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Murder One

Falcon Crest 
Season 2 Episode 4
Airdate:  October 22, 1982
Recap:  Chase pulls up at Carlo’s house, and runs inside, he asks Cole if he is alright.  Cole tells him that he just found him like that.  The Sheriff comes over and starts to question Cole, Chase says that he thinks that they should get a lawyer, but Cole says that he’s got nothing to hid, and he tells the Sheriff that he did touch the body, when he was trying to revive him.  When the Sheriff asks him if he touched anything else, Chase stops him and says that they need to get a lawyer.  Melissa arrives at the house she runs into the ambulance.  Cole asks Lance where Melissa was, Lance tells him that she was with him.  Cole realizes that Carlo lied to him about Melissa being at the house.
   Philip tells Angela that Carlo left Melissa with all his debt; she has his land, but no money.
   Maggie wants Cole to tell her what happened, but he doesn’t want to talk about it, he throws a fit telling them that he doesn’t want any help and runs out of the house.
   At the funeral Lance tells Melissa that even though it doesn’t change anything between them that he is sorry about her father.  She thanks him and tells him that he is right it doesn’t change anything.  Chase asks Cole how he is holding up, he tells Chase that he wants to talk to Melissa; he tells Cole that he should wait a while.
Richard comes into the house, he tells Melissa how sorry he is, Angela joins them and asks him what he is doing there.  Melissa thanks him for coming, once he is gone; Melissa asks her why she was so rude.   Angela says that she knows that he is only there because he wants her land.  Melissa tells her that he is coming to the right person then, since it belongs to her.
   At The Globe Richard asks who is covering the Agretti murder, he tells the reporter he wants it covered for the front page.  Diana tells Richard that the police think that it was Cole.  Richard tells her that its bad luck for him since Angela has spurned him since he arrived.
   Angela asks Nick if she can count on his vote, he tells her that he can’t tell her.  She makes it clear that she won’t do any business with him if he doesn’t vote in her favor.
   A reporter arrives at Falcon Crest to question Melissa; Lance throws him out of the house.
   Cole is out driving and after a little accident he meets another local vineyard owner.  She offers him a job working in her field.  He asks her if he can think about it.
   Maggie tells Chase that she thinks that they should hire a criminal lawyer from San Francisco, but he tells her that Burton, the lawyer who drew up the contract for Angela to finally let him work at Falcon Crest, can do the job.  He tells her that everything will be alright.
   Melissa and Cole meet out in the vineyard, she tells him that she wants to talk; she wants to understand what happened.  He tells her that everything he told the police was the truth; he tells her that her father told him that she was there, and wanted to settle their differences.  She kisses him and tells him that she believes him.
   The Sheriff comes over and asks to see Cole, Chase tells him that he is out, he tells Chase that Cole’s fingerprints were found on the murder weapon.  He tells him that he wants to see Cole at the station the next day.  Chase tells him that he will be there with his lawyer.  The Sheriff tells him that’s good, because he’ll need one.
   Melissa goes to see Richard; he tells her that he is still interested in buying the house.  She asks him why that house.  He tells her that he is trying to find his mother and find out why she left him.
   Emma is packing; she hides the suitcase when Julia comes to check on her.  She tells Julia that she should leave Falcon Crest and be with Tony.
   Richard tells the reporter that the article needs to be rewritten; he wants it to be more sensational.  The reporter tells Richard that he has principles.  Richard tells him that he is too old to be looking for another job.  He agrees to have the article rewritten and leaves.  Diana tells Richard that he has quite a way with people.
   Nick tells Chase about what Angela said to him, he tells Chase that he bought a lot of irrigation pumps after talking to Angela one day, and that if he doesn’t vote the way she wants then he will be out a lot of money.  Chase tells him that she is buying his vote.  Nick tells him that it doesn’t matter what why he votes, he will lose either way.
   Cole tells Vicky about the woman he met, she tells her name is Katherine, and she tells him more about her.
Emma drives over and gives Chase and early birthday gift; she tells him that she is leaving.  Chase tells Emma that if she needs anything to call him.  She asks him to say goodbye to Maggie for her.  After she leaves Maggie comes over.  He tells her that Emma is leaving Falcon Crest; he opens the envelope and finds that she has left him her proxy to The Globe.
   Julia comes downstairs and tells Angela that Emma is gone. 
   Vicky brings in the paper and shows it to the family.  The headline shows a picture of Chase and Angela and asks what they are hiding.  Maggie reads the article, it talks about the family feud between the two families, and that Cole and Carlo fought, about his relationship with Melissa, and it brings up Cole’s arrest in New York.  Cole runs out of the room, Maggie follows him and tells him that they will make sure nothing happens to him.
   Angela goes outside and asks Lance about the article, he tells her that he was trying to protect Melissa; she tells him that Melissa could have taken care of herself.
   The board is voting on the water rights, Chase walks in and asks if they are starting without him.  They remind him that he can’t vote, but he says that he will sue if they don’t let him.  He produces a document that supports his claim.  He is allowed to vote and its two votes for and two against, its Nick’s turn to vote, he looks at Angela then votes in favor of sharing the water.  Angela goes over to Chase and tells him to enjoy his victory for now.
   Philip comes over and tells her that Emma’s car was found at the airport, but she wasn’t seen boarding any planes.  He tells Angela that Emma is a lot smarter than they have given her credit for; he tells her that she doesn’t want to be found.
   The Sheriff goes to Chase’s house and Cole that he is being arrested for the murder of Carlo Agretti.
Final Thoughts:  I loved the part when Emma gave Chase her proxy; it guessed what it was right when she gave it to him.  I can’t wait for Angela to find out, that will be awesome.  I thought this was a great episode, I only hope that they don’t drag out the murder trial for very long.  Since forensics were not as advanced then it will get really frustrating.

Best Outfit:  Both Vicky and Maggie have horrible outfits, Maggie's is worse, but there is something about Vicky's that I don't like.

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