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Truth and Consequence

Season 1 Episode 5
Airdate:  7-4-12
Recap:  Christopher asks Rebecca how she knows about the email.  She tells him that she wants him to know how much she loves him, and that she doesn’t want to hurt him.  Rebecca tells him that John Ross is blackmailing her, and that three years ago Tommy moved to Dallas and his roommate knew Christopher and knew about him and Elena.  She tells him that all she knew was that he was going to be on the train and that he just broke up with someone, but she didn’t know what Tommy did.  She swears to him that she didn’t know until John Ross showed her the evidence.  He walks away from her and goes to Tommy and punches him, Rebecca tells Tommy that she told Christopher everything.  Bobby and Ann come over to see what is going on and Christopher tells them that is was all a scam.  Tommy tells him them that it was all him that she didn’t have anything to do with it.  Christopher pushes past him and goes into the house and packs Rebecca’s bags.  She begs him to believe her, but he tells her that he doesn’t want to see her again.

Elena tells John Ross that she is sorry, that she should have believed him.  He tells her that he is surprised she did go after Christopher.  Elena tells him that he tried to buy her off, she tells him that she and Christopher are done.

The next morning Ann asks Bobby if he has heard from Christopher, she wonders if everything Rebecca did was an act.  Bobby tells her that he called Mitch to see if they can do anything about Tommy and Rebecca, he tells her that he just hopes that Christopher is okay.  Bobby gets a delivery, he opens it thinking it’s about the sale of the ranch.  He rushes to JR’s room, and asks him about the deed that has his name on it.  JR tells him that he had a bad feeling about Marta, he tells him that he heard she was going to sell Southfork to Cliff Barnes, so he got a group of investors to buy Southfork from the Del Sol Conservancy.  
He tells Bobby that now that Southfork is his he is going to start drilling, Bobby tells him that it won’t happen.  Bobby tells him he is going to continue Miss Ellie’s legacy, JR tells him that he is following Jock’s legacy, and that he is only taking what should have been his.  Bobby tells JR that he is going to make it right, and walks out.  Ann tells JR that everyone told her about him, but she never imagined that he would stoop to something like this.  Christopher comes home just as Bobby is leaving to go see Mitch.  Ann tells him that Southfork is JR’s, Elena comes out and is surprised by the news, Ann tells her that she is sure that John Ross is deep into this as well.  Christopher tells Bobby that he is going with him.

When they get to Mitch’s office, they find that it’s empty.  They go to their other lawyer's office and they tell Bobby that the Del Sol Conservancy was never involved with the deal to buy Southfork.  They tell him that the police are looking for Marta, but since that isn’t her real identity, and they don’t know who she really is, it isn’t likely that they will be able to find her.  They say that the sale was valid, and since JR was involved with the second sale the only way for Bobby to get Southfork back into his name is to prove that JR knew about the first sale.  They tell Bobby to get all the private records from the deal.  

Rebecca calls Christopher, but he ignores her call.  Tommy comes in and tells her that she is lucky that he was smart to get all the stuff before she blew it, she tells him that John Ross was blackmailing her, and he was going to tells Christopher, she had to take the chance that he would believe her.  He tells her that he up two years into this and he intends to come out a millionaire.

Elena goes to see John Ross, she asks him what he did, he is confused and she tells him that JR told Bobby that Southfork is his and that he is going to start drilling on Section 18.  John Ross tells her that he doesn’t know what she is talking about.  She tells him that the deed to Southfork is in JR’s name.  He tells her that that is impossible, she tell him that everyone thinks he is involved too.  John Ross tells her that he’s got to call his father.  Elena asks him if he is even going to deny it, and John Ross swears to her that he doesn’t know what is going on.  She tells him that she was just starting to trust him.  After she walks out John Ross calls his father, but it goes to voicemail.

Bobby and Christopher come home and see the drilling equipment and oil tankers going to Section 18.  Bobby goes to JR’s room, but Ann tells him that JR left an hour ago.  He tells her about Mitch and what the lawyers told him.  Christopher tells his father that they have to fight fire with fire, if they want to beat JR and John Ross.  Bobby tells him that he won’t do business with crooks.  Christopher tells him that he is tired of letting people walk all over him.  Bobby tells him that he is too, but they are going to do it the right way.  He tells Ann to tell everyone to start unpacking, they aren’t going anywhere.

John Ross goes to Marta’s, she tells him that his father isn’t there.  He tells her to tell him that she didn’t screw him over and make a deal with his father, she tells him it was a better offer, and that he had said that he didn’t want to mix business with pleasure.  Marta tells him that she gave him chance after chance.She shows him a picture of him and Elena, he asks her if she had him followed.  Marta tells him that it was his father.  John Ross tells her to fix things and put his name on the deed.  Marta tells him that it’s too late.  When he tells her that he’ll go to the police, she tells him that he will lose any claim he has on Southfork if he blows his father’s deal.  He tells her to stay away from him if she knows what’s good for her.  Later she is watching the sex tape she made of them, she takes out the DVD and looks at it.
Bum tells John Ross that he came to bring him to JR, who is in a private box at the Dallas Cowboys stadium.  John Ross says that they were supposed to be partners, JR tells him that he is only teaching him the oil business, and that he will have Southfork just not yet.  He tells him that he is going to be leaving town and that he is leaving him in charge.  JR tells him that he is going to start drilling and Bobby will get used to the drilling.

Rebecca calls Ann and asks her to meet with her so that she can explain.

Marta leaves John Ross’s apartment right before Christopher and the concierge come up.  Christopher talks his way into John Ross’s apartment, and starts going through drawers, he goes into the bedroom and finds the note and DVD Marta left John Ross.  He watches the DVD and hears John Ross call her by her real name.

John Ross asks JR where he is going but JR tells him that if he doesn’t know then he can’t tell anyone.  He asks him when he will be back and JR tells him that it all depends on him.

John Ross goes back to the ranch and tells Bobby that he is glad that he is staying.  He tells him that he doesn’t want any trouble and that what is going on is between him and his father, and that he doesn’t want any part of it.  Bobby says that he really expects him to believe that, he says that all he has ever wanted was to drill on Southfork.  John Ross points out that his name isn’t on the deed.  He tells Bobby that he should have let him and Elena drill when he asked, then JR wouldn’t have been pushed to do this.  Bobby tells him that he is going to fight this.  John Ross tells him that JR left town and he shows Bobby that JR gave him his power attorney.  He tells him that he is going to start drilling and he hopes that they can stay out of each other’s way, so he won’t have to throw him off the ranch like Bobby did to him.

Ann and Rebecca meet up and she tells her that she is trying to find a way to tells Tommy to go to hell.  She asks Ann if she thinks Christopher can ever forgive her.  

John Ross goes to see Elena, and asks her to hear him out.  He tells her that he didn’t want to win this way, and that he has spent his whole life wishing he wasn’t JR’s son.  He tells her that he’s not sorry JR succeeded in stopping Bobby from selling Southfork.  Elena tells him that she won’t be a part of the war.

Bobby tells Ann about John Ross being in control while JR is gone.  He tells her that he caused all of this, she tells him that he didn’t JR did.  He tells her that he’s got to figure out a way to slow things down.

Christopher is drinking he picks up the DVD, and then goes over to Elena’s.  She opens the door and tells him to go home, he tells her that he is sorry, he stumbles and she helps him inside.  The next morning he wakes up and she gives him a cup of coffee and tells him to drink it and get out.  She then tells him that John Ross always had her back and never made her feel the way he made her feel the other day.

Ann goes to see her ex-husband Harrison Ryland.  He wants a hug from her, but she tells him that it’s not necessary.  He wants to know what she wants.  She tells him that she wants him to cancel his contract with JR.  He plays with her a little, but when she tells him to forget it, and goes to leave he tells her that he will do it.  He tells her that he has always liked Bobby and thought that JR was a prick.  He tells her that it will cost her that hug.

Elena goes to see John Ross, she tells him that she can’t be in the middle of the war between his family, but that she understands why he’s doing this, but she makes him promise that he was not a part of it.  He tells her that it was all JR.  

Rebecca is looking through one of the boxes of papers Tommy took, she quickly hides a paper when he walks in.  When he asks her if she has found anything yet she tells him that she hasn’t.

When John Ross gets home, he finds Christopher waiting outside his door.  He tells him that he has something to show him, they go inside and he plays the DVD.  Christopher tells him that it proves that he knew who Marta really was, and that he was conspiring with his father.  John Ross says so what, his name isn’t on the deed.  He wants to know if he’s going to show it to Elena, Christopher says that he won’t do that to her.  He tells John Ross that he wants proof that JR knew about the deal, and if he doesn’t get it to him then he will go to the police.
Final Thoughts:  I like how Rebecca is trying to make amends and going against Tommy, hiding what she found.  It's been a long time since I've seen Mitch Pileggi, he was great in The X-Files, I like that they have a new bad guy, and I hope that he will be in more episodes.

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