Christopher agreed to the slant drilling if JR would sign the deed over to Bobby, but that he wouldn’t do it.  Sue Ellen leaves them and goes into the house.  Elena tells him that he shoudn’t be surprised, this is who JR is and always was.  John Ross says that he spent his entire life wanting to be with him, to be him, and he thought that if he was more like his father then that would be enough, but it isn’t.  He tells her that JR is so consumed with bitterness that there is no room for anyone else.  

JR tells Sue Ellen she has to get him into see Bobby, she smacks him, she tells him that all he does is leave a path of destruction, she says that he is done destroying their son.

Ann asks Sue Ellen what’s wrong, she tells her that Ryland knows that she bribed the medical examiner, and that he wants her to launder money for him.  Ann asks her what she is going to do, Sue Ellen doesn’t say anything, and Ann tells her that she has to think of something.  Sue Ellen asks her if she would have made a good governor, and Ann tells her that she would have.

JR goes into the office and looks at a photo of him an Bobby, Carmen, the cook comes in and tells him that Bobby wants to see him, and that Ann has gone.  JR tells Bobby that he could have told him about the cancer.  Bobby tells him that he was too busy trying to undo the damage he caused.  Bobby tells JR that he loves him no matter what.  He tells him that everyone dies.  JR tells him that if he’s got something to say to him then to say it when the doctor’s fix his head.  

Christopher, John Ross and Elena talk about how Ewing Oil could have been if Jock hadn’t pitted JR and Bobby against each other.  Christopher says that it doesn’t have to be that way anymore, he suggests that they partner up.  They go to Bobby and tell him about they are going into business together, with Elena as a partner.  Christopher tells him that the difference between the old Ewing Oil and Ewing Energies, will be that he and John Ross will be equal partners and there will be no need to fight for who will be on top.  Bobby asks how this happened, and Christopher tells him that he realized that wile gas hydrates are the future, it will take time and money, so if they used the new technology to drill oil that John Ross and Elena came up with they will bank roll his gas hydrate plans till it is ready.  Christopher tells Bobby that he will also be an equal partner, Bobby asks him about JR, he tells him that he will get the profits from the oil but nothing more.  Bobby tells them that he hopes that it will work, because they are a lot smarter than he and JR were.  He tells them both to keep an eye on each other, and tells Elena to keep both her eyes on the two of them.  

JR looks at a photo of Miss Ellie and signs the deed over to Bobby, he goes to his room, he places the deed on the bed, and Bobby wakes up, he looks at the deed, and tells JR that he still isn’t off the hook for how he got Southfork in the first place.  JR smiles and tells him that if he dies then he will get it back.  

Rebecca answers her phone, it’s Tommy he asks her if she got the passkey, she tells him that she won’t do it.  He tells her that she owes him, she says no and hangs up on him.  She goes to the bank and takes out a safety deposit box and removes a gun.  

Tommy is waiting at a bar, Frank walks in and tells Tommy that his services are no longer required and walks out.

Bobby gets a call from his lawyer, he tells him that they got a lead on the woman claiming to be Marta Del Sol, he tells him that they may get the information that will link JR to her and the Venezuelans, he asks Bobby if he is ready to send JR to jail.  Bobby tells him to tell him what he finds.  Bobby has another attack, and the ambulance takes him to the hospital.

Tommy goes to Rebecca’s and hits her.  He tells her that he was fine till she came along, he tells her that he did everything she asked.  Tommy pushes her to the bed, they struggle and she gets away, she dumps out the stuff from her purse and points the gun at him.  Tommy tries to take it from her, there is a struggle for the gun and it goes off.
Final Thoughts:  This ended with a great cliffhanger, who was shot, Tommy or Rebecca?  I noticed the cars in the show, and wondered why no one had the custom license plate Ewing and the number, but I finally noticed that John Ross has it.  I'm glad that they kept with from the original show, I would think that all the cars would be like that.  

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