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Season 1 Episode 10
Airdate:  8-2-12
Recap:  Tommy falls to the ground. Rebecca put the gun down and makes a phone call, she tells someone that she's in trouble.  She starts cleaning the floor, several people come in, they drag Tommy's body away wrapping it in plastic, then putting it into a large laundry cart, they take everything has blood, while she is scrubbing the floors.

Everyone is waiting at the hospital for news, the doctor comes out, and Ann asks him what is going on. He tells her that Bobby is out of surgery and that his vitals are stable, he says that due to the swelling they had to give him some drugs and he hasn't woken up yet. Until he wakes up and they talk to him they won't be able to know if he has any brain damage.  Christopher tell Ann that everything will be okay,  JR goes to Bobby's room, the nurse tells him he can't be there, he says that until security throw him out he is going to talk to his brother.  He takes Bobby’s hand and tells him to wake up he tells him to keep fighting, to keep fighting him.  He tells Bobby that
he loves him, and he doesn't know who he would be without him.

John Ross get a phone call, its Vicente, he says he's been trying to get a hold of Christopher.  He asked him what he wants, he tells him he's at the rig and wants to know when it will be moved and fully functional he tells him to call him later that day.

Rebecca comes and tell if she heard the news, she told him she sorry.  Christopher tell her that they think Bobby will be awake soon, he tells her that he'll be okay.  He notices that her eyes bruised and ask her if she's okay.  Rebecca says she's fine, she says that she opened a cabinet and a glass fell.  He notices bruises on her chest and asks if someone hurt her, he asked if it was Tommy.  Rebecca tells him that they got into a fight.  She tells him that he's gone for good, and that he promised never to come back. Christopher asks if she knows where he is, and he makes her promise that if she finds out where he's at that she will tell him.  He tell her that he wants to protect her, she takes his hand and sees that he has his ring on.  He tells her that he wants to make this work.  He tells her he wants their babies to have a family, and he says that she should put her ring back on too.  She goes to get him some coffee.  Christopher motions John Ross over and tells him to get in contact with his PI, Bum, he tells him that he wants to know if Tommy is still in Dallas, and if he is, he wants to know where he is.

Rebecca goes to Tommy’s motel room, the phone rings when she walks in, she starts searching the room for her rings.  She finds some photos of her and Tommy, she rips them up.  She makes a call, and asks where Tommy’s body is, she says that there is something that she has to find.

Bobby wakes up and finds Ann and Christopher asleep, he wakes them by asking them if they are going to sleep all day.  He tells them that he is okay and makes Christopher get the doctor so he can tell him how good he is doing.  

Rebecca goes to a hanger and goes to a white van that is in the center of it.  She opens the back door and gets inside, she unwraps the body and searches the pockets, she finds a pawn ticket in Tommy’s wallet.
John Ross takes Elena to a building that is under construction, he tells her that this will be the new home of Ewing Energies.  He tells her that he rented it after hearing that Bobby was going to be okay.  She tells him that it’s great, but he could have gotten somewhere with walls.  He tells her that this one comes with pedigree, and points out where Jock, Bobby, and JR’s offices were.  She realizes that this is where Ewing Oil once was.  John Ross says that once he heard that it was for rent he had to go for it, he says that he hopes that this will prove to Christoper that the Ewing name does mean something to him.  
Elena tells him that it is a really good surprise.  John Ross tells her that it’s really Christopher’s surprise, and that this is her surprise, he pulls out a ring and asks her to marry him.  

Rebecca goes to the pawn shop, the man tells her that he sold her rings yesterday, she gives him some money and asks him if he can tells her who he sold them to.  He takes the money and tells her to leave him her name and he will get them back for her.

Christopher goes to the building and asks what is 
going on.  John Ross tells him that it’s the new Ewing Energies offices, he says that he wants their new company to know where it came from.  Christopher tells him that he is glad that he did it, and that it will mean a lot to Bobby.  They celebrate, and he notices Elena’s ring.  John Ross tells him that he finally managed to get her to agree to marry him.  Christopher tells them that he hopes that they will be happy, they deserve it.  John Ross tells him that they now need to get his methane back from Vicente.  Christopher says that they should wait till they have the right leverage, and besides Bobby’s lawyer might have a lead.  Christopher tells them that today is a day to celebrate.

Rebecca is remembering her fight with Tommy when Christopher walks in, she screams when he slams the door, he asks her what’s wrong, she tells him that fell asleep.  He hold up the take out and tells her that they are starting over and what better way then to start like they did when they were dating.  He asks her about her rings and she tells him that she couldn’t put them on her fingers were swollen.

JR comes in Bobby’s room, just as Lew, his lawyer is leaving.  Bobby tells JR that the doctor says that he could probably go home the next day.  JR tells him that he is glad that he is feeling better.  Bobby tells him that he couldn’t die, he still has some unfinished business with him.  JR doesn’t understand because he already signed the deed back over to Bobby, what more does he want.  Bobby says that he signed over the deed that was owned by thugs, which means that the family is still in debt to Vicente.  JR tells him that he knows that he doesn’t believe him but he says that he wasn’t in on the deal with Marta.  Bobby stops him and tells him that when she died then her real identity was revealed and that lead to a whole new trail to follow, and he tells him that Lew got access to her cloud drive and found video of him conspiring with her against him.  Bobby tells him that it’s time to stop his double dealings for good.

Sue Ellen tells Ann that she is happy for her an Bobby, that they deserve to be happy.  She tells Ann that she is going to hold a press conference to withdraw from the race for governor, and that she is going to tell Ryland that she won’t launder money for him from her PAC.  She says that she crossed the line when she tried to help John Ross, that drawing out will make it so that she can live with herself and that make her happy.  Ann tells her that she can’t let Ryland win.

Christopher and John Ross are playing basketball when JR and Lew drive up to the house.  JR tells John Ross that he’s here to protect him, that Bobby wants them both to pay for what they did.

Elena shows her mother her ring, her mother tells her that she is happy for her, and that she thinks that she might have misjudged John Ross, Elena tells her that she is going to go get him and she wants her to tell him that.

John Ross tells them that he won’t confess, Lew tells him that the videos prove that he brought Marta and the Venezuelans in on the deal before JR was involved.  He was the one that made Veronica impersonate Marta Del Sol, he tells him that he can’t hide from it if Bobby decides to go to the authorities.  Elena walks into the house.  
John Ross says that he told him that nothing he did in the videos ended up mattering, and that it was JR that stole Southfork.  John Ross tells Christopher that he is trying to do the right thing, to put it all behind them and bring the family together.  But Christopher says it is all on video and he can’t lie his way out of it.  John Ross tells them that he will confess to everything if what he says is sealed, and that no one will tell Elena anything.  She walks in and says that he lied about everything, and walks out, he goes after her.  He tells her that he wanted to tell her, but he was too ashamed, he tells her that he did it because he was angry that Bobby wouldn’t let him drill.  Elena tells him that she asked him if he was involved and he lied to her face.  John Ross tells her that he only did it because he knew that she wouldn’t have given him another chance, he says that he has been trying to be better for her because he loves her.  She tells him that he lies so easily, she asks how she can ever trust him again.  He tells her that he is trying to put things right, she starts to take her ring off, but he tells her to stop, he says that he knows she is angry and that she hates him right now, but he asks her not to give up on him, he asks her to meet him at the offices so they can have a new beginning.  

Ann goes to Ryland’s office, she tells him to go ahead and gloat, that he won.  She tells him that she knows that he is blackmailing Sue Ellen, just to get at her.  She asks him what he wants from her.  He tells her that she was always so full of herself, he tells her that the leverage he has on Sue Ellen has nothing to do with her, she tells him to take it out on her, he tells her that he can’t do that he needs that money cleaned, but he says that he will stop if she sleeps with him.  She takes her jacket off and unbuttons her shirt.  When she pulls her shirt apart he sees that she is wearing a wire, and that everything he said has been recorded.  She tells him that if he makes a move against anyone in her family then she will send him to jail, then she punches him in the face.  She turns to leave, and tells him that the next time he asks her for a hug, it will be with the business end of her shotgun.

Vicente is meeting with Frank, he is selling his rights to Christopher’s methane along with the deed to Southfork to Cliff Barnes.  Before he can sign the papers the FBI come and arrest him.

Ann is waiting for Sue Ellen at the park, she gives Sue Ellen the recording and tells her that Ryland won’t be bothering her, she tells her to stay in the race, that the people of Texas need her.

Vicente is taken to a room where Bobby, Christopher and JR are, Bobby tells him that he is friends with the US Attorney and he allowed them to have a few minutes.  He tells Vicente that he has signed confessions from JR and John Ross which invalidates any deal he had with them, and also with Christopher.  Christopher tells him that he is not only going to jail for fraud but for murder.  Bobby tells him about the videos Veronica made for her protection, and that the police have them.  Vicente tells him that he doesn’t know anything about her murder.  He tells JR that if he is going down for her murder then so is John Ross, JR says that he never asked for him to hurt anyone and besides they have immunity, he will be the only one to go to jail.  After Vicente is taken away Bobby tells JR that he wouldn’t have sent him to jail, JR tells him that he knows that or else he wouldn’t have sign the confession.  He tells him that he was always the better man, but predictable.  Bobby tells him that he is predictable too and that is why he had Lew make him a copy of Veronica’s cloud drive, he tells JR that if he crosses him again then he will use it.  JR tells him that he wouldn’t have it any other way.

When Bobby and Christopher get back to Southfork, he tells John Ross that it’s over, Vicente was arrested along with the men that murdered Veronica.  Christopher tells him that Elena deserved the truth, just like they all did.  He tells him that he wanted to believe him, but what he did was worse then what he ever expected.  Bobby tells his son that John Ross was only like his father.  He tells John Ross that he might be young enough to have learned a lesson, he tells him that he can change, and that he hopes the two of them can find a way to work together to make their business happen, to bring peace to the family.  Bobby leaves them, John Ross gets a phone call, he hands Christopher the phone and tells him that it’s for him.  Bum tells him that he found Tommy.

Christopher meets him at the motel, Bum tells him that Tommy checked in two weeks ago, but never checked out.  Christoper takes the key card and they go into the room, it’s been cleaned out.  He says that Tommy got out of town because he knew that he was looking for him.  Just then the phone rings, Christopher answers it, the woman thinks he’s Tommy and tells him that he needs to come home, because their Uncle Fred had a heart attack.  Christopher asks who she is, she is confused and tells him that she is his sister Rebecca, she realizes that he isn’t Tommy and asks who he is.

Christopher goes to the Rebecca’s apartment, he tells her that he just talked to the real Rebecca Sutter, he asks her who she is, she tells him that he won’t understand, he tells her to tell him who she is.  Rebecca tells him that she is his wife, Rebecca Ewing.  He tells her that it’s only going to be more lies, she tells him that she doesn’t want to lie anymore, she says that she did everything to come up from under things.  Christopher tells her that he was the one that came back and gave her a second chance.  He tells her that she has no idea what is real anymore.  She tells him that she knows what she feels for him.  Rebecca tells him that she isn’t the only one who lied in this marriage, she tells him that she never had a chance with him because he was still in love with Elena.  He tells her that he will find out who she really is and then he will send her to prison, he tells her that he will make sure that the babies will never know what a lying piece of garbage she is.

Elena looks at the ring and puts in back in the box, she leaves the house.  Christopher stops her, he tells her that he loves her and that they wasted too long not being together.  He tells her that he will be a father to his children, but he and Rebecca are over, he gives her the ring back telling her that it was always hers/
Sue Ellen gives a speech to all her supporters.  

John Ross is waiting for Elena in the offices, he hears something and thinks it’s her, he turns and sees her mother coming, she hands him the ring back.

Rebecca goes to the hanger, she thanks Frank for helping her, he tells her that she messed up.  He tells her that they are right back to where they started.  She tells him that she knows that she screwed up, he tells her that she needs to explain it to her father, she turns to the plane and Cliff Barnes comes out.  He tells her that she is just like her Aunt Pamela, he could never trust her with the Ewing’s and he can’t trust her either.  He hold out her rings, and says that she would have put them back on if he hadn’t bought them from the pawn shop.  She tells him that she just got lost , and that she did it all for him.  Cliff tells her that he knows, and that’s why he is cleaning things up and giving her a second chance to make him proud.  He tells her to get a piece of Ewing Energies, so they can put the Ewing’s down for good.  He tells Frank to take  care of her because once the Ewing’s find out, then there will be a fire storm.  He reminds her not to lose focus, and she tells him she won’t.  She tells him that Christopher threatened to take the babies.  Cliff goes back into the plane, and Frank asks her what their next move is.

Elena and Christoper go to a hotel and make love.

John Ross is at the office building, JR joins him.  John Ross tells him that if he wants in on Ewing Energies then he needs to teach him the oil business and all the dirty tricks that he knows, and when he takes the company from Christoper and Elena then will cut him in, but if he screws him, he’ll make sure that he doesn’t get a dime of the money from the oil from Southfork, and he will put him back in the rest home.  JR tells him that now he really is his son.

Final Thoughts:  I really don't like Christopher, I felt so bad for John Ross, I like that they made him totally like JR, but with a lot of his qualities.  I can't wait to start the second season.  I love the twist of Rebecca really being Cliff's daughter.  I also really like that they will be having the new company in the old Ewing Oil building.  

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