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The Exposé

Falcon Crest
Season 2 Episode 5

Recap:  Maggie and Chase have come with their lawyer to bail Cole out from jail.  The Sheriff tells Cole that his father has done a lot to get him out, and he tells him not to leave town.  Chase asks their lawyer what happens next.  He tells them that he is going to talk to the Sheriff and he wants them to go home and get some rest, and he will talk to them in the morning.  He tells Cole that he wants him to write down everything that he can remember about what happened the day Carlo died.
   Diana goes into Richard’s office, she tells him that the press room is on hold.  He gives her a piece that he wrote that he wants run on the front page.  It is a promise to the people of the city that they will tell the truth.
   Lance is reading the item from the paper to Angela and Julia, Chase walks in, Angela asks him if he read the article that was written about Falcon Crest, in which it said that they underpaid their part time employees.  Julia comments about the article about Cole, and Chase says that he is going to go to The Globe to find out why they made Cole seem guilty for Carlo’s death.  The phone rings and Julia answers it, it’s Emma, Angela takes the phone from Julia and Emma hangs up on her.
   Cole comes out of the house and sees the headline, Maggie tells him that the papers always blow things out of proportion.  She tells him that the lawyer called already and he told her that the arrangement is set for Tuesday.  Cole tells her that he is going out for awhile.
   Julia is in the winery when Richard calls, he tells her that he would like to get to know her better and asks her to join him for lunch, she agrees.  Chase walks in to his office and tells him that he wants him to stop printing lies, Richard plays it like he doesn’t know what piece he is talking about.  Chase tells him that he knows, and Richard says that he wants him to print a retraction saying that Falcon Crest is above reproach and that Cole didn’t kill Carlo.  Chase tells him that he doesn’t believe him about what the article said about the workers, so Richard tells him that he should go with him so he can see why he printed the story about Falcon Crest.  Chase tells him to call him and he will meet with him.
   Cole drives over to Katherine Demery's house, he tells her that he’s been busy, she tells him that she read the papers, and asks him if he did it.  He tells her that he didn’t and she tells him that she didn’t think that he did.  He tells her that he has been thinking about her offer to work for her, and that he would like to give it a try.
   Angela’s lawyer, Phillip tells her that they should be able to bring Emma back in a few days.  Melissa comes down stairs and tells them that she can’t sleep because of the baby kicking.  Angela asks her if she thought about the natural childbirth classes, she says she is still looking into it.  Phillip asks Melissa about her father’s estate, she tells them that her lawyers are handling everything, even the offer that Richard Channing put down for the house and vineyard.  Angela can’t believe that she would consider selling to him, but Melissa tells her that it’s a good offer.
   Julia goes to the restaurant and is taken to Richard’s table, he thanks her for coming, and she asks him why he wants to see her, he tells her that he just wants to learn more about his father.  She tells him about him, and says that he would never resort to telling lies to sell the newspaper.  Richard tells her that he is meeting with Chase and asks if she would like to join them, she tells him that if he can convince Chase then that’s good enough for her.  He asks her what she does at Falcon Crest, and asks if she would ever consider selling her stock, Julia tells him that she wouldn’t do that.  Richard tells her that he could make her a very wealthy woman.  Julia reminds him that she is already wealthy.  He asks her if she is wealthy enough to leave Falcon Crest, he tells her that he knows that she has no interest in publishing and that the only thing she wants is Tony Culmson.  She asks him what he knows about her husband.  Richard tells her that a good newspaper man knows about everything.  She gets up to go, but he stops her and tells her that he has always wanted a sister and now he has two, he says that he hopes that they could help each other, Julia says that she doesn’t see how that is possible.
   Lance goes into Melissa’s room, he asks her if she heard who was arrested for her father’s murder, she tells him that she heard and that he is already out on bail.  Lance tells her that he knows that, and that Cole has been see at the Demery place.  Angela walks in, and Melissa tells her that she changed her mind about the natural childbirth classes and that Lance is changing his plans so he can take her.
   Chase and the lawyer go see the Sheriff, they want his overview of the case, he tells them that Cole was found on the scene and his fingerprints were found at the house and on the murder weapon.  Cole’s shirt was covered in blood and he had been seen making threats.  He tells them that if Cole didn’t do it then someone is going through a lot of trouble to make it seem like he did.
   Lance meets up with Lori, she asks him why he wanted to meet, he tells her that he wants to talk about them.
   Chase goes with Richard to one of the homes of the workers at Falcon Crest, there are a lot of people around, he says that they can’t all live there, and Richard tells him to go ask them.  A man comes out of the house and asks if they are looking for someone, Richard tells him that one of his reporters come out and told them that they should talk to someone names Alphonso.  Chase introduces himself and tells him that he would like to help.  Chase asks him if they all live there, and he says so what they pay their rent.  Richard tells him that the property is owned by a corporation and the rent is handled from an absentee landlord.  Chase looks inside then asks if they have running water and heat.  Alphonso says that they have a wood burning stove and a well in the back.  They tell him that Falcon Crest only pays the part-time workers minimum wage with no benefits.  Chase asks if they all work for Falcon Crest, and they tell him that they do when there is work.  Richard makes his photographer take a photo of Chase with the workers.
   Lori tells Lance that she has been trying to forget about him and move on with her life.  He asks her why she came, and she tells him that it was to prove to herself that she moved on.  Lance tells her that he married Melissa, but he only did it for Falcon Crest.  She asks him if there is anything in his life besides the winery, he tells her that he had hoped it would be her.  She asks what Melissa would say about that, and he tells her that their marriage is in name only, that he has never slept with Melissa.  He tells her that he is going to get the marriage annulled once it’s proven that Melissa’s baby isn’t his.  Lance asks if he can see her again, and she tells him that she doesn’t know.  When Lance gets back from San Fransisco he shows Angela the newspaper with the headline that Chase condemns Falcon Crest.
   Cole makes friends with Katherine’s son, Tyler, who has been really shy since his father died.  She asks him if he would like to stay for dinner.  He tells her that it would be great.
   Chase goes to Lance and tells him that he wants to see the payroll records for the last five  years, Lance tells him to go ask Angela, Chase tells him that he is asking him and to get them now.  Lance tells him that if this about the part-time labourers, that they are only doing what everyone else is doing in the valley.  He tells him that it’s the way it’s always been, and Chase says that it won’t be that way while he is around.  Lance tells him that he takes his orders from Angela, and Chase reminds him that he is part owner of Falcon Crest so he also takes orders from him.
   Melissa stops by to talk to Cole, he tells her that he is really busy, she tells him that she read in the paper about his arrest, she tells him that she believes him.  He tells her that he is sorry, and that everyone wants him to talk about what happened, but he doesn’t know anymore than anyone else.  She asks him about the phone call Carlo made to him, and he says that it means that someone is trying to set him up.  The police drive by and he tells her that it’s the fifth time they drove by, she tells him that they are only doing their job.  Katherine comes out and watches them, then calls out telling Cole that dinner is ready.
   Chase goes to see Angela, he tells her that the workers deserve to be treated fairly, he asks her to come with him to see how they live, she tells him that it won’t make a difference.  He says she afraid to let herself be human.  She asks for the car to be pulled around.  After she looks around and goes back to her car Chase tells Angela that he is going to hold a press conference tomorrow, where he will announce that the part-time employees will be paid the same amount as the full time employees and that they will get benefits.  She tells him that he will have to pay for it himself because she won’t do it.
   Lance drops Melissa off at the childbirth classes telling her that he only promised to drop her off not that he would go with her.  He goes to San Fransisco and goes to Lori’s apartment,  he tells her that he wants her.
   While they are doing the dishes Katherine tells Cole that she is grateful for what he has done for Tyler, she tells him that she is there for him, he drops a plate and they both go to clean it up, and they kiss.
   Chase holds the press conference and tells the press that he is shocked by what he has learned, and that he is going to start paying the workers the same rate as the full-time employees including benefits.  A reporter asks if this was a mutual decision with Angela, Chase doesn’t really answer the question and tells him that he would have to talk to Angela to get her side of the story.  Just then Angela’s car pulls up and she comes over to Chase and tells them all that Chase is only acting on her behalf, she makes it seem like this was her idea all along.
   Philip tells Angela that she was very convincing, she asks him if he found Emma yet, he tells her that he found out that they aren’t the only ones looking for Emma, she wants to know who they are, he tells her that they aren’t sure yet, but he guesses that it’s Richard Channing. 
   Richard tells Diana he wants the Argretti murder on the front page of every edition.  She tells him that they are already pushing it hard, he tells her that it’s not hard enough.  He makes a call to a reporter and tells them that he wants complete coverage on Cole, he wants to know everything he is doing, he tells him that he wants him to report to Diana.  Diana tells him that she doesn’t know why he is so upset, it was the article in the paper that got Cole arrested.  Richard tells her that he doesn’t want Cole arrested he wants him convicted.
Final Thoughts:  I wonder if Richard would be as quick to condemn Cole if he knew how the family really felt about Angela, and how she was trying to get Chase's shares.
Best Outfit:  I wish the quality was better, but here is my choice for the episode, if I remember correctly she wants to go for a run, this doesn't look like something you would go running in, something for dance class, or yoga maybe, but still, gross.

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